Taylor or Tyler? 66 more days…

2010 Home Hardware CHL-NHL Top Prospects Game

The Taylor or Tyler debate will rage for another 66 days until the Oilers draft one of them, but it won’t stop there and it will surely intensify over the next ten seasons, especially if one of them becomes much more proficient.

I respect the guys or gals who have chosen Hall or Seguin, because I hate fence sitters. Pick why you like one and defend it to the death. I find it interesting how TEAM HALL has used Kyle Turris as an example of why you should stay away from Seguin. Like I said, when you are battling your point, you reach for any example that can help you. Good on you TEAM HALL, although the Turris/Seguin comparison is a major stretch in my opinion.

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Due to the position and style of how Hall and Seguin play it was only natural to see this debate morph into the Crosby v. Ovechkin argument. I don’t think Hall or Seguin will be as dominant as Crosby or Ovechkin, but you can make the comparison based on their position and style of play. Seguin is more like Crosby, while Hall is more dynamic like Ovechkin.

I’ve said for years that Ovechkin is my favourite player to watch, but I don’t think he is better than Crosby. Which resulted in these types of responses:

Hemmertime: I’d take Ovechkin any day over Crosby. Swap them cities and put OV with Malkin and company and maybe he has a cup ring.

Crosby has elevated his game this year adding goal scoring, however when OV wants to take over a game, his hitting, shooting and endurance puts him in a class of his own.

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RubberTrout: Based on the fact that he is a better overall offensive player? Based on the fact that he is more physical? Lots of things. It isn’t just scoring goals. Ovie makes his teammates better too you know. Just because you say Crosby is better doesn’t mean that is the gospel truth.

Gents what makes you think Ovechkin is a better overall offensive player?

Career numbers for Crosby in 371 games played he’s averaged 1.36 pts/game. Ovechkin in 396 games averages 1.33 pts/game.

Ovechkin is a better pure goal scorer and is more physical. He should be, considering he is three inches taller and 30 pounds heavier, but is offensive game doesn’t produce more points and unlike Crosby, Ovechkin’s game hasn’t improved the last few seasons?

This past summer after winning the Cup, Crosby said he needed to be a better goal scorer and improve his faceoffs. And what does he do this past season? He ends up leading the league in goals, and was 55.7% in the dot. He also took the most faceoffs in the entire league. He impacts the game more than Ovechkin.

The argument that Crosby has Malkin and that makes him better is weak. Crosby doesn’t PLAY regularly with Malkin. Ovechkin plays with Backstrom and look at their point totals the past two seasons. Do you think that Malkin is that much better than Backstrom??

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Malkin tallied 190 points to Backstrom’s 189. Not much difference.

You guys suggest that Crosby has a better supporting cast, but the only major difference has been in goal. Marc Andre Fleury is clearly better than Theodore or Varlamov, but compare the offensive depth of the Capitals and Penguins and it favours the Capitals.

Penguins 2010 Capitals 2010
Crosby 109 Ovechkin 109
Malkin 77 Backstrom 101
Gonchar 50 Semin 84
Staal 49 Green 76
Guerin 45 Laich 59
    Knuble 53
    Fleischmann 51
Penguins 2009   Capitals 2009  
Malkin 113 Ovechkin 110
Crosby 103 Backstrom 88
Staal 49 Semin 79
Sykora 46 Green 73
Fedotenko 39 Laich 53

Crosby doesn’t have close to the offensive supporting cast that Ovechkin has, yet you claim Crosby has the advantage playing in Pittsburgh. I’d love to know what makes you think Fleury helps him produce more points? Fleury has given Crosby a better chance of winning, but the goalie doesn’t impact his offensive points. If anything you can say that Crosby plays a bigger role in his team’s success than Ovechkin does in Washington.

Ovechkin scores more highlight reel goals, and I think that has influenced many people into thinking he is the best player in the game. Ovechkin is the best goal-scorer, but he is not a better offensive player than Crosby. Offence is a combination of goal scoring and play making and Crosby is better at this stage of the game.

Crosby hones his skills in the off-season and his all-around game is far superior to Ovechkin’s. Ovechkin has a magnetic personality and his style of play is very entertaining and that’s what makes him so likeable, and probably why fans love him. Like I said, he’s my favourite player, but I don’t think he is the best player.

Both are great players and I’m more of a fan of Ovechkin’s style of game, but if I want to win I’d pick Crosby first. His track record is better and his willingness to improve his game is much higher than Ovechkin’s. And in the NHL winning is the most important thing, and while Crosby doesn’t have the flair, personality or excitement of Ovechkin his game is more complete.

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If you honestly think that 20 GMs would take Ovechkin ahead of Crosby you are sadly mistaken.

I also think that Hall’s bullish style makes him more attractive to many Oiler fans; as it should. This team could use a player like that, just like they could use a true #1 centre.

It should be a win-win situation for the Oilers, regardless of who they choose. But if the goal is to build a championship team, not just an exciting team, then leaning towards Seguin makes more sense.

Similar to why Crosby is a better — not more exciting– player than Ovechkin.

  • Alon

    To add fuel to fire TSN has, several times, quized NHL GM’s about which palyer they would rather have, Crosby or Ovie and each and everytime Crosby wins with an overwhelming majority.

    The reason? Probably because he’s the better player.

  • Alon

    Crash, thought you might like this quote from GM Rutherford of Carolina on draft prospects:

    Rutherford was asked what he looks for in a potential draft prospect.

    “The skill level is the first thing,” he said. “Certainly, with the game we have now, speed is so important. Hockey sense is always important but it seems like the players who come into the League with the extra speed are the players that succeed. Of course, the character of a player is also important but you can’t always get a full understanding of the player in a half-hour to hour interview, but you get a little bit of a feel for him.”

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Ovechkin and Crosby?

    I can see Hall being an Ovechkin-lite….(very lite). But Seguin and Crosby not so much.

    How about Malkin and Seguin though?

    This one works bette for a couple reasons I think.

    1. Ovy and Malkin were 1-2 in their draft year. Also many people said Ovechkin was better now, but Malkin could end up as good as him in the future when they were drafted.

    2. Seguin’s style of play is probably more similar to Malkin’s. I think Crosby has much more of a board game and cycle game in his repertoire than either player. In terms of the board game, Seguin is a lot more similar to Malkin based on my viewings. Both Seguin and Malkin strike me as natural playmakers who can also put the puck in the net. And they both have had seasons where they’ve had close to twice as many assists, and then other seasons where they’ve had a very high number of goals.

    Definitely think Hall and Seguin are much closer comparisions to Ovechkin and Malkin.

  • Gismo The Great

    For awhile ive been on the Seguin bandwagon because he seems like the better fit for the oilers in the long run…. but (and i know its not fair for Seguin seeing as his team is no longer in the playoffs and by no means its not because of lack of talent from Seguin’s part)… seeing Hall and windsor not only comeback from 3-0 deficit and win.. Hall like many say is the more dynamic player and you cant help to notice the talent he’s got…. these playoffs have only made it harder im sure for the oilers to decide which one to choose…