Ah summertime and the livin be so e-a-s-y. With temperatures soaring high into the 30s and many park-visiting sun-bathing Edmontonians even higher than that, it is officially becoming the dog days of summer. During the season we wouldn’t see a point in backing up Gregor’s highlarious LeBron James video with anything else basketball related. But it is summer and  yesterday we read this.

According to PerezHilton.com:

"Cleveland Cavaliers’ star LeBron James faced a disturbing rumor yesterday when a sports blog reported that his MOTHER has been allegedly boinking his teammate, Delonte West!!! The website alleged that LeBron found them together moments after his pivotal playoff game, which is why the team lost to the Boston Celtics.

This morning, LeBron’s attorney fired off a cease and desist email to the website, denying the "categorically false and per se defamatory" allegation. However, the story still remains on the site as the reporters stand by their source and are lawyering up for the fight. When the James family was asked to comment, their rep said: "I will not dignify this with a comment."

Ah yes. 

The old "star-player-is-going-to-leave-town-so-we-are-going-to-make-up-some-sort-of-unsubstantiated-rumour-and-then-use this-rumour-to-explain-why-the-star-player-is-leaving-town" gag.

As a lifelong fan of the Oilers, we know it quite well.

But bringing someone’s Mama into the picture? That brings it to a whole new low.

The site that published the article – TerezOwens.com – certainly doesn’t look like ESPN or anything mainstream. The LeBron James story is placed squarely above a razor sharp piece regarding celebrity sex tape #1,205,509 and doesn’t scream "we are the guys to blow the lid off of a story this big."

But as anyone with a memory can recall, sometimes sports sites hit pay dirt in the offseason with unsubstantiated rumours that turn out to be true. Like really true. Like everyone said we were a liar and then we turned out to be bang on and almost even hit the salary he would sign for on the screws.

But that is neither here nor there.


When a certain someone left a certain Northern Hockey Clime for a certain unsubstantiated reason back in the Summer of 2006 we had to get our rumours the old fashioned way – from hobos at the bus stop.

But that olde tyme world has dramatically changed in the years since and for better or for worse the old "(INSERT PLAYER A) banged (INSERT PLAYER B)’s (INSERT RELATIONSHIP HERE) and that is why (INSERT DRAMATIC ACTION HERE) happened" type stories are going to get a lot more play than they did back in the day.

And so will "random website breaks news because of hilarious connections that occasionally hit pay dirt."

So on a summer day in May the real question before us is:

Would she?

And he?

Or is this rumour just another example of a fan base turning on a Superstar leaving town? As Oilers fans, we feel that we are world experts in the matter and can eloquently discuss.