We will miss you Rod Phillips.

Ah yes, if the cold May long weekend wasn’t enough of a karate kick to the thorax, this weekend looks like it is going to be terrible as well. Is summer already over? What’s up with that?


Could there be ANY less information becoming available on this front?

What’s up with that?  

It’s almost as though we have conjured up the importance of this Draft in our mind. How could it be that this massive Entry Draft looms on the horizon with what could potentially be the introduction to the face of the franchise for the next 15 years, and yet all the Oilers have said to say on the matter has been:

*inexplicable crickets*

Why is this being kept a state secret? Is there concern the Oilers will somehow lose an unseen strategic advantage by letting slip who they intend to pick? You pick first Oil. It’s like a penalty shot on an empty net to win the game. You cannot lose.

We only know two people who will talk to us about anything hockey related and we haven’t talked to them in a loooooong time. But we poked our nose in their business the other day and it would seem that the Oilers brass still seem divided on the matter on who to pick with the top spot a few weeks from now.

Brownlee and Gregor have discussed this several times and its clear from what we read on here it’s clear that the Oil aren’t exactly fanning the flames of speculation on the matter and trying to ignite local interest in the team. Yes, what should be a happy day will now be shrouded in the mystery that the Oilers choose to employ at every turn and we will be left in the dark until the big day itself.

Anyways, we have been getting an alarming number of emails – 4 – from people thinking we have some secret pipeline on who is going to get picked. We hear that the Oilers have long wanted to take Seguin feeling that Hall’s play and propensity to absorb bone crushing hits to the skull – like the video above –  could shorten or dramatically impact his career.

Seguin, while certianly less sexy than Hall, could also set the Edmonton tween set’s hearts aflame with the stellar NHL career that he is sure to have. But the Hall faction of the front office recently got a big boost with his MVP-nity recently and this could have tipped the scale in his favour.

If we were to bet on the matter (and we often gamble on such matters with other hobos at the YMCA) we would place a Canadian Loonie on the Oilers drafting Taylor Hall.


We had scheduled a weekend of golf with some of the other ruffians in our gang of toughs starting today, but thanks to the 3 feet of snow currently falling on Calgary we are going to be stuck drinking in an enclosed area with other confused tourists in Banff.

We haven’t been up that way in a great many years and we once knew a guy who contracted an STD at a local nightclub there. These two facts can’t sit independantly in our mind, so we must return to the scene of the crime and figure out if it is the utopian mountain villiage of our youth or if it is truly the STD transmission capital of North America.*

What are you up to Nation? Murder-for-hire schemes? Cursing Chris Pronger as he competes for yet ANOTHER Stanley Cup? Watching the snow fall down in the last weekend of May? What’s up with that?

And why couldn’t we find this SNL skit on YouTube? What’s up with that?

*Someone told us this once.

  • Dan the Man

    SNL doesn’t allow their stuff to be posted on YouTube. You can only get it off their website.

    Very backwards thinking if you ask me.

    Deandre Cole is my hero.

    Oooooooooooo-eeeeeeee…what’s up with that…WHAT’S UP WITH THAT!

  • Here’s what Bob McKenvie was retweeting about Seguin:

    RT @BioSteelSports: Seguin looks like the early candidate to be todays winner of the “BioSteel Sports Man of Steel award” lots to come tho.

    RT @BioSteelSports: Seguin looks pretty jacked and just crushed the Wingate….having a good day

    RT @BioSteelSports: Kabanov and Seguin are in the running for the “Most tattoos” award

    RT @BioSteelSports: Seguin just crushed the push-up test…40 reps

    RT @BioSteelSports: Matt Nichol live from the NHL Draft Combine: ” Tyler Seguin looks like he is in great shape

    RT @BioSteelSports: Have to admit Tyler Seguin was bigger and generally more fit than I expected, he’s obviously been working hard

    ~Seguin shouldn’t be selected first overall, because Hall didn’t have the chance to compete as he was playing hockey to long~

  • Ducey

    Tambi was talking yesterday about getting togther in the mountains with his scouts to discuss who they are going to take – so he doesn’t even know yet.

    Maybe they will be in the condo next to you. Buy Stu a beer – he likely needs one.

    The draft is one area where it pays to keep your mouth shut. Keep the Bruins guessing and they might pay you to take the guy you want anyway.

    Good to see Seguin doing well at the combine. There does not seem to be much doubt about his drive and committment. He could have sat back and done a “study” on STDs the last two weeks but obviously he hit the gym.

    It also seems that Hall is not as Gumby-like as reported. He seems to have hurt his back and knee – most likely on the two bigs hits in the Memorial Cup. An indication of what the future holds, I believe.

  • I lived in Banff for a season and I remember the first thing the locals told me when we were hittin the bars was that Banff was the STD capital of Canada. Even knew a guy who would walk around the bar yellin “ya hiv.. you know me!”. Craziness.

  • oilersparky

    Enough of this drafting Hall business, Tambi has got to be thinking Seguin. Unless his love of injury prone players (aka Hemsky, Khabibulin ) shows up once again and we’re doomed to a franchise player in the mold of Marian Gaborik.

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Wanye wrote:

    Why is this being kept a state secret? Is there concern the Oilers will somehow lose an unseen strategic advantage by letting slip who they intend to pick? You pick first Oil. It’s like a penalty shot on an empty net to win the game. You cannot lose.

    Can you please stop giving us reasons to draw parallels to Patrik Stefan?

  • Often I hear it said that you can’t lose with this draft pick. Both Seguin and Hall are great players, and will be excellent NHLers.

    It makes me wonder, if that is truly the case, and the Bruins are willing to trade, than the best way to “win” the draft is to trade down to number two, while gaining assets in the process.

    Seems like a win, win. You get to draft a great player and add important puzzle pieces.

    That all hinges on the Bruins, of course, and what they would part with to pick number one.

    • Hemmertime

      I think we should hold on to #1 unless Boston offers a cant reject offer. Something along the lines of their 2 first round picks for our #1 and 31. If we trade down for the equivalent of a 4th round pick I’ll be disappointed, even if we do get the player we want.

      For image reasons and history, I’d like us to have our first ever first overall pick. It would be a boost to the player we selects ego, and make him feel good about himself. Lets say the Oilers want Seguin, since he wants to be drafted #1 overall, whats better, telling him we worked out a deal with Boston and brought in a lowly player and got him 2nd, or saying we took you first overall?

  • Ender

    It makes complete sense how this is all playing out. In order to make Boston want to give up anything to pick first, you have to make them think that picking first has some value. Picking first only has value if Edmonton is going to pick the guy they want. If they knew Edmonton wanted Seguin, Boston would be silly to give up anything at all; they’d just draft Hall second.

    So, IF Edmonton is leaning towards Seguin, they can’t project it. Ever. They can’t even pick up the phone and call Chiarelli because doing so indicates that the Oil are somehow not content to just take whatever player they want and let everyone else fight over what’s left. They only way the Oil get anything other than the one single player they’re entitled to draft is IF Boston becomes convinced that Edmonton is going to take something Boston wants and if Boston is then willing to pick up the phone and offer Edmonton something to talk them out of it.

    For that plan to work, Tambo has to sit by the phone and wait for Chiarelli’s call. And if Chiarelli is smart, he doesn’t make that call until he is absolutely sure he has to, probably the day of the draft. He may know what he’s prepared to offer before then, but he won’t offer it in advance on the hopes that Edmonton tips their hand in a preference toward Seguin and lets him off the hook. In short, Nation, I wouldn’t expect any news from the Oilers front office on who they’re leaning toward unless they finally decide that they’re definitely picking Hall, he’s untouchable, and that they have nothing left to gain by Boston or anyone else knowing about it.

    Edit: Even this is all based on the surmise that Boston wants Hall and Tambi knows it. If Boston actually prefers Seguin for some reason, it changes that whole equation; even more reason for Tambi to shut up and play his cards close while he tries to outthink Chiarelli.

  • “What are you up to Nation? Murder-for-hire schemes? Cursing Chris Pronger as he competes for yet ANOTHER Stanley Cup? Watching the snow fall down in the last weekend of May? What’s up with that?”

    Normally I wouldnt answer this, as clearly I would either be doing archaeological stuff or playing video games, but I’m taking the opportunity to say that today I witnessed the birth of my daughter.

  • RLH

    I wish this wasn’t true, but…

    Last night I had a dream that the Oil picked some 29-year-old postal worker that had previously played in his beer hockey league’s championship. I woke myself up with a yell of despair.

    (Note: This is not commentary on the Memorial Cup, which I loved this year.)

    • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

      At least he’s been to his beer hockey league’s championship. That’s more than I can say for Tyler Seguin.

      @ Archaeologuy

      Congrats! That’s got to be exciting.

  • HottScarrison

    I thought Fort Crack took Banff’s claim to fame as STD capital of the continent. Could be wrong..happens time to time. Banff still is a close second.