Yeah, that’s that hit right thurr.

What? The Flyers won tonight? Who cares? Have you heard about this business of Pronger stealing game pucks?


According to

"The Flyers All-Star defenceman drew the ire of the Blackhawks – and Ben Eager in particular – after he scooped up the game puck at the final buzzer in the two games in Chicago. Traditionally, the winning team often keeps the game puck as a souvenir – especially when the Stanley Cup final is at stake."

Seriously? How gauche. When asked about it:

"Pronger answered several questions in his media session on Tuesday, but he was not asked specifically about the puck-stealing incidents. In his post-game comments on Monday night, Pronger was short and curt when responding to the topic.

"It’s in the garbage – where it belongs," he told Tim Panaccio of CSN Philly. When asked if he was now collecting pucks by Panaccio, Pronger responded, "Why not? What’s wrong? It’s sitting there. What else is gonna happen to it? You got a problem with that?"

You got a problem with that? Who is this talking exactly? A 1980s WWF villain?

How does this happen exactly? It would be like walking past someone who has just wrapped their minutes old newborn baby in a blanket, going into the crib in the delivery room, grabbing the blanket and being like "DIS BLANKET GO IN DA GARBAGE."

This is exactly what it is like.


Seriously Chris stealing is wrong. You should know better than that. It always comes back and screws you in the end.*

Like this one time we met this dude who used to be a bouncer at a local bar. Hey (insert massive monster who once threw us out of Nashvilles in the mall’s name here) what’s going on these days?" we asked in passing during a random exchange.

"Oh me?" he replied haughtily, "I’m buying the Joint at the mall. They are doing super badly and can’t even pay their bills. We are going to get it for like next to nothing cause we have a special deal worked out. We basically jacked it from the old owners. I almost feel bad."

Now bear in mind that this guy was a mean ass dude. "Chris-Pronger-leaving-us-all-in-the-dust-and-dragging-the-City-through-the-mud-bad?" No not that bad, but certainly "had-no-neck-and-one-time-beat-our-buddy-up-at-his-own-birthday-party-at-Nashvilles-and-walked-around-with-a-scowl-and-scared-19-year-old-us-silly-bad."

And if we like anything at all, it’s not living in mortal fear of the bouncer at our local bar. So this guy was bad news.

Anyways, he thought he was going to get the deal of the century on this bar, went around publicly running his mouth to everyone about it, then bought the thing and then the mall decided they weren’t going to renew the lease on the space.

This guy ended up buying a bunch of useless bar crap that was valueless and the bar one day became a kitchen supply store or something.

Moral of the rambling tale: He tried to take something from someone else and that theft bit him in the face.


Speaking of guys who are bad news – stealing game pucks Chris? In the words of a random dude from long ago – "jacking" is wrong. Who are you to steal a Stanley Cup Final game puck from the other team when you lost games one and two?

Do you think that puck means more to you than Michael Leighton who returned from being pulled in Game 1 to win Game 2? Or perhaps that puck should be yours instead of the great Troy Brouwer?

Stealing crap will come back to haunt you Chris. This isn’t a good time to accumulate bad karma.

But you major in that already don’t you?

Man we hate Chris Pronger.

Go Hawks.

*Thats what she said.

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    Man that Chris pronger is a bad dude. That being said, I desperately wish his assedness was on our team.

    As much as I hate Pronger I’ve got to say that I would absolutely love it if he was stealing other peoples momentos whilst wearing an Oilers jersey.

  • So Darren Dreger tweets after the game that Darryl Powe grabbed the game puck and immediately gave it to Claude Giroux. WHAAAA? I thought the game puck had no significance. I thought Chris Pronger, who apparently is bigger than the game itself, was collecting these pucks to throw them in the garbage. Typical Flyers… bully their way through life.

    I hate Chris Pronger even more with the Flyers than I did with the Oil. How does this butcher of a man keep getting the calls? Repeated cross-checks to the back is apparently not a penalty anymore. But don’t you dare slash the guys $200 stick because that is 2 min for vandalism.

    Chris Pronger… more arrogance than Rick “The Model” Martel.

    *Correct me if I’m wrong, but does the game ball in football not carry some significance?*

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      I don’t think Powe immediately picked up the game puck after the game ended. I watched it closely in super slow mo as I was expecting Niemmi or another Chicago player pick up the puck but Niemmi just slid it out of the net and it ended up near the blue line near the boards. About 10-15 Flyers including Pronger skated right past the puck as they piled up on each other in the corner. One of them must have grabbed it after all of this as they then showed Laviolette on the bench pumping his fist in celebration and then they went to the CBC crew. So ya maybe Powe grabbed the puck for Giroux but it certainly wasn’t immediately. And there was ample time for a Chicago guy to grab it including Niemmi but they all just ignored it. All this hype surrounding the puck is being propogated by Dreger and the MSM.

  • KING! Hahahah. He almost tore my buddies head off like a pez dispenser for spraying one of our buds that worked behind the bar with the water hose. Guy gave me f*cking nightmares. *shiver*

        • DK0

          You’ve actually been in there? I think I’ve built this place up in my head as so crazy that they obviously do not even let you in the front door unless you do a line of a hooker’s ass.

          Its probably super lame inside…
          Let me have this!
          *runs away crying*

          • I used to park my car behind Chez Pierre in their monthly parking pass stalls. One time I left it there overnight and came back to get it early on a Saturday morning as some of the other “ladies” were also coming to pick up their cars.

            Never had I been so happy that my 1998 Honda Civic (DX mind you) started on the first try.

            Those ladies are ROUGH lookin.

            Also: I will never give up hating Chris Pronger. Shame on you who already have. Shame.

          • Mouse

            I went in there once with a buddy of mine. We find a table near the back of the room and then started looking around wondering where the bar was and where the stripper runway/platform was. Then this old dude comes out from behind the back of the room and asks us if we want a pop. We ask for a couple of beers or rye with the pop and he says that they don’t serve alcohol but you can bring a bottle in and buy the pops (mix) for $10 each.

            Then we ask where the strippers are and where the runway is and he says that there is no runway and the strippers are actual dancers that take you for a private dance and that costed $20 a song or something. So me and my buddy do the quick math and figure we ain’t the high rollers that we thought we were and we high tailed it out of there.

            So we’re all mad and walking back to my apartment (which at this time I lived top floor of a high rise next to the Legislature building) and on our way down the hill to my place we walk by a really small non-descript bar and we decide to pop in for a drink. So we walk in and to our luck and amazement it was a stripper bar! It was so small (about the size of a Subway) and the stripper platform was right in the middle of the room with one row of tables and chairs on either side. The minute we walk in were only maybe 5 feet away from a girl doing her routine. And no word of a lie she looks me straight in the eyes and locks the lazers on me. So because the room is so small we could chat with her while she did her thing and she ends up having a few drinks with us after her show. Me and her ended up swapping numbers.I remember walking out of that little bar like I was on cloud nine that a stripper wanted to hook up with me!

            So I go on my first date with this chick and I had just bought this Eazy-E cd and she sees it in my car and she asks me if I will give it to her. I said I just got this cd and I hadn’t even played yet. Basically things went down hill from there on that date.

            I tried to booty call her one night a few weeks later. I showed up at her place half cut with a bottle of babyduck champagne and she said I wasn’t gettin any and she booted me out of her apartment.

            So the Chez Pierre nearly got me some action but being young and dumb (and cheap at the time) I never got none. What an idiot I was. haha!

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    I think Chris is really fun to watch. I was always a fan of Mr. Perfect growing up, so I don’t mind the “heel” angle he plays. I think it’s refreshing to see some animosity.

    I can truly appreciate what Pronger does ( we all can in Edmonton). Kevin Lowe knew who the best D man in the world was post lockout, and snatched the big man up.

    I’m completely over the whole fiasco he caused in Edmonton, partly because of the time that’s gone by, and because our bright future. There is know need for the educated fan in Edmonton to hold any grudges against the guy that brought us within one game of a championship.

    Pronger is an ass to everyone, so don’t make it about Edmonton anymore. LET GO

    • The Fish

      Me too. He left Edmonton years ago. Get over it Oiler fans. It comes off as pathetic and petty. He’s the best D-Man in the league whether we like it or not.

  • I freakin love that Pronger is making a whole new city hate him as much as we do/did. In fact I kinda like him now that he is pissing off Chicago. Can’t take away the fact that he is a beast in the playoffs and I’d have him on my team every single day of the week.

    • Agreed. The NHL needs more characters. Everybody knows it’s an act and if/when Chicago wins the cup those pucks will magically end up in their dressing room. And besides, let’s face it. We’d all kill to have Pronger watching our blue line again.

      • Ender

        Ummm . . . yeah . . . about that . . .

        When shooting pool, there are two kinds of people; the ones who will use a Granny Stick and the ones who won’t. I’ll go on record right now as saying I concede that the Granny Stick can turn a very difficult stretch into an easy tap-in. That said, I still won’t use it. I’ll shoot behind the back or left-handed or whatever it takes, but when it comes right down to it I’d rather miss the shot than use the Granny. Why the dislike? I don’t know . . . it’s like when you were a kid and you found yourself needing to beg a dollar off your friend’s mom to catch a bus home; it might have been an easy solution, but it was so demeaning that you’d rather walk an hour than ask.

        Chris Pronger is an Oiler fan’s Granny Stick. While he might help the Oilers win hockey games [incoming blasphemy alert] I’d rather lose than have him on the team.

        Remember all the girls that you’ve dated? If one of the ones you dumped called you up, you might chat her up for awhile (out of guilt if nothing else) and if the reasons for dumping her are no longer applicable (“You lost 50 lbs and got a modelling gig . . . reeeeeaaaally . . .”) then maybe you let bygones be bygones. One of the girls that dumped you calls up though (and you know it’s the b**ch you really liked who jettisoned you hard) then that call is leading nowhere fast. Because that girl is ancient history. She may be smokin’ hot, but you do not forget the crap that she pulled. No-no, you can get another date this weekend, thank you. Push comes to shove, you’d rather be alone. That ship has sailed.

        CFP is a boogerstain on the jersey of Oilers history. The Eastern Conference is almost far enough away, but I’ll smile a little more if I hear he’s accepted a contract in the SEL. As far as the Oilers are concerned, I wouldn’t cheer for him wearing Copper and Blue if he were scoring 60 points a year and donating his league-minimum salary to charity. That ship has sailed, and good riddance.

          • Mouse

            He is right except in the analogy. You would hook up with the b*tch that dumped you only to try and do all the dirty things you were afraid to try when you actually liked her… Or keep her as the emergency booty call, if nothing else worth while comes along (that includes fat and crazy chicks, just not fat crazy chicks – that is a dangerous combo)

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Pretty scary stuff coming from Pronger ? Makes me want to go out and buy the National Enquier to see if theirs more of a link to S. Avery than meets the eye ,or Avery’s antics . Just who’s dressing Pronger ? Should Pronger be suspended like Avery was ? Inquiring minds want to know .

  • Poo Czar

    Yeah, Chez Pierre is an E-Ville crepper legend, and I’m glad to have never set foot in there. However, I do have fond memories (kinda) of an 18th birthday party that hit both Pinky’s and Rusty’s (RIP, both).


  • The Fish

    LMAO I love Pronger!!! God I so wish the Oilers had 3 guys exactly like him. PLZ TANBO GET 3 GUYS JUST LIKE HIM WE REALLY NEED THIS TYPE OF PLAYER!!!
    I dont want any player thats throws cheap shots and just mouths off and expects someone else too fight his battle for him….I WANT ONE MEAN SOB THAT GETS IT DONE!!!

  • Poo Czar

    Chicago’s not going to pick up the puck until they win next time.

    Buff’s gonna go and pick it up, then skate over and hand it to Pronger so he can add it to his set.

  • Milli

    I’ve got a tough time actually cheering a team with Laviolette as the coach and Prongs on D. But, after all, I’ve got Philly winning the cup in my pool, so it’s hard not to. Hate to say it, but watching that big douche bag pronger, makes me wonder what if……..

  • Ender

    I don’t think grabbing the puck after the game is actually even stealing. If you win the game do you have some kind of entitlement to the final game puck. Why is this even a story?