1dollarteetimes.com is born

The alternate titles for this article could be “how Citizen Alpha and Wanye have spent Spring 2010” or “bound to fail website #4,234,347.” In either event, we have just rolled out a new website and we think you might just find it interesting.


The road to ruin is literally full of failed “internet/software + golf companies.” Every asshole with a computer and a desire to try and pull one over on the rat race has at some point said to himself “why don’t I make a golf site? I COULD PLAY GOLF FOR A LIVING!”

Generally at this point they start running around in concentric circles laughing hysterically and are soon committed to an assisted living facility.

Tee time sites, golf scheduling sites, Dutch titty sites. Dime a dozen, generally have poor technology, little advertising and fail quickly.

Sounds like a recipe for success to us and we are going to give it a college try because of all of the Citizens of the Nation who are:

a) playing golf already

b) cheap/broke

c) looking to play more golf


Do you like golfing? 72% of the Nation has indicated they play at least once per month.

Do you like paying top dollar to golf? We are betting that you don’t.

Ladies and gentlemen – may we present 1dollarteetimes.com

We book all of our tee times three days in advance or less and each and every tee time on the site will be a minimum of 50% off. And on rare occasions when the courses are feeling generous you can play 18 holes of golf for the startlingly low price of a $1.

You read that right – a single dollar.

For less than what it costs to sponsor an orphan overseas, you could be kicking back with your buddies on the 5th fairway somewhere laughing about your ol’ pal Wanye and his dreams to make everyone skip work.

We have 5 courses to start and are busy at work with our partners at Nevada Bob’s lining up more as we speak.

It’s slow going so if everyone can go to their nearest golf pro, punch him or her square in the face and scream “ARE U ON 1DOLLARTEETIMES.COM YET?!” we would sincerely appreciate it.

In the meantime there are a few tee times already on the site and our courses will be adding to it daily. We promise that we will not rest until there are dozens of courses putting tee times up and we are all skipping work regularly to play golf at half the price.

It will be the cheapest threesomes on the internet. Guaranteed.


  • Kyle S

    This looks awesome Wanye. I can’t wait to hit the links for $1.

    Having a problem confirming my account though. When I go to the link in the email it says my account was already confirmed and to log in, but when I log in it says I need to confirm my account…

    Should I just email support?


  • Deep Oil unapproved. Works for me!

    @Kyle S

    Thanks for signing up dude. I will take a gander and see what is going on. You are speaking with the support department.

    Not only do we provide support but we party.

  • Kieso

    @ Deep Oil

    The integrity of this site is in question? What planet are you on? Do you think that MS paint drawings and crazy (but close to true graphs) by a guy named Wanye Gretz scream…I WANT AND DEMAND INTEGRITY ON THIS SITE!!!

    I am here all the time because I like the irreverent feel of the site along with the writers bringing up some good points.

    And if Wanye wants to plug his new business venture so be it (good luck by the way). It is not like I have to pay him $1 every time I want to read an article here. If you don’t like it don’t read the article.

    Deep oil – get over yourself, get off your soap box and get a life.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I like it, Wayne. I creep on this site all the time but never usually post. So this should say something.

    People scrutinizing this article are obviously not golfers… so they matter NOTHING as far as this little venture of yours is concerned. And it is a good one, IMO.

    As far as Deep Oil’s comments; he’s missing the point. The website’s name itself should suggest something.

    To most, golfing at Twin Willows for $20 has more overall value (green fee and actual golfing experience) than Red Tail for $100. Unless of course your a baller, like Deep Oil.

    Also, I have to say, I’m surprised you didn’t use your wits to poke more fun at the negative comments.

    • Thanks for the support dude.

      Quite frankly I don’t like using the Nation to promote other stuff in an infomercial manner like this.

      However, if I don’t promote this on here the odds of it working fall from 0.00002% to 0.00001%.

      People can chirp me all they want. In this instance they are right. The Nation isn’t about infomercials, except in this case when it is.


  • I'm a Scientist!

    First Arch had a baby…then ronaldo…now Wanye…What the hell is happening around here?

    *makes a tinfoil hat and snuggles up to the SuperComputer*


    I’m guessing a site that’s dedicated to discounted tee-times isn’t geared towards someone that can drop 3K on a golf trip. I’ll be using it for sure. If I’m dropping 3K on a trip it won’t be to golf.. especially since I usually can’t remember anything beyond the 4th hole anyways.

  • I have been watching for some tee times @ Ponoka seeing how I am 20 minutes away. For those of you who have never golfed there, it is a really nice old course. The facilities are really good & any time I have golfed there it has been immaculate. It is still a “private” public course, so I think it would still be in great shape. While most people would travel to Wolf Creek usually, I would consider Ponoka to be a hidden gem.

    If you can get one of the cheap tee times I would think it would be WAY worth it to take the hour drive from the SS of YEG to try it out.

    I golfed @ Indian Lakes last summer while we were camping at Wabamun as well. I thought it was a really nice golf course. It was in great shape & was challenging to a hack like me.

  • Deep Oil

    I’m not going to get into advertising and how and where is it welcome because the part of my comment directed toward you had to do with the service Wayne’s site provides.

    I don’t kiss anyone’s ass, including the “Voices of the Nation”, so I’m not defending Wayne’s “advertorial” article what so ever. I do however praise good products and ideas. The site has great value in the service it provides. That’s it. There’s nothing else to say.

    By the way, when I say “baller” in a negative/joking manner, I don’t actually mean “baller”. Sorry. The seriousness of your response to that comment actually reinforced the “baller” image I have of you. Not golfing at the pro-bachelor-party courses certainly makes you not from the north side (lol), but I have a feeling I’m talking to the king of millwoods.

    PS. What’s NYTIMES? 😉

    PPS. For the record, I’m not from the north side nor am I defending the north side. It’s a dark, dark place that no one should ever bear to experience in the flesh!