Expectations of Omark

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Only seventeen days until we know if it will be Tyler or Taylor, but that won’t be the end of the debates in Oilerville, in fact; it’s just the beginning. After June 25th there will be plenty of other players/situations to discuss, including Jordan Eberle.

The 22nd pick in 2008 will come to camp with a legitimate opportunity to make the team, and his most direct competition will come from the 97th pick in 2007, Linus Omark. Omark is now 5”10’, 180 pounds and blessed with incredible skill,but he is the biggest question mark heading into camp.

What can the Oilers expect from Omark?

Maybe this if they get to a shoot out:

Pretty sweet move but I’m more impressed with the courage it takes to try that move in a game.

But the Oilers would probably prefer the following move since he did it in a game. Looks similar to what Daniel Sedin did to win play of the year on TSN.

Of course Omark will need more in his game than just a few highlight reel goals, and according to Kevin Lowe he has just what the Oilers are looking for.

“His game begins once a guy engages him in the corner. Once a player is on his back, he is good at spinning off, shifting away from the defender and beating guys. It looks like he doesn’t mind the rough stuff, which is what we need.

“He protects the puck very well, which is crucial because you need guys who won’t turn the puck over,” continued Lowe.

Omark’s ability and willingness to cycle the puck could make him a good fit with Dustin Penner. Penner’s best attribute is his ability to cycle the puck down low, make good passes in confined areas and go to the net. Omark could complement Penner very well considering, despite his size, he likes to cycle the puck and can spin off defenders very well.

Penner needs to play with guys who complement his game. Last year he added the ability to score on the rush, but he is most effective along the boards, battling defenders and then taking the puck to the net. He needs guys who can move the puck quickly and accurately in tight areas and Omark seems to fits the bill. If he truly doesn’t mind contact then he should get an extra long look in September, because the Oilers aren’t blessed with many skilled forwards who are willing to play in the tough areas.

Would it be too simplistic to say one of Eberle and Omark stays while the other goes to the Oklahoma City? It might be, but I sense that’s how it will play out.

Rob Daum coached Eberle for 20 games over two seasons in Springfield and so I asked him to describe Eberle’s offensive game.

“He has great offensive instincts and a great offensive mind. He goes to the tough areas and can make special passes. He slips into holes and off of people, but he doesn’t get as involved physically as Omark. He plays by moving instead of confrontation.”

Eberle and Omark have similarities in their game, but Daum’s last line explains perfectly the major difference of their games. It doesn’t make one better, just different. In the long run they might be able to complement each other very well, but when camp comes around I expect they will be battling for the same position.

  • Ender

    Curious wrote:

    This story about our goalie really kind of pisses me off though. The guy is driving drunk but the cop breached his constitutional rights b/c he had back surgery and the field sobriety test would not have been valid. If he gets off, what a load of crap. I want him to be here and play well but this ‘I am a millionaire hockey player so the rules are different for me’ really ticks me off

    If there was anyone who needed any more incentive to mothball and/or BBQ their ‘Bulin jersey, this is it. Guy is driving drunk (and not just a little bit; WAY over the legal limit), gets caught, and now he figures he doesn’t need to pay the piper so he’ll find someone else to pin it on. ~It was that dang cop’s fault, that’s who!~ As if there was no reason in the world why he shouldn’t get off scott-free.

    The old attitude ‘It’s only a crime if you get caught’ used to make people shake their heads, but at least it was still a crime then. The new attitude seems to be ‘It’s only a crime if you get caught and can’t get someone else to take the fall for you.’ Whatever happened to manning-up to your actions?

    Professional athletes are supposed to be role models. I sincerely hope my kids aren’t learning anything from this dirtbag. I teach them that honesty and accepting the consequences of your actions is how to live your life. I’d like to think that the advice isn’t obsolete in a world that doesn’t seem to care about those things anymore.

  • Deaner

    This Omark compilation is new to me, it has about 8000 views so maybe it’s new to some of you. It’s the best Ive seen, great production for a youtube entry:

  • Deaner

    Just watched his yearly highlights, pretty cool i must admit. But the only way he does those sick dangles and fights off people is because he is using the big ice to his advantage.

    Personally i don’t think he will have enough room do complete half of those moves here, in North America. That is why i see him going to the AHL for at least the first little bit of this year to sort of re-invent his game.

  • Jason Gregor

    Time to assess T.Hall and his attributes as we get closer to drafting him . What can/should we expect from him other than being a phenom at or above even Crosby , Ovechkin , Malkin , Stamkos , etc.? His credential package is as good, if not better, in consistency than all the rest . Everytime the kid needs to up his game ,he succeeds in doing so, and distance himself from the other elite company he performs in .

    If any talent this season turns out to be a phenom in the future , it will be Hall ,for he has shown the continuous ability to up his game above all others . I like Seguin , but i’m simply not going to pass on a credential package like Hall brings to the forefront . Is taking Seguin , Boston’s second first round pick , their next years first round pick and a quality Nhl player good enough to pass up on maybe a phenom in Hall ? I’m not sold down the line it might be . I just don’t see any reasonable argument to pass up on Hall .

    I’d hate to be a GM that passed up on him if he becomes that phenom , for his credentials point in that direction !

    • Jackie Treehorn

      I hate Boston even thinking of the possibility of taking Hall. It really annoys me that they, and everyone else that matters in Hockey, have him the no-brainer #1 selection and we don’t. Do we know something nobody else knows, perhaps that Hall wants no part of Edmonton? What is the deal?

      Feels like Boston is the fat rich kid butting in line and trying to get what he wants.

      Can it please be Edmonton’s time for once? We deserve the best player available, not Boston who acquired the pick through a trade.

      • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

        I don’t think anyone that matters in hockey has Hall as a no-brainer #1. At best it’s a saw-off. If both players are equal, you draft according to position. The Oil have plenty of wingers on the depth chart, but no bona fide #1 centremen.

        Boston has the opposite problem, and really needs someone to flank Savard. It shouldn’t be a mystery why Boston wants Hall.

        • Jackie Treehorn

          These wingers you speak of, are they the disgruntled Penner and Hemsky… that have one year left on the contract?

          So a 30th place team drafts based on need because our depth chart is full at wing? ….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…wait …..again hahhahahahahahahahahhahahah hah ha hah ha

          There is only controversy in the media, not behind closed doors. The old Stauffer would be yelling at the top of his lungs to draft Hall over Seguin.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            The old Stauffer was also “Philosophically opposed to the way Graig McTavish coaches” … so I wouldn’t exactly use his opinion as the be all, end all.

          • Jackie Treehorn

            “The old Stauffer was also “Philosophically opposed to the way Graig McTavish coaches” … so I wouldn’t exactly use his opinion as the be all, end all.”

            Not sure what you meant about Bob, but I’ve been listening to him since day one, so I know how to take him. It sounds like Bob has the old management choke hold going on.

            BPA based on what….his two memorial cups, or his two mvp rings? Or Seguin OHL of the year award?

          • Jackie Treehorn

            Seguin supporters are putting all their faith in what they’ve been told, not from what they’ve seen. Are you guys gamblers?

            Seguin before Hall may turn out better down the road, but initially it would be nothing more than a risky gamble.

            BPA all the time, every time.

            Projecting Seguin to be better over Hall long term seems pompous at the very least, based on the player’s accomplishments.

          • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

            Actually, I think you’re being awfully pompous in your assessment of the situation. You don’t know who they’re going to pick because they haven’t told you (or anyone else for that matter).

            Gregor and Brownlee, who are a lot more tuned-in to the Oilers than you are, seem to suggest that the Oilers are leaning toward Seguin. You can say that you think Hall is the BPA, but you don’t know who they’re going to pick.

            Feel free to correct me. I’m sure we’d all love to hear it. Be sure to include your source when you do, though.

          • The Ontario Hockey League Coaches didnt think Hall was the best player this year. They gave that honour to Seguin. The CHL didnt give Hall the best prospect honours, that was Seguin.

            Hall is not the slam dunk BPA. The fact you are so convinced that it is a one horse race proves only that you own a TV and are too lazy to research anything for yourself.

            I dont know who WILL be the best player, but I’m not so gullible to think that Seguin cant possibly be as good because I didnt see him on Sportsnet or TSN this year.

            It isnt pompous to project Seguin over Hall. With one year less experience in the OHL he matched Hall’s production and became the better goalscorer on a far inferior team. What’s pompous is thinking that the player the OHL coaches thought was better than Hall is clearly and unquestionably not as good as the kid that came runner-up.

          • Jackie Treehorn

            Slow down the Oilernation Policeman. I’ve read your stuff here a lot and you can really be abrasive in a passive aggressive way, but at least you back your stuff up; I just wish your weren’t such a douche about it.

            I done my research and I’ve made my decision oh and guess what Arch(the great one), I’m entitled to my opinion.

          • “I’m entitled to my opinion.”


            At least indulge me (the great one, apparently). You’ve done the research and made your decision. You wanted to engage in conversation about Hall vs Seguin. You think Hall is the hands down BPA, at least explain why you think that before taking the “I’m entitled to my opinion.” route.

            Call me a douche if you want, you wont be the last, but you came out swinging with:

            “Seguin supporters are putting all their faith in what they’ve been told, not from what they’ve seen. Are you guys gamblers?”


            “So a 30th place team drafts based on need because our depth chart is full at wing? ….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…wait …..again hahhahahahahahahahahhahahah hah ha hah ha”

            You’ve gotta expect at least one person to come back at you with the other side of the argument.

          • Jackie Treehorn

            We got off on the wrong foot, sorry.

            First off let me let say that this whole thing got started in a nutshell, because of my theory of a media smokescreen in the works. I came to this conclusion because I can’t help but believe that Bob Stauffer (listening to him since day one) would not want to yell at the top of his lungs, HALLLLLL, but isn’t allowed.

            Hall and Seguin Saga has many facets. We don’t need to point form every little detail every time someone disagrees with an opinion. The Hall camp has the bullets, and does the Seguin camp. You could go on about premium ice time on worse team, or less ice time on great team, and on and on and on and never ending. I get it, the PAPERS says it’s a sawoff, but you can’t pass up (in a sawoff) the proven winner.
            The Oiler scouts can’t risk taking Seguin over Hall. Hall has proven himself a winner/mvp twice. Don’t you value a proven winner? That reason alone is why the Oilers cannot afford to draft Seguin.
            The Oilers are trying to build a great team, maybe a championship team down the road, and Hall knows how to be the best player on the best team, playing the tough min.

            Or do you think we should take Seguin based on the fact that he hasn’t had the chance to compete for those championships. Can’t take Hall accomplishments away from him.

          • Jackie Treehorn

            Not so much trick, but distract maybe.

            Just a Garth Snow deal is all. Hold on to the last min. Maybe Bettman/Oiler Management prefers the excitement and the publicity. If there is an advantage to doing it….whos knows, but maybe.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Seems the last few years theirs been a little contreversy drummed up about who should go number 1. More then anything I think it’s just media looking to drum up some interest (or because alot of these races really are close)

            Other then the purpose of selling more papers/getting more blog hits (which is their job) I really don’t see any point to any trickery/distracting.

          • I thought last year that it was a 2 horse race for #1 but very late there was talk that Duchene could go first. I wrote that off as the media getting bored of the Tavares vs Hedman talk. Well if they could have a do-over the Islanders might be tempted to take Duchene.

            I’m not ready to write off either Hall or Seguin for #1.

          • I agree about the media and papers, a good example is the trade deadline.

            The Oilers are having a draft party at Rexall. what would it be like if they don’t draft first ? They need to trust the scouting staff and name the next francise player.

            BP “Dilution is the solution to Pollution”

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Why do you trust what Stauffer “would” say over others. YOu think he knows more than scouts. He hasn’t seen Hall play live once, so his opinion is no more valid than Gregor’s, or anyone elses.

            Did the OHL think Hall was better? No. So what do you say to that.

            Hall is very good, but suggesting Seguin isn’t is off-base. Both are good.

          • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

            You’re misunderstanding what I’m saying. I said that they’re drafting based on BPA. If the BPA is a draw, why not pick based on some arbitrary distinction between the two? You could just as easily pick based on ability to grow a playoff beard, but drafting by position as a tie-breaker is arguably more relevant.

          • Jackie Treehorn

            I see what your saying, and it makes sense. If they’re equal that is. If your convinced they’re equal, well than go for it. I don’t think Seguin convinced people MORE than Hall did for a split second.

    • That body checking study the University of Calgary did would scare the sh*t out of me when you look at Taylor Hall.

      Is he super talented? Yes

      Does he get creamed often? Yes

      Chances are he has had a ton of concussions already if 12 year old kids are having to retire because of their concussion symptoms.

      They have 2 different skill sets, but when long term health comes into the equation I would rather take the guy who doesn’t get snot bubbles 4 times a year.

      • Jackie Treehorn

        Usually i’m the guy most of Oiler nation seems to think i speak negatively . On the contrary . I speak negatively when i see things happening that make us weaker . For years now we have continually filled holes in lineup with less talent than what we receive in return . I see little to nothing positive from that . Thats not being negative , thats being realistic and telling like it is .

        We have not got from where we are , doing the positive things necessary to breed the type of optimism that leads to positive reinforcement . I am not nearly as negative as some of you seem to imply . I also see very few as positive as i am in some of the talent we may have, or in my assessment of Hall or Omark for that matter .

        Telling things like they are and revisiting and acknowleding past errors should make this transition faster and better for us . To ignor it, even though it is sensitive to some , is not a step in the right direction to begin with . I look at all the comments of those that praise all the past downgrades and ask myself just who is negative one here , when they are the ones choosing the negative effects of those downgrades over existing upgrades that were already on roster /place?

    • Ok, It’s always a bit tricky to figure out what you are saying at the best of times, but I just wanted to make sure I understand this before I comment.

      Are you really saying that we should *expect* Hall to be a better player than Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, and Stamkos?

      Why not Gretzky and Lemieux as well? How about all of them rolled up into one player? Is that what we’re dealing with here, in your opinion?

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Everything about Omark reminds me of Kris Versteeg. He might have to play 20-40 games in the AHL but I’m expect a 20-25 goal, 50 point guy once he gets in the NHL.

  • I really dont think T.Hall is that stupid to not want to play in Edmonton. right now its all mind games between Edmonton and Boston. Its got to be a no brainer the Oilers will take Hall. If Boston really wants him that bad, then I’m sure there will be a deal. Either way we come out on top whether we take hall or Boston throws in a top 6 forward and the #2 pick and maybe more.

  • Jackie Treehorn

    @Ogden Kings ‘n’ Pretty Things

    “At best it’s a saw-off”

    Says who?

    According to Stuaffer and Bob Mackenzie, almost all the scouts have Hall #1. As do 4 out of the 5 major scouting agencies.

    Yes, it is close. But they are clearly not equal. It would be a mistake to draft based on position need.

    And last time I checked, the Oilers don’t have a bona fide #1 winger. So is that not a need?

  • I believe other NHL teams ( down south ) would pick Hall over Seguin because he is exciting to watch, a city like Edmonton home of the Nation can appreciate a skilled all round player like Seguin.

    I don’t believe in drafting by position. Is it harder for a center to move to the wing ?I don’t think so. If Seguin doesn’t pan out at the dot, we have a winger that has so far been comparable to Hall. We draft Seguin we win the draft.

    ~ Now the Nation has a policeman hahaha ~

  • Jackie Treehorn

    @ ARCH
    You addressed a few of my quoted statements below:

    “Seguin supporters are putting all their faith in what they’ve been told, not from what they’ve seen. Are you guys gamblers?

    What is untrue about this statement generally speaking?

    “So a 30th place team drafts based on need because our depth chart is full at wing? ….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…wait …..again hahhahahahahahahahahhahahah hah ha hah ha”

    Did you double check the context, are you aware of the mis understanding ?

    You said:

    You think Hall is the hands down BPA, at least explain why you think that before taking the “I’m entitled to my opinion.” route.

    Do we have to again? Do I need to prove to you that I’ve done my homework by putting down the point forms we’ve all seen and beaten to death?

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Hey Jackie,
    I know you have done “your research” and you most definately are entitled to your opinion and so am I…
    TS was ranked #1 by central scouting, and #1 player in the OHL this year. He has scored more 5 on 5 goals that Hall and has one year less experience. This is no slam dunk for Hall. Is Hall more dynamic? yes but is he the no brainer pick? I say no. Too close to call. The Oilers need a center and if it is too close to call, then take the center for the long term. TS will be playing long after Hall has retired due to multipul head injuries.
    That is just my opinion….

    • Jackie Treehorn

      My research is very limited. I would’ve liked to watch more games, but even if I did I wouldn’t really know what to look for like a scout would.

      I just have a hunch that Tambo is pulling a Garth Snow for the publicity, and it’s not as close between the two prospects as we are led to believe from an Oiler scouting stand point.

      I also get suspicious when normally outspoken radio personalities are very quiet with their opinions on the subject.

      I go on instinct, intuition, and being a fan in Edmonton the last 15 years or so and listening to 1260 since the beginning, has helped give me some perspective on what is the norm and what is out of the norm as far as the media angles go.

      Again, I’m just a measly fan though and these are just kookie theories. hehe

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Will Seguin go number 2 is more of a question than Hall should go NBR.1 . Has Seguin done more than Eberle did at same age with even a worse team and being smaller and not as fast as Seguin ? Yet Eberle excelled better than Seguin in elite company ! Did Gudblanson , Fowler and others in this draft not also excel in the company of the elites as well , while Seguin has not even made the clubs they played on against the worlds best ?

    Even Svensson has shown more than Seguin in elite and manly company ? MacFarland fell far this season and so might Seguin if he was always up against elite company . To me , Seguin has not done enough consistently to be called a clear cut NBR. 2 as yet .

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      I don’t know if you do it on purpose, but day in and day out you make yourself look absolutly ridiculous.

      I see Arch already touched on Eberle vs Seguin so I wont bother.

      You can have whatever opinion you want as to whether or not Seguin should go #2(or better) but I’ve yet to see any hockey people suggest it’s even open for debate.

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        Rediculous to base my assessments to see these players perform at top levels against elite company is somehow rediculous ? if CSS told you that K.Agostino was NBR. 1 based on his amazing stats , you’d be on his bandwagon as well . At least i base my own accurate assessments on what i see more than what others have to say .

        Show me and others, smart one, where Seguin has shone in elite competition ? How frequently you make your own opinion based on what you see , rather than what some others have said ? Show me where Sequin has outperformed Eberle in elite company ?

        I’m willing to accept Seguin will be a good talent from what clips i’ve seen of him , but i’m not willing to give him the NBR.2 slot without ever doing much in elite company . Not like CSS has ever erred in their rankings, or any other ranking agency for that matter . I might take you more serious if you built your arguments on what you see , rather than what others see and you take for gospel .

        • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

          Yes, it’s ridiculous for you to think you’ve actually outsmarted dozens (hundreds?) of pro scouts because you’ve seen a couple jr games, a couple tournaments and some “clips”.

          The fact that you wonderd out loud whether Seguin had out performed Eberle at the same age is proof that you are completly clueless.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Look in a mirror at yourself ,and maybe ask yourself when and where you have seen or heard Seguin performed above Eberle in any elite tournament or even made the team ? Enough said . Now, who’s the clueless one ? Maybe you should apply your own comments to yourself firstly , rather than tagging other bloggers ideas being rediculous or clueless ?