Taylor & Tyler: Tambellini should pitch his brains out to Peter Chiarelli

TORONTO - APRIL 13: Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini awaits the announcement for the first overall pick during the NHL Draft Lottery Drawing at the TSN Studio April 13, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Abelimages / Getty Images for NHL)

It’s not often a team with the second overall pick in the NHL Entry Draft has a reasonable chance to win now like the Boston Bruins do, and that’s reason enough why Steve Tambellini should be all over Peter Chiarelli like a bad haircut.

But, thanks to Brian Burke and the Phil Kessel trade, the Bruins are a team that’s already pretty good — 91 points this season, 116 in 2008-09 and 94 in 2007-08 — and a team that holds second pick in Los Angeles, right after the Oilers pick first (and take Tyler Seguin).

Given the make-up of the Bruins, who have a core of players entering or still in the prime of their careers, would Chiarelli be better off hanging on to his selection and taking Taylor Hall, as he has already suggested he might, or is it in his best interests to at least listen when Tambellini takes up residence in his ear?

If the conversation starts with Tambellini offering, say, Ales Hemsky and Gilbert Brule or Dustin Penner for his pick and a Seguin-Hall daily-double, is there reason to keep talking?

If I’m the GM of the Bruins, if I think my team might be a Stanley Cup contender with Hemsky and Penner, and if I’m willing to admit gainful employment is a consideration, the answer is yes.

Why wouldn’t Chiarelli listen?

Here and now

Before you laugh off the possibility of Tambellini swinging a deal to land Seguin and Hall, ask yourself this: will the Bruins be a better team over the next two seasons with Hall in the line-up or with Hemsky and Penner? Yes? No? Not sure? If yes, might the Bruins be good enough before Hall turns 21 to win a Stanley Cup with Hemsky and Penner?

Before you trot out cliches about "mortgaging the future" and the like, remember, that kind of talk takes on a different tone if you’re walking in Chiarelli’s shoes, as opposed to spouting platitudes as a fan or writer.

Talk about the future is fine, but the future can be somewhat more immediate in a city like Beantown that hasn’t sipped champagne from the Stanley Cup since 1972. Dale Tallon damn sure had a hand in building the Chicago Blackhawks, but he wasn’t around to enjoy the parade.

Is it a longshot that Tambellini will be able to convince Chiarelli to part with this pick? Duh. Of course it is. Chiarelli will have a line up of eager suitors trying to separate him from a crack at Hall with attractive offers. Then, there’s the optics of giving up a potential franchise player for a shot to win here and now — with no guarantee it’ll play out that way.

Of course, it’s not nearly as hard a sell if the Bruins win something before Chiarelli starts losing bits and pieces of his roster, as is inevitable under a salary cap, and Hall becomes the stud people project him to be.

From the Oilers end of things, Tambellini won’t get the answers to any of those questions unless he asks. He damn sure better — and it should be Plan A before he settles on trying to squeeze something out of Chiarelli to lay-off Hall if he can’t hit the home run.

What’s to lose?

I’ve already written why I’d offer up Hemsky. I’m not sure he’ll be here after his contract expires in two seasons, despite his candlelight dinner with owner Daryl Katz after the season ended. I’m not convinced Penner will re-sign in Edmonton, either.

So, I start this what-if scenario with them, but feel free to change or add names you think might make a deal possible. If that includes taking a hummer contract back, like that of Michael Ryder — the Bruins already have over $46 million committed to salaries next season, so the cap is a consideration — so be it. Tweak it however you like.

The point is, there shouldn’t be anybody near untouchable on the Oilers roster, not after four straight years out of the playoffs. Tambellini isn’t giving up the chance to win something in the next two or three years by parting with Hemsky, Penner, Brule or whoever.

But, if you add a combination of those names to Marc Savard, Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci, Blake Wheeler, Milan Lucic, Zdeno Chara. Johnny Boychuk and Tuukka Rask, might that put the Bruins over the top?

If I’m Tambellini, I’m asking Chiarelli that question in Los Angeles, and I’m throwing offers at him in an attempt to get Seguin and Hall until the mini-bar is empty and he tells me to get the hell out of his room.

What’s to lose?

Know your audience

There’s some sharp fans out there, but there’s a handful of dullards with slack jaws and walnut-sized brains in the mix who keep things interesting by providing laugh-out-loud material.

Every Sunday, Jim Matheson serves up one of the best reads anywhere with Hockey World in the Journal. Matheson, an Elmer Ferguson Award winner — he’s in the writer’s wing of the Hockey Hall of Fame — got people talking with his latest offering last weekend.

Among other things, Matheson asked if the Oilers might make a pitch for Chicago’s Kris Versteeg with the 31st pick at the Entry Draft, if they might be interested in free agent defenceman John Scott and if San Jose might be interested in Sheldon Souray.

Matheson’s what-ifs and speculation drew this response by somebody calling himself "Asher" over at HF Boards.

"The more I read these Matheson "speculations" the more he comes off sounding like Eklund. I’ve often thought a lot of Eklund rumours are created by him sitting down looking at rosters and saying things like, "Gee, Team A could really use a player like the one Team B has that might be available." And then he goes on to create a rumour. I know Matty was writing for Eklund’s site a while back… maybe he picked up a few of Eklund’s writing habits along the way."

Matty was writing for Eklund a while back? Uh, no. Never has. Never will. That’s the wonderful thing about the interweb. Dolts can write stupid stuff that has no foundation in fact and people will read it because it’s only a mouse click away, alongside legit offerings from journalists, fans and bloggers who aren’t uttering nonsense and lies.

The right stuff

Hall certainly passed his drive-by to Edmonton today with flying colors, saying all the right things.

"I know how crazy this city is for hockey," Hall told reporters at Rexall Place. "I was having lunch at Joey’s and the chef came out and asked me to autograph his apron. People are recognizing me, already. I think it would be pretty cool to play here."

Part of the reason some people are pitching Seguin as a better fit for the Oilers is that he’s a centre, while Hall has played primarily left wing while leading the Windsor Spitfires to two straight Memorial Cups.

"I’d be very comfortable playing centre," Hall said. "In Windsor we had a lot of true centres who were better there than on the wing, so I moved over.

"When we had injuries this year, I moved back, and I played half the year I was at centre. It’s still hockey, it’s about winning battles in the offensive zone."

Seguin will stop in Edmonton for a look-see next week.

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  • Jackie Treehorn

    …..Back to Hockey …article related (SORRY FOR POSTING TWICE) Can’t let em take over, haha

    The Oiler’s will have some competition for sure. Here’s hoping the expendable players with decent contract hits, prove to be more enticing for Boston to deal.

    You could assume that Edmonton, being a 30th place team, could potentially offer up more. And, coupled with two players with good contracts like Hemsky and Penner, you could only hope that we are at least on par with what PC deems acceptable.

    What about getting the 3rd, or 4th or 5th someway somehow and then packaging that pick up along with a Penner/Hemsky. We get our 1, 2 sweep and this way PC gets to “play for today” and get a stud d-man for the future.

    This scenario could include 31th or the Boston 15th, but essentially Boston get the best of both worlds.

    What you think?

  • Hemmertime

    Interesting article and it would be unreal to get both picks, and I’m all for giving up Penner to get the 2nd, and whatever else it takes.

    On a different note…

    Gregor, my co-worker showed me this link..


    Clap pullups, really. Impressive. I didn’t know who were in that could of shape. My mom has MS, so thanks for riding for such a great cause. Good luck.

    • Jason Gregor

      I’m hoping the ride isn’t that bad. I think my ass is what worries me the most..ha

      Clap pullups while doing KIP pullups are easier than straight dead hangs. Never tried those, but I’m guessing they would be hard.

      • Good on you for the bike ride. I did the Jasper-to-Banff ride about a dozen or so years ago. 3 days. Only hopped in the truck for a ride once (for maybe 10-15 km). It was difficult, yet gratifying. Sore butt & legs for a while. I can’t imagine that trip now. 3 days? Okay, I’ll just bike 10-15 km and ride in the truck the rest of the way, lol.

  • VMR

    Ok if this is turning into a discussion about Matheson then I’ll get on topic. 🙂

    Matheson has long been a great reporter with tons of interesting info from around the league. Even if he’s just giving his take without any insider info his stuff has some thought behind it and knowledge of the players, team needs and managers in the league. I think his insight, while some of it might be a stretch is all possible.

    If you compare him to Eklund you’ll see quite a difference. Eklund is constantly spouting off anything to get hits. He’s always pandering to big audiences that get him hits like made up Leafs rumours, made up Habs rumours, made up Oilers rumours, and of course Flyers rumours. Then just to sensationalize things he’ll put out rumours about big names that would never possibly move like Ovechkin to Nashville after the big save the Predators rallies.

    Matheson deserves respect, Eklund doesnt, end of story.

  • VMR

    Would the Oilers be better served holding onto their current more secondary prospects, Nash, Omark, or trying to move them now in an attempt to strengthen their D and 4th line?

    The reason I ask is, I think the competion within the organization is steep for the prospects we have now and with limited room for top 9 minutes, is it worth packaging these prospects with someone like Moreau to a chicago or boston?

    Or do you let these players bolster the AHL club and hopefully they increase their value in the “A”.

      • I have only been Fiveandagame( except for one day where I was like a thousand different variation of ogdens and dakins) and today I switched to my real name in an effort to be willing to stand by any comments with my personal name and not some false internet identity.

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      What does Nash/Omark really get you on the open market? If it’s just to be a throw in to dump salary I don’t think it’s worth it.

      Our AHL team needs to be better, we’ve seemed to have issues developing talent or getting lucky with a prospect from the minors. I just don’t think that changes until there is an environment that will make it easier on our prospects to develop.

      • Jackie Treehorn

        I see what you mean. I personally would like to see the farm team improve. But realistically does Omark and Nash even have a future home in edmonton? The list of prospects ahead of them is lengthy and how long will they be willing to play in the AHL before bolting to Europe (especially in Omark’s case)

        I think If Omark shows he can be player at rookie camp we look at moving him (unless he’s unreal and deserves a roster spot) to a team in need of offensive talent, in exchange for depth at D or a solid energy guy. That may involve taking salary back, but at the end of the day the Oilers would be a better team, with one less small offensive forward prospect.

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      Here’s the problem as I see it.

      We are in a new era of reporting, no not internet era, it’s the twitter era. Adding to the internet is that there are thousand of people that are one click away from posting a message that tens of thousands will see instantly.

      A guy like Matheson who use to get some pretty good dirt, doesn’t get it as much anymore. But this doesn’t stop people from posting on their twitter account that Matheson says “Perry Pearn to stay in Montreal”. Now people look at this and think geez Matheson is saying this is happening so it has to be at least close to the truth. In reality Matheson could’ve just wrote an article saying he thinks that Pearn should stay in Montreal.

      If people that have/had credibility don’t want to be taken the wrong way then it’s up to them to make it clear what they are talking about. No more beating around the bushes, otherwise things are going to get mixed up and people will be called out. Credible people such as Brownlee may hate this, but too bad it is the evolution of the job/industry.

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      Perfect example. Is this just opinion or is there something that Matheson heard to make him think of this.

      The other problem that lies within is it is becoming hard to wonder if something is a opinion article or something with legs. When you write a pretty even split of opinion and rumor type articles this is bound to happen to you.

  • Chris.

    Gagner, Smid, Eberle, and both young goalies are confirmed guests at the RX1 Draft party…

    So what happens if one of them is traded? Doesn’t it make sense that at the very least one of the goalies may be delt?

    Could be very awkward.

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      klowe and the crew traded smyth the day of the messier retirement ceremony didnt they?

      now that was awkward.

      telling an unproven goalie they cant show up to the draft party because they were just dealt for a (insert bag of pucks comment) wouldnt be so bad

      • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

        I think the Oilers planning Mark Messier retirement night on trade deadline day is something that maybe they should’ve realized could backfire.

        • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

          oh, i agree 110%. problem is, after the way things shock down, thinking about public perception is probably about step 26 on the 25 step program of making a trade for the oilers

          • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

            I understand the thought of having players there to attract people, but a dunk tank with Lowe inside of it would probably avoid all issues and would attract more people.

          • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

            for this June celebration thing at commonwealth, they should have pronger in one tank, and KLowe in another.

            $10 a ball, every penny goes to charity.

            they would raise an absolute ton on money

      • Chris.

        I was thinking more along the lines of how cruel it would be to have one of those young guys, standing on a podium, in front of thousands of fans, watch himself get traded on the Jumbotron…


        You have to think that the Tambellini will be trying to make some moves at the draft… and we all know that one of the young goalies will be traded before the start of the season.

    • Jackie Treehorn

      Maybe we can rule out a couple moves now. Both goalies? One scheduled for just the first hour maybe…lol. Maybe they will fight in the bar to see who stays. Mahaha

  • I don’t mind Matheson… sometimes his ideas can be a little out to lunch, but what he has to say is generally a pretty good read.

    As far as the lashing out / caustic stuff, to be honest, I find in a lot of cases the people that are responded to here are more frequently the s— disturbers. People that have genuine good opinions generally disappear in the background. You guys are free to respond to whomever you like and however you like, but for me it just makes the site look like a bit of a playground at times. Don’t feed into the trolls.

    • Jackie Treehorn

      Well said, I’ve been waiting for Brownlee to respond to my #78post that… GET THIS… relates to the article.

      I actually posted it twice just to get his attention before this whole thing blew up.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    While we’re in a scrappin mood…..

    What if the Oilers took Brian Campbell off of Chicagos hands for Shawn Horcoff (2 million cap hit benefit to the Hawks). I think Chicago has the balls and would bury Horcoff in the minors for a few years if the Oilers won’t do it.

  • Geez some of you guys whine like little school girls. You have open access to one of the most tuned-in guys in Oilers land and the best you can come up with is high-school (read: HF Boards) baiting and trolling?

    Robin has hacked on me a couple of times and you know what? I deserved it. I can’t even imagine how much Oilers insiders laugh their asses off at some of the retarded things people beak off here with.

    I swear to god this place gets to be like a high school chat room when somebody says something you don’t agree with, or dares to call you on your blatant stupidity.

    If you don’t agree with something the writers say, that’s fine. But being a dick about it isn’t cool. And if Robin or Gregor take a slash at you, I bet 9 times out of ten you deserve it.

    Let’s not be like the this guy, K?

  • This topic is retarded on some many levels.

    When has this happened before? That a first overall was traded for a second overall.

    This is fcuking stupid, just as stupid as the people beating the dead horse that had no chance at life anyway.

    I repeat, Hemsky and Penner arent going anywhere. Why do you keep planting seeds of doubt in the value of our two best wings with these stupid scenarios and articles is beyond me.

    Robin, if your if was a spliff we’d be all fcuked up.

    Two more weeks of damn arguemtns and comments and then, just like that one masonic rapper says “on to the next one”.

    • No, what’s retarded on so many levels is that you think I’ve written about trading a first pick for a second pick and run your mouth on that basis. I’m talking about trading assets (Penner, Hemsky etc) for the second pick, giving the Oilers No. 1 and No. 2.

      “Beating the dead horse that had no chance at life anyway?” That’s deep. If the horse is dead then, no, it has no chance at life.

      Stupid scenarios? I’m guessing you haven’t spent much time talking to NHL GMs or covering the Entry Draft. Good guess? A lot of unlikely possibilities are discussed, even though it’s rare they come off because a lot of pieces have to fall into place. It does happen, though, like when Burke managed to get both Sedins etc.

      • The “TOPIC” is Taylor or Tyler.

        1st for 2nd trade, never happened. Your Burke example at the bottom is weasel miracle work that happened once. Yes, today your talking assets. The same assets you always talk about, Hemsky and Penner. They are tradeable assets because their contracts expire in two years and they haven’t told you they are going to re-sign here.

        No, I haven’t spent much time talking to NHL GMs. I know you have, props for that. These discussions you speak of are media reports, are they not? Pre and Post coverage? I don’t believe you are actually involved.

        The “DEADHORSE” is the Hemsky and Penner rumours. Poor carcass.

          • What is a literate knob? Does it exist. is it you?

            The topic I was writing about is the one I wrote about. The same one that has been discussed million times over and through since we found out the OIlers were picking first. The deadhouse has been along with it the longest.

          • Now you’re just trying to sound like you live in a trailer park, right?
            I think I’ll call it a day and let OvenChicken8, Jackie and whoever else feels like it slap your teeth down your throat*.

            *Figuratively speaking. Not a threat of actual physical violence or an endorsement of same by Oilersnation, Robin Brownlee, ON owners and sponsors or any entity financially or otherwise affiliated in any way with Oilersnation.

        • No, the topic is Taylor AND Tyler.

          Again, there is no mention by me of a first for second trade. Try to follow along.

          Today I’m talking assets? And yesterday. And whenever I’ve raised the subject before. How else would Tambellini pry the No. 2 pick from Chiarelli? A reacharound?

          The same assets I “always” talk about? Pray tell, what might Tambellini pitch Chiarelli for the No. 2 pick without Hemsky and/or Penner in the conversation?

          What part of what I’ve written are you having so much difficulty understanding?

          Let’s review:

          — I think Tambellini should try to get the No. 2 pick from Chiarelli.

          — If he’s going to get Chiarelli’s attention, he won’t do it by offering spare parts. Enter some combination of Hemsky/Penner/Brule etc.

          — It’s a longshot but worth pursuing.

          So, your issue is . . .?

  • Jackie Treehorn

    FROM LOWETIDE today.


    Pretty good thoughts and ideas
    from Lee:

    Anonymous said:

    Best outcome I can think of is Tambellini and Lowe walking up to the podium for the first pick.

    And announcing a trade with Boston for the #2 spot.

    And then drafting BOTH of them.

    LEE: Couldn’t agree more and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be viewed as a highly likely possibility.

    Whether it takes sending them Penner or Hemsky, with Souray or Cogliano as a throw-in if we had to, this deal can be done if Boston sees their window of opportunity as now. Hemsky is a very Cap Friendly pickup for them. We’re also one of the few teams too that would consider taking Thomas off their hands if we can dump Souray in turn.

    So, Penner, Souray & Cogliano for Boston’s 2nd overall and Tim Thomas?

    Like the line combos that creates in a couple years time:
    MPS / Gagner / Hemsky
    Hall / Seguin / Eberle

  • I tried it at home

    I agree with Robin’s thought process on this one, and IF, I say again, IF Tambo pulls off the first AND second pick, I will be buying me some season tickies… As for Matheson in teh journal, considering the hockey world is his bread and butter, he deals with these guys on a first name basis, and he understands the icing rule, Im willing to admit he knows more about whats going on with the Oilers then me. Just saying.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    When did Nash start acting like a little Bi$ch?
    Who the hell does that little prick think he is I mean he hasn’t proven $hit yet. He needs to show up to TC show us what he can do then talk.

  • The problem for me if I’m Chiarelli is that I have TO’s pick next year too. So if I hold on to my top 2 pick this draft and next I might get my version of Kane/Toews…have them both start as rookies in 2011 and look to be a hardcore contender the last year of their enrty level year just like the Hawks did this year…basically ice a 7O or so million dollar team for 56 MIL and worry about the cap consequences later. Risky, but it worked this year.

    Even with the whole qualifying offer debacle last summer the hawks would still be in the same position now if Tallon hadn;t made that error.

  • danjo1

    If I am Tambellini, when Chiarelli finally tells me to bugger off and leave me alone I get on the phone to Scott Howson and target that #4 pick. Columbus definitely is in win now mode and it sounds like the pick is in play, and there is a trade history as well.

    If you can get the #4, then you could try to use that to entice Chiarelli to drop down. If Boston is high on one of the defencemen in that next group and we have taken who they want out of Tyler/Taylor then they may be more likely want to deal. Would Riley Nash and a second work?

    If Boston really wants to pick at #2 then we take a defenceman that fits in with our core.

    Any thought Robin on what Columbus would be looking at and if we would have any parts that may fit?

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      You are on the right track Jamie!

      For the Oilers to make a trade with Boston for the #2 pick, this is what it will take to get it closer to completion. I would assume the Bruins will be happy to drop back a couple of slots to get a D-man, if the Oilers are to take Hall.

      I would like to see the Oil get both picks too but to offer up Hemsky, Penner and what not is all payroll to the Bruins! Something they cannot take on. Sure, you can offer to take back their crap but does this really make you stronger, by tying up cap space?

      • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

        Absolutely, it does. What’s wrong with taking on a short-term cap liability if it stocks up the prospect pool? We’re not in Chicago – we’re not in a situation where we’ve got 3 or 4 world-class superstars who are all looking for raises in the same contract year.

        The Oil have a ton of cap space to play with, and that’s a trade-able commodity just like prospects or roster bodies.

        • I think you are missing my point!

          Why take on “Cap” if it can be avoided! Make a deal sending player, prospects and/or picks to Columbus for the #4 pick, use that pick to tempt Boston on the #2.

          Using Cap Geeks numbers the Oil have $14,248,333. of cap space. Seeing that 3.85 of that will be used up signing Hall or Seguin leaving you $10,398,333. You have 8 forwards, 5 defensemen and 1 goalie under contract!.

          Spend away my friend and see how much you have left!

          I know there is salary to be moved out still but it certainly means there is salary coming back, ie: Souray!

          • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

            If you’re talking 1 or 2 roster players packing their bags in exchange for the pick, that could free up up to 8MM/yr, plus potential buy-outs in O’Sullivan and Moreau. Consider the fact that they could have had an entire 3rd line for 5MM/yr at the free agent deadline last summer, and I don’t think the Oil are as strapped as you think they are.

  • I think they are going to have to trade Hemsky. So a pitch to Boston with Hemsky and Penner perhaps, would be a good idea. I believe Hemsky will leave after his contract. If I were Hemsky, getting paid less than Horcoff would really irritate me. And I am not convinced the Oilers will be able to offer Hemsky Horcoff money. Other frachises might not either, but either way, I think he is going to bolt.

  • BTW, Jim Matheson’s Hockey World piece on Sunday’s is must-read.

    And both young goalies wil be at the draft party?

    ~Oh no, now they can’t trade one~

    Except that they would seemingly be much more likely to be moved on the Saturday than on the Friday. Oh… and they’re (at this point) borderline NHL backups, so ah… who cares if you ‘hurt their feelings’ or ’embarass’ them by dealing them.

      • Fresh stuff tomorrow, but in the meantime… bookmark this page: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/topic.html?t=Topic&q=Hockey+World

        And here’s what Jim had to say about Spezza…

        Before Oilers fans string me up and call me a dummy, I wasn’t saying in my web file that the Oilers should get Jason Spezza. I was just wondering if the Oilers would think to revisit the Senators with a similar type package to the one for Dany Heatley. I’m not a rousing Spezza fan. I can think of at least 20 NHL centres I would rather have, but the Oilers do not have a legitimate No. 1 centre. That said, Spezza isn’t as good as Heatley so the Oilers wouldn’t give up as much to get him. I’m sure the Senators would want Sam Gagner in a package for Spezza if they’re losing a centre. It was just an idea, open for debate, that’s all. I have a feeling the Oilers are little concerned that Gagner’s progress has stalled even if he gets strong marks for already playing 223 NHL games, and he’s only 20 years old. They would like him to improve his skating.

        Also, from Matty a couple weeks back…

        The Oilers need goalie depth, so don’t be surprised if they chase Swede Fredrik Pettersson-Wentzel, who dazzled — 1.85 goals-against average, six shutouts — in the Swedish First Division this season.

        Not sure I’ve heard much on that front ’round these parts. Interesting.

        • Thanks, I’m going to read into the Swede. I would rather the Oilers trade Horcoff and Cogs for Spezza than Gagner. I agree that Gagner hasn’t impressed me since his rookie year but is younger and we need to stay young. If we trade with the Sens the money has to be equal.Tambo should be trying to convince Boston how good Souray and Chara would be together on the power play.Oh yeah can’t wait for Toews to bring the cup to Winnipeg.

  • JohnQPublic

    I’m in with the Penner or Hemsky trade given that neither would resign. Two years of either one isn’t worth a Hall/Seguin one/two. Not even close.

    If, however, Penner or Hemsky will resign then it’s a much more difficult situation.

    • Hemsky is coming off surgery and missed almost the whole season, I don’t see his value being great at this time. He would get the Oilers more if they traded after another season, also then they would know if he was going to resign.

      Penner just came off his best season and 30 goals, he would get the Oilers the most in a trade. Will Boston want Penner ? Will Columbus want him ?

          • Its debatable of course, but at the very least Hemsky in on the cusp of “elite level” based on his past performance. The good thing about his injury is that he could be expected to be fully recovered and ready to go, which isn’t always the case with shoulder injuries (see: Horcoff, Shawn & Souray, Sheldon).

            Then of course you add in his current contract and Hemsky becomes pretty valuable. Penner and Hemsky are different types of players so you’d expect that a team would prefer one or the other depending on their team needs.

            Lastly, maybe a GM might look at who Hemsky is playing with here in Edmonton and think he’d break out with better linemates. For example, Hemsky as a set up guy for Cammaleri? Can you imagine what sort of damage those two could do? *drool*

          • Jackie Treehorn

            Im more imagining the damage Hemsky and Hall could do…

            and then when the damage they both can do becomes evident Hemsky will feel a desire to be a part of the turaround and signs a 5 or 6 yr extension next summer..


          • Mitch

            No doubt and now I’m reading people actually wanting to offer Hemsky/Gagner and a d-man?

            Holy crap, when will this insanity end?

            I still think if the Oilers give up on Gagner it will be a huge mistake

          • Jackie Treehorn

            I wonder if he would enjoy playing with Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin? Who would entice him to stay more I mean? I think the Oiler’s should keep Hemsky because he’s homegrown. Penner’s stock is at an all time high, maybe they move him, but he is a big body on a very small team.

            Does the draft pick decision affect Hemsky’s decision immediately?

  • Mitch

    The only player I wouldn’t consider trading is MPS to get the #2. All things considered you must make a offer to blow Bostons socks off. Hemsky, Gagner and a one dman. Any assortment of players will work,just no MPS. It doesn’t hurt to lose a Gagner type player to acquire the #2 because I think your getting a better player back. If you really want the pick go get it.

  • Mitch

    The only player I wouldn’t consider trading is MPS to get the #2. All things considered you must make a offer to blow Bostons socks off. Hemsky, Gagner and a one dman. Any assortment of players will work,just no MPS. It doesn’t hurt to lose a Gagner type player to acquire the #2 because I think your getting a better player back. If you really want the pick go get it.

  • Mitch

    The only player I wouldn’t consider trading is MPS to get the #2. All things considered you must make a offer to blow Bostons socks off. Hemsky, Gagner and a one dman. Any assortment of players will work,just no MPS. It doesn’t hurt to lose a Gagner type player to acquire the #2 because I think your getting a better player back. If you really want the pick go get it.

    • Chris.

      MPS and Hemsky might get you Boston’s pick (for real). Assuming Brownlee is correct, and the Oilers are likely to take Seguin… And assuming Brownlee is right about Hemsky most likely not extending his contract in Edmonton:

      Isn’t Hall worth more than MPS and the garbage you could get for Hemsky in two years time? Let’s really consider the merits of such a ballsy move within the framework of a total rebuild. Remember, moving Hemsky this year will also land the Oilers a higher draft pick next year. Hall, and Seguin, and a lottery pick in 2011…

      I’m not sure I’d do it… but that is the kind of offer that might have a chance at success.

    • Crash

      RC, you won’t believe this but I totally agree with you, lol..

      Why wouldn’t you swap next years 1st rounder for one this year at #2? It’s not like you’re losing the pick next year, you are just deferring it to this year…

      In post #1 my trade offer included the Oilers pick next year but of course why would the Bruins swap #2 for the unknown next year? Well they probably wouldn’t unless you throw more in so I added this years 31st pick and a couple of pretty good players that may make them think about it….

      Then the Bruins would have 3 1st rounders next year with two of them being possible top 5’s…no guarantee but possible..plus they could add a couple of pieces to help them win now (ie: Penner and Cogliano or Brule)

      Then going forward the Oil would have Hall/Seguin/Hemsky/MPS/Eberle/Gagner to start up front….IMO that’s a very nice start to a rebuild and could get Hemsky’s name on an extension.

    • Mike Modano's Dog

      I am one of them. Here’s why:

      You cannot just swap next year’s pick for this year…of course I’d do that (a lottery pick for a lottery pick).

      It’s because if you include next year’s first it will be as part of a large package that involves an already steep price, I believe. I don’t mind paying that price in the form of Hemsky and Penner, etc..

      I believe that next year’s pick is likely another lottery pick and could be good enough to get that Larsson d-man from Sweden, or another stud. As much as I hate to admit it there is still no guarantee that this year’s top 2 will make the impact you want them to make (although I believe they will). Therefore, I have no desire to trade what could very easily be a top-5 choice next year, along with Hemsky, Penner, this year’s picks, etc… to get it done. Just DON’T include next year’s #1 in whatever package you put together – that’s all I ask.*

      * I also don’t want to include any legitimate Oiler prospect not named Nash. There is no way in H-E-7-7 I give up MPS or Eberle during our rebuild.

      If that means we don’t make that trade, then we don’t make that trade. But trading next year’s #1 I believe would be every bit as short-sighted as Burke doing the same thing with Boston last year…hoping our team is good enough to finish out of the lottery while it is currently in the gutter. I love our team, and want them to win, don’t confuse realism for hating on my team, but you don’t trade away #1 draft picks in a re-build mode. The only one I’ve seen do that type of moves for players he ‘really wanted’ was Mike Milbury. Ask him how that turned out…

      Anyway, that’s my two cents!

      P.S. Crash: I agree with your assessment of Dubnyk’s play late in the year. He shook off a brutally tough start, and I believe, showed a lot of moxie doing it. I think he definitely has ‘starter’ material written all over him. I noticed how much he had improved his game 2 years ago at our training camp, and was just blown away from the difference in his game at that time. If confidence in the NHL was all he needed to show that at this level he definitely got that this year!

      • In giving up next year’s 1st, I never said that you’d have to give up Hemsky + Penner+ whatever along with it. Boston has said that they don’t really want players with big tickets coming in. Maybe 1 of Hemsky & Penner, but likely not both.

        My take it why be afraid to include next year’s 1st in a deal. Obviously if the rest of the price is too steep, then it doesn’t make sense. Chances are (I know it still early) that BOTH Hall & Seguin will be better than anyone next year anyways. Its basically speeding up the rebuild process, as instead of waiting for next year to draft a prospect, you get to do it this year. Personally, I’d be more inclined to deal that pick rather than moving MPS (prob the only untouchable at this point imo).

  • Quicksilver ballet

    2010-2011 Oilers roster (Dr. Martin Luther King version) Not necessarily in this order… LW M. Ryder.Center Jason Spezza.RW B.Wheeler………….. LW T. Hall.Center S. Gagner.RW Chris Neil………. LW MPS.Center T.Seguin.RW J. Eberle………… LW R.Stone.Center G. Brule.RW JF Jacques……… LW Z. Stortini.Center M. Comrie.RW R. Jones.

    Back End..

    R.Whitney/T. Gilbert…… Brian Campbell/T.Peckham…… L. Smid/A. Johnson…… J. Strudwick

    Goaltenders Khabibulin and Dubnyk.

    Minus long term disabilities (275 games) comes to about a 57 million dollar payroll.

    buyouts O’Sullivan and Nilsson.

      • He’s also a prospect but what are the Canucks going to do with Schneider? The guy isnt going to be a starter in the NHL as long as he’s Vancouver property. How much would a team have to give up for him? Maybe I’m out to lunch and the Canucks will keep him and let him play his 10 games a year in Vancouver.

  • Crash

    Am I the only one who actually noticed or has the feeling that Dubnyk actually showed he is not only more than a capable back up but that he could very soon be a good NHL starter?

    Why does everyone disregard what he did over the last 2 months of last season. He had a slow start at the beginning yes but his finish was magnificent…

    He has all the tools that successful NHL goalies have…size, sound positioning and he has an even keel demeanor, meaning he doesn’t get rattled…he’s calm, cool and collected during the good times and during the bad.

    IMO he will soon be our number one guy and could easily be the back up next year.

    • Ahhhh-hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

      *koff koff*

      Yes. Yes you are.

      Throw him down to Oklahoma, let him try to knock the lights outta the place and only then, MAYBE, give him another shot.

      Seriously. IMO the only reason the JDD and DD clown show was allowed to run out the season was we were gunning hard for 30th. OK. Mission accomplished on that travesty. Lets get back to NHL caliber goalies in our nets shall we?