Internet beef is funny. From afar it is a glorious spectacle, two virtual cobras circling each other in the ring. When OilersNation started, we had beef o’plenty with a variety of bloggers and websites who felt that our little piece of cyber space was intruding on something they had been doing for years.

And not only were we new, but – gasp! – we had advertisements on our site which was to some folk basically akin to slapping an advertisement for KY Jelly on Michaelangelo’s David.

We can understand why there was apprehension and beef at first. When the site first started out it was basically yours truly, hammering away on the ol’ keyboard.

Every. Single. Day.

And it wasn’t for everyone, nor should it have been. The ramblings of Wanye von Gretz are much like a tumbler of novelty flavored cotton candy Shriaz wine. Sickeningly sweet, bright pink and shunned by purists.

And that was OK.


Soon after the site launched people started to share their commentary with us and we are incredibly grateful for everyone else who have joined these early friends.

Milli showed up minutes after we went live and started to converse about the glorious future Jarett Stoll had as an Oiler. A sprightly young jeanshorts and baggedmilk showed up a few weeks later and promptly told us to eff ourselves.

Oh the fun we had in those early days screaming and yelling at one another.


Several months later, Robin Brownlee was convinced against his better judgement to give the internet a shot – and give it a shot he did. He started writing fast and furious, bringing a whole level of credibility to the site that was completely lacking until that point. It was kind of like starting a backyard MMA league and then your neigbour George St. Pierre leans over the fence and asks "can I fight too?"

We were immediately beaten into submission, though we continued to post articles as often as we pleased, much to the chagrin of our beloved haters. Then Jon Willis showed up and began an epic run of article writing that once led a commented to declare "I came here for OilersNation and instead found WillisNation. I have to say I prefer the latter."

And so our merry little band of brothers continued on whilst BingoFuel and ol’ Wanye Newton began lobbying Jason Gregor to join the team. "Think of the internet," we would plead, "think of how big it could be if it was eventually installed on COMPUTERS!" Being a big deal on the radio already, Gregor was slow to see the world through our telescope. But eventually he caved and so the team has been for almost a year and a half.

But time marches on and sometimes the world changes. Master Willis has found himself a new day job, one that doesn’t count "writing 1,467 articles per day" as an appropriate use of his lunch hour. He will still be writing here at the Nation, but in a more concentrated role.

Traffic has continued to rise and rise, prompting us to try and expand the network with the FlamesNation and CanucksArmy going live in 2009. After a slow start FlamesNation has started to grow like crazy of late and we will die trying to see the same growth in Vancouver as well.

But at the end of the day our only real love is the OilersNation.

After pornhub, and goop – the delightful blog by Gwenyth Paltrow- we consider OilersNation to be the very bestest site on the internet. But it needs more writers with varying view points to encourage us all to debate and scrap the day away, paying little to no attention to all of our various day jobs.

After all this isn’t WanyeNation. Nor is it BrownleeVille, GregorLand or WillisUniversity. It’s the OilersNation and the greater goal to provide unparralleled coverage of the best-worst Hockey Squadron in the NHL.

And so we are going on the hunt for more writers, laying aside all vintage beef and squabbles in the name of the Mighty Oil.


We are looking for two new writers for the Nation, Nation. We are on the verge a couple things going down that should increase the profile of these here lil’ sites and what we need is content. More content. Grade A content that will leave people saying "DAY-UM that OilersNation sure is a place to read about the Edmonton Oilers. They got it goin-on!"

Then they will clap, because people who excite easily clap a lot.

MSM, existing bloggers, new names who may not have laid pen to virtual paper before. Anything goes as we look to expand the team. 

Who would you like to see us try and recruit? Leave us some suggestions and some links to blogs you enjoy. And if you are an heretofore unpublished blogger with a hankering to talk Oil – fire us an email at

Consider this our 2010 Draft and Free Agency Period.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Stauffer would be good. It really seems like Bryn is looking for something and might want to take the job.

    I guess first off who won’t Brownlee allow? I’d love Tencer but I could see those two gettnig into a sh*t show more often then not.

    • Deep Oil

      It appears the minnions are loose…. paired up with all lower serfs wanting to employ writers for $100 an article, (or less) while they actually have careers in main stream media…… big bear beer money vs real job / career…. shaking my head at this stuipidity.

      When some of the nation start to understand the pecking order of paycheque, employment, corporate objectives, and employee confidentiality – then this would be a worthwhile conversation effort.

      So until Uncle Daryl switches his contract from Ched to Astral Media, just put forward logical candidates, starting with the unemployed, it would save the internet some bandwidth.


      • Milli

        This is why I love deepoil! I wish I had that good of an imagination! One question though, Wayne pays me 10 bucks for every comment, and I am not nearly as crazy and entertaining as you, so…..what’s he paying you?

  • Poo Czar

    Whatever happened to Chris from Covered In Oil? I’d love to see more inane crap up here. And we could always just start a petition to get Willis fired from the Score so we can get him back full time. WillisNation was good times.

    I really enjoyed the Dakin Brothers drunken escapades, I like the idea of more regular lowlifes getting a shot. Maybe not “Nation Idol” (Lordy do I hate that show), maybe more of a blog Kumite – single knockout style, panel of Judges. Final Four all get 500 words, winner gets a column.

    Bonus Prize: a date with Baron Wanye Von Gretz III chaperoned and driven to a donair shop by Brownlee! SQUEEEE!!!!

  • Dyckster

    My apologies if this name has come up already, but Mean Gene Principe would be an awesome addition to ON. Would this be contractually possible though based on who his full time employer is?

  • SHHHHH , I’m letting the cat out of the bag ? Hope springs eternal . How’s a first line choice of Hall , Hemsky and Spezza sound . I’m going out on a bit of a limb here and guarateeing Hall will be a super star at NHL level just like he has done in junior . That’s right , and i will not be wrong on my assessment of Hall ! Hall is the only clear cut choice in this years draft – he is in a ” league of his own . Sorry to Seguin fans , but Hall will turn out the better player overall down the line .

    Hall’s compete level is so far above others in this draft at both ends of ice . He is a teamman of distinguish , uses them extra ordinary , adept scoring skills , reads the ice and play at all elite levels and is a workaholic on his training and when on the ice . This kid will not fail at NHL level and will be a super star in short order . His stats are just an indicator , the human desire and use of his teammates and how he competes and read the play and ice surface will fit his style to a tee .

    I don’t know how the scouts can even put anyone close to this kid , other than putting to much emphasis on stats and a few offensive videos. There is only one clear choice here , everyone else is a risk to being over valued . You prove yourself in elite competition like Hall has and will continue to do before i’d take anyone off the risky list . Hall has yet to fail !!

    I wouldn’t mind a second line that might include Svensson/ Eberle , Penner and Horcoff as an example . Not a bad top six to start next season if we get Spezza , or say a Kovalchuk type ? Just hope we can shore up defence and goaltending adequately .

    Hall’s going to be a Duchene type presence with a little more offensive punch . Mark it down , as i just feel and know i am not going to be wrong on Hall . I don’t forsee eating crow on my prediction for Hall – not with his dynamic compete level amongst and against all other elites . Yes , we could make a wrong choice with our first pick !!

  • Hall will excel next season right out of the gate on a line similiar to Hemsky, Hall and Spezza / Kovalchuk type player to compliment him. Hall has only one attribute not at the elite level yet , although it is still at Hemsky , Spezza and Kovalchuk level . Hall has yet to be at an elite level at back checking . He can/will develop that quickly on a line as i proposed using his offensive skills to be the head backchecker and transition man for Hemsky and group .

    He’s got the skills and desire to do it , he just needs to impliment it with a little more frequency . He will also become effective on short handed situations in the type of mold as Zetterburg and Datsyuk . If he reaches that small minor deficiency (i stress small ) then he’ll soon be pressing Crosby and the likes !

    Defence is often offence – chase the play and puck down using the same offensive skills beyond goal sucking to retrieve the puck so as you can get back on the offence . He’s already at an acceptable level , but their is one level he can yet improve on to make it into elite level required of super stars . It is one level Svensson needs to improve on a lot for his level is not close to Halls as yet . Watch for it with Svensson and you’ll see what i mean . It is an area Hemsky and others i mentioned could also improve at , but they are older and more set in their ways than an easier to teach Hall on his way up !

    Sorry a bit off topic , but something i felt needed saying before we head into draft this week .

  • So – I’m guessing Eklund won’t be asked to contribute?

    A shame too, because his journalistic integrity is of the highest regard when it comes to his peers…ahh who am I kidding, I could barely type that first sentence without laughing…

  • Living in Calgary I’ve been considering starting a blog where I pick a weekly argument with Flames fans and blog about the ridiculous perspective on the Oilers from here.

    A couple examples from recent arguments:

    I had a group once claim that Laraque was a terrible fighter and that Iginla would destroy him if they fought.

    Last week I had a guy tell me that he thought the lames should trade Nigel Dawes for Hemsky.

    I love Flames fans.

  • I think that Lowetide and Tencer seem to be really close choices. I would consider both to be legitimate #1’s so I think it comes down to need. LT has more stats, but Tencer creates more contravercy. I know that some people prefer Tencer’s flashiness, but the numbers are clearly behind LT.

    I think a lot of people agree that it is too close to call.

    • The numbers show that the NATION has way more hits than Lowetide. Not close actually. So to say he is #1 when this place is much busier doesn’t make much sense. I like his writing and he would be a good addition, but he nor Tencer are #1. Go to google analytics and see for yourself.

  • Wasn’t Allan Mitchell (aka Lowetide) supposedly going to write for Oilers Nation in the beginning but it fell through at the last minute? I recall asking Wanye about it in person at an Oilers game many moons ago (he was decked out in a fancy Oilers Nation t-shirt). I never did get a straight answer.

    Anyway, other than Oilers Nation, Lowetide is my favorite place to read about the Oilers for sure. Get er’ done!

  • OK you guys. Here’s my bi-monthly reminder.

    I’m NOT David Staples. He posts here occasionally USING HIS FULL NAME. Staples is a great writer and blogger who I hold in high regard along with Robin. But please don’t assume that I am him.

    And now back to our regularly scheduled Hall vs. Seguin topic sideswipe.

    And that’s the way it is®.

  • Twiggs

    Thinking the Oil can get something from Boston by laying off Hall is an interesting idea to throw around. If you think about it from Boston’s position it doesn’t make much sense though. If I’m running the show in Boston my thinking goes something like this:

    – The Oilers likely need Seguin more than Hall since they have a bigger gap at center.

    – They likely won’t pick Hall just to spite us.

    – So I will give the Oilers nothing, watch them pick Seguin first anyways then I will pick Hall without having to trade anything.

    Now that is just how I would be thinking if I was in Boston. I personally believe the Oilers will be fine drafting either young lad and I think it would be great if we could somehow get Boston to send more picks our way in the process.

    • Chris.

      Agreed. I also don’t believe that the Tambellini has the balls to take Hall first and then try to trade for Seguin.(As pitched by Brownlee a few weeks ago) It’s a great idea… but would probably never actually happen.

  • DJ Dynasty Handbag

    hey all…long time listener, first time caller…

    it appears the grebs trade is working out a little better for us than it is for the preds.

    according to spector’s latest update, it sounds like david poile is leaning against sending grebeshkov a qualifying offer.

    i have zero interweb skills, but here’s the url if anyone’s interested –

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    I was thinking about this guy the other day, but I thought because he was ex-hockeybuzz he’d get ripped on. How about Scott Pattison? Never really had inside information, but wrote some pretty good pieces. I missed him this morning on Chase and Neilsen.