UPDATE: Tom Renny new Oilers head coach

VANCOUVER, CANADA - SEPTEMBER 19: Head coach Pat Quinn of the Edmonton Oilers stands on the bench as his players Jordan Eberle #14 and Dustin Penner #27 of the Oilers walk to the dressing room after playing against the Vancouver Canucks in a NHL preseason game on September 19, 2009 at General Motors Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)

The Oilers have announced Tom Renney is the new team head coach. Pat Quinn has been named Senior Advisor of Hockey. More to follow…


Oilers have released their regular season schedule and it’s a much better schedule than last year.

For those who like a Saturday night out, the Oilers have eight Saturday home games, twice as many as last year, and if you want to start your weekend at Rexall they have five Friday night affairs.

The Oilers play five games on Sunday, three on Wednesday, and ten on both Tuesday and Thursday. They have a six-game homestand from Dec 4th to 16th, and again from February 12th to 19th. They also have a five game holiday homestand from Dec 28th to January 6th. They won’t play in Calgary on New Years Eve; instead they will host the Flames New Years Day (Saturday) at eight. Good news for you Oiler fans who will be ripping it up on New Years, because the late start will give you ample time to wake up shower and make it to the couch to watch another Battle of Alberta.

The Oilers will open the season at home against Jarome Iginla and the Flames on Thursday October 7th. The Oilers will have three five-game road trips: Nov 7th to 14th, Jan 7th to Jan 16th and March 5th to 13th. The marquee trip will be the five gamer in March, when the Oilers face Philly, Washington, Detroit and Pittsburgh after starting the trip in Colorado.

Once again Oiler fans won’t get to see Sidney Crosby and the Penguins or Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals in Edmonton. Florida, Tampa, Toronto, Buffalo, Islanders, Ottawa, Montreal, Atlanta and Boston are the Eastern teams fans will see at Rexall.

Rod Phillips’ ten special games will include three home games and seven road games and those exact will be announced soon, but they Islanders, Montreal and Boston home games are givens. The Kings, Starts, Flames, Avs and Flyers will be road games so that leaves two other road affairs.

Oilers Press Conference

The Oilers have called at 12pm press conference. Follow me on Twitter for live updates. We’ll have information for you in this space once the conference is going.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Craig Simpson is on Hockey Night in Canada radio on Sirius right now. SHould be good for Oilers talk.

    He and Elliott Friedman both said they cant imagine Pat would have volunteered for this move. They seem to think Tambellini pushed him aside.

  • Ender

    I just finished taking a moment to review Robin’s article from May on the subject. A couple of quotes stand out:

    Jim Matheson of The Journal wrote:

    “Unless Edmonton Oilers coach Pat Quinn tells GM Steve Tambellini that he doesn’t want to return as Oilers coach in a couple of weeks when they sit down to discuss the past season, Quinn has certainly got the job for Year 2 of his three-year deal. “Pat’s our coach. Yes, I want Pat back. I just wanted to give Pat some time to think where he’s at and what lays ahead for us to get better, then go talk to him. To talk to coaches two days after the season, that’s not the time,” said Tambellini.”

    Robin supplied his own thoughts:

    Robin Brownlee wrote:

    So, yes, Tambellini wants Quinn back. Hmm. That answer leads me to believe there’s three possible scenarios. First, Tambellini wasn’t telling Matheson the truth. He’s aware of the concerns regarding Quinn’s handling of the team but he isn’t about to embarrass his old friend. Tambellini is putting his best foot forward while looking for a way to extract Quinn from behind the bench gracefully. Second, Tambellini has been made aware of the concerns but hasn’t been swayed by them enough to consider making a change behind the bench. With the team in transition, those players not happy with Quinn might be a minority that can be moved in the normal course of rebuilding the roster leading into training camp next season. Third, Tambellini has no idea of the concerns related to me. He hasn’t heard them from any of the players. He hasn’t seen them with his own eyes. There is no issue and Quinn is the guy Tambellini wants running the bench for the coming season.

    When I first read the article and the way Matheson portrayed things, I was really of the mind that Quinn was doing some serious soul-searching and might decide to just call it a career instead of going through another year of frustration. After all, is Quinn really in it for the money at this point?

    After today though, seeing Quinn coming back in what is obviously a made-up position (why not just give him KP’s job if you thought he was at all valuable in that capacity?), I have to think that Robin actually got it right with the first scenario of his three. Tambo lied to Matheson. He did it with the right intentions, but it was a lie nonetheless. I don’t think Quinn had a shot behind the bench since the second he walked out of Rexall after the last game. And after reading everything that might have been going on behind the scenes, it’s also possible that Tambo is finally doing something right, and on schedule too. Here’s hoping it’s the start of a trend.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Tambo is not inspiring a lot of confidence. It’s becoming apparent why the Nucks let him go. Why do we have losers like Sillinger and Renney. Losers beget losers.

  • Ender

    @ Buck75

    Thanks for the props. I actually considered (briefly) trying for the gig. Then I thought about how much work it was going to be on top of my dayjob and then I really started to have an even greater appreciation for Willis than I already had.

    I think working for Wanye would be the most fun a guy could ever have. Aside from having to jack empties from the hobos weaker than me to subsidize the income, of course.

    I could always move my family into Wanye’s place, I suppose . . .

    @ Deep Oil

    I see you’re still doing your best to get paid for NOT offering your opinion. The value on that is going up by the second . . .

  • smiliegirl15

    @ S_Dub

    But has he done anything of value? How long did it take him to relieve Daum of his responsibilities? He’s definitely a procrastinator. How long last season did he “assess” this team?

    I think part of “promoting” Quinn is that Tambellini didn’t like what Quinn had to tell him about the (dis)abilities of this team. He didn’t like what Quinn was probably telling him he needed to make this team work. No one wants to hear they are incompetent and digging themselves a deeper hole. He has too much respect to fire Quinn? Maybe – so why not push him into a psuedo-role with the team and maybe he’ll self-discriminate.

    If that’s the case, Tambellini needs to take his own advice.