A buddy of ours emailed us at 7:53 AM this morning with a threatening message: "Damn it Wanye, get off your fence and tell us who you think the Oilers should pick in the draft. And don’t bother me with any statistical information and logical reasoning as to why. Give us all the real deal." (underlining his work)

This must be how Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke must feel every day. People waiting on your every word, knowing that your thoughts on matters can move industries, creating and destroying fortunes in its wake.

But that is the life of a blogger we suppose. It ain’t all round the clock room service and ladies hiding under your bed to surprise you. It’s also back breaking responsibility and pressure too.

*heavy dramatic sigh*

All right Tambo. We know you read this site hourly and use it as a baseline sanity check for all of your decisions.

You ready?

Pick Tyler Seguin.

There you go. Look how many hearts we have around that picture. That is a solid start to our reasoning.

Here are the other reasons that this is the move:


Here are some reasons we don’t like Taylor Hall as much as we love Tyler Seguin:

1. Taylor Hall is one cocky dude. Apparently some of the Oilers took Hall and Seguin out after their press conferences a few weeks back. The consensus was that Hall was quite the cock sure fellow and left some of our current beloved Oilers thinking he was a hair big for his britches.

Now you could say that a two time Memorial Cup MVP who is slated to go first overall in the Entry Draft has every right in the world to be cocky. And you would be right – so this could be forgiven for the time being. But also understand that the instant Hall arrives Chez Rexall, all of his prior accomplishments go straight out the window. How will he deal with that?

2. Taylor Hall is a bit wussy and difficult to find on a map. For those of you that think Taylor Hall is what-you-see-is-what-you-get, think again. In addition to exceling at the Ice Hockey, Taylor Hall is also the main gate of entry at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY.

According to its website it is "a highly selective, coeducational liberal arts college. Consistently ranked among the top liberal arts colleges in the country, Vassar is renowned for pioneering achievements in education, for its long history of curricular innovation, and for the beauty of its campus.

Taylor Hall incorporates the main gateway of the college and connects to the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center on one side and van Ingen Hall on the other.Taylor is decorated on the exterior with elaborate carvings of artists and mythical creatures."

Mythical creatures? A liberal arts college? This is who is going to lead our team? No way Ray. Just look at this diagram of your precious "Taylor Hall" all tucked away down there in yellow.

3. Taylor Hall has the tendency to get run the eff over. Not to say that Hall isn’t supremely talented, but durability should also be a prime concern when selecting a franchise player. Acres of print have been devoted to Hall’s tendency to skate with his head down and has been crushed numerous times in recent seasons.

That may be very well and good in Junior, when malleable 17 year old bones can bounce back quickly. But if he doesn’t learn to be more aware of his surroundings, the Doug Murray’s of the world could put the poor fella onto the IR for a good stretch.


Here are some reasons that we love Tyler Seguin in a manner that is completely inappropriate:

1. Tyler Seguin is down to earth, personable and genuine. At the very same type of social mixer that branded Hall as cocky, the Oilers that went out on the town with Seguin seemed to think that he is a super grounded kid who is quite charismatic.

Pair that with his recent performance at the NHL Combine – self depreciating, witty and oh-so-cute – and it seems that Mr. Seguin has a bit of a better attitude than his running mate. This won’t matter one bit if he can’t put the biscuit in the basket, but it is certainly worth noting. A team player is key in this rebuild.

2. Seguin has done more with less. Of course the Spitfires won back to back Memorial Cups. How hard is that when you have the likes of Cam Fowler, Troy Passingham and Philipp Grubauer on your squad? Not to mention they have Taylor Hall, who is unreal and will probably go first overall in the 2010 Entry Draft.

But Tyler Seguin? Who does he have exactly on the Plymouth Whalers? Karsten Pankhurst? Matt Hackett? Scott Wedgewood? Go look these guys up and see how much help they provided Seguin last year.

Hall has long had the luxury of playing with a lot of fire power on his side. Seguin has had to manufacture line mates from string and gum and has still managed to get himself into this position on the eve of the draft. As a fellow who has watched Ales Hemsky go sans linemates for most of his career it is clear that the Oilers aren’t exactly the team you would expect to build solid lines around you quickly – if ever.

Hall could get himself frustrated quick with a long track record of success and linemates he could count on. The 30th place Oilers aren’t exactly overflowing with quality for the next couple of years. A guy who is used to a solid cast of B linemates could find the Oil moderately less frustrating to play for.

3. At first glance, Seguin is almost a year younger than Hall. This is our favourite stat people have been throwing out in the leadup to the Draft. "Seguin is a 92 and Hall is a 91. He is almost a year younger." Taylor Hall was born Nov. 14, 1991.   Tyler Seguin arrived a little over two months later on Jan. 31, 1992. In both instances we were 11 years old and cared only for Super Mario 2.

Bottom line: they are the same age. Don’t even try this line of reasoning.


In the end pick Seguin and work out a deal to let Boston think they are getting away with something and trade them the first pick. It makes sense.

Of couse, if Tambo goes the other way and picks the two time Memorial Cup Winner, all bets are off and we will pretend none of this ever happened and that we have loved Hall since Day One.

So Tambo – in the words of L’il Jon – what you gon do?


  • Quicksilver ballet

    Bottom line… I’m so pumped that the Oilers are getting the number one pick. Whoever they choose, we are getting a star, and for someone like myself that never got the chance to see the Oilers in their glory days, this is incredibly exciting. Long live the Oil!!!!!

  • Gerald R. Ford

    The seemingly endless analysis, debate, and righteous indignation (I’ll slit my wrists/cancel my season tickets/defecate on Stu MacGregor’s lawn) if [insert name of incredibly talented young player we’ll be extremely fortunate to get] isn’t picked!) aside, there remains one last thing for me; one of these kids (Seguin) seems genuinely thrilled at the thought of wearing the mighty oil drop on his chest, while the other guy… maybe not so much. The mercenary side of me wants to hear Hall’s name called tomorrow. Just because… well, I want to see some !@#$ing goals! But, the sentimental side of the ol’ Presidential Heart would break just a bit if Seguin isn’t pulling the Copper and Blue over his head late tomorrow afternoon.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    The funniest thing on here is how so many of your Seguin supporters come up with any crap that you can to discredit Taylor Hall, making up sh*t in so many cases…even resorting to personal insults or attacking the kids family…

    Look in the mirror…it really shows the class of many of you.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    If Hall really wanted to be an Oiler he probably shouldn’t have worn that Boston baseball hat. That was ballsy. He should have been wearing a….umm….Edmonton Capitals hat. 🙂
    Its like he was sending a message to the Bruins….’save me from the Oilers’.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    The only thing missing from that program was one of those kids saying ….Look, if you don’t draft me i’ll spend the next 15 yrs beating your hockey club.

  • Everybody knows that whomever we draft between Hall and Seguin is a “star in training”, not a “star-in-a-box”, right? I swear to god some of you guys are talking like its the next coming of 99.

    Insert “star”, add support players and plan the parade? It doesn’t work like that. If we’re just competitive next year I’d consider it a big leap forward.

  • Ender

    I wasn’t going to watch the whole show; it was late when I started. I couldn’t stop . . .

    The producers did an excellent job not giving anything away. Certain spots, I was sure they were foreshadowing Seguin. Other places, Hall was the clear frontrunner. I think it’s the kind of video where a viewer has a lot of room to see what they want to see. The predjudices you bring in with you end up shaping the way you see the film.

    I tried to be objective as I watched it, but my Seguin bias clearly was too strong for me to overcome. I found myself liking the kid more every time I saw him. When I think of what I want an Edmonton Oiler to be like, I conjure the image of Tyler Seguin.

    The thing that impressed me the most about him in the film was the way he recognized his weaknesses and was prepared to accept them, work on them, and get better. That suggested to me a malleable kid who is easy to coach. When they asked Hall about getting hit, he gave me the opposite impression. He suggested that it wasn’t a problem. ‘I know I’m going to get hit; I brace for it,’ he said. I read that to mean that he played his style and knew everything he needed to know. That thinking style may prove a lot more difficult to coach, and it might be a sad encounter with Chara before Hall realizes that the coach suggesting he avoid a Chara hit rather than ‘brace for it’ might have been a better idea after all. When it comes to humility and a willingness to continue to learn and develop, Seguin seemed to me to have the edge.

    I also liked the section where they alluded to the fact that while Hall was already an intimidating physical speciman, they also placed heavy emphasis on who was going to develop the better body at full growth. Perhaps Hall’s advantage there isn’t quite as obvious after all.

    Overall, my sensibilities lie with character and personality, perhaps to the occlusion of actual hockey ability. I’ve spent a lot of years in human resources and done hundreds of interviews. There is no denying that Hall wants to win above all else. The problem with that is that Hall seems to want Hall to win. You can’t read too much into a 47-minute video, but Hall’s father seemed somewhat self-centered in the footage shown. I wonder how much of that has been built into the fabric of his son as well. Seguin, on the other hand, gave the impression of being more of a team-first kind of guy. Check your ego at the door and do what’s best in the big picture. Lose a game of pick-up 2-1 at the owner’s house because the win means less than the real goal. At dinner with the current Oilers, defer to their experience and show them that you feel you’re the priviledged one to be there. That’s the smarter kid in my books, and by this age it gets pretty hard to teach that if you haven’t learned it already.

    Man I hope they pick Seguin tomorrow. I don’t care if they get nothing out of Boston at all. Let Boston have Hall. If you get something extra, great, but there is no shame at all in my mind in walking up to the podium with no other motive in the world and saying ‘With the first overall pick in the 2010 entry draft, the Edmonton Oilers are overjoyed to select, from the Plymouth Whalers . . .’

    • JRyanMac

      Did you also notice that Hall ALWAYS seemed to walk in front of everyone? When the went to Katz’ house,it seemed like he was going to barge right in. Like you said, its hard to judge someone in 47 minute video, but Hall seems to have a little too much confidence.And I also believe he would be hard to coach until he gains some more maturity and perspective of NHL hockey.


    Konnichiwa, I am currently suffering frpm jet lag. Ok I was in Japan for 3 weeks all I hear at the green tea cooler is Tyler vs Taylor and are the Oilers, Bruins and Panthers going to make a 3 way deal with the Oil getting the 2nd and third pick and the Panthers getting Wideman, Gilbert and Hemsky. Ok not really.

    Now I am back all I hear is Tyler vs Taylor. Whomever we choose along with Eberle and MPS, the Oilers are set for years to come. I do hope we can get Gudbranson along with the top pick.

  • Impressive bone structure on Hall that has yet to fully fill out . Can you imagine how massive he would be on roids ? I love a kid with ego and is cocky to boot – shows his intestinal fortitude , committment and drive . His body looks all natural and massive in torso that means when he fills out he will be a bull to knock off his skates / center of gravity .

    Others may look like muscle structure is disperportional to bone structure . Makes you wonder if the odd one may be enhanced somewhere along the line ? I wonder how much testing is done around draft time if any . Probably wouldn’t make a difference anyways in todays sport setting .

  • JRyanMac

    Philipp Grubauer’s parents must have had a good 1991 – giving their son a redundant “p” in his name and all.

    *turns away in disgust at the largesse*