"What is June 25, 2010 in Edmonton Alex?"

OMG OMG OMG OMG. Sweet tapdancing Justin Bieber. The day has finally arrived.

We haven’t been this excited about two 18 year old boys since our Navy Destroyer made port in San Francisco circa 1965*

Scratch that, the last time we were excited we were at this house party:

Scratch that, the last time we were excited was when we wore our favorite grey shirt and cheersed these massive beers with our friend who loved his red shirt.

Scratch that. We haven’t been this excited in a long while.


As we all sit here in the summer sun waiting for the big selection, its hilarious to try and imagine how the two Super Studs are feeling right now. Imagine being 18, having hordes of media recording your every move and being within a week of being a multi millionaire and an NHL player.

Oh yeah, you are also in LA and are probably on the verge of a notch brigade that will still be discussed in hushed tones 100 years from now.

Get it all out of your system before you report to camp soon to be Prince of Edmonton. You will be beloved for exactly 10 seconds into your first shift of preseason hockey.



Does a 27 degree Friday afternoon make you thirsty? Want to see us go crazy if the Oilers draft Hall, rip all the pictures off the wall at the Pint and be found later bawling in front of the Mucho Burrito across the street? Want to fight us at midnight when we violently disagree that the Oilers should have picked the other guy?

Come to the Pint Draft Party then Nation. We are rolling in at 4 PM and we are rolling out at 3 AM** or when we are thrown out the back door, whichever comes first.


C’mon Tambo, please pick Seguin. Do it for your ol’ pal Wanye***

*Not actual story

** Actual story

*** Not actual pal

**** Squee