LOS ANGELES — Does Steve Tambellini have the moxy and the brass to make something happen, to make a deal that matters, before he walks to the podium with the first pick in the 2010 Entry Draft at the Staples Center Friday? We’ll find out soon enough.

Before Tambellini calls the name of Tyler Seguin or Taylor Hall with the first No. 1 pick in the history of the Edmonton Oilers, will he put the arm on Boston GM Peter Chiarelli in the quest for the other first-round pick he’s been talking about?

Will he ask what it will take for him to get the second overall pick that belongs to the Bruins? Would he offer Ales Hemsky and Jordan Eberle — that’s the latest rumour making the rounds — to make it a sweep of the top two picks?

"There’s nothing wrong with asking," Tambellini said. "Peter’s been pretty adamant that he’s making the selection of one of the top two kids. I understand that, too, but who knows, things may change by the time we get to the floor."


If Tambellini can’t or won’t offer enough to separate Chiarelli from his pick, he should look at Dale Tallon and the Florida Panthers, who have the No. 3 pick, and say, "Dale, what would it take?"

Tallon and Tambellini are already talking about the 15th pick. Why not raise the stakes?

Likewise with Scott Howson and the Columbus Jackets, who have the fourth selection. Howson is willing to move the pick, although he’d like to stay in the top 10. Howson isn’t looking, at least not so far, to make a trade that leaves him without a first-rounder.

Any reason why the GM of a 30th-place team like the Oilers shouldn’t ask again?

"All I’ve told managers all along, throughout this year, is that I’m wide open,’" Tambellini said. "Proposals that come to me, some people say, ‘No, I’m not listening to that.’ "I still think it’s my job, where we’re at as an organization, to listen. There’s nothing wrong with listening."

And there’s nothing wrong with asking. It could be a busy morning for Tambellini, and it should be.


Tambellini and his scouting staff have already decided on who the Oilers will take with the No. 1 pick, but, to nobody’s surprise, Tambellini isn’t admitting as much.

"We’re closer, but we haven’t formally sat down as a group and said, this is who we’re taking," Tambellini told reporters with a straight face. "I want to save that for tomorrow.

"Our scouts, they’re excited. Not too many of them are going to sleep tonight. They’re looking forward to that moment when we can make a selection with an impact player who is going to be a huge part of Edmonton, a huge part of the team."
No consensus? No decision?


"At the end of the day, the responsibility, I know, comes to me," said Tambellini. "We’re excited about that. We know we’re going to get a great player. No issues there.

"We’re close to making our decision. It’s more that we’re going to save this for tomorrow and speak to it as a group. I want to enjoy that moment. Our scouts have worked so hard for this.

This is the part I want everybody to enjoy. "The homework is done. The depth of information is incredible. They need to enjoy the selection now."

Close to making our decision? At the end of the day, the responsibility comes to Tambellini?


Stu MacGregor: "I want Tyler Seguin."

Tambellini: "I want Taylor Hall."

MacGregor: "Seguin."

Tambellini: "Hall."

MacGregor: "You said it’s my call."

Tambellini: "Yes, I did. But only if we agreed."

MacGregor: "Seguin."

Tambellini: "Hall."

Kevin Lowe: "Do I have to give up my number if we take Hall?"

Tambellini: "No. I don’t think he wants No. 4."

Lowe: "What Tambi said."

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  • Quicksilver ballet

    Now that draft day is here it’s time for a grade our GM’s performance poll. Having a number of significant assets to improve our harvest in this draft i think it’s time for Steven to get out the wrecking ball on this hockey club. I don’t know how you guys feel but if we don’t land another top six player in this draft i would have to say that it has been a missed opportunity and a dissappointment. The team/fans suffered through a difficult season to have the first pick awarded to them.

    It’s time for Steve Tambellini and his band of Pirates to board the Bruin and the Bluejacket vessels and do some pillaging.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I guess the next question would be, if Hall had played center the last year, would he still be slated to go #1 by most of the scouts? If they moved Hall to the wing to take more advantage of his speed and explosiveness, would he still have put up as many points? Seguin played center, and had to deal with the defensive responsibility of a center, and still managed to put up as many points as Hall did playing the majority of his time on the wing.

    • I'm a Scientist!

      Actually playing center opens up more opportunities for points…taking faceoffs alone can get you an nice assist on a goal..

      If two players equal the center should have more points in theory…most times

      Of course there are other factors..such as quality of linemates…amount of ice time…luck

      I think you’re reading way too much into this defensive responsibility thing…and actually that’s another way to pick up extra points…secondary assists from moving the puck forward from the defensive zone to the attacking wingers.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I wonder why so many people are so horny for this 15th pick. Go look at the last 15 years of 15th overall, only two of them made the NHL on a regular basis, Alexander Radulov and Dainus Zubrus. Radulov is a good player but is in the KHL.

    How is McIlroy any better than Alex Plante? The redline report says this year’s defenders are not as good as the last few years’ crop of defencemen. If we can get it for Cogs or Nash or some combination fine but those of you who would trade Penner or Hemsky for anything outside the top5 haven’t been following the draft history and the many many many draft busts outside of the top 5.

    Hell, even inside the top 5 there are lots of draft busts or mediocre players. Raffi Torres and Taylor Pyatt were top 5 picks. Would you trade Hemsky or Penner for either of them? You don’t trade real star NHL players like Hemsky and Penner unless they make you do it. They are both only 27 and should have 7-8 good years in them. If we can re-sign them, focus on doing so and build for the future with the picks you already have.

    • I don’t think the idea is that #15 is a lock to be a 1st pairing D-man or a 2nd line forward. It’s more that #15 will be far more likely to become a contributing NHL player than #31, and we need to collect as many future NHL players through the draft if our rebuild is going to be a success.

      Then again, some people have gotten so wrapped up in the draft this year that it seems like they think anyone who goes in the 1st round is going to be better than 90% of our current roster players.

    • Crackenbury

      Well said,

      I don’t understand this thought process of moving a Hemsky for anything unproven….maybe in a deal for one of the top 2 but outside of that…not a chance.

      As far as McIlrath, the thing about him is he’s mean and fights….I don’t think Plante brings that…

      • VMR

        Hemsky and Penner are worth more than the #15 pick thats for sure but to get into the top 10 might be worth it. Simple reasoning is that 2 years of either isnt worth as much as a potential long term Oiler. Get someone who can develop with the rest of the young guys and we’ll have a real strong core in a few years. Chances are some of them will fail or not work out with the Oil but if you have enough of them you should be able to find a good group. Hemsky and Penner are likely gone by the time we start to turn things around anyway so it makes sense to look at moving them, you still have to find the right deal.

  • I think all of you should go to the Pint* right now and start drinking. Then you can fight up until the draft starts. Then we can all breathe a sigh of relief that this is over with and we can move forward cheering the Oil back to its rightful place in the upper echelon of the NHL.

    That or bitching about Tambo.

    *wishes he could go to the Pint instead of his wife’s stupid work party

    **remembers that his last drinking display with Wanye and Bingo may have put him on a “do not serve” list at the Pint.

    EDIT: Squee and ballsy

    • Crackenbury

      I think you’re right…I’d love to head to the pint…bit of a drive from Red Deer but sounds like a good time there.

      But I’m wondering do they turn up the volume loud enough so that everyone can hear what rumours are being talked about or to hear about any trades?

  • MrCondor

    Check out the TSN video section. McGuire is verbally orgasming over Hall.

    I know the guy can be annoying, but ever since his spazzing over Pairse I’m starting to trust his scouting instinct.

  • Trade Hemsky straight up for Florida’s 15 pick. #83 serves no purpose on this team for the next two years. The team is in full rebuild mode and the Oilers need to get rid of some its forwards to make room for the new talent.

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      sweet jesus man give your head a shake.

      im not saying hemsky is the greatest thing, and i wouldnt be sad if he were traded. but take a look at what you wrote, take a deep breath, and try again.

      hemsky straight up for #15? honestly?

      be better

  • Quicksilver ballet


    Take a look at the #15 overall pick the last 15 years and tell me which of them you want on the Oilers…based on the last 15 years there is a 2/15 chance that the player will make the NHL. I think there is a better than 2/15 chance the Oilers will re-sign him after 2 years, so I would prefer to keep him. He is one of the best 25 forwards in the NHL based on points per game in the last 3 years. A rebuild needs to include good players who can help teach young players how to get good at the NHL level, and if they can re-sign him how do you know he won’t be a very good player in 3-5 years?? The Sedins are three years older than Hemsky and just had their best season ever! What if we trade him for a 15th who is 13/15 chance of being a bust and we watch Hemsky get 80 or 90 points for Florida or whoever ?? I would rather keep him and if in one year it is clear we can’t re-sign him, trade him then. And you will get better than a top 15 pick then, fer sure…

    around the draft people wayyyy overvalue draft picks. take a look at history and how many busts there are to sober up a bit…the time to get a draft pick is at the trade deadline. You will have teams desperate to improve. If you want to trade Hemsky if he makes it clear to you he won’t re-sign, do it in March next year and I bet you get a player, a prospect and a first rounder…

    would you trade Hemsky for Alex Plante?

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Hemsky is the last role model you want these kids looking to for direction. Alice is the last on and the first off the ice for every practice. Hemskys become complacent here in Edmonton….time to make the decision for him. If it involves another top five pick, he’s gone dude.

      • He’s not signed to be a role model. He’s signed to lead the offence of the Oilers.

        This is the NHL, not the Reading Rainbow.

        If half of our kids become as good as Hemsky is now we’ll be competing for the cup with players that leave it all on the ice and compete hard in all the tough areas.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    Whoever gets the best player wins the trade. We have nothing valuable enough to trade for the #2. Won’t happen. If it does, we can all go running in the streets because we just stole Chiarelli’s pants and underwear in that deal. I would trade anything for the #2. We would be set for life. At this point, Ebs, MPS, Omark, all have only potential. And slightly less potential than Hall. Hemmer has only 2 years left, as does Penner. If we could trick Chiarelli into taking anything for that #2, we do that deal.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    Let me put it to you this way. If Calgary traded Iggy for the #2, Kipper for the #3, and Regehr for the #4, we would all die of jealousy. So I would trade anything for the #2. Outside of Crosby, Ovy, Malkin and Stamkos, and the #1, nothing is more valuable right now than the #2 pick. No deal will happen. Mark it.

  • Think a little Mr. “Hemsky/Penner won’t be here in 2 years.”

    With all the young talent up and coming on this team a la Gagner, Eberle, T/T, MPS; we’re going to be a top end team in the hunt for Lord Stanley’s coffee cup. Why wouldn’t Hemsky want to stick around and be a part of that? Wouldn’t Penner want to play on a line with MPS and Seguin?

    We’ve got a huge future ahead of us already and if a contract was up in two years, that’s the time where players are going to want to _BE_ Oilers, not leave the Oilers. That’s a good thing in my book.

    Could we unload Nilsson, POS or Moreau in a trade to someone for the rights to a UFA (say POS to NJ for the rights to Kovalchuk) like CGY did last year? Hell we don’t even need to make a reasonable offer to the UFA, just let them walk. Would save $$ on buyouts.