Edmonton Oilers' General Manager Steve Tambellini (L) with their first draft pick Taylor Hall during the first round of the 2010 NHL hockey draft in Los Angeles, California June 25, 2010. REUTERS/Mike Blake (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT ICE HOCKEY)

LOS ANGELES — For 1970s game show host Monty Hall, it came easily. Not so much for Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini, who tried mightily to make a deal to get another pick in the first round Friday, but ended up with the crate of lemons behind door No. 3.

It turns out that picking Taylor Hall first overall was the easy part of the day for Tambellini. Trying to strike a bargain for the second first-rounder he wanted? Not so much. Nothing. Nada. Zippo.

"We were really aggressive in the top half of the first round, like most teams," Tambellini said.
"But, as we got down into the second half, our scouts felt that we didn’t want to give up the picks. We’re going to have an important second round tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that, so we’re comfortable staying where we’re at."


Tambellini talked to Peter Chiarelli of the Boston Bruins early in the day about what it would take him to get the No. 2 pick. I’m told by a reliable source he made at least three pitches to Chiarelli in all — pitches that included Ales Hemsky and Jordan Eberle. No dice.

"I don’t know many times, but we did have some good discussions," said Tambellini of his pursuit of Boston’s pick. "By the end I knew that Peter really wanted to make the selection. It was important for his organization also, but it was worth a try."

Tambellini spoke to Florida’s Dale Tallon more than once, including a discussion over the 15th pick. No cigar. He worked the phone and the floor. Get outta town.

Rumour on the floor was Tambellini dangled Andrew Cogliano at Tallon trying to get the 15th pick. Los Angeles made a deal with Tallon and took Derek Forbort. Then, Ottawa traded the 16th pick to St. Louis. Pitch as he might this day, no deals.

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    • Skidplate

      We got the top pick in Hall with our first pick ! Some dandies still left at 31st . Hard to pass on highest/top rated goalie C. Pickhart with our next pick . Never expected he would still be available at 31 . Also S. Alttokallio also available to us as the European top rated goalie . Even picks 48 , 61 and 91 might be a dandy . How often can a team lay claim to best player and top rated goalie in one years draft ? Considering our need for goalies it might be a good time to pick a goalie at 31 .

      Tough decision with Kabanov and several other L.Wingers still available . Tofolli and Pitluck are centers and also still available at 31, as well as Petrovic (D). All will probably be gone by pick 48. I say we go for goalie with pick 31 !

      Things are looking real good for pickups 48 , 61 , 91 and 121 as well . Some i am leaning to after we pick a goalie that might still be available : O.Lindberg (C),P. Nemeth(D), B.Beukeboom (D), J Shugg (LW) and teammate of Hall’s, K. Agostino(LW) – stats to tough to ignor , C.Cunningham(LW) – big stats again , B. Rust (RW) , and J.Ramage (D).

  • Clyde Frog

    Can’t wait to see Hall line up with Gagne and Eberle in an exhibition game to see if the chemistry is still there. Let’s hope big Stu can crank some out of the park on day 2

  • DoubleJ

    They wanted To get Watson I think, but once he was gone, might as well wait. Who do you see them taking second?

    There’s two more Tyler’s at center available. I personally go with Merrill. Most rankings had him higher then Tinordi.

  • Skidplate

    I’m not super upset there wasn’t an extra first rounder tonight…basically it guarantees we see Penner and Hemsky in October and Cogs probably isn’t as valuable as we think he is.

    I bet Tambo went table to table at picks 11-30 with Cogs + a pick + spare parts in his pocket and came back with those same three things.

    I know a lot of people don’t like Tambo and that’s fine but a bad GM would have come back without 2 of those three things + a first rounder and than have to turn around and deliver Hemsky or Penner….and who wants to give up a 30 goal man or a sure point producer for a dice roll??

  • R.A. Slapshotzky

    Robin – I wonder if Tambellini read your article about Tambo pitching his brains out? http://oilersnation.com/2010/6/10/taylor-tyler-tambellini-should-pitch-his-brains-out-to-peter-chiarelli

    I’m was pleasantly surprised to hear he at least attempted to make this happen right up to the last minute (although it never came to fruition). I was at the draft party at Rexall, and it would have been a little awkward if Eberle had been traded while on stage.

    Thanks for the updates on the sites, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay.

  • brucechris

    Wow… I’m beginning to think if Cogliano is tradeable at this point? Then again, he was a (potential) pawn in what would have been two blockbuster trades.

    Does 2 refused trades give a guy a reputation? Or affect his game even MORE this season?

  • Skidplate

    Petrovic Dman, 6′-4″ 195lbs, Red Deer Rebels, Competitive, courageous and lots of room to fill out. Good defensively and good without the puck. Effective at poke checks and taking the body. Puck still and decisions without the puck improved. 1st passes crisp out of zone and became dependable on the PP. Size, natural aggression.

    Martindale Center, 6′-3″ 185lbs, Ottawa OHL. Needs to fill out, but has size, reach and offensive awareness. Loads of potential.

    Beukeboom Dman, 6′-1″ 200lbs Sault Ste Marie OHL. Throwback player who changes the complexion of a game with a timely placed hit. Showed much more composure in the defensive zone. Accomplished skater, absorbs hits as well as he delivers them.

  • Rogue

    We need a physical dman, as I think we are deficent on the back end. We could also use more size up front too. Any player drafted now is at best 3 years away from bigs, so Oils needs could change. Depends if management want to target a certain area thru trades, as FA seems to be a bust right now. Who knows, maybe in 2 years FAs may think of this team as up and coming.

  • Chris.

    It’s funny, when I read day two blogrolls all I see is we need this, and we need that… Nobody drafted today by the Oilers will play in Edmonton for at least three seasons. So what does our currents needs have to do with anything?

    If you stick to the BPA concept with really high picks (guys who are basically NHL ready) why would you draft for need from the group that is years and years away? How do we know what the Oilers will be lacking three to five years out? I know that they are lacking at center right now.

    • Skidplate

      I see your fuzzy logic there . That way people can still claim we got Taylor and Tyler with our first two picks ( Pitlick or Toffoli ). Mind you ,if we trade today or up to season start for someone like a Spezza , it’s renders your need far less at center and gives immediate help .

  • Chris.

    You plan for the present and immediate as close as possible . There will always be many more additional and accumulative options over next few drafts that will be available, and probably better for us to deal with the future .