Time for Wreckum?

The Edmonton Oilers signed D Theo Peckham this week. Capgeek has the numbers ($550,000 salary and cap hit at the big league level, $65,000 in the AHL).

With a very reasonable end-of-the roster contract, the risk of being lost on waivers, and a less than formidable depth chart one would assume Peckham can win the day with a solid training camp.

While he was still head coach, Pat Quinn said "when I first saw him (in an Oilers uniform), the scouting report was that he was a tough kid who didn’t really know how to play. When he came back (on his most recent call-up), he showed us that he had a little bit more than just being a tough guy. As he played and gained our confidence, he was gaining his own as well. They were really good minutes for him."

Tom Renney (in an interview after being bumped to the head job) said much the same, implying Peckham impressed and they were looking forward to seeing him healthy and ready in the fall at training camp. This would be a reasonable depth chart (with the top 8D’s making the lineup): 

  1. Tom Gilbert
  2. Ryan Whitney
  3. Sheldon Souray (trade block)
  4. Ladislav Smid
  5. Kurtis Foster
  6. Jim Vandermeer
  7. Jason Strudwick
  8. Theo Peckham (waiver eligible)
  9. Shawn Belle
  10. Taylor Chorney
  11. Richard Petiot
  12. Alex Plante
  13. Jeff Petry
  14. Johan Motin
  15. Jordan Bendfeld

Your list may vary, but that seems reasonable to me. Peckham has all kinds of room to move up on this list: Strudwick could be moved up front if he loses the competition, or he could retire and enter the coaching ranks; Vandermeer cleared waivers in June and can do it in the fall; Smid could falter when he takes on tougher minutes beginning in 10-11 (likely replaced by Foster) and Souray could be traded which may open up a slot in the top 6D depending on the return. Lots of room to maneuver for "Wreckum."

There is some competition below him on the depth chart, but Peckham has a strong case over the following: Belle isn’t the same waiver concern so could be sent down with less worry; Chorney proved he needs more time to work on the defensive aspects of the game; Petry is a wild card who could jump the group but the organization has stated they want their prospects to progress along very specific check points (one being the AHL). The same could apply for Plante and Motin.

A prospect like Theo Peckham may never get another chance this good: he’s impressed the incoming coach who is looking for exactly what he brings and the organization believes he may be able to handle a larger role based on the most recent viewing. If he shows up at TC ready to kick out the jams, Theo Peckham’s NHL career might be well established one year from now.

  • Jason Gregor

    In other news, Riley Nash signs an entry level deal with the Canes. Clearly the kid had no interest in playing for the Oilers. He didn’t like how he was treated, or in his eyes, sometimes ignored. It will be interesting to see how he and Martin Marincin (pick they traded him for) pan out.

    Nash will make $550,000 this year, $600,000 next year and $700,000 in his final year if he plays in the NHL. He’ll make $62,500 in the AHL.

  • Slocan

    With Kovi now signed with NJ, any legs to the rumors regarding Souray to LA? Or possibly NYI to meet the cap minimum? It will certainly change the depth chart on D for the Oil depending on who they may get for Souray.

  • DISCLAIMER: Don’t normally pass on Eklund stuff unless its for humor purposes or he has an e5 with it. He’s put a few others out this summer with an e5 & beat other iniders on a couple scoops. Also, he does have some Flyer connects, so here goes…

    Simon Gagne to Tampa e5

  • This entire thread was Nate’s idea! Don’t worry buddy, I lit a candle for you…

    I’d love to know what really went wrong with Nash – I don’t feel that we’re getting the whole story here.

    If Peckham can be a less-grabby Matt Greene that would be huge…

  • Jason Gregor

    In other news:

    Secret Soviet Double Agent Horcoff, aka “Horcov”, code name “Nogoalov” is rumoured to be lining up with the Oiler’s #1 line to start the season.

    (with apologies to Black Dog Hates Skunks and McDs for blatent rip-offs of their gags)

    I have some cash money to bet with the fool that thinks Wreckum Peckham would pass waivers unclaimed. My money is safer than a home equity loan, err, because:

    a) Oilers will not waive Peckham.
    b) In the unlikely event that they do, he will get picked up immediately.

    Tough as nails guys who can actually play some hockey are a valuable commodity, and Peckham can thow ’em without hesitation and is signed to a nice, inexpensive contract. The Oilers need to have a mature vet (Strudwick?) take this kid under their wing and mentor them on what it takes to be an NHL player in terms of lifestyle, training, commitment, etc.

    As much as the hockey purist in me loves to see a Paul Coffeyesque end to end rush for a goal, the sentimental neanderthal within craves to see the return of Dave Manson/Jason Smith style punch-in-the-face-bad-assery to the mixture.

    Of the Dmen listed by Lowetide, the only ones listed above Peckham that you really expect to get their hands dirty are Strudwick and Vandermeer, neither of which are long term solutions.

  • Jason Gregor

    Oilers just sent this out…

    The Edmonton Oilers announced today they have extended their agreement with Edmonton’s leading full time hockey analyst Bob Stauffer.

    Stauffer will continue his duties as the colour analyst and host of all ‘Oilers on 630 CHED’ as well as host of ‘Oilers Lunch’ on The TEAM 1260.

    With today’s announcement that Bob Stauffer’s will anchor the Oilers radio broadcasts one half of the broadcast crew for next season is in place. The naming of a new play by play Oilers radio voice will be made later this summer.