Wednesday morning.

A hungover Wanye starts the morning off right – hot off a 5 alarm mid week patio party the night before. Two stories jump off the interweb and slap us in the face to start the day. One about a good guy and one about a douchebag.


It might seem unfair to consider Ilya Kovalchuk to be a bad guy, but there you have it. We couldn’t be more thrilled that his Frankensteinian contract was rejected by the NHL yesterday.

Citing the reason that the contract circumvented the league’s salary cap system, Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly put the smack down in a press release yesterday:

"The contract has been rejected by the league as a circumvention of the collective bargaining agreement. In the interim, the player is not entitled to play under the contract, nor is he entitled to any of the rights and benefits that are provided for thereunder" Daly said.

Does an overexcitable owner in NJ, an agent who should be given a gold star for trying and a contract so large it looked like the bill for the new space shuttle constitute Kovalchuk being a bad guy?

In a word – si.

How much money does this asshat need to grind out of the NHL exactly? He has already turned down a pair of offers – a $70 million- 7 year contract offer from the Thrashers and a mind boggling second offer from ATL worth $101 million over 12 years.

Hands up if you think that Kovalchuk belongs in the same salary club with Ovechkin.

How about having the brass to suggest this length of term on a contract? The guy was willing to sign on the bottom line on a document that would have him playing in the league until 2026/27. He would end his final year at the ripe old age of 46 – or roughly a third of the current age of our very own Robin Brownlee.

Who signs contracts like these? Thank the Gods of Rhythm and Blues that the NHL had the sense to step in and declare this monstrosity to be null and void. It is a joke through and through and we for one applaud the NHL head office. On this rare occasion, they have done exactly the right thing.

And screw you Kovalchuk. You and your business team are eleven shades of dick in our books.


Gilbert Brule on the other hand continues to be a good guy. He recently donated $10,000 to the trust fund established to help local toddler Maddox Flynn, who suffers from a rare condition which has left a large growth on his face which needed surgery in a costly NYC clinic.

If that wasn’t enough of a kind gesture, we now read this:

"On the eve of his surgery, Maddox spent the weekend enjoying the Big Apple. Edmonton Oiler Gilbert Brule, who was so touched by the boy’s story he donated $10,000 to a trust fund, even met up with the family to play a bit of hockey in Central Park."

For a guy who wasn’t a lock to play a regular shift in the NHL last year, Gilbert Brule is showing some major league class to go with his corner turning 2009-10 campaign. When we read of things like this we can’t help but wonder why more players aren’t going out of their way to individually help causes like this. 

Think Kovalchuk donates money to sick kids? Doubters. He probably screams at ambulances when they slow down the path of his Bugatti and laughs heartily at sick puppies as he flies overhead in his Lear Jet.

Good for you Brule. May your arbitratoror take into account your charitable works later in the summer.