WOW: Holiday Monday Edition

This ain’t no way to start a holiday Monday.

The Chicago Blackhawks it seems have apparently:

"walked away from the $2.75 million contract that was awarded to Antti Niemi in arbitration, which will make the Stanley Cup-winning goalie an unrestricted free agent.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the team made the decision on Monday. Instead, the Blackhawks have reportedly signed veteran netminder Marty Turco to a one-year, $1.3 million contract."


The Stanley Cup winning goalie can be had for $2.75 per season? Marty Turco can wind down his storied career Chez YourTown and he costs $1.3 million per?






  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    ChrisKuc Niemi’s agent said 4 teams called right after CHI announced they were walking away from goalie. And later a 5th

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    At least Chicago knows how to work around cap space. To bad we can’t figure a way to do the same . Makes you wonder if all the marketplace beyond the AHL and draft is out of reach for our managerial group ? Slightly peeved we did not sign Turco instead of the route we are going with iffy goaltending .

    After the blasting Maciocia took in papers , makes you wonder if a couple in Oilers upper management would face same scenario , if either or both were to get the axe ?

    • Crackenbury

      Not sure what your post means. In the last 2 months we improved the quality of the team and went from having no cap space to one of the teams with substantial cap space.

      • PattQuinn'sChesthair

        Totally agree. I think all the gnashing of teeth over the khabbi and horcoff contracts Is a little over done. They are no longer this teams Achilles heel. The Oilers have more cap space than half the teams in the league. This years team is a 25th place squad being paid like a 25th place squad, instead of a 25th place squad being paid like a top 5 team playing like a 30th place disgrace.

  • DoubleJ

    I’ve been saying this all year, and I’ll say it again. The Oil should offer Khabby for Huet + a pick, or JDD for Huet + a good prospect.

    We have cap room, the Hawks desperately need it.

    We could use a vet goalie who can actually play a few games.

    If Khabby is healthy, he can play 20-30 for the Hawks without sucking. If he’s not healthy, he’s even more of a cap relief.

    Either they’re going to move him, or they’re going to start the year with Turco and Crawford and pay Huet $5M to sit in the minors. I’m sure they’d rather trade 1 vet for another and save $1.2M or so.

    Or, trade them a good prospect with a save % over 900 and a cheap contract in exchange for their cap-crippler and something good for saving their bacon.

    Either way, if the Oilers are willing to help move Huet, they can get something really good with the package.

    • The Oil should offer Khabby for Huet + a pick…

      That makes NO sense for Chicago. Huet will get buried & his cap hit won’t count against the cap, while Khabibulin’s would have to (35+)… they’d be adding $3.75M to their cap with this move. NO CHANCE whatsoever!

      • Crackenbury

        What you’re saying makes sense, except Chicago isn’t a team that buries salaries. I can’t see them eating $5mm with Huet in the minors. They’re stuck with him. No one will trade for that salary, including the Oilers. Besides, Huet stinks.

        • It’s pretty common knowledge their burying him… either in the AHL (at Chicago’s expense) or KHL (likely at a shared expense).

          From Chicago scribe Tim Sassone…

          Blackhawks goalies Turco and Crawford have a combined cap hit of $2.1 million

          From James Mirtle…

          Blackhawks goaltenders next season are Turco and Crawford. Huet is a goner, one way or another.

          And according to they now have $3.1M in cap space & 18 players under contract…

          • Crackenbury

            The season hasn’t started yet, unless Huet was bought out he’s still on the roster. Rocky Wirtz is also Bill’s son. He or the Chicago media can speculate about what is going to happen with Huet in the upcoming season, but I’ll be surprised if he ends up in the AHL. That’s just not a Wirtz-like move. Maybe a shared deal in the KHL is workable. The point is, until October arrives we won’t know Huet’s fate.

            Edit: Unless someone picks him up before then.

  • Cervantes wrote:

    The Oil should offer Khabby for Huet + a pick…

    That’s a move that would make a ton of sense for both teams.

    Edit to add: Unless the plan is to really stink this year again, which I’d actually be okay with.

  • DoubleJ

    Kennedy was just put on waivers by the sabers. They just signed him a few days ago for a cap friendly 1 million, now they plan on buying him out. This doesn’t make sense to me unless they have something else planned.

    I think some team will pick him up. He’s small, but is really good in both ends and he can score once in a while. Would the Oilers look at him as a great depth forward?

    I know the Oilers get first dibs on him.

  • DoubleJ

    Huet is a starting goalie in the nhl. He’s just not worth the money he got and Niemi out played him.

    Everyone doesn’t like Campbell either and he’s a great d-man it’s because of the contract not the player.

    Huet would be an upgrade for the Oilers. IMO.

  • As an aside, I’d think a Tim Thomas-Khabibulin deal is a (slightly) more real possibilty.

    They’re both 35+ contracts, both have 3 yrs left & the Bruins could use the additional $1.25M in cap space.

    Maybe they could bring the former Oiler back…

    • Do you think Boston would trade a guy one year removed from the Vezina for our drunken old man with health problems? The cap savings won’t justify the major downgrade for Boston.

      We’d have to throw in two first rounders and a second rounder to placate Chirelli.

      • They already have a #1 in Tukka Rask… Thomas is a guy they haven’t been able to give away this summer. IF they felt the 1.25 cap savings would help them (and it would), and IF/when they know Khabibulin is at least capable health/legal-wise to be a backup, its a move that makes some sense for them (imo).

  • I have always thought it to be smart team management to have a high level of redundancy at the goaltender position. Having one goalie carry the load is a major single point of failure for a team, capable of compromising an entire season due to injury (Philly ’09-’10) or fatigue (Luongo).

    Good backup goaltenders, like Nittymakki, Garon, or Conklin, are relatively inexpensive (approx $1.5M, or 500K more than the avg backup), and can WIN their starts (unlike Calgary’s Mclwhoever), while offering needed rest and needed competition to the starter.

    As such, Boston would be hard pressed to trade a fan favorite like Thomas for a rollercoaster like Khabibulin to save a relatively paltry sum.

    I think Nikolai started smoking again, too.

    • All I’m saying, is $1.25M might not seem like much (in the NHL/sporting world), but the Hawks dumped their #1 goalie in order to save $1.45M.

      And Mclwhoever is in Anaheim now. The Flames now have the almighty Henrik Karlsson as backup.