Dear Tyler Seguin,

According to the Bruins website it seems you have been signed to a 3 year entry level contract. We thought we would take this opportunity to write you a quick letter of congrats and shed some deep, dark emotional baggage in the process.

As you are doubtlessly aware, we thought you should have been picked first overall by the Oilers at the draft this year. When that didn’t happen, a little part of our soul died and we have spent the summer wondering about what could have been.

Since that time we have been carrying the torch on behalf of a rapidly shrinking Team Seguin Bandwagon, writing letters, starting petitions, penning love songs and sending you a box of our hair each and every Monday morning.

Yes, for the Summer of 2010, we truly believed you were the one.

But, now it seems that our hope that you play in an Oilers jersey is getting smaller by the day, although we hold out hope that Boston decides to pull the trigger on some sort of trade with the Oil and you come back the other way.

But it is time to move on Tyler. For both of us. Sometimes things don’t work out the way they should, but that is just a part of life. We will miss your boyish charms, your razor sharp wit and your seemingly limitless potential.

Rather than continue on with expressing ourselves by the printed word, please enjoy this scene from Anchorman, which we feel sums up our emotions completely.

And now we consider you the enemy.

So unless by some miracle you become an Oiler at some point in the next 20 years we consider this goodbye. We have Taylor now and that is just going to have to do.

This summer romance has officially come to an end.

Goodbye dearest,


  • I was thinking about this when I saw the headline today as well… should it have been Seguin? Another look at the depth chart makes you wonder… all these high-end prospects on the wings, and just Gagner down the middle.

    Please don’t let Seguin end up in the HHOF… if Hall doesn’t get there himself!

  • Pajamah

    On a similar note, I just saw “Oil Change” for the first time yesterday.

    When Seguin walks into the hotel room, and tells Tambo and Lowe that he plays defense, I thought…

    “Theres a defensive cornerstone we can rebuild this team with”



  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    ” penning love songs and sending you a box of our hair each and every Monday morning.”

    As much as I hate to admit it this one made me lol.

  • Victoria

    EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it ! Oilers rookies take dead aim on breaking all next seasons rookie scoring records . Taking aim at 4 rookies expecting to garner over 80 points this season – Hall, Eberle , Omark and Svensson light up the NHL lights .

    Other teams fearfull of taking penalties against Oilers, as their rookie sensations are making team after team pay dearly for their indisgretions . Yes , they are for real and no team has had this type of impact with so many so called rookies .

    The rest of Oilers team is riding their coattails to banner seasons as well . The Oilers are back with a vengeance , as record book takes it’s toll throughout league . The bandwagon grows . The inexplicable worst to first becoming a stark reality . Oiler seats fitted with seat belts to keep fans from falling out of their seats so much from excitement .

    Go Oilers !!

  • TheGunnShow

    I was never a Seguin man……

    But even if you were, the love affair should have ended the second Tambo announced Hall as our draft pick, the same way Hall denounced his love for Calgary after slipping on the Oil Drop.

  • Victoria

    madjam’s comment made me recall the year my Jets *sniffle* had four rookies score at least 20. The young guns we called ’em. I wonder which oiler will be Evgeny Davydov.

  • SurfacetoAirMissile

    Probably the deciding factor in selecting Hall over Seguin is that you can’t screw up Hall’s name like the multiple pronunciations Seguin’s name has. Look at a guy like Brett Favre…. all everybody talks about is how to say his name correctly, it’s not like he had a hall of fame career or anything.

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    Hilarious post, Wayne – thanks for that! 😛

    I, too, wonder whether we made the wrong choice. I mean for years (& years) all I’ve wanted was to draft someone who could be the next Steve Yzerman and this was someone who everybody seemed to give that comparison to.

    The funny thing about it is until the time it got closer to the draft I just wanted the guy everybody thought would be the best player in his draft year, Taylor Hall.

    Then I read a little article from Jason Gregor about the importance of centermen and heard about how good this Tyler Seguin guy really was. Sure I argued how we just need the certain superstar over the unknown commodity, etc… but over time I warmed to the idea of drafting Seguin and eventually believed it would be the best move, too.

    By the time the Oilers were ready to draft Hall and had turned down trade proposals (like the rumour we could have had Milan Lucic) to pick Seguin instead I’ve had to accept it…but I’ll never forget we could have had Seguin!
    And to think all I wanted was to draft a guy like Taylor Hall originally.

    (I, too, would be sending Tyler Seguin locks of my hair but I don’t have any – too short, too bald…would you send him some for me, Wayne, and include one of your drawings showing how it would look if I did have hair and you’re cutting off some of it, please?!)

    And to think all I wanted was to draft a guy like Taylor Hall originally.

    P.S. Damn you, Jason Gregor, damn you! 😉

  • I’m not sure why I have this overwhelming feeling:

    In 5 years, if Hall turns out to be a bust, the world will say “wow – who saw this coming?”

    If we took Seguin and he went nowhere, the whole world would have said “Why didn’t those idiots take Hall?”

    The Hall pick is one that comes with less regret and self – loathing than we are used to.

    ***Now back to staring at the phone while picking food out of our teenage braces, wondering why we don’t have hair there, and where our friends went without us.***

  • Jdex

    hey all,

    Just signed up this morning. Huge Oilers fan in Newfoundland. Began really following the team after the last cup. Love the insight and information provided here. Very excited about the coming talent having begun my infatuation with the Oilers during the Steven Rice, Valeri Zelepukin, Zdeno Ciger lean years…Still watch Todd Marchant skip past a stumbling Grant Ledyard with regularity.

    As far as Seguin and Hall goes…Hall has the higher ceiling and chance to really be that game breaker type player…haven’t had one of those in years (Weight?). Loved Dougie but he was more Hemsky/Drink Stirrer than flat out explosive. I hope and pray we got this one right.

    Got a Messier, Hemsky and Stoll (haha) player T shirts

    Looking at getting a Hall, Eberle or Paajarvi one for the fall? Any suggestions?

    Terrified the Oilers are gonna deal Hemsky (he’s got a monster season or two in him with the right linemates) and am hopeful the kids pan out reasonably well early to convince him to stay. Elite Talent needs a true goal scorer. I’m confident he can toss up a 15-75-90 under those conditions.

    Looking forward to the season big time. Cheers to you all.

    PS – Never did trust that shifty Souray.

  • THE OILERS ARE BACK! THE OILERS ARE BACK . Restored to their proper places in the hockey world , the Oilers once again lead the chorus of national pride across the Canadian nation . The hollowed HALL’S of hockey filled to the brim for all Canadians to bask in, as T.Hall leads Oilers to Stanley Cup victory 2010-2011.

    Hall was/is TAILORED (Taylor) made for the Oilers to return to top of the hockey world .

    The QE 2 highway renamed the HALL CORRIDOR . The Hall fever echoes throughout the nation as National politicians rename the Trans Canada Highway the Hall Extention Corridor all the way to HALLIFAX .

    National rock groups change lyrics of old renditions to mark this wonderfull event with lyrics like : Taylor shot the puck and scored , HALLeluia , Taylor shot the puck and scored HALLeluia . Oiler fans get in on new chant : 2 bits , 4 bits , six bits , a doller – all for HALLSY stand up and HALLer ! Even the churches sing the praises across the nation with their own renditions of HALLeluia’s .

    Iginla so overwhelmed by Oilers success he waves his no trade contract and demands a trade to Oilers . Phaneuf also pleads for same .

    M.Landsburg runs many shows on why all the hockey pundits missed the clearly obvious RETURN of the Oilers . How did we all miss this HALLabaloo ?

    Coming to you soon Oiler hockey fans : THE IMMACULATE INCEPTION 2 – THE SEQUEL . Coming to Rexall place for all to preview this season .

  • Almost forgot how Stelmack and Provincial Government were so taken by Hall’s accolades , that they added a new provincial HALLIDAY in honor of his accomplishments . That day to be FEB.15 , the day after Valentines to recognize the provinces love of hockey !

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    @ WAYNE

    Who wrote:
    although we hold out hope that Boston decides to pull the trigger on some sort of trade with the Oil and you come back the other way.

    WHAT!!! HEEELLLL NO!! I’am so glad they got Hall instead. He is and will be the better NHL player. No one takes a hit like that and still score two sick goals the way he did during the MC.

  • fuck off

    It was a game of Chicken and neither side would blink.

    So the Oilers load up on another winger when they are short centers and the Bruins load up on yet another center when they are overstocked with them and need more wingers.

    The ironic side to this is that both players may end up playing out of their natural positions…

    • fuck off

      You do realize that Hall’s natural position is Center, not Left Wing. Every team he played on before Windsor, he played at Center. Spitfires only transferred him to LW because they were over loaded with Center men. Irony is that Taylor went through that situation and now it’s Tyler’s turn to play on a team with too many Centers.