Trade Talk

Peter Adler cut through the doldrums of summer like a hot knife through butter last night. An actual trade rumor involving the Edmonton Oilers. Music!

Adler’s article is here. When I read it last night I decided to ignore it, as if looking away would somehow make it come true (watched pot and all that). This morning, I read it again and noticed that Spector’s picked it up (adding to the credibility: EJ and Spector’s are actual places where you can read things that have a snowball’s chance in hell of coming true) which is always a good sign.

Late this afternoon (after a hard day’s work–my business picks up this time of year) I allowed myself a look at capgeek to see if "The Who By Numbers" would give me a clue:

  • Oilers: Souray (5.4M cap hit times 2); Cogliano (RFA, 1.113M a year ago) TOTAL: 6.513M
  • Caps: Fleischmann (2.6M times 1); Nylander (4.875M times 1) TOTAL: 7.475M

Not bad. Not bad at all. Add a pick and we’ll take Nylander’s wife! Then I’m reminded that those damn Canucks are involved (freaking Canucks, get your own rumor) with Kevin Bieksa:

  • Oilers: Souray (5.4M cap hit times 2) Cogliano (RFA, 1.113M a year ago) TOTAL: 6.513M
  • Caps: Fleischmann (2.6M times 1); Nylander (4.875M times 1), 2nd rd pick TOTAL: 7.475M
  • Canucks: Bieksa (3.75M times 1) TOTAL: 3.75M

Oilers get Bieksa and Nylander (plus 2nd for taking Nylander family), Canucks get Fleischmann, Caps get Souray and Cogliano.

OILER BENEFITS: Offload the Fonz (as named by Bob Stauffer earlier today) and get back an NHL calibre defenseman with one year left on his contract. Also receive Nylander, for which a nice draft pick should be included. More free dollars next summer, but Mr. Katz won’t be able to rotate the tires on the Batmobile this winter.

CANUCKS BENEFITS: Make room for Willie Mitchell by sending away Bieksa (they’ll need to IR Salo and make sure his household receives everything Ron Popiel ever offered) and get back a nice piece up front. More moves to come, but it makes Vancouver better overall and they do save $1.15M on this deal.

CAPS BENEFIT: Offload Nylander ("getting rid of the Albatross, sowing the seeds of discontent!") and Fleischmann for a nice tough defenseman with a leather jacket and maybe someone who can help up front in Cogliano. They also save some money (about 1M) depending on how much Andrew C. wants for his next contract.

Possible? Probably not. A nice dream? You bet.

  • Lowetide

    Crackenbury: I think Souray (like a lot of players) is unaware of the new world that the cba has made. ALL teams have wonky contracts, so trading for one means that a team will have to take on another problem.

    Added to his injury difficulties is that he broke the code, went public and was critical of management. As a fan I loved it, because it makes it more difficult to convince people that the reason people won’t come here (EDM) is the arena or the city.

    However, it certainly cost the Oilers in the PR department and the organization may feel it cost them actual negotiating traction in the arena squabble.

    If they do indeed feel that way, I suspect Souray is heading to a hockey dungeon (Islanders, Thrashers).

  • It’s worth taking a self-important overpaid locker room problem plus Bieksa in exchange for a self-important overpaid locker room problem and Cogs.

    We save a few bucks and send Fonzie away. We have a lot of young guys who have caught up to Cogs, or are getting close enough to challenge for his job anyway.

  • Sheldon Souray’s comments would have had him fired for insubordination in almost any other profession.

    He’s a defensive & organization liability.

    When you’re having a movement don’t stop halfway.

    Do not let him wear the jersey again.

  • I was excited to see Souray come in the original instance. He was a “local boy” wanted to be here, and might want to stay. Apparently money talks to the unemployed, overgrown boys who play hockey. I miss the days when gentlemen played hockey. Gretzky, Kurri, Espo, and others that wanted to take thier place in the community.
    Sheldon you are a grown man, you are responsible for your actions and attitudes, start showing some class and be quiet.

    • Crackenbury

      Bang-on. The players you refer to are out there. It was refreshing to hear Taylor Hall say all the right things before and after being drafted. Playing in Edmonton on a winning team is a great place to be for any player whose main priority is hockey.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    The Alexander Semin thing, have the Capitals soured on him, did he have an off year or does he have an attitude problem?

    A year or two ago 20+ clubs would’ve loved to have him on their roster, thought he would’ve made a good Oiler but maybe thats changed?

    • Maggie the Monkey

      I would do it. 40 goal scorer… 80 point guy. I love Hemsky but unless he’ll resign a decent long term contract Semin would be better for the team.

      • What do you think Hemsky would get playing with Ovechkin and that bunch in Wash….I’m betting at least an 80pt guy if not more…Does Semin get 40 goals and 80 pts playing with the bunch that Hemsky has had to play with? Why does everyone always think that an 80 pt guy coming from another offensive powerhouse team equates to an 80 pt guy here?

        Trading for Russians in today’s NHL is just asking for you to lose the player to the KHL…

        NO to Semin for Hemsky…yes to extending Hemsky for another 5 or 6 yrs.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I would do the Semin for Hemsky deal, i prefer to have him here before that extension is signed though. We may be better off to see how the marriage works before committing to him longer term. If it works well and he appears happy then try and extend him after this is established, if he is satisfied here then perhaps he takes 5 per on a multi year deal. Both Hemsky and Penner appear as though neither will re-sign here… a few months they’ll both be in the same situation Kaberle’s in. Something should be done shortly so they may be more than just a rental player for their new team.

    • Cheesenaka

      I disagree. What makes you think that Semin won’t just test free agency at the end of this season? If we were to make the deal without an extension in place we could lose Hemsky for a 1 year rental.

      I’m purely speculating here, but I would think we would have a greater chance of extending either Penner or Hemsky vs extending Semin. Penner and Hemsky at least have ties to the city.

      While as you suggested we could be in a similar situation with Penner and/or Hemsky coming up, surely there are better options out there in regards to deals.


      I can’t stand Hemsky if we could trade him strait up I would drive him to the airport myself.As he is not a superstar let alone a star
      God make this dream come true and trade him while you still can.As they are always trying to find someone to play with Hemsky but wake up Oilers can you not see maybe Hemsky is the problem? I would agree he is.

      • I think the Oilers probably realize that a point per game player under contract at a reasonable price is a great asset.As he is the best player on the team they probably dont want to trade him and they likely wont trade him based solely on the opinion of someone who thinks that having talented players is a problem.As the Oilers just watched their offense get decimated without the guy I bet they wake up and recognize that he is the driving force of the Oilers offense wake up Oilers can you not see that Hemsky is the key? I would agree he is. Cheers.

  • Blue Blooded

    I would imagine this year, that the kids will get moved around and tried in different positions. Which ever of them that is playing with Hemsky will be racking up the points. In other words, with the new talent coming up this year, Hemsky is going to RACK UP THE POINTS. He’s in his prime right now. I’m calling a career year for Hemmer, and all you fools talking about trading him vs extending his contract, will be crying whenever someone mentions the possibility.

  • Off loading Souray and picking up Fleishmann = good thing. Picking up Nylander and his whiney ball and chain – terrible idea.

    Why would we want another Pronger situation. Unless the Oilers can flip Nylander and get picks elsewhere, can’t do this deal.

  • SPIN OFF ECONOMICS 101 . I suppose i should be thankfull the Oilers entertainment package has been less than what i would pay for a good seat for seasons tickets . Couple that with the savings from my wife as well , and we should have a very tidy sum to early retirement giving us an excess of 680.00 /month to add to our pensionable income over next five years .

    $3,000 /person invested in R.S.P each year , adding tax break at 1/3 rd totalling a $4,000/person investment per year over 5 years = $20,000/person over 5 years . Times that by two season tickets and thats a nice tidy sum of $40,000 . Now add a paltry 2 % on that investment for accrued interest and you have $ 40,800 . Thats more than you’ll get for taking out CPP at age 60 . Thanks for bridge Oilers, and allowing us the space and capital to retire five years earlier than planned .

    Now as you can probably see , that pays for a nice holiday every 4 months if we choose a 4 month useage at $2,720 over next five years .

    So i suppose the longer the Oilers ice a bad product on the ice the more beneficial it can/will be for those unaffluent and financially strapped people that can’t really afford season tickets , or choose other options entertainment wise , etc.. Still allows money to go to odd game as well, and there is always tv of course .

    There is a silver lining with the Oilers running a poor product as you can see .

  • Ball Buster

    The question I have is: how desperate are the Oilers to unload Souray? We’ve been down the Nylander trade-discussion road before, with everybody left with a bad taste in their mouths. If Michael Nylander a few years ago didn’t want to come to Edmonton, what’s to say he’s any more interested now? His skills are unlikely to have improved with age and now Washington clearly doesn’t want him.

    Incidentally, why does everyone think that Kevin Bieksa is so great? While a capable defenceman, his statistics are no doubt bolstered by having Roberto Luongo in goal (well, maybe not play-off statistics). There seems, in many national media circles, to be a bit of a love fest with all of the players on Toronto and/or Vancouver (aka Toronto West).