The Souray saw-off: poor, pitiful me

EDMONTON, AB - OCTOBER 3:  Sheldon Souray of the Edmonton Oilers walks to the ice before a game between the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers in an NHL game on October 3, 2009 at Rexall Arena in Edmonton, Canada. The Calgary Flames defeated the Edmonton Oilers 4-3. (Photo by Jimmy Jeong/Getty Images)

So, the Edmonton Oilers still haven’t done anything to smooth things over with defenceman Sheldon Souray. How much abuse and neglect can one man endure?

Excuse me as my stomach contents surge up my throat — NOT part of the diet program I’m on — but does this stalemate between Souray, sulking for months because the Oilers haven’t managed to trade him or give him away, know no end?

To hear Souray tell it, in an account by staff at, the Oilers have yet to do anything to make amends for the mis-treatment he’s had to put up with and that prompted him to ask, privately and later publicly, for his ticket out of town.

In part, the no-quote item reads: "Souray told Sportsnet that the team has made no effort to smooth things over with him.

"The 34-year-old blueliner criticized team management at the end of last season, stating there was pressure from them to continue playing — despite his lingering injuries. He also said that was the reason why other players around the league did not want to play with the organization."

If Souray actually said anything new, it wasn’t in the item.


I took a run at the Souray situation back on Aug. 5, so I won’t go over it all again — as if anybody with a functioning brain stem who has been paying attention isn’t aware of the details of this messy divorce.

Oilers president of hockey operations Kevin Lowe did, however, take a rambling go at it today in an interview on Oilers Lunch with Bob Stauffer, who asked him about the Souray situation.

"I don’t have the answer to that," Lowe said, when Stauffer asked him where things sit now. "Clearly, it’s no secret Steve (Tambellini) has been talking to other managers about potentially trading him, but nothing has happened to this point.

"He was on waivers, where everybody had a crack at him. But no one grabbed him. I’m really not sure what Sheldon’s future is. Clearly, it’ll be more obvious to everyone in the upcoming weeks. From the organization’s standpoint, and I haven’t talked to Steve in a number of days, I can honestly say I’m not sure what his future holds.

"Most importantly at this juncture in the franchise’s history, we really have to be cognisant of what’s best for the franchise long-term. I suspect that will factor in to any decisions made about Sheldon."

Thank goodness for that.


Stauffer then asked Lowe if it’s possible Souray could be back playing with the Oilers (with the gun of necessity at his head) this fall.

"People say things," explained Lowe, after Stauffer referenced Lowe’s often-used "expect the unexpected" line. "If you’re thin-skinned in this business, you’re not going to last.

"Players have been traded and come back. Players have left and said things and came back. It’s all really about the greater good of the organization, whatever that is. Back to my answer prior to this question — I don’t know what the answer is.

"Obviously Steve, in conjunction with his staff, and consulting with Daryl Katz, the owner, is going to make a decision on Sheldon’s fate if someone else doesn’t make it prior to that by proposing a deal to satisfy his request and have him move on, will make a decision on Sheldon’s future which works best for the organization."

At long last, clarity.


I don’t have a clue who "Oilbaron" is (and don’t care), but he/she/it is Exhibit A when it comes to the many things I don’t understand about website comment sections, like we have here at Oilersnation.

Why is it people like "Oilbaron," who wrote, "I guess calculators and spread sheets can’t figure it out" in the third comment of an Aug. 21 Willis item, "The Forwards," can’t resist the temptation to be dicks when responding to items written by contributors to ON?

Call me dim — you wouldn’t be the first or even the 100th — but I’ve never been able to figure out what it is about the internet that brings out the lout in people, including myself. Is it anonymity?

In this case, the remark by "Oilbaron" ignited a 50-comment string (almost half of the 110 comments posted) that amounted to little more than posturing and dick-measuring.

After "Oilbaron" got KTFO by Willis, the comments read like an internet version of "na-na-na-na-na, takes one to know one" kind of exchange you’d expect down by the bike racks at recess by guys who don’t know the thumb stays on the outside of the fingers when making a fist.

What a waste of everybody’s time.


— Having given it as much (and likely more) ink than it deserves, I can’t say with certainty where the Oilers are in their search for somebody to replace Rod Phillips as their radio play-by-play man.

Every time I think I’ve got the candidates narrowed down, I hear another name or receive another text from a radio guy telling me he’s in the mix. The Oilers, of course, aren’t saying anything to provide a hint.

— How dense am I? I was in Victoria with my wife on the weekend. Up ahead, I see a huge building with Save-On Foods on it. I say to my better (and smarter) half: "Geez, that’s the biggest Save-On Foods I’ve ever seen." It was the Save-On Foods Memorial Arena, the new 7,000-seat rink in town. Derrrr.

— Two years for Sam Gagner or one, then wait-and-see?

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  • JDP

    Hey Robin, what is it about the internet that brings out the lout in people, including yourself? I was a huge fan of yours up until March of this year, when you were writing as if you “knew” the Oilers were taking Seguin because you’re so well-connected. I called you on it and voiced my suspicions that you were talking out of your rear end and actually had no insider info at all. That’s when my posts started mysteriously disappearing. I guess you don’t ever disagree with Reuben… you’ll get silenced faster than The Warrior did on Stauffer’s show that one time. Sheesh.

    • Travis Dakin

      The HEAD SCOUT Stu MacGregor said himself that he was on the Seguin bandwagon up until the memorial Cup, which was in May.

      From Dan Barnes (This is a link… click it.)

      Steve Tambellini said that he wanted his scouts to make the decision without his input.

      From Putting on the Foil and Coming down the Pipe (This is also a link for you to click.)

      Therefore, in March of this year (which is before May), someone in the “know” would have been inclined to say with a fair amount of confidence that since the HEAD SCOUT wanted Seguin and the GM said he wanted his scout to make the pick, the Oilers would be taking Seguin at the draft in June. The draft in June was AFTER the Memorial cup. The same Memorial cup that Taylor Hall played so well in, that it made the HEAD SCOUT change his vote (only three weeks before the draft) from the player he wanted in March (Seguin) to the player they picked in June (Hall).

      See how this works?

      Use your brain to think things through before you spout off and end up looking like a tool.

    • SurfacetoAirMissile

      I’ve heard Mr. Bronte on the radio many times leading up to the draft put it out there that he “had a feeling” tho Oil would take Seguin. I also read multiple times on ON that he felt the Oil would take Seguin…… so what? I would rather read an article or listen to a radio show where the “OPINION” is on one side or the other. Would you rather listen to a guy on the fence all day everyday? That sounds interesting……. “I am 100% certain that the Oilers might draft Seguin….. or Hall”

      I often don’t agree with Brownlee, but that is why I read and listen to the guy. I may yell at the radio from time to time but in the end that is what makes it entertaining.

    • SurfacetoAirMissile

      You were a “huge fan” of mine? Then why the selective memory?

      You seem to be forgetting how the Seguin/Hall evaluation shifted and eventually swung Hall’s way with the scouting staff — all duly noted at the draft (should you have any interest in how things actually developed). Do you, or does that get in the way of taking a shot?

      No insider info at all? Thanks for providing a Grade A example of exactly the kind of comment I was writing about. You start with the bogus “huge fan” set-up and go downhill from there. What a dishonest, ham-handed waste of time and space.

  • Travis Dakin

    Great take Robin. I feel much the same.

    I was a big supporter of Souray for a long time, and even felt vindicated in my support after the 08-09 season. But Souray’s 1/3 healthy track record, followed by his tirade at the end of last season soured me and I felt foolish in my support.

    Then Sportsnet happens… what a selfish, pathetic player Sheldon has turned out to be. Sad.

    I hope Tambellini can find some reasonable trade for this sorry sad-sack of a player. If I had the chance to meet Sheldon on the street… I’d love to ask him if he even meant a single word of his comments when he first signed here in Edmonton. I’d love to watch his experession if he even bothered to give me an answer….

    Its about the team and the future…. I pray there is something in this fiasco Shelly is creating that can benefit the team and not him. Ugh.

    • Here’s the release from the Oilers . . .

      The Edmonton Oilers today announced that Jack Michaels has been named to the position of radio play by play voice of the Edmonton Oilers. Michaels will partner with host and color commentator Bob Stauffer in delivering all Oilers games via the Oilers Radio Network and flagship station 630 CHED.

      “We welcome Jack to Oil Country,” said Oilers President and CEO Patrick LaForge. “We underwent a comprehensive search to find the right voice with the right credentials and chemistry to launch this new era of Oilers Radio.”

      Michaels, a veteran of over 900 hockey broadcasts, joins the Oilers after eight seasons as the radio and television voice of the ECHL’s Alaska Aces. While with the Aces, Michaels was honoured as the ECHL Broadcaster of the Year in 2004 and was selected by the ECHL to broadcast their annual All Star Game on five separate occasions. Last year’s All Star broadcast was available to over 80 million homes on the NHL Network and Fox Sports West.

      “An NHL play by play job has been a dream and believe me this is now a dream come true,” said Michaels. “I know fans have keenly listened to Oilers broadcasts for three decades of fabulous moments, and frankly I can’t wait to get started.”

      NHL Hall of Fame broadcaster Mike Emrick, voice of NHL Hockey on NBC said of Michaels, “I first met Jack five years ago, and was immediately struck by the quality of his call, his professionalism and his passion for the game. He’s a great young guy who has it all. There is no question he is 100% NHL ready.”

      Michaels’ career began after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from Ithaca College in New York. He started as a sports reporter at Cornell University and Ithaca College and then moved on to Erie Pennsylvania and New York City as a Sports Reporter and Production Assistant. Michaels then moved full-time to the hockey world, joining the Colorado Gold Kings of the WCHL where he was the play by play voice for three seasons before moving to Anchorage, Alaska.

      Michaels and Stauffer will broadcast all Edmonton Oilers games this year with the exception of 10 ‘Rod’s Classics’ games when Rod Phillips, the Oilers Hall of Fame voice for the past 37 years, will be in the play by play chair.

      Edmonton Oilers hockey is presented in part by the Rexall Family of Pharmacies, Molson Canadian, ATB Financial, TELUS, Cenovus Energy and Ford.

      This is our “left field” guy.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Once again the Oilers make a move that no one really seen coming. Hopefully they can do that with the guy pictured above.

  • Rob...

    HAVE WE HIT ROCK BOTTOM, YET ? THE OLD ADAGE ” WALK A MILE IN THE PLAYERS SHOES ” ring a bell . This next season may well be the bottom when all is said and done for ,and the players whom are taking the brunt for clubs collapse from the coaches , management and the fans !

    All players play to win and all are human . None of them want to go thru what most have gone thru last 3 seasons . They bust their butts only never to see positive results and bear the fuits of their labors and passion . With less than adequate working environment in which to excel they soon question everything even their own abilities . Soon they all want out with a hope they can resurrect themselves and become a winner again, somewhere, anywhere but here . When players become the brunt of attacks from the media , coaches , management fans , etc . then very few would want to stay . Can you blame them, and would you not feel same way ?

    When you have so many holes to fill each season going in that continue to be inadequately filled it has to be discouraging for those players to be on top of their games mentally and physically , as well to pick up the slack of unfilled voids . Game in, game out ,for season after season would wear down anyone. Souray any different from those that are happy to leave, but were bitter about some of their time here ?

    Maybe with a big infusion of youth our remaining veterans might see new hope to remain here . If we go with AHL’ers again i doubt any will want to stay much longer ! I would have thought management and coaches alike would have been more protective and backing of their players to be honest. Instead they seem to want to hang them out to dry and blame them for factors etc . out of their control , etc.. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned here ?

    They have been successfull in turning good NHL players here into scapegoats , now lets hope they can be just as successfull turning the club into a winner with new youth rebuild before they destroy them too .

    • Bob Cobb

      Are you a retard? You’re blaming the Souray ordeal on management? Now granted management has made some mistakes over the years but somewhere along the line players have to man up, grow some stones and take some of the responsiblity upon themselves just like we do in our everyday jobs. Souray is like all the other athletes that feel a sense of entitlement because of the contract they have, he’s just pissed that no one else wants him, Oilers included, and is sitting in the corner bitching and complaining to anyone that will listen like the child he is. The best thing he could do is shut up, come to camp, have a good start to the season and wait for a trade.

      • Oilertown

        You suggest that blaming management is a mistake, then go on to outline management’s mistakes, after attacking majam with a phrase like “retard”. Seems to me that your political insensitivity is only paled by the logical fallicies of your post.

        Players have to “take responsibility”, but management doesn’t? Specifically one that managed to place dead last in the league? In my world, management has more obligation than employees to be decent (they’re the leaders, right?) regardless of any cash flow.

        Would anyone suggest to bury the dissenting voice in a marriage (compared to trying to work through issues together)? Why would a corporate relationship be any different? Please don’t tell me that money transfers somehow affect obligations because that is going to make me want to puke.

        • Bob Cobb

          So in your world the Player is always right, you wouldn’t happen to be an Agent would you? As far as your money transfers comment, yeah, you get paid outrageous amounts of money from your employer and thus you have obligations to put up or shut up, and to conduct yourself better than the way Souray has handled this trade request. As far as Im concerned the Oilers owe Souray nothing more and should have handled the Pronger situation like they have handled this, make the guy sit or play and get the deal that is best for the organization.

          • Rob...

            I just had a further thought on this issue. Shouldn’t Souray’s real problem be with his union? That is the organization he should have gone to if he was treated unfairly. That is the organization that should have gone to the media if the ‘conflict’ could not be resolved.

  • sparkyg

    I dont think anyone saw this one coming.

    Listening to 630ched the very first thing that I thought was “He sounds like Rod”

    My second thought was, is the radio guy under the cap, cause they prob got him cheap.

    I hope it all works out and I am sure there will be many comments.

    Hopefully you can shed some light on him for us Robin.

    I hope he and Stauf’ work well together with good chemistry cause otherwise this is gonna be along season, again.

  • He sounds alright to me, and I’m sure he’ll only get better. I can’t say that this is a bad hire.

    I’m also really looking forward to Rod’s classic 10 this year, is that weird?

  • Rob...

    Jack Michaels sounds decent. Though his voice makes me think he’d be even better at calling the play by play of a new version of Stampede Wrestling.


    Are you seriously asking us to feel sorry for people who make millions of dollars while being members of the last placed team in the league?

    • R.A. Slapshotzky

      Money has little to do with decisions to move elsewhere if you don’t care for the organization or position you hold down . If i don’t like my place of employment , i move on to an environment more condusive to me . So do most to be honest . Souray was trying to do just that , silently for quite a while .

      My intention was to give probable players point of view from a human factor . Money doesn’t mean much if you don’t like your workplace and don’t see any future but being a loser there . I don’t see how bad mouthing them has any positive effect on employees or team when thats all they get most of the time . A steady dose of negativity and criticism from fans , organization and media alike . Money does mean that much when all you can bank on is just that despite all your best efforts . Losing certainly doesn’t make things any better either .

      Souray , like most that have come here with the best intentions , have soured since their decisions on the club and organization like a lot do in all avenues of life and work . Not all bite their tongues on the way out either as you well know . Often their tirades are warranted and indicative of the powers above them . If management is not efficient at their jobs , how can you expect employees to be ?

      Souray is not the only one soured by his time here, nor the only case . Management and coaching is ultimately responsible for lack of production and setting the tone for a work environment they can be motivational and productive in. Has management done it’s job ? If not , then how do you expect the players to also do their jobs for them on top of everything else ? Why do you blame the players so much ? It just makes matters worse and longer to correct . Disgruntled players need more positive feedback in order to excel , not an overdose of criticism that makes matters worse .

      • Ender

        Wow. The worst part is, I think you actually believe the stuff you write.

        madjam wrote:

        Often their tirades are warranted and indicative of the powers above them .

        A public tirade is never ‘warranted’ unless the company you are throwing under the bus has called you out publically first. Like Rob and others have said, Souray had a lot of people and places to vent to instead of speaking into a microphone. Team management, team ownership, and the NHLPA to name a few. His outburst was petulant, selfish, and destructive for both him and the team. It served no one. If Souray was truly trying to help the organization to improve, I can think of a dozen different ways he could have gone about it that would have been far more constuctive. He was being a dick and it hit him and the team in the face. Now everyone in the Oilers organization is forced to live with the stink. The fact that the ‘lesson’ was memorable does not justify it as appropriate.

        madjam wrote:

        Has management done it’s job ? If not , then how do you expect the players to also do their jobs for them on top of everything else ?

        Ahhhhh . . . what? How is Souray ‘doing management’s job’?

        madjam wrote:

        Why do you blame the players so much ?

        We don’t blame all the players. Just the ones who shoot off their mouth without thinking and the ones who are on the way to jail. There are a lot of players who understand what they’re getting paid for. Those guys, we monitor their on-ice performance. Once you make an idiot of yourself in public, that’s when you ask for off-ice scrutiny.

        • Not only believed it , but lived it successfully as well . From a managerial standpoint held those that played the part of silent, on the fence weasles in low regard . There the ones that generally stab you in the back and generally the most lazy and productive part of your workforce . Always held those that challenged in high regard , as it was their way of showing you there was room for improvement and they wanted a more challenging and better workplace . That is the new corporate culture .

          Is Souray now being used as a pawn or an excuse for managements inability to move him and sign Gags and Cogs or even lower their demands ? I don’t know .

          You misread Souray doing their job comment . The question was did you expect them to do their job as well as make up for the job management failed to do by not giving them the tools to do so by not adequately filling glaring voids .

          I am not aware of anything in a players contract that does not allow him to speak out against management . They own his labors but i doubt too much else . Not to many contracts allow freedom of speech to be denied , and thus circumvent ones constitutional right to do so .

  • R.A. Slapshotzky

    Jack Michaels sounds like a hard core hockey guy. Seems that they picked the perfect foil to Stauffer. Looking forward to his media interviw today. Always togher to be on ther otherside of the camera or mic. I asked that the Oilers get a guy from Western Canada. Alaska? About as west as you can get without calling games in Vladivostock. Good luck to him. Buy him a pop for us Robin and give him a warm Edmonton welcome.

  • R.A. Slapshotzky

    IF Souray is so misunderstood and wronged in this situation and wants nothing more than out of Edmonton as fast as possible then he should take the action to make it happen.

    He has the ability to void his contract and walk away from such a “poor” organization and city.

    If he wants to be altruistic and make sure that other players aren’t mistreated why address it in the media and demand a trade? To really help others, maybe he should work with management, the NHLPA, the league and other players in the organization in identifiying and rectifying the issues. Instead he goes to the media and complains that the organization doesn’t coddle him enough….”the GM doesn’t even call me when I have a boo-boo”…wow you are a grown adult start acting like it. You want to talk to ST then I am sure you have his number so you can call him.

    If this lack of personal affection from management is enough for you to “take a stand” then do it….forfeit your salary, walk away from those millions or just stop the public moaning and whining when you don’t get your princess treatment.


    And yes, the millions they get paid to play a game in the public eye do change the perception of actions and the way they are treated. You can’t apply the same standards and expectations of the common work place to pro sports. Besides just what would your reaction be if one of your employees was on the front page of the local papers complaining about how badly you treat him….why you didn’t call when he had the flu just to make him feel better, or maybe to hand deliver some chicken soup and tell him not to worry about getting back to work until he feels like it…no matter how long it takes or what doctors say his job will be there and you don’t expect them to work thru some illness / injury related issues at all….but hey if you do treat your employees that way and reward loud mouths with no organizational loyalty….can I have a high paying job with you and have no expectations put up me for delivery value?

  • R.A. Slapshotzky

    I only say that because he and his wife are divorced and not on good terms. Its a joke, not a personal shot at the guy. i wouldnt say that if he was still married to her, and didnt despise her.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Have to hand it to Sheldon…..similar to Roger Clemons he’s sticking with his demands to be treated special. His “i am a pampered pro athlete” attitude is the last thing you want in that impressionable dressing room. I thought there was hope bringing him back if his attitude changed but just like a spoiled crybaby he’s standing firm. Never met someone who was actually bigger than the game of hockey itself, obviously Souray is that type of person. Hopefully he’s under the next bus out of town.

  • BurkeTheTurd


    “a fool speaks a wiseman listens”

    @ OB1

    “A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking, but a wise man tells her that her mouth is extremely beautiful when her lips are closed”

  • BurkeTheTurd

    When these sordid little stories surface most of us can find some sort of merit on both sides. In this case I don’t see any redeeming factors working in Souray’s favor. He looks just the way he is perceived as a person. He acts the full part of a self-centered baby. Wake up Sheldoon. You cleared waivers dude. If no one wanted me in their organization I would at least pause and reflect. Maybe take a long look in the mirror!!!

  • BurkeTheTurd

    Canadian wins 6.6 M in lottery and claims he has no cares in the world now !! Souray makes more than most of you in a lifetime in one season of hockey . You think money would deter him , or any highly paid athlete from speaking their minds at times ? I doubt it . Not like he is wanting for money . Not like he is a fringe talent either , he is a special talent .

    If you had his kind of money would you put up with being mistreated if you felt that way ? Probably not , you’d tell the boss to stuff it where the sun don’t shine , even if you got fined for it . In other words , he doesn’t need the job or harassment of putting up with crap he doesn’t want to put up with in the first place .

    Like it or not, most highly paid special talents won’t put up and be intimidated like others that don’t make that kind of bread . They make more money generally than their bosses and most demand their respect . If you don’t give it to them ,then you’ve got a huge problem on your hands . Oilers have had plenty of time to meet Sourays problem and also try to make amends , compromises ,etc ..

    Are their others to follow in the next year – disgruntled players wanting out ?

  • Ender

    madjam wrote:

    Canadian wins 6.6 M in lottery and claims he has no cares in the world now !! Souray makes more than most of you in a lifetime in one season of hockey . You think money would deter him , or any highly paid athlete from speaking their minds at times ? I doubt it . Not like he is wanting for money . Not like he is a fringe talent either , he is a special talent . If you had his kind of money would you put up with being mistreated if you felt that way ? Probably not , you’d tell the boss to stuff it where the sun don’t shine , even if you got fined for it . In other words , he doesn’t need the job or harassment of putting up with crap he doesn’t want to put up with in the first place . Like it or not, most highly paid special talents won’t put up and be intimidated like others that don’t make that kind of bread . They make more money generally than their bosses . . .

    Up to that point, you were on a roll; it was the first thing you’ve said that made sense.

    The TL:DR summary is that Souray is rich and as such he can afford to mouth off if he’s unhappy. Understand, though, that this doesn’t change the fact that what he did was bad for both him and the organization; it just means that he can ride out whatever financial repercussions there are without it affecting his off-ice lifestyle much.

    madjam wrote:

    . . . most demand their respect . If you don’t give it to them ,then you’ve got a huge problem on your hands . Oilers have had plenty of time to meet Sourays problem and also try to make amends , compromises ,etc .. Are their others to follow in the next year – disgruntled players wanting out ?

    . . . and then the tinfoil hat went back on.

  • PerryK

    This debate on Souray is a bit silly.

    Sportsnet put out what they term a “news story” written by the “Web Staff” without a quotation and nothing more than an opinion of an anonymous writer who paraphrased Souray saying some thing to “the Sports Net”.

    When he did actually speak out in April, I am not so sure that what he said didn’t ring true to most of the Oilers fans. As far as I know, most of the people that read the Oiligosphere regularly are not apologists for the management of the Oilers. Yet, we have decided (generally speaking) that Souray was wrong in having said any thing.

    Please people, he hasn’t done any harm to the rest of the players in this organization, either philosophically or even psychologically. It seems to me that the management has some how convinced the Oilers ultra-faithful fans to boycott Souray as the pariah. Amazingly (I did not think they were this competent) they have managed to do this without a lot of words to the contrary!

    I, for one, believe what I have seen and not the non-quote quotations emanating from unknowable sources. Souray, while he wasn’t injured played hard for the Oilers. We could use a guy like him on our team. It is only the words that get in the way. Look at the actions like the rest of his teammates would probably do if it were not in a place called Edmonton that the words came to be.

    Fair is fair! Let the management and the player work out their issues. If the management has any class, they will bury this non-issue before long and let the man play hockey instead of politics.

    • Jodes

      I hate to kick the soapbox out from under you (the holes in your argument do the same quite nicely), but the “class” of management has nothing to do with this situation.

      That aside, there are real issues (beyond what you can pick up from watching game action from row 9 or 27 or whatever). If you don’t want to believe that and really think it’s as simple as letting the man play hockey, carry on.

      Consider this: If Sportnet (or any reporter) is creating negative issues out of the blue and Souray is a beloved leader and teammate in the dressing room, how is that reporter — or anybody from the outlet spreading baseless BS about a close-to-the-heart issue like willingness to play for an organization — going to do their job? Will teammates grant that player interviews? Will management give the reporter anything worth writing or speaking about? Wouldn’t the reporter get shut out and shunned if he was fabricating baseless lies?

      Your take is naive in the extreme.

  • Jodes

    One has to wonder now that Mitchell has been signed by the Kings if the Caps (who I guess were pursuing him) will want to give Souray another look?

    Or maybe the teams that lost out on Mitchell might be willing to deal for him as a Plan B, C …

  • Jodes

    Can anyone quote me an article in CBA that states ” hush up ” or “gag orders” are any part of the players contract implied or otherwise ? If so , then what area ? Any specification if it is league and or club ?

    • Jodes

      That’s a rhetorical question, I’d hope.

      The particular clause your refer to can be found under the often-overlooked section labelled “common sense,” in subsections “loyalty to the team/company paying your salary” and “not being that guy who pisses and moans about everything” because it makes you look like an ungrateful, entitled and spoiled four-year-old.

      Also in that section, but not written in black and white in any federal laws, civic bylaws or the NHL’s CBA:

      — If there’s no seats left on the bus and an elderly person or pregant woman gets on at the next stop, give up your seat.

      — Don’t bite the hand that feeds.

      — People who complain loudest about “big brother” and government/society/the neighbours refusing to let them do/say what they damn well please are often the ones who have no clue how to conduct themselves without having everything spelled out for them.