Oh these arena haters over in Willis article today. They are just a special breed aren’t they? If we weren’t in a heavenly state of post Lady Gaga watching bliss, we would load up the typewriter with responses and let fly.

But instead we will just say that if we owned the Oilers and would looking to build an arena, we would be making special note of all the people that are bringing out the most ridiculous objections to light. Over the next year we would have a team of Navy Seals taking detailed notes on the worst offenders and tracking them to their places of residence.

Then when we built the arena despite their hating, we would have the Seals descend on their homes and bring them all to an undisclosed location on the edge of town. Then, we would grind their bones into a fine powder and use it as an additive to the binding agent of the solid gold floor tiles in our owners box.

Then we would laugh heartily for the 40 year life span of the arena, clinking glasses of champagne with other billionaire types, laughing at the little people that tried to get in the way.


Yesterday we were chatting away quietly in the comment section and the concept came up that Comrie should be kept around for an additional year to provide mentorship to the Super Kids.

Yes, we know that Tambo has already gone on record that he doesn’t want anymore forwards, but we can’t help but think that the statement has an implicit second part "unless one comes along we can make good use of."

Our main man the GunnShow had an excellent point about providing temporary leadership to the kids:

"(Comrie is the) best we have at the moment, for sure. (And he) would come at a much lower cost than bringing someone in, who isn’t already accustomed to Edmonton and the way things are going."

If the Sky is the Limit with these kids on the come up, veteran leadership is going to be paramount going forward. And wouldn’t you know it, a former Oiler leader has come on the market as of today.

A fellow that may be 166 years old at the low end, but one who has won a Stanley Cup in recent memory and has previously stated that he tremendously enjoyed his time in Edmonton.


Bill Guerin.

If Bill Guerin hopes lace em up for a 19th NHL season, he will be plying his trade for a team other than the Pittsburgh Penguins. Or so says TSN today:

"Pens’ general manager Ray Shero informed the veteran winger that he would not be brought back to the Penguins this season.

The 39-year old Guerin had 21 goals and 24 assists in 78 games with the Penguins last season. He added four goals and five assists in nine playoff games. Guerin was also an integral part of the Penguins Stanley Cup Championship team in the 2008-09 season.

In 1,263 career NHL games split between the Devils, Oilers, Bruins, Stars, Sharks, Blues, Islanders and Penguins, the Worcester, Massachusetts native has 429 goals and 427 assists."

You like mentoring the kids Bill? You think you have a few more years in the tank before you retire? Why not swing up here for a final tour of duty? Heavens knows your "I’ve-been-to-a-team-of-super-kids-and-helped-mentor-them-to-a-Stanley-Cup" would be welcome as all heck up here.

And he fits the bill of what we are looking for as GunnShow pointed out – someone who is a leader (check) someone who has played in Edmonton before and liked it (check) and you can even add in "someone who has won the Stanley Cup in a year starting with a 2."

Bill Guerin to a one year deal? We’d do it in a heart beat*

*That’s what she said.