Nikolai Khabibulin won’t have to wait very long to find out the legal price he’ll pay for his DUI and related convictions today — the Edmonton Oilers goaltender will be sentenced in Arizona Tuesday.

Following the handing down of the sentence, Oilers GM Steve Tambellini will make himself available for comment. Here’s the release from the Oilers: "The Edmonton Oilers acknowledge and respect the decision handed down today by the Scottsdale City Court to goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin.

Both Nikolai and the Oilers organization recognize the severity of what has transpired. We plan on meeting with Nikolai, his agent and the National Hockey League in the near future.

"Once sentencing has been imposed on Tuesday, August 31st, Oilers General Manager Steve Tambellini will be available to the media."

Let the guessing about the length of Khabibulin’s sentence — and the opportunistic cries for the Oilers to seek to void his contract — begin.

We’ll bring you Tambellini’s news conference Tuesday.

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  • oilersplumber

    Just in town for five minutes to get fresh underwear…..heres a top ten no particular order (get the irony of the joke ?)

    One: Run NK’s drinking ass out of here !
    (Had a chance meeting with him at Vanc. Intl. before the all star game many years ago. Class “A” Number One Jerk !)
    Two: Gerber is going to OK City
    Three: (Which should be one) Grab Josh Harding.
    (Now theres a talent wasting away)
    Four: Nice to see a decent play by play man to replace the legend. (Don’t worry BS has fat skin he can take the demotion)
    Five: Brownlee has improved substantially as a talking head since he began. Nice to hear him talk cars once in a while too. Sign him up for more.
    Six: If you want to go back to the top, you had better let the kids play, make their mistakes and learn in the process.
    Seven: Calgary ? Outdoor game ? Clownland Uni’s ?
    How original.
    Eight: No matter who plays on what line, let em free wheel, PERIOD. Badger Bob’s system dead for a reason. (Are you reading this Hitchcock ?)
    Nine: To the guy on the QE 2 with the “Flames” truck…..”I remember my first Tonka too”….did the Red Deer RC’s catch up with you ?
    Ten: Gotta go back to making filthy oil so all you twenty somethings, that sit in the office cubical all day and pontificate on the face off percentages, can burn it in your ricers.
    See you next week.

  • Cant say that I’m on-board the void-train because of a moral stance, at least not entirely. I really am 75% pro-voiding-the-contract because I see it as a good thing for the future of the Oilers hockeywise. That’s just how it is. I’m with Dakin. Life doesnt usually hand out do-overs. If it makes sense, then get it done.

    I wouldnt even mind another year of DD and JDD, evenly split. Probably a much beter chance at one more lottery pick.

  • VOID! where do you draw the line on issues like this and who you want off-ice representing a team that is in total rebuild. You are trying to change your image and look, so with all the new kids in town, lets just rent a big party bus and give the keys to old Khabby. If you want him to drive the team into the ground, then let him drive. Not a good image to turn your head away from this.

  • The Oilers will not void the contract. He won’t get paid for the time that he is not available to play, but I think its the wrong move to try and void his contract. The NHLPA files a grievance, wins, NK returns and is now unhappy and stuck with us for 3 more years. Great. Check mate.
    I still believe NK is a steady NHL goalie and will be healthy for most of his time. Start Dubbie, and bring up Gerber baby to babysit whilst NK rots in tent city. When NK returns, life goes on.

  • book¡e

    Signing ‘Bulin for 4 yrs not to mention the dollar amount had to have been decided when the GM thought he was piloting a team that had a chance. Bad deal.

    To try a squirm out of the contract would send all the wrong messages out to the rest of the league. Kevin Lowe put enough egg on the team’s face for one decade. They should stand by this contract and try and re-hab their image around the league.

    This player signing was certainly not Tambo’s finest hour. All of Bulin’s good work is in the past. He’s here and I think we are just going to have to face the fact we’re stuck with it.

  • book¡e

    I think voiding the contract is not the smart thing to do right now. The team doesn’t need the bad press this will bring with it. Just ship him off to some minor league team and forget about him. Hopefully he’ll screw up again and nobody really fault Edmonton for voiding his contract.
    Then trade Souray and Hemsky to Boston for Thomas, Ryder, and Seguin. This trade would solve both teams problems. Boston needs defense and scoring and are stuck with some bad contracts. Edmonton needs a goalie and a top line center. Thomas would give us that goalie and hopefully Seguin would be that center. Ryder is just a salary dump filler in this trade, but he’ll get you 20-30 goals and he has only one year left on his 4mil per year contract. Also note Thomas has a salary cap hit of 5mil for the next 3 years, but his actual salary drops to 3mil per year in the last two years and is a good team player. Which HK was clearly not.

  • book¡e

    We can all agree that Khabibulan’s contract is a bad one. But to attempt to void the contract on what most companies would see as an addiction problem – would send a very bad message to other players around the league.

    The Oilers have to a least make the attempt to help Khabby with his alcohol addiction. This is the guy’s first offence after all. It’s not like he’s Steve Howe for crying out loud!

    That loser got suspended 7 freaking times from MLB for cocaine and alcohol abuse, yet kept getting opportunity after opportunity to resume his pitching career. Not making light of Khabby’s situation – but compared to Howe – you can’t void the contract.