It would seem that riveting goaltending drama hasn’t prevented Oilers GM Steve Tambellini from pulling the trigger on a two year, $4.55 million dollar contract for young Sam Gagner.

Reports TSN.ca:

"The Edmonton Oilers have signed 21-year old forward Sam Gagner to a two-year, $4.55 million contract. The cap hit is $2.275 million per year.

In 68 games played last season, Gagner scored 15 goals and posted 26 assists.

"Sam is a key part of our organization moving forward," General Manager Steve Tambellini said in a statement. "We are looking forward to him taking on a larger role with our club."

This is a reasonably sound contract for Gagner in our humble opinion. The term says "we want you here in the immediate term" but the amount says "not so much that we are going to do anything crazy."

But in a land of crippling anvil-like contracts, this is a move borne of sanity and sound fiscal management.

  • Ender

    RossCreek wrote:

    I’d love to be the recipient of madjam’s weekly “butt plant” award for the 2nd week in a row. In fact, I plan on running the table – 52 straight weeks.

    You’ll have to earn it, RC. I went on record last week as saying I was in to be a serious contender for this week’s award. I’d like to think I could be even more rational and logical than a guy who still cheers when the Flamers win a game.

    May the best anti-jammer win!

  • Dyckster

    Arch – a rental purchase may also be a seasonal player next season if you so choose to make him one . It’s not as black and white as you make it out to be . Once again we disagree . Surprised ? Pretty soon , if Tambo doesn’t slow down he’ll be nicknamed Rambo Tambo !

    Things could be much worse , you could be a Flames fan basking in pessimism . Look on the bright side , last time i went on holidays to start the exhibition year and another to finish the year , the Oilers went all the way to Stanley Cup finals . Will superstition repeat itself this season ?

    • Dyckster

      There’s an inherent risk that comes with the acquisition of a “rental” type player. Most often they are in the final year of their contract. Unless they have a NMC, and agreed to come to our fine city, chances are probably way better than 50/50 they’ll be playing somewhere next season. Hence, with respect Arch’s post #63, we gave up a second rounder for nothing.

      • The scenario I outlined already happened to the Oilers too. Oilers send 2nd round pick for Ales Kotalik.

        That 2nd round pick turned into William Wrenn: Defensive Defenseman who Captained the Americans to 2009 Juniour Gold.

        hmmm…Defensive defenseman with leadership skills. ~Nope, I’d rather have 2 months of Ales Kotalik.~

        • PabstBR55

          The Islanders have actually done a good job of signing vets to 1-year contracts then dealing them at the deadline for pics.

          Case in point, Bill Guerin. They dealt him to the Pens in ’09 after signing him to a 1-year deal that summer.

          This is also why I assume they signed both Biron and Rollie last year, but probably didn’t fetch the return they were hoping for in a trade.

          Tampa has also done the same with Mark Recchi.

          I couldn’t tell you what type of re-building material they acquired from those deals, but it’s a viable strategy nonetheless. If a trade doesn’t work out (Roloson), or if the player gets injured (Doug Weight), the salary is usually small enough that the downside is minimal.