And so it was written and so it was done. The fairytale wedding between Mike Comrie and Hilary Duff includes sailing of into the sunset – of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. News today that the Duffman has signed a one year deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins for a league minimum $500,000.


"With Jordan Staal set to miss at least part of training camp with a foot injury, the Pittsburgh Penguins have found a replacement as they have signed veteran centre Mike Comrie to a one-year contract worth $500,000.

Comrie’s agent Ritch Winter told TSN that his client agreed to sign for substantially less than the $1.25 million he earned last season with the Edmonton Oilers because he believed it would help the team. Winter also said that Penguins captain Sidney Crosby has already contacted Comrie to welcome him to the team."


It seems we were one of the few remaining Comrie fans in town over the off season. Dot Com’s propensity to be out for most of the year erased most of the "Comrie for Hart" talk that came after he led the NHL in preseason points this past season, before going down with a case of mononucleosis. 

But for those of our brethren who still cheer for the guy and are sorry to see him go we can offer the following facts on the matter:

1. Comrie wanted to remain an Oiler. Despite making noises earlier in the season that his deal would only keep him in Edmonton for a single season, Comrie was interested in signing another deal to stay in Edmonton. He was informed by the Oilers that he wasn’t part of their larger plans to rebuild and that his services were no longer required.

2. The Missus had no issues with staying in Edmonton. Contrary to what common sense may suggest, Mrs. Hilary Duff-Comrie-von Cashington had no qualms about her newly minted husband continuing in Edmonton. She was even willing to come here to see her husband on a regular basis. See Lauren Pronger? It can work you egg laying monster.

3. Other teams showed interest before he signed in Pittsburgh. When it became clear to the Comrie camp that he would not be returning to Edmonton for another season, offers of interest came in from Chicago and Detroit among other teams. The word went out that Comrie was willing to play for less than market value – provided he was going to play with a winner. The guy clearly wants to win a Cup – and it seems that teams in the hunt for his services believe he could play a role in a run next June.

4. Shawn Horcoff was one of the groomsmen at his recent wedding. Unrelated, but isn’t that weird? Also weird is that perezhilton reported on his signing. He belongs to the stars now we suppose.


So this is how the latest chapter of the Comrie story ends is it?

Signing yet another one year deal (bad) at a league minimum (fine – he doesn’t need the money) with the Penguins (good.) This time his departure from Edmonton seems to be without a trace of anger on either side and is monitored by a largely indifferent fan base who has already moved on from the heroes of yesteryear and are focused solely on the New Boys.

Cheerio Comrie. We will always admire the sack it took to come back to Edmonton for a second tour of duty and the flashes of brilliance and determination you showed down the stretch run of a 30th place team, when most of your team mates had already checked out.

Hopefully you get that Ring.