After enduring the slings and arrows from many an NHL player, Steve Tambellini has struck back on behalf of the Oilers and delievered a slap to the face of malcontent Sheldon Souray. Big Sexy is an Oiler no more.

The prophetic words of OilersNation’s own Lowetide rang all over the interwebs at 7:28 PM MST yesterday:

"This is a very good time for Steve Tambellini to prove he is not only the man in charge, but the man who should be in charge.

We wait."

A couple hours after this eloquent prose was published, newly ballsy GM Steve Tambellini made the following announcement at the Young Stars Tournament and Squee-o-rama in Penticton:

"We’ve been trying to move the player for some time obviously, Sheldon has expressed strong interest over a long period of time that it’s best for him to move and we’re going to try and help him with that. I couldn’t get that done prior to this camp.

"I hope to get it done during camp, but it’s best for the Oilers for him not to be at camp right now."

The very same article has Souray responding to the news:

"Things happen, I guess, however as a professional and a proud guy, I wanted to be part of all of the positive things that are happening around the team right now. My focus was to come in here and be a pro.  There never would have been any distraction from my end."

This from a guy who threw Management, Team Doctors, trainers and most of the staff of Rexall Place under the bus on the way out of town last season. You have already proven to be quite the distraction Sir.


We can recall when Big Sexy signed with the Oilers a few years back. He made all of the right noises about wanting to come to Edmonton and being a proud Albertan and we will always thank him for that. He brought some excitement to the ice with his fists and his shot, of that we can be sure. And he set many a loin afire along the way.

But we just can’t help but think back at all the statements he has made in his time here and wonder. 

In no particular order the following items spring to mind: 

  • During free agency he has also said that the Oilers offer came out of left field and was significantly higher than anything else he had received.
  • Since he signed with the Oil he has come out and said that other teams than the Oilers had offered him more money but he chose to sign here.
  • At the end of last season he basically declared that he would never ever play here again.
  • He now claims he is excited to come to be a part of all the positive things happening around the team and that his intention had been to report to camp all along.

Somewhere in the genetic makeup of Sheldon Souray there is an issue lurking. It certainly isn’t with his looks, nor is it his booming slap shot. But somewhere along the way he started drinking his own bathwater and now remains some sort of hard shooting, chiseled jaw enigma that could be interpreted by some non polygraph working folk as a bit of a truth stretcher.

Never in our lives can we recall so many contradictory statements made by a player. We don’t want to go so far as to call him a liar, but he certainly has a "rotating view of reality." Telling reporters at the end of the season that you had been forced by team doctors to play injured is bizarre.

Telling these same reporters that you haven’t talked to your GM in months despite numerous quotes to the contrary is bizarre. Telling everyone that you will never play here again and then 180’ing it right before camp and deciding to play nice is bizarre.

Bizarre to the point that we think Steve Tambellini has done the right thing finally holding Le Grand Sexe accountable for his actions and telling him to stay home.

Sitting Souray certainly doesn’t increase his trade value but with his sticker price scaring most teams off anyway this sends a message that this team isn’t to be used as a floor mat by every Tom, Dick and Harry in the league anymore. As Lowetide put it yesterday Steve Tambellini has stood up and declared himself in charge of this team.

We have come a long way from making Dany Heatley DVDs in an attempt to sell the City haven’t we?

  • Hopefully some big name defenceman breaks a leg in a motorcycle crash. Unless some bizarre affliction hits a top 4 dman in this league, we won’t move him. I don’t want to see some other high priced malcontent come back here, especially with the club & fans looking forward to showcasing kids.

    The only way we get rid of him is to send him to OKC & someone picked him up on re-entries.

    Essentially it is a buy-out, if you consider that if he was bought out we would still have to pay him.

  • socaldave

    I am freakin’ ECSTATIC to hear Tambo’s stood up and thrown out a big ol’ F*** YOU to a petulant multi-millionaire hockey player. Couldn’t have happened to a douchier guy.

    Sheldon, here’s your bed – I’m sure you know what to do…

  • Here is a question If bigsexy is not assigned to okla does he still have to clear waviers? If so how can the oilers trade him without some other team claiming him upon reentry? Even so getting rid of half that contract is better than nothing because nothing is his value right now. Just saying

    • Ender

      No. If he is not assigned elsewhere, he is still technically an Oiler. Just one that doesn’t get to wear a uniform. His cap hit still counts against the team in that scenario, but he can be freely traded away without clearing waivers, assuming you could actually find someone who wanted him.

      That all changes if he’s reassigned. If you send him to OKC, he’d have to clear re-entry waivers before he could be traded. This would effectively make him untradeable and would leave the Oilers in the position where I believe they would be unlikely to ever recall him. The plus side to that, though, is that his cap-hit would come off the Oilers books at that point. The gist, though, is that if he’s sent down, he’s pretty much there for good, or at least until he gets sick of it and asks the Oilers to tear up the contract (there’s a loophole), which I’m sure they would cheerfully do.

  • Ender

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out ‘Ol Chap. I sincerely await your remarks next spring when you realize that a future job in the NHL is more important than receiving another $5M for contributing nothing to the Oilers. Until then . . . toodles.

  • Milli

    Yep, Love it. I now have more love for Tambo than I ever thought possble. Souray you douche, I hope you got alot of frequent flyer mles for making the trip to Etown!

  • smiliegirl15

    Ahh, Tambo is doing a great job endearing himself to other veteran players he will be looking to sign that will complement his young roster in the future.

    After years of enduring K-Lowe trying to overpay free agents to come play in Edmonton, we won’t have to worry about Tambo doing that, no one will want to play for him.

    • Gerald R. Ford

      Wanye is our beloved leader. He has provided us with a friendly place to have polite interaction regarding our even more beloved Oil, and he treats us very nicely. Please be nice to him in return, or go away. The most redundant thing on the internet is the predictable and tiresome negativity of a classic douchebag.

      • Now when you say beloved – are you meaning beloved in a Kim Jong Il type way? The way where everyone is mega brainwashed and couldn’t even speak out against him if they wanted to for fear of being sent to a gulag in the North?

        Cause if that is the kind of beloved you mean, you are hereby entitled to speak on our imperial behalf for all eternity you eloquent SOB.

        *High fives baggedmilk back, carefully sprays hands with hand sanitizer as he walks away*

    • If you’d like some really redundant topics, feel free to visit we’re always up for dragging things on and on… That is, if we ever decide not to be lazy as$hats and start writing again.

      To you, saxybiotch, shut your mouth. You annoy me… I don’t even know you but I feel as though I would be unable to share wings with you.

      Unless your name is Bill Clinton, the Sax will not help you with the ladies, poor grammar, and inability to win fights on the Internet. Is that why you’re saxy? I should hope not.

      Go start a blog so that, much like yourself, it can be ignored.

      *high fives Wanye*

        • Nothing makes me happier than haters.


          Guy: You suck Wanye!

          Me: *rubs temples clockwise*

          Guy: I’m serious, I really hate you.

          Me: *takes deep breath, rubs temples counter clockwise*

          Guy: And it isn’t just me either. Lots of people hate you.We get together and have meetings and coffee on Tuesdays at a local church.

          Me: Seriously can I come? I know the church you meet at and I live right around the corner.

          Guy: Er, I suppose.

          Me: Sweet.

          END SCENE

  • Gerald R. Ford

    I feel the opposite of shame today. This organization may not be “successful” for a while yet, but it’s getting better every day. War Tambo’s massive ballz causing traffic jams in Penticton.

  • Chris.

    No buyout please… I’d rather the Oilers move Souray on re-entry waivers and pay half of his contract for the next two years instead of having a cap hit spread over four seasons when this team needs to sign Hall, Eberle, MPS, Gagner, etc.

    If Souray is placed on re-entry waivers I hope an Eastern Conference team claims him…

    As a side note: It’s getting harder and harder to make the case that an outdated building is the root cause of this team’s financial woes.

  • No Clue

    The only thing better then Tambo telling Sheldon to pound sand, is the awesome spicy pant picture and the most awesome video to ever be viewed on this sight! Slow motion bitch slap indeed! i watched it like 6 times.
    So long Sheldon, may your bridge burning serve you well.

  • Ender

    thanks ender If what you say is true then trade him for whatever. dont take a bad contract back and if nothing happens on the trade route then bury him in the minors for two years or until he voids the contract. These guys need to keep their yaps shut 5.4 million reasons why.

  • Ender

    Agree to no buyout. The Oil is not close to the cap now, so they spend a bit of Batman’s money over the next 2 years with a dead asset, and then are free and clear afterward when hopefully they’ll be resigning the Big 3 to 20 year $7M/year contracts because they all scored 100 pts a year. RIGHT?

    That and likely they can deal Souray close to the end of this year. One more year with a bad contract is a much easier sale than two years of a bad contract see: Staios, Steve

    Some team will be desperate enough to show their fans they are “doing something” for the playoff run that they’ll take Souray for a 2nd round pick at the deadline (as long as he doesn’t break his hand a week before…)

  • Now when you say beloved – are you meaning beloved in a Kim Jong Il type way? The way where everyone is mega brainwashed and couldn’t even speak out against him if they wanted to for fear of being sent to a gulag in the North? Cause if that is the kind of beloved you mean, you are hereby entitled to speak on our imperial behalf for all eternity you eloquent SOB.

    Yes Wanye, excatly like Kim Jong II but with fewer giant rabbits.

    EDIT: Damn embedding links!

  • Reijo Ruotsalainen's wicked slapper

    -listens to all the ankles breaking from people jumping on and off the Steve Tambellini band wagon….

    I am not sure there has ever been a more polarizing individual in Oiler history then the current GM. One day he’s a moron, the next he is the shining beacon leading us to the promised land.

    For what it’s worth, I think he has done a good job making this team into what he wants. Methodical strategic long term planning was what was called for, and he took his time, dealt with things when it was prudent and has gotten himself out of most of the jams he was put into by the previous regime.

    Looking forward to the new season.

    On a non-related topic, how do I change my user id?