Up Around the Bend

Sheldon Souray has turned over a new leaf. His comments in this tsn story explain away the spring comments and point to the promise of a new season. The question is: will Oilers management feel the same way? 

I’m not certain the Oilers management group will forgive and forget. We have a wealth of case histories on the subject, dating back to Comrie and Smyth and beyond. Oilers ownership/management have traditionally had long memories and short fuses when it comes to star players who won’t march in lock step.I believe Sheldon Souray gets traded in the next couple of weeks. It takes two to tango, and when Souray says:

  •  "I’m here in camp, and I’m here to do the best that I can and I want to keep things positive.  I have something to prove to myself first of all and to my teammates and to whoever has doubted me.  I’m using that as motivation for this year.  I’m focused, I’m ready to go and I’m healthy and those are the main things."

it represents exactly half of the equation. If Steve Tambellini tells the media "all is forgiven" Oiler fans can officially consider their blueline upgraded from a couple of weeks ago. However, that would run counter to what we’ve seen in previous years. This is a very good time for Steve Tambellini to prove he is not only the man in charge, but the man who should be in charge.

We wait.

  • Lowetide

    bookie: Agreed. If Souray was part of the veteran group that included Moreau then get rid of him. We can’t know that, but a new group of veterans (Gilbert, Whitney, etc) is clearly going to emerge.

    The naming of the next captain will be an interesting story.

  • Lowetide

    I could be totally wrong on this, but have been told in the past that extra tickets are purchased by a large company in town and then passed along to those who wouldn’t ordinarily get to the game. Could be wrong, but I’ve been told that a few times.

    • Gilmore Tuttle

      Yea, Rexall Sports and Entertainment or one of Katz’s friend’s companies/sponsors through some tax donation process with the Foundation. They then would give some to kids. The interesting thing is the offer to give season ticket holders “face value” receipts if they “donated” the tickets they weren’t going to use (ie. couldn’t give away). I am sure that the Canadian Revenue Agency might have an issue with that on a couple of levels.

      The team was also keeping track of who wasn’t sitting in their seats in the lower level and then calling to see why they weren’t going and then ask them to donate the tickets (so it wouldn’t look empty on TV). Seems to me that I can use or not use my tickets as I want as I have paid for them. There were also complaints by season ticket holders who paid and went that some of the kids that were given tickets being disruptive and ruining what little enjoyment there was at the games.

  • Crackenbury

    Staples nailed it:

    “‘I wouldn’t be a distraction: … I was planning on coming in, planning on being focused and ready to do whatever to be a professional,’ said Souray, who is back in town skating with the other Oilers at Kinsmen Arena”

    Whether for trade value or not the Oilers spent the summer treating Souray at training camp or not as something they did not have to commit to.

    Whoever’s to blame for the events this year, the agent certainly understood Friday’s call. With the team saying no training camp is an option he asked for it in writing.

    If anyone wonders why the team wants him far away from the dressing room, look no further than Souray using veterans as a backdrop Monday to gush about a camp he had no invitation to. Fortunately the young guns were in Penticton and missed out on the spectacle.