Healthy Plante Important

In the first period of tonight’s Young Stars game against San Jose’s rookies, Alex Plante fell at the end of a fight and hit the back of his head. It is exactly the kind of thing the Oilers (and Plante) badly needed to avoid.

Plante had a disastrous 2007-08. Back problems at 2007 Oilers rookie camp slowed his development and he then suffered a concussion mid-season 07-08 with the Hitmen (WHL). Guy Flaming January 2008:

  • I spoke with Hitmen head coach Kelly Kisio about an hour ago and he confirmed CONCUSSION for Plante. I also spoke with Plante for about 20 minutes. He feels he’ll be back in about a week or so, hopefully before the Hitmen are back at Rexall on the 18th. He was running stairs at Rexall about an hour ago so clearly the brain must be feeling much better.Also confirmed that his back was not re-injured, it was all about his face (cuts) and head (concussion). The back is close to if not 100%, says he has some soreness once in a while but due more to "Having had to be Mr. Perfect Posture there for a month or so". Hopefully he can get a break and stay healthy for the second half because the Hitmen could very well win the ‘Dub this year.

Last year, his season ended early, once again due to concussion. Tonight’s injury could be no big deal (Plante won’t be back tonight) but it could be his second concussion in a calendar year (and third since he was drafted). Oilers fans have watched the team lose many fine defense prospects to injuries over the years, and losing Plante for an extended period would leave the quality prospects on D at a very low ebb.

Hopefully we’ll get good news at main training camp.