Based on tonight’s lineup, don’t be surprised to see a few preseason tilts in Vancouver. The Oilers have dressed someone in every weight class, except lightweight, unless Jordan Eberle’s jab is as quick as his snapshot.

 In their first of only six preseason games, the Oilers will ice a lineup where the majority of players dressed won’t be here past this Saturday. Tom Renney will ice a completely different line up tomorrow night, and then he’ll make another 15-18 cuts and get down to a workable number for the rest of the preseason and training camp.

Alex Giroux/Shawn Horcoff/Jordan Eberle
Greg Stewart/Brad Moran/Zack Stortini
Colin McDonald/Ryan O’Marra/Teemu Hartikainen
Steve MacIntyre/Chris Vande Velde/Ben Ondrus

Ryan Whitney/Jeff Petry
Jim Vandermeer/Theo Peckham
Taylor Chorney/Jake Taylor

Devan Dubnyk
Martin Gerber

Only eight or nine of these guys look to be here past Saturday, but you can expect a lot of them will try to make an impression in Vancouver tonight. Vande Velde and O’Marra play similar roles and only one of them might stay past Friday, so one of them needs to play well tonight.

It will be interesting to watch how MacIntrye plays tonight. He informed the media over the weekend that he wasn’t going to be a gentle giant this year. He wants to take the game to the opposition, and has vowed he will make sure the young kids are protected. Last night MacIntyre told me he wasn’t going to dress tonight, but they made a last second switch and decided to dress him instead of Ryan Jones. Jones didn’t practice with the second group this morning so he must have tweaked something during the Joey Moss Cup last night.

Peckham is another guy who doesn’t need to showcase his toughness, but talked about needing to get off to a good start, and the easiest way for him to get in the game is to start yapping, hitting and mixing it up.

Giroux needs to make an impact tonight. He doesn’t have to score necessarily, but he needs to showcase his offensive instincts and skill if he hopes to get a long look.

Expect Gerber to start, but only play half a game. There is no need for him to play any more than that. He won’t make this team, and with only six games Renney needs to get Dubnyk and JDD as much icetime as possible. It looks like both goalies should get a lot of action tonight based on the Canucks lineup.

D.Sedin/H. Sedin/Shirokov

L. Sweatt/Connaughton or


Tonight’s game is on Sportsnet One, if you have shaw, or you can catch it on Sportsnet Pacific if it isn’t blocked in your area. Right now Bell isn’t picking up Sportsnet One, but I’m hearing that might, and I stress might, change before the start of the regular season. If Bell doesn’t pick it up you can bet they will have plenty of annoyed Oilers, Flames and Canuck subscribers.


Based on the second practice the home crowd at Rexall will get to see a more offensive lineup tomorrow v. Tampa.

Sam Gagner skated with Taylor Hall and Ales Hemsky this morning, Andrew Cogliano had Dustin Penner and Magnus Paajarvi on his wings, while Colin Fraser was flanked by Gilbert Brule and Liam Reddox. Tyler Pitlick, Linus Omark, Jared Aulin, Cam Abney and JF Jacques were the other forwards. Jacques won’t play so it will be between the other four, unless Renney wants a veteran physical guy in the lineup.

Ladislav Smid and Kurtis Foster continued to practice as a duo, so they’ll probably play together. Tom Gilbert was paired with Richard Petiot, Jason Strudwick skated with Johan Motin while Shawn Belle and Alex Plante were the other pair. Two of those six guys won’t go tomorrow.

Nikolai Khabibulin practiced again, but it isn’t a guarantee he will play tomorrow.


A lot of guys think yoga is girly. I wonder how many of them would tell that to MacIntyre.

The big man took up yoga over the summer and says it’s made him feel much better. "It’s loosened up my shoulders a lot. I was wrestling around with the guys yesterday and I felt like I had way more snap in my punches. I feel more agile on the ice too. I’m looking to be more physical this year. I want to get a hit on every shift, and if I can do that I think I can get guys on the other team worried a bit."

After telling us he had more snap in his punches, there was a good exchange between him and former lacrosse tough guy, Robin Brownlee.

RB: "I think you had me beat before you had more snap in your punches."

SM: "Want to go outside and I can show you just to be sure..(laughs)"

RB: (laughing) Oh yeah, real tough guy picking on the 50 year-old."

SM: "I’ll break your hip old man.."

MacIntrye, Brownlee, myself and a few other reporters erupted in a hearty laugh.

MacIntyre is a typical tough guy. Crazy on the ice, but very funny and calm off of it. MacIntyre is extremely excited about getting another chance and he wants to prove to Renney that he can use him for more than three minutes a night.  


Olivier Roy was sent back to Acadie-Bathhurst in the QMJHL this morning. Roy can now focus on making the world junior team. The 5th rounder in 2009 looked solid at the rookie tournament, but still needs to refine his game. He’ll play a lot in Acadie-Bathhurst and look for he will be in the mix to be the starter for Canada at the under-20 tournament. 

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    No, I never played against him….he is quite a bit younger then me (heh). I know what you mean though. There are some guys I played against in midget and junior that made it to the NHL, AHL or ECHL and I was quite surprised. With Toews though, I don’t think there were any surprises. I agree with Gregor’s last comment though. Some guys just find their game at different times.

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Apparently Bell is really slow on their negotiations. They have yet to enter a counter offer, from what I am told.

    Thank goodness for Shaw and Telus!

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Oh crap. I haven’t picked my goat and star this year!

    Let the record show I’m going with Cogliano for my star (here’s hoping he gets more time with Paajarvi), and Khabibulin for my goat.

    I was tempted to pick Vandermeer for my goat, but I want him to do well here so badly.

  • m3sh


    Without having read all the comments on the thread… trying to pack up and head home… allow me to point out TELUS’ TV service will be carrying Sportsnet One, although i’m not positive if it’s launched yet… it will be soon if it’s isn’t already there for tonight.

    Sheesh, 200K subscribers and still not even thought of as a major provider 😉

    • Jason Gregor

      Telus won’t be carrying the first few games…They don’t get Sportsnet One until Sept 28th or something like that, but they will have it for the regular season I was told today by Alan Watt.

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Okay, what the crap. I’m at my parents house chilling some beer, and apparently they have MTS TV. I’m not seeing Sportsnet ONE anywhere, and I can’t even figure out which channels are pay-per-view.

  • Phil

    Kesler is such a f*ckin pussy. Every time I see that picture of him chuckin’ the nux with Gags (or pretty much with anyone for that matter) it reminds me of how big of an embarrassment this tool is in terms of cojones.

  • I saw the line-ups for tonight and if you asked me who would be dominating whom in the middle of the 1st period, I woudnt have guessed the Oilers over the Canucks.

    Who else saw Eberle get by Hamhuis early in the period? That was nice.

  • Missed the 1st. Good Tofield boy Ondrus with the goal, eh. We’re all good Tofield boys 😉

    It’s nice living in no-man’s land… Tofield phone number & address growing up, while living in Lamont County & going to Lamont school, while playing hockey in Vegreville and Ardrossan/Strathcona… yup, no hometown, import everywhere… that’s life in Ross Creek.

    I think I’m the only guy on here to even ask (Gregor) about Ondrus. You go Ben!

      • Played for the Warriors for 5ish years in mid-90’s (including their 1st Bantam AAA team)… loved playing in Fultonvale arena (we played some years there & some in Ardrossan). Didn’t Stauffer play in Fultonvale?

        • Scuba Steve

          Not sure if Stauffer played there. I remember playing on the little rink at Fultonvale, though. I played for the Strathcona all the way up to the Sabres in ’97. I played on a lot of the AAA teams too, we might;ve been teamates.

          • I was gonna mention the little rink… we actually went on that in Bantam AAA to practice the PP, haha. Who was your Sabres coach? I wanna say Dave R-something? I played a few games for them in 96/97 as a 1st year midget call-up due to injury, lol.

          • Dwight? Ya, played for him 1 year. It was a gong show of a year. Don’t know much about Dave because I only played a few games for him… but he liked to have the “odd shot” IIRC. Played for Graham Smith (Nathan’s dad), too. Sounds like we prob know/knew some of the same people. Now… do we know each other? Hmm.

          • Scuba Steve

            I didn’t ever play for Graham, but I was good friends with Nathan’s older brother, Jared.

            Did you play for Tim Tabour at all?

            I usually hung out with guys like Mark Kozniuk, Todd Krasowski or Jason Benner, any of those ring a bell?

          • All 3 ring a bell; played with them all. Never played for Tabour, but always heard good things about him. I thought for sure Jared was destined for big things… him and Andrew Ference were head & shoulders above anyone else…


    • Scuba Steve

      Despite what Ender had to say, Eberle was very impressive tonight…

      He’s such a smart player, handles the puck with ease, is very shifty.

      He took some hits to make good plays. One of those plays even sent Horcoff in on a two on one with Giroux.

      He makes the intelligent play most often. DeBrusk was commenting on his ability to get the puck from the opponent.

      He also set Horcoff up with an empty net tap in with a beauty of a cross crease pass…but you guessed it, Horcoff whiffed it completely.

      Not sure how much more effective Eberle can be other than maybe score a couple of goals.

      • Ender

        I agree that Eberle made a few very nice passes tonight, but he took a lot of punishment making them. He’s got to learn to get that pass away quicker and keep his head up. He’s got amazing hockey sense and I give him props for knowing where everyone is on the ice, but from what I saw it seems that these guys are a lot bigger and faster than he’s used to.

        • Scuba Steve

          Unfortunately there are going to have to be some hits taken. DeBrusk made a good point that it might be in his best interest to get the stick up once in awhile to keep the potential hitters a little more honest.

          Eberle is young, he’s smart, he’ll learn and improve, but it doesn’t matter who you are. If you handle the puck often you are going to get hit sometimes.

          • He hasnt played an NHL game yet, so I imagine that the game seems pretty fast, even in pre-season. I’m sure that things will slow down for him as the year goes on.

            He got hit hard a few times, but it’s the same thing. He just needs more time playing the NHL game.

            If I had another criticism of Eberle last night, it would be that he tried to make too many fancy moves in the offensive zone. By the 3rd period you could guess that he wasnt going to make the simple pass, he was going to fake pass and attempt to deke by a defender. That’s all.

            I was overall very impressed, and I will be surprised if he doesnt continue to get better as preseason goes on.

  • smiliegirl15

    Damn baseball on Sportsnet One on Telus. What’s the point of having the damn channel, even if it’s a free preview if they don’t show what they’re supposed to show!!!

    Was it on any of the carriers?

    I like this new guy’s voice but it’s going to take awhile to get used to it. Guess I’ll be listening to a lot of him this season if this is what SN1 is going to be like!!!

    • Its on SHAW.

      Sportsnet One is a National station. However, Sportsnet can only play games regionally. So they have a “companion channel” to show the games (Oilers/Flames in Alberta, Canucks in BC, etc). On SHAW, Sportsnet One is ch 159*, but because they can’t show the Oilers/Flames/Canucks games nationally, they play it on the “companion channel” (ch 320*).

      Gregor had Allan Watt on today, and he let us know that Telus currently has the Sportsnet One channel, but not the “companion channel”… that’s coming Sept. 28, so hold tight. Bell on the other hand, has nothing at the moment.

      *Standard Definition channels

  • smiliegirl15

    Thanks guys! I was looking forward to watching hockey tonight so am very disappointed.

    I do like Jack’s voice though so it’s not completely terrible. Sounds like they are having a decent game.

    • Haha! Well I tried watching the game on crappy hotel internet. Its buffervision for me. 5 seconds of play followed by 10 seconds of the spinning pinwheel of death. And they don’t get the SHAW Oilers broadcast here in Calgary either. Enjoy the game suckers!

      Oh well. The game to watch will be the next one with the A team playing.

      • And they don’t get the SHAW Oilers broadcast here in Calgary either.

        Why’s that? They got the Flames game last night, as did I near Edmonton. I would think they got the Oiler game tonight just the same.

        • Dude, I don’t know. Best part of tonight was a crazy collection of supercars on Stephen Avenue. Have you ever seen a carbon fiber bodied Ferrari F-40? Or a Maserati Lemans homologation car? Me neither.

          Then I go back to my ~luxurious~ suite at the Palliser to find out the game wasn’t on the hotel feed. Yay.

          *Update* Just caught the highlights on SNW. So I guess Shawn Horcoff is back to his whiffing ways. And BTW, what is it called when the Oilers score more goals that the opposition? Is that what we used to call a “win” before the dark days?

  • Milli

    This is sh1t, I am in BC, pay alot for Center ice on stupid bell, yet no game on tonight! Anyone know if it will be on center ice once the season starts or do I need to switch fast?

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    It was buffervision for me, too. I’m just glad I don’t have epilepsy, because that feed was ridiculous.

    Eberle looked great, Whitney was calm as usual, and Horcoff actually connected on one or two one-timers!

    I’m poised to make some pretty lofty predictions for the season based on minimal data available to me from games that aren’t worth points.


  • Scuba Steve

    I’m pretty confident Bell will have Sportsnet One before the regular season starts.
    I have to order NHL center ice anyway, so it doesn’t really matter to me.

  • Ender

    Post-game thoughts:

    Horcoff was the best player on the ice tonight for the Oilers. I know that given the talent out there, that’s to be expected but he for the most part illustrated why his cheque has an extra zero at the end of it. Essentially kept off the scoresheet tonight (the second assist doesn’t count; he was not involved in the play) he got enough chances that if he keeps that play up the points will come. Faceoffs looked decent for the Oil tonight and he seemed to be one of the reasons why.

    Eberle worked his ass off, but didn’t seem as effective as I would have liked. Buzzed around like a mosquito out there, but was unfortunately capable of doing about the same level of damage as one. Got swatted a few times too; if he doesn’t learn to get out of the way, he’s going to spend some time on the IR.

    While Vande Velde and Ondrus got the points and the accolades, the player I was more impressed with was Colin McDonald. That guy was dangerous every shift and when he didn’t have the puck he hit anything that moved. If Rudy doesn’t make this team, I wouldn’t complain if it were McDonald that took his place as the 14th forward.

    I was waiting for Whitney to fail tonight and while he did make a few obvious errors, he did enough things very right that I can’t really criticize him. Vandermeer, on the other hand, got off to a shaky start in my Oiler book. I don’t think I want that guy on the ice any time the game is important in the near future.

    Gregor hinted a few days ago that he believed the back-up’s job was Dubnyk’s to lose. Well, after tonight I think he’s well on his way to doing just that. Weak performance by Double D; looked lost several times. It didn’t help the optics that Gerber was pitching a shutout against the same team. I have to think the shoe is on the other foot now and that as long as JDD doesn’t crap the bed, he’s in a good position to grab himself the NHL gig.

    • Didn’t Whitney make that sweet GWG pass? From what I saw in the highlights, it was money.

      And you know, I’m not a gambling guy, but if I were I’d put a few bucks on Gerber to beat out both JDD and DD. Long odds but he’s playing solid and making a case for himself.