Ginger Looking Good Early

When we last left the Liam Reddox story, Edmonton’s favorite ginger was newly signed to a two-way deal and well down the depth chart. 44 days later, he’s moving on up to the east side. Is there a deluxe apartment in the sky in his future?.

Things are breaking quite nicely for Liam Reddox. After signing his 2-way deal in August, he looked like a solid bet for Oklahoma City with callups here and there a definite possibility. A week into training camp, and things are looking even better: Ryan Jones has a nagging injury that is keeping him from establishing himself on the roster; Ryan O’Marra apparently showed up at camp in less than ideal condition; JF Jacques is being brought along slowly due to last season’s injuries, and the skilled men who might have made an impression (Omark, Giroux) aren’t going to get much attention with all those rookies cashing. No sir, a solid 2-way option is needed on that 4line, and Reddox looks like a decent bet to slide onto the big league roster sooner than later based on team needs.

Reddox is in a group of players (a very small one) who offer exactly what the Oilers require: effort on every shift, the ability to penalty kill and forecheck like a demon; an engine that won’t quit, and most importantly a textbook demonstration about how to play away from the puck every night.

Liam the Lion has a love hate relationship with the fanbase. Craig MacTavish loved him so much Reddox got minutes on the powerplay that should have gone to more gifted lollygaggers. MacT had a tendency to make his point with playing time, which made Reddox the new Toby Petersen for a time.

Pat Quinn didn’t get a chance to see Liam at his best, mostly because Quinn the Eskimo came in search of mountain men and couldn’t see past JF Jacques and Ryan Stone long enough to notice the mammoth cerebral cortex under Red’s helmet.

Powder’s motor was running in overdrive last night. Tom Renney wants size and skill in this lineup, but he also needs a penalty killer on the wing. Andrew Cogliano was outstanding in the PK role last night, and if Reddox and Cogliano can provide a second PK unit up front, the club might be able to fashion a #1PK that boasts Horcoff and newcomer Colin Fraser.

I’m not saying Reddox has the job won. I am saying he’s in the conversation. Man, does he need to be in the conversation.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    If only the Oilers could bottle up Liams lightning in a bottle approach to the game and place it in JF Jacques. Still too many smurfs on the team, he’s on the outside looking in come the start of the regular season.

    Behind every fine looking woman you’ll probably find a man who’s tired of putting up with her shiat.

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    Reddox has played very responsible, tons of effort and shows that hes smart/skilled on both ends of the ice regardless of “size”. MacIntyre on the other hand needs to never be on the ice unless hes bare handed crushing skulls. the dude is absolutely horrendous. hey, he has size though to protect guys on the fourth line. yawn.

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    As long as little Liam is used in a specific role, (read: 4th line winger & PK option) then I don’t have a problem with him cracking the roster.

    Although, having Cogs and Liam as the #2 PK unit would be catastrophic given Cogs’ inability to win face-offs. Last nights 0-9 performance was one of the few disappointments of last nights game, especially since it was against mostly AHL ‘talent’.

  • Lowetide

    c_tux: Which is why I think O’Marra had a terrific chance to make this team. However, he apparently showed up behind the others in terms of conditioning. Crazy.

    There’s a chance the Oilers make a move this week to address it, but right now I think you can make a strong case for Reddox in the top 14F. We’ll see, Jones hasn’t played at all yet.

  • book¡e

    Reddox could certainly have a role on this team. In fact, this team is packed with guys at the margin of the AHL/NHL break. This is great as it means that the bottom six should be solid.

  • book¡e

    Even if reddox is the 14th forward I don’t see the oilers keeping 14 forwards. He is a ahl player to me no matter how you spin it. He didn’t even excel in the ahl.

  • Cervantes

    I’d love to see Liam here, but we’re pretty packed.


    That “someone” is Jones, or JFJ, or SMac, or Omark, or Ox. Probably in that order. So, he’ll either be flying all over like crazy getting called up every few games, or swapping back and forth with Omark, or sitting.

    That said… as much as I love him, I’m not sold on Stortinis role on the team anymore. I recall mention that he was working hard on his skills this summer, hoping to become a dependable PK (and maybe even faceoff) guy, but so far he’s not seeming like the impact/energy go-to guy. Frankly, I could see Jones/Fraser/Omark being our 4th line. There’s a few big bodies in the top, our D can whip anyone who looks funny at the kids anyways, and Reddox can sub in if Jones isn’t ready. And it’s also decent PK (Horc/Fraser/Cogs/Penner/Eberle/Brule/Jones are all guys I can see doing regular PK duty) and PP.

    That said… his speed and effort are noticable, he had hands in Junior and can have them here, and he’s got the tools to be a piece.

    Actually, I expect Tambi to make a few moves before the season starts, and ship out at least one forward. I like having a solid AHL team, but we’re really stuffed up with mid-level talent. So when he does we might actually have room for Oxie-clean after all.

  • Cervantes

    LT: It amazes me how someone like O’Marra, given chance after chance could come into camp in anything less than tip-top shape. The Oil were clearly looking for him to step up his game and he dropped the ball big time.

    Too bad for him, good for a kid like Reddox who’s busted his butt since before day one.