For a second preseason GDB in a row we are going to defer making any judgements about the quality of ice hockey being played by the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club thus far. Nor, will we discuss our level of excitement/non-excitement about the play of some of the players who may or may not be on the roster.

Instead we will shake off the earlier prediction of the Oracle Lowetide who called the Oilers to come in 13th in the Western Conference this year and show you footage of Beyonce crashing a block party recently. For you see no one is going to crash our mental block party right now.

Not rational Lowetide. Not the shaking hips of Beyonce doing some sort of line dance in the middle of the street. No one.

We will keep our uncontainable excitement to ourselves until our season predictions which will be right around the corner.

Ladies and Gentlemen the rosters:

OILERS (3-0-0) 

Magnus Paajarvi (91) – Sam Gagner (89) – Ales Hemsky (83)

Dustin Penner (27) – Andrew Cogliano (13) – Gilbert Brule (67)

Liam Reddox (85) – Colin Fraser (16) – Ryan Jones (28)

Alexandre Giroux (12) – Ryan O’Marra (42) – Colin McDonald (57)

Ladislav Smid (5) – Alex Plante (48)

Taylor Chorney (41) – Tom Gilbert (77)

Richard Petiot (37) – Kurtis Foster (26)

Jeff Deslauriers (38)

Martin Gerber (29)

COYOTES (4-1-0)

FORWARDS: Mikkel Boedker, Eric Belanger, Paul Bissonnette, Vernon Fiddler, Lauri Korpikoski, Petr Prucha, Taylor Pyatt, Lee Stempniak, Viktor Tikhonov, Kyle Turris, Scottie Upshall, Kyle Wellwood.

DEFENSEMEN: Adrian Aucoin, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Maxim Goncharov, Derek Morris, David Schlemko, Keith Yandle.

GOALTENDERS: Ilya Bryzgalov, Jason LaBarbera.

(Note: The Oilers website doesn’t have the lines broken down as of this afternoon. Slackers.)

(Note 2: Yes, we called them slackers though we are copying their homework.)

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    I’m a big Gagner fan, but he certainly looks like the 3rd wheel on that line 🙁 (to me anyways).

    I really don’t think he works well with Hemmer. Hopefully they can find a couple of wingers he clicks with.

  • Chris.

    Listening to the Ched 630 post game show… could someone please explain to Tencer how a two way contract works. (Tencer is convinced the Oilers could lose Gerber on waivers).

    • Sorry Chris, but a 2-way contract does not affect waiver status… Gerber does in fact have to clear waivers according to a tweet I just exchanged with Ryan Rishaug:

      “Gerber needs to clear waivers. All 4 goalies do.”

      You have to think there’s a real possibility they lose Gerber if that’s the case… Philli, Minny & Nash are just 3 teams that could be looking, and Gerber’s contract (and experience) is quite a bit more attractive than JDD’s.

    • Tencer regularly affirms his lack of knowledge when ego and intellect go sailing in opposite directions.

      Sooooooo JDD gets punked by the Oiler organization yet again. Playing for a roster spot and he gets a whopping half game… nice management.. real respectful.
      I guess hes been traded,, or was hurt.. or Oilers management continues to explore new variations of douchebaggery. Maybe the einsteins thought they needed to have gerber sharp for OKC next week.

      Help me out with Gerber playing half this game……w….t…..f ..for?

    • book¡e

      Chris, I will be happy to explain TO YOU how a two way contract works. When the player plays in the NHL he gets NHL money, when he plays in the AHL he gets AHL money.

      TWO WAY CONTRACTS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH WAIVER ELIGIBILITY! (sorry for yelling, its just that this has to be constantly corrected on the Oliogosphere!)Waiver exemption is determined by a formula which includes the age of the individual when the contract is signed, the number of years since first NHL contract is signed, and the number of games played. Gerber is nowhere near exemption and hasn’t been for more than a decade. Google NHL CBA and you can see the details of exemption on page 66.

      Thus Gerber could be claimed on waivers.

      However, he could not be claimed on Re-entry waivers (even though he normally would be with an AHL salary of $105,000 – the cutoff point) because of the following clause.

      The Re-Entry Waiver procedure will not, however, be applicable to
      Veteran Minor League Players defined as follows: (i) for goaltenders, Players who
      have: (A) played in 180 or more professional games in North America (NHL, AHL
      and ECHL), and (B) not spent more than 80 NHL games on NHL roster over the
      prior two (2) seasons or more than 40 NHL games on NHL roster in the
      immediately prior season

      So, the Oilers need not worry about the $$ risks of re-entry waivers.

      Given that we are talking about the CBA – here is the statement on why the Oilers cannot send Souray to the ECHL.

      13.11 No Loans to East Coast Hockey League. A Player who is not in the Entry
      Level System may not be Loaned to the East Coast Hockey League without his consent.

    • Crash

      Your hate for both JDD and DD is still obvious…along comes Gerber who couldn’t hold an NHL job and having played parts of 2 preseason games you anoint him as heads and tails better than JDD or DD, and that he has been full of quality play.

      I would hazard a guess that had either JDD or DD wandered out of their net in a similar fashion as Gerber did tonight (once being saved by Smid and the other being the tying goal with less than 2 minutes to go) that you’d go on another JDD, DD bashing paragraph.

      Gerber was far from spectacular tonight…he was ok…it’s funny how everyone keeps talking about how we can’t really credit the kids much for their play so far this preseason due to the lack of quality NHL competition but yet Gerber is somehow head and tails above JDD and DD after playing about 60 minutes against the same weak opposition.

      Yes I hope Gerber does have a fine season….in Oklahoma

  • Hemmertime

    Does anyone else agree that with being a pre season game and the outcome doesnt really matter (except for the risk of breakin our perfect record) that maybe Renney should have given a couple of the kids a chance in the shootout.

    • magisterrex

      Team swagger is something. Everyone will say that they realize that ti’s the pre-season and they know that the regular season will be different, but going into the regular season on a roll will help the confidence of the rookies (and a couple of the vets who saw too many losses last year). Renney is a very smart motivator.

    • Ender

      I think Renney made the right decision. While it’s important for the kids to know that they’re expected to contribute this season, it’s equally important for everyone on the team to know who the ‘go-to’ guys are and be able to have confidence in their ability to put the game away.

      Hemsky is a ‘go-to’ guy. Penner, love him or hate him, put up enough points last year to make him a ‘go-to’ guy. Even Gagner is a vet this year and may be expected to be a top-line center in the NHL. That has ‘go-to’ written all over it.

      The kids will get their shot at that role at some point. However, the team isn’t just about them. The vets need to know that they are still being counted on to lead this team to victory. There’s no sense grooming Magnus PI to be the next Kurri if it turns Hemsky into the next Cheechoo in the process.

  • magisterrex

    The Oilers need two veteran goalies, one in OC and the other in Edmonton. Each one gets a still-developing understudy to learn the craft. Very simply, yet effective strategy. The trick is figuring out who goes where.

  • magisterrex

    Went to the game last night.

    Thought that Gagne played with some determination and seems stronger this year. Cogliano seems to have lost his confidence. He looked like a junior player. I liked Giroux . He is bigger and plays with a little bit of grit.
    He isn’t flashy but obviously can put the puck in the net when he gets the chance.

    Jones was interesting. He does draw penalties but seemed to have no hands and was out of position. He skates all over the ice all the time.

    The PP seemed to need someone who could shoot from the point. They need a player like … Souray. Petiot played really like a experienced defenceman – smooth and effective.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    So what do we do if we lose both Gerber and JDD on waivers? We end up with no real AHL goalie and heaven forbid Bulin goes down.