• Seems to be some confusion in here…

    Sheldon Souray has not been sent down… yet. If he clears waivers again (likely), the Oil could still try and trade him prior to opening night. If they can’t work out a deal, they could in theory, once again put him on waivers. Until they assign him to OKC, and then recall him, he doesn’t have to clear re-entry waivers.

    • PhillipSmithson

      The Oiler’s webpage has not put this info in a news release…

      Also, the Associated Press and the Canadian Press are saying the Gerber is on waivers as well. But I thought that Gerber was signed to a 2-way contract with the Oilers, doesn’t that mean that he does not have to clear waivers? AND if Gerber is on a 1-way contract why are these news agencies saying that Gerber gets one salary in the NHL and a different salary in the AHL? Two different salaries is a 2-way.

      • See the previous GDB thread for explanation. Gerber is on a 2-way deal, but as a veteran of so many games, still has to clear waivers. He would not have to clear re-entry waivers, however, something that JDD would have to… hence the purpose of Gerber’s signing.

      • Courtesy of Bookie from the GDB…

        TWO WAY CONTRACTS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH WAIVER ELIGIBILITY! (sorry for yelling, its just that this has to be constantly corrected on the Oliogosphere!)Waiver exemption is determined by a formula which includes the age of the individual when the contract is signed, the number of years since first NHL contract is signed, and the number of games played. Gerber is nowhere near exemption and hasn’t been for more than a decade. Google NHL CBA and you can see the details of exemption on page 66.

        Thus Gerber could be claimed on waivers.

        However, he could not be claimed on Re-entry waivers (even though he normally would be with an AHL salary of $105,000 – the cutoff point) because of the following clause.

        The Re-Entry Waiver procedure will not, however, be applicable to Veteran Minor League Players defined as follows: (i) for goaltenders, Players who have: (A) played in 180 or more professional games in North America (NHL, AHL and ECHL), and (B) not spent more than 80 NHL games on NHL roster over the prior two (2) seasons or more than 40 NHL games on NHL roster in the immediately prior season

        So, the Oilers need not worry about the $$ risks of re-entry waivers.

  • There once was a dman named Shelly
    With the club his relationship was smelly
    His horn he did toot
    They gave him the boot
    And now he watches a lot of telly.


    An ongoing tragic situation. At base, he’s not only a decent hockey player, he’s a family man and a human being, with all the foibles associated therewith. If not traded, (and at this point in time I’ll guess a 6th or 7th round draft choice would do the trick, either that or in conjunction with a larger trade which would include the return of a dman with upside or with a situation enabling Omark to find a spot,) Mr. Sheldon is either destined, ultimately, to Stockton or to his couch. (Geez, sure do wish someone would pay me millions to watch tv.)

    Anyway, a sad story. Good luck to both parties. . .

  • magisterrex

    Bet they loan Souray out to some Western Conferernce AHL team. No way he plays in OC.

    (West Coast to help facilitate Souray’s request to be closer to his kids.)

    If only the former ownership group gave KLowe this kind of leverage to use on Pronger. No way would they have gone for it, though.

  • jdrevenge

    If I recall correctly, did Colin McDonald not have the best Oil ‘stache for Movember ’09.

    Side note: Think Big Sexy’s toes are turning into feet-roots yet?

    • Wanyes bastard child

      The best ‘stache hands down goes to Zack… but that isn’t much of a stretch since he can grow facial hair before noon as much as it takes Brule to grow in a month eh.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    So WTF guys, we have 4 cuts and 2 waived players today and nobody writes an article?? What is this, Flames Nation??? Slackers…

    *This web site is like crack…I gotta have more!!!

      • Wanyes bastard child

        Now that the season is starting up again i’ll be trolling there more often 😉

        It seems to be rolling along alot better, I still think Wanye should link the oilers/flames nation along with the canucksarmy on all three sites to increase exposure. Even if it does bring in trolls like you and I at least the word is getting spread is it not?

          • Wanyes bastard child

            I found ON and Lowetide through my brother, he recommended them to me.

            He’s to chickens#!t to start commenting though and I say this because I know he will read it and I will get a call tomorrow 😛

          • Wanyes bastard child

            Nah, he has a better reading understanding then I do and would have spelled Wanye correctly the first time…

            I think I ran for almost 3 months after signing up as Waynes bastard child. After seeing my mistake and correcting it, when I read posts of people referring to Wanye as Wayne its almost as painful as the posters typing “sam Gagne” …


  • What i don’t get is this rule that the team sending a veteran to the minors has to pass a player through the waiver wire. Take gerber for example. Nobody else to the risk to sign him and train him in camp and work with him. We do this we work out an awesome deal for the team at a minimal salary and any ol team can say, “Hey that was a good idea , we’ll take that thanks for showing us that oilers! YOUR THE BEST” What a rip. Stupid rule who thought up this crap.

    • ~Totally. Too bad this rule only affects the Oilers and not the other 29 teams~

      Any team that claims Gerber would have to keep him in the NHL. That’s what the purpose of the rule is… to keep NHL-capable players in the NHL. If no one claims him, then the Oil can send him to OKC as planned. They knew this ahead of time… nothing new here. If he’s really THAT good, then they should have kept him.

  • Sean Avery's Conscious

    Come on Wanye, this is a heartwarming moment in any mans life- meeting the child you never knew you had! This could be just the thing to drag you away from your filth and cheap beer! No, wait… it would take something far more serious to do that