"All we want to see tonight is some fights and some scores. We want this as bad as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and their crew of slowed down children want pizza. And now back to Gregor’s fact filled GDB" – Wanye

If tonight’s game has as much animosity as Steve Tambellini and Sheldon Souray have for another, we should be in for a hell of a tilt. The Oilers are 4-0 this preseason, while the Flames are a perfect 5-0 and even though it is a preseason game this should be the most intense game we’ve seen so far.

Theo Peckham will play with Jim Vandermeer tonight and Peckham needs to play well or he might lose his roster spot to Richard Petiot. Petiot has been very steady in his two games, while Peckham has been average. Expect him to play with the edge the Oilers feel he needs to bring on a nightly basis. "I know the situation, and I need to play my game tonight. I can’t just run around, but I need to by physical and make smart plays with the puck," said Peckham.

If you are going to the game you will get to see all three rookies.


MacIntyre/Vande Velde/Stortini



Khabibulin will play the entire game and it sounds like Dubnyk and Deslauriers will split the game on Sunday in Calgary, but I still believe that Dubnyk will be the back up to start the season.

Petiot has been a pleasant surprise, but so has Vande Velde. Renney really likes his hockey sense, and while he is destiined to start the season in OKC, Vande Velde has made an impact. Oiler fans will see him at some point this season. Jones, despite his -3 rating last game, was effective at getting under the skin of the Coyotes on Wednedsay, and he will have to play the same way tonight.

He and Reddox are in a dog fight for the RW spot on the 4th line. Reddox is a better PK guy, and Renney loves his go-balls-out-on every-shift attitude, so Jones needs to be noticeable tonight. If Jones doesn’t that agitating style, he become expendable. Right now, Reddox is ahead of him on the depth chart.


To quote Dave Brown, "Don’t go for coffee early in the game tonight boys". If you are going to the game or watching it, be prepared to see a heavyweight dust up between Steve MacIntyre and Raitis Ivanans. Brown said that line to Jim Matheson and Dick Chubey the morning of a game between the Oilers and Flames. Stu Grimson did verywell in a fight  two days earlier, and then told the media how well he did. Brown didn’t like that, and then proceeded to break Grimson’s face in the rematch.

MacIntyre and Ivanans don’t have the same animosity, but MacIntyre wants to send a message he understands his role so you know he and Ivanans will go tonight. Tim Jackman is also dressed for the Flames, so we should see a few heavyweight scraps tonight.

The Flames will also ice a veteran squad except in goal where they will go with 6’6" giant Henrik Karlsson in goal.

Tanguay Backlund Iginla
Hagman Moss Kotalik
Glencross Meyer Jackman
Ivanans Sutter Rheault

Regehr White
Bouwmeester Staios
Pardy Brodie


Wanye note 2: Think Kevin Lowe isn’t tough? Watch him leave the bench and go flying into the fray around the 1:30 mark. Impressive.


Souray cleared waivers today, but they Oilers haven’t assigned him to the minors, which means he wouldn’t qualify for recallable waivers. They haven’t assigned him because Steve Tambellini is still trying to work out a trade. If they assign Souray to the minors, then before they could trade him he’d need to clear recallable waivers.

Tambellini doesn’t have much time to make a move. If they don’t assign Souray he would count as one of the players on the 23 man roster, so Tambellini will try his best to make a move.

So far he hasn’t recieved any offers that make sense for the Oilers. Basically teams have offered him junk in return, and he won’t make that type of deal.

    • Jason Gregor

      I asked Matty today…He said coffee…I’ll go with the guy who spoke with Brown. It could have been popcorn, but Matty said coffee…but really the point was clear. Keep your eyes on the ice.

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    Oh, look at that….No Bell TV. FML.

  • ubermiguel

    What’s worse: getting junk back for Souray or paying him to sit at home? At what point does Tambo just cut his loses and get this ugly saga behind him?

    I’d be happy with draft picks (round conditional on games played by Souray).

    • DougWeightProblem

      If it were as easy as getting picks for Souray he’d be gone ages ago.

      Problem is, picks are worth more than crappy contracts these days, even 7th rounders, and Souray is a crappy contract. Ipso facto, he stays until …

        • ubermiguel

          You’re right, I guess I’m having a hard time getting my head wrapped around the economics of the new NHL.

          But how junky is the junk that Tambo’s getting offered? I guess it’s so bad we’ll pay a guy with a bad attitude $4.5 million to sit on his ass. Wow.

  • Boomer

    Hey Gregor it sounds like you are pulling for Petiot to make it. You made the statement “Petiot has been very steady” while
    “Peckham has been average”. I’m not sure what the difference is between steady and average, but it seems like you feel that puts Petiot ahead. I personally did not think Petiot was that steady the other night, so i don’t see how he would be ahead of Peckham. I’m not against anyone jumping the queue mind you, but I just don’t see where any of the bottom four or five guys have distinguished themselves clearly yet. I think with a bit of physicality tonight in the way of some hits and a possible fight by Peckham, which should be his calling card, and Peckham would actually be ahead.

    • Jason Gregor

      Not sure what you didn’t like about Petiot’s game. He led the team in hits and blocked shots. Played the most minutes, saved a goal by blocking a shot and looked comfortable with the puck.

      Peckham has done nothing in his two games so far. He has the advantage because the Oilers are a tad worried he might not clear waivers. Petiot has cleared many times, so that might ultimately be the deciding factor.

  • Bar Qu

    Man, I would settle for 2 or 3 of the lower line guys from that Oilers team to play for this one now. Those names that I saw in the fight bring back good memories! And whatta dust up (not that I see any value in bench clearing brawls anymore).

  • Puritania

    Watching that video was like having a bad mushroom trip, dear god that is unsettling. I would love to see Les Claypool cover that song with backing vocals from the actors lol.

    Also, Dave Brown is a god.

    Also, go Oil!

    Also, Wanye marry me. *blush*