Behold this most auspicious day of revelry: 10-10-10. Not to be confused with 09-09-09 which we heartily mocked a little over a year ago on this very same site. Yet again, people seem to be losing their minds over these repeating date dates, but we for one didn’t see anything to get excited about until we were chatting on the Twitters this morning.

Our main man Geoff Michell gave us reason one of two to get excited:

@geoffmichell @WanyeGretz it’s Horcoff day….he’ll get a Hatty tonight.

Does it work like this? Could the ancient powers of mathematical symmetry inspire the C13 to put the team on his back and light the world on fire? If he does a certain Geoff Michell is going to look like quite the prognosticator in the process.

Then another fellow Edmontonian on the twitters bombed out the following gem, fanning the embers of excitement even further:

@jewpoker Today is XXX day! Now, how to mix porn with Canadian Thanksgiving….


Horcoff day? Porno day? Oilers play the lowly Panthers fresh off a 4-0 stomping of the Flames? This sounds like a party.

Chicks start kissing immediately. Hipster dudes throw your cats in the air like you just don’t care.

Let’s get it on.


The Florida Panthers are the last team in the NHL to get their 2010-11 season underway. This may be trying to delay the inevitable – they haven’t been particularly good in some time. In fact they have resorted in years past to offering their fans free tickets if they fail to make the playoffs, knowing full well they aren’t going to make the playoffs.

Know what would happen if you gave away tickets to Oilers games? Within minutes, a line would form that would stretch 5 times around the circumference of the globe. That’s what.

But the Panthers finished 15 points higher than the Mighty Oil last year and have been able to execute a perfect 33 for 33 penalty kill throughout the preseason. And let’s be brutally honest, when you are climbing out of 30th place in the league you should be looking at every team coming into Rexall with suspicion including the kiddies teams who play at intermission. Some of those little buggers can skate.


The Oilers are still feeling mighty fine about their start to the 2010-11 campaign and rightfully so. Eberle’s squeelicious goal of the Millenium has him a lock for the HHOF after a single game in the league. Khabibulin is on pace to record 82 consecutive shutouts and at this rate Steve MacIntyre will be considered one of Canada’s Most Dangerous Men by Christmas.

Here is your lineup card:

Hall – Horcoff – Eberle

Penner – Gagner – Hemsky

Paajarvi – Cogliano – Brule

Jones – Fraser – Stortini

Gilbert – Smid

Foster – Whitney

Peckham – Vandermeer



6 bells.


Squee Squee.