It’s pretty heavy today on the Nation with Brownlee’s excellent piece on the adversity that new Oiler Kurtis Foster has had to overcome. We thought maybe people could use a laugh.

This video was done by one of our BFFs in the entire world JeanShorts, of JeanshortsandBaggedmilk. If you haven’t visited their site you totally should. What are you waiting for? That big meteor that is going to strike the Earth in 2012? When that baby hits you will totally wish you had visited JSBM when time had permitted.

This video just cracks us up everytime we watch it. Well done gentlemen.


After a bit of a rocky launch is up and running relatively smoothly. Not to repeat ourselves over and over and over again but you should totally go sign up for the drafts. Free food! Free Beer! Free Willy!

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What is the business with all of this Jeff Finger for Sheldon Souray talk? We think that Jonathan Willis hit the nail on the head with his take on things in his article yesterday.

If you had a broken car and we had a broken car, what would trading broken cars do? It would leave both of us with different – non fucntioning cars. We can’t very well take your broken car to work any easier than we can take our broken car can we?

Just because Cliff Fletcher had a minor cerebral episode and signed Finger to a 4 year/$10 million dollar contract doesn’t mean we should have any part of that nonsense.

(whispers in ear)

14 million dollars? He signed for $14 million over 4 years? That’s so Raven.