The Saga of Sheldon Souray has taken another twist with the news that Minor Big Sexy has broken his hand in a scrap with the AHL toughs.

Here is the straight news from

"The American Hockey League’s Hershey Bears will be without defenceman Sheldon Souray for two weeks with a hand injury. According to, Souray suffered a broken hand Saturday in a game against Adirondack when he fought Matt Clarkson."


The two weeks on the shelf are only part of the problem as it sends the signal to other NHL teams that a Souray pickup might not be the greatest idea. If not for the 1,368 reasons that existed a week ago, there is now a new concern that his surgically repaired punching guns might not stand the test of time.

Having said that – it is a strange blessing that we aren’t subject to the disappointment of Souray breaking his hand here in E-town while Tambo is shopping him all over hells half acre. 30th place AND a busted Souray mitt is some drama we don’t need up here right now.

Having said that – we still can’t help but think that if Souray had just kept his mouth shut at the end of last season he would be having a much more positive year.

What goes around comes back around we suppose.


Here is the fight in question. Big ups to Magnus PI for the heads up.


Souray broke his hand. But his sexy face and abs seem unscathed in the incident. 

  • Stone Hands McOsta


    Edit: Some say I should of went with a fancy play on words with Souray’s injury, but Hall popping his first in the bigs takes priority.

  • Dyckster

    Any chance we had of trading him this season just got blown to bits. I’m guessing it was the same hand he broke in the fight with Iggy? If so, didn’t he experience some problems during the healing process? What a knuckle head (pun intended).

    • Cleetis

      So tell me how you thought there was any chance Souray would be traded this season anyways?

      If traded he would still have to clear re-entry waivers before he can play for the team that traded for him. Many insiders have said he would like get picked up on re-entry waivers at half his salary. So who tell me which GM would trade for Souray knowing they would give up an asset without knowing they will even get Souray?

      Souray is in the A for the rest of the season, Tambo will have to try his luck during the offseason.

  • Ender

    Souray is the best blue-line entertainment the Oilers have this year. I wish the guy would sign for his own reality TV show.

    Oh, to read the last few pages of Shelly’s diary. Priceless.

  • ubermiguel

    This guy does not deserve to ever play another NHL game in his life. One more year and we can wash our hands of this infection known as big sexy. He has dragged this team down ever since the first game he stepped on the ice!! He clearly has a bad attitude, and spews lies and untruths like a large bull spews sh*&! BYE


  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    I am just curious as to why everyone hates Souray so much?

    Just because he had the balls to say what most of us were thinking isn’t a real good reason to rag on him.

    The funny thing is, management went out and addressed alot of the very things Souray was upset about…

    • Dyckster

      I don’t think it’s as much what he said, it’s more where he said it. I.E. IMHO comments such as those should be made privately, not blurted out in public for all to hear. Give the team execs an opportunity to respond to the issues. Big Sex basically f#$%ed the team and himself by going straight to the media.

      • ubermiguel

        Tambellini admitted himself that Souray had been unhappy for quite some time.

        From what I can gather, Souray gave management ample time and warning of his displeasure and the team chose to ignore it.

        Of course I have no idea of exactly what went on, but if management chose not to listen to Souray’s concerns – he chose his next option.

        Whether is is an option that you or I would choose is irrelevant.

        • Horcsky

          Souray may have given them a heads up that he was unhappy a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean his concerns were ignored. They could have been trying to trade him for awhile, but no good deals for the team were on the table. Just because a player is unhappy and wants a trade, doesn’t mean he is granted one instantly. He’s not entitled to an action that benefits him and not the team. That’s Souray’s problem all along: sense of entitlement.

        • Souray’s wishes weren’t ignored and if you’ve been following along you should know that. Instead, you making a sweeping statement with no basis to it.

          Souray was offered up around the league two summers ago after he first asked for a trade. No takers. He was available all of last season. No takers. Then, he broke his hand. Then he shot his mouth off. All the above has been written and reported here and elsewhere.

          • Rob...

            I wasn’t necessarily talking about his trade request.

            He had some legitimate complaints (or atleast he felt they were legitimate) in regards to the way in which the training staff rushed him back from injury, how management didn’t keep interest in his health, etc.

            As I posted earlier:

            “Of course I have no idea of exactly what went on, but if management chose not to listen to Souray’s concerns – he chose his next option.”

            In any occupation (private or public) there are fueds between employer/employee. I am guessing that the relationship got so bad that Souray figured this was his best course of action.

            I didn’t say I agreed with it, but I don’t think it makes him the D-bag that alot of people make him out to be, just because he got fed up and decided to take action.

            If he had to do it all over again, I am sure he would reconsider, but then again – maybe he felt he had no choice?

            I posted here originally because I do not fault Souray for speaking his mind. It wasn’t a great move for him personally, but if we look at some of the media reports since that time; we have learned there were problems within the organization*** and Souray may not have been far off with his displeasure.

            I never once professed that I had concrete knowledge of any of this saga; I was simply offering up a different perspective…

            ***Specifically referencing Renney’s comments in the “Oil Change” feature.

          • Rob...

            Souray going to the media about how he was looking forward to the Oilers training camp in spite of being informed days earlier, through his agent, that he wasn’t welcome sealed his Douche bag title.

          • Agreed.

            The only thing I can offer is that it may have been easier for him to give some lip service rather than deal with all the questions, etc at that particular moment.

            A wise media guy once said that 95% of the stuff professional athletes say in the media is rehearsed.

    • I hear this statement a lot:
      “… management went out and addressed alot of the very things Souray was upset about…”

      Souray praised the city, the fans, AND the training staff, and he bashed management… people say Souray spoke up and management made changes, but Souray didn’t speak ill of the training staff or equipment guys… at least not publicly. The changes they made had nothing to do with Souray’s public statement.

      And… “He had some legitimate complaints (or atleast he felt they were legitimate) in regards to the way in which the training staff rushed him back from injury”.

      He never said the training staff rushed him back. He said management pressured him.