We submit the following points of order:

  • Although it didn’t result in a shootout win, that was seriously one hell of a comeback.
  • Jordan Eberle is miles in the lead as the best rookie on the team, with MPS in a solid second place.
  • If you agree that the plan for the season is to play 82 games of Last Place Hockey, then that was a dandy of a game.
  • Flames Broadcasts are mind numbingly sterile. Seriously.

Feel free to discuss.

  • I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this but during the pregame show which(of course) was called Flames Connected Roger Millions interviewed Jordan Eberle and at the end said and I quote ‘I know your from Calgary so alot of people here will be cheering for you’ I mean seriously if your going to be a sports broadcaster you should know the score. Ebs is from Regina. Hallsie is from Calgary… I just wish he would’ve corrected him right there on the spot, instead he just looked at him with an odd look and skated away.

  • smiliegirl15

    Eberle was from Regina and then his parents moved to Calgary when he was young. He graduated high school in Calgary.

    Roger Millions is slimmer than when he did the sports cast in Saskatoon for QC8.

    • Jamie B.

      His family moved to Calgary when he was 14. He played one midget season there and then he was back in Regina playing for the Pats. He goes back to Calgary in the off-season since that’s where his parents live. He looked unimpressed when Millions said that, but then Eberle looks unimpressed about a lot of things most of the time. Love his stoner eyes, haha.

      Listen to him talk about the Riders if you think there’s any chance he’s not a Sask boy.

  • positivebrontefan

    At least Gene doesn’t take himself seriously…at all. I remember when he first started and he asked Doug Weight “How do you feel right now?” right after they got their asses handed to them. And Doug looked at him and said “How do you think I feel Gene?”
    Since then he has been a lot less “fartcatcher” and a lot more goofy Gene.

  • positivebrontefan

    roughneck – oh I agree, just more of a cautionary tale for those who think Belle or Petoit are the answers. There’s a reason they are veterans in the AHL.

    Plante is the guy to watch for the call later in the year I think.

    But having said that is there any reason to play Vandermeer or Strudwick? They’re terrible, which we knew. Maybe Belle is better than them. He can certainly skate better than either guy.

  • DimebagDave

    I thought Oilers fans were supposed to be quite intelligent with alot of hockey knowledge for the most part.

    I can’t believe there are actually people out there that think Renney should be teaching his players what to do in the SO. Maybe they should get the stickboys input on what to do as well. If the coach has to tell his players what to do on breakaways perhaps those players are in the wrong profession.

  • DimebagDave

    Though lastnight was definately not the greatest of games for most of the players, the results were what a true intelligent Oil fan should be asking for. A few goals scored, the kids looking good and another one in the loss column. Though personally I would prefer the losses to be in regulation, we don’t need the extra point.

  • DimebagDave

    I miss Ray Ferraro on the commentary. Why the hell were we subjected to that brutal pro-Flames play-by-play??? That’s wasn’t RSFlames we were watching! And you can’t ever listen to CHED at the same time b/c the timing IS off.