GDB 8.0: Oil in Columbus

Columbus is the 4th largest city in the Amercian midwest. Named after Christopher Columbus (who owned a Starbucks downtown), it was recently ranked as the 18th best place in the USA for a woman to find a useful male.

Rascal Flatts are from Columbus, Joe Walsh and Dwight Yoakam too. Jesse Owens and Jack Nicklaus are from Columbus. The great Beverly D’angelo is from Columbus, Ohio. Entertaining hockey is also available from time to time in Columbus. 

The Edmonton Oilers will be adding a couple of fillings for tonight’s game. Devan Dubnyk gets the start, Jim Vandermeer draws back in (replacing Kurtis Foster who has a malady but can’t find the words) and that means foot speed is a concern on the blue. MacIntyre plays instead of Zack Stortini and one imagines the club might insert Liam Reddox into the game except the three goalie system makes it impossible.

The Oilers are coming off an outstanding comeback in Calgary, and sometimes a young team will be able to use that kind of heart attack comeback as a springboard to short term success. The Oilers do seem to have some legit hockey players up front this season, from the three kids and Gagner to the older group that includes Hemsky, Penner and Horcoff.

Big Dustin seems to be getting some negative feedback for his play, but he was a man on the tying goal in Hades on Tuesday night.

Nothing about the Blue Jackets as an organization stands out. Rick Nash is a helluva player, but he seems destined to play his entire career in a town that doesn’t really notice him. Sort of the midwest Shane Doan.

Can you name 6 jackets? I can name five (nice, bad, dinner, Nehru, plaid) but don’t know what position they play.

After the game, the Oilers will fly (drive? take a cab? trolley?) to Chicago in order to play the Blackhawks. The CBS game would be the one to win, otherwise you’re in the windy city in danger of losing all three games of the road trip. After tomorrrow’s game, the team won’t play until Tuesday, giving us another reason to hate the Gary Bettman scheduling system from hell.

I have a good feeling about this team, but not about any specific game. The best way to watch the current Oildrop is with an eye to small steps forward. A nice passing sequence, a rookie in the right position in the defensive zone. Wins and losses are hard to come by in today’s NHL; there’s no expansion team down the road to bugger senseless once every couple of weeks and the truth is the Edmonton Oilers are the soft spot on the schedule.

Look after your health, brush your teeth and be nice to people. Oiler fans want to be healthy because when this thing clicks it could be a very nice ride.

  • D-Man

    A game within the game worth watching is comparing the Oil rookies with CBJ’s Nikita Filatov. La femme Nikita was pegged ahead of MPS and Eberle as better prospect on … until the rankings changed on October 7th.

    Another game within the game is the comparison between young C Derek Brassard (Drafted 6th overall in 2006), and our young C Sam Gagner (Drafted 6th overall in 2007).

    Although the Oilers don’t have as developed a franchise stud as Rick Nash, our crop of developing youngsters has an edge over their crop of developing youngsters. Conclusion: it is far better to be a fan of a miserable Oilers team that, if we’re patient will be good, vs. a miserable Columbus team that always has, still does, and for a long time will enjoy the taste of donkey balls.

  • GSC

    Joe Walsh also attended Kent State, just 40 minutes from my hometown. Infamous school, for those who know their Vietnam War-era US History.

    Columbus is a thriving city, now the largest in Ohio. It’s hungry for a winner, thanks to the success Ohio State athletics has year-in and year-out.

  • ogorr

    One the greatest bands, The Black Keys, are also from Ohio. Although that has nothing to do with this thread.

    Go Oilers,

    Heres hoping the Oil can build off that 3rd period in Calgary.

  • D-Man

    ” Can you name 6 jackets? I can name five (nice, bad, dinner, Nehru, plaid) but don’t know what position they play.”

    I know of three others, Rain, Straight and Winter. but I think they were trade at some point…or maybe just worn out.

    I keep thinking, this is the game ti all comes together, a couple goals by Hall, Eberle and Paajarvi chip in with a few other points and the top line pots a few too for the W. I just hope the PK can hold things down.

    • Unless Deslauriers plays tomorrow against Chicago. What would that say? That Renney wants to play his stronger goalie against a better opponent?

      It seems clear to everyone that the organization wants Dubnyk to have the job, yet the coach wont cut the other guy. The GM didnt want 3 goalies, he said so as much all off-season. Most people agree that neither of these two should have been picked up if they were sent down at the beginning of the year. So why wasnt it done?

      Maybe the coach thought JDD won the job, but the GM doesnt want any part of that.

      • Not sure that’s the case. Renney has stated a few times on Gregor’s and Stauffer’s show that he doesn’t want 3 goalies. And that Management has told him they will try to deal with it.

        So it’s quite clear that Management is responsible for the 3 goalie system, not the coach.

      • D-Man

        I think Tambo is holding onto three for a potential trade… Both would have to clear re-entry waivers on the way up and having a backup like JDD at $500K or DD at $400K might seem attractive to teams with goalie problems – like Philadelphia for example… Losing one first or second round draft pick for nothing would obviously add another black eye to the current management regime.


        • Crash

          I’ve thought of this too but here’s a side bar to it. What if, the Oilers are holding on to all three for the purposes of actually showcasing Khabibulin. Showing all others that he is healthy first.

          Maybe Khabby is the trade bait and not one of the other two. Trade Khabby and voila, we are left with both DD and JDD to tend the nets. Hence, not sending one of them down right now as they want to ensure that they have both of them in the organization going forward for the next few years at least.

          Just thinking outside the box….

          • D-Man

            Good point. I’d be surprised if there are any Khabby takers with another two years on his contract… To keep the conversation going – who would you think would be interested in Khabby and what would we get back in return??

          • Crash

            Well as much as everyone hates the Khabby signing, he still is not a bad goaltender, and if another team feels as though he can be healthy after the back surgery then he could be a good fit in a few spots.

            I’m not sure about the return, it would depend on if it’s just a straight Khabby trade without any other assets involved. The teams that may be interested?

            You mentioned Philly, this is a possibility. Perhaps Colorado depending on how bad Craig Anderson is hurt. Don’t forget that Anderson is UFA at the end of this year. Maybe San Jose is a possibility. Could be that Ottawa is in the market for a good vet goalie as they have other older vets (Alfredsson, Kovalev, Gonchar, etc) and must try to win now.

            Could we see a Khabby, Cogliano and maybe even a Penner dealt for something like Foligno, maybe someone like a Chris Neil and maybe a young d-man? The Oilers would probably have to take another salary to make the cap situation work in Ottawa but Ottawa is a possibility.

            I don’t know but there may be some takers who need a starting tender.

          • D-Man

            I’d like Khabby, Cogs, and Penner for Fischer and Foligno – but no way that happens… I can’t see Ottawa doing anything like that unless we throw in a 2nd round draft pick as well… That price probably would be too much…

          • Crash

            Yah, I’d love to get Fisher too but I don’t think Ottawa would make him available….maybe you’d see something like Cogs, Penner, Khabby for Foligno, Neil, Kuba and some salary dump. Have Ottawa throw in a pick due to the Oilers taking on one of their salary dumps…

            That would give the Oilers some much more needed grit that they’re missing in the bottom six.

            I’d love to see:




            SMac or Stortini/Fraser/Jones

            and then feel free to move wingers around.

          • D-Man

            Not sure I’d have Neil,SMac and Stortini on the same team… If you’re looking at getting Neil, then I’d think SMac would be expendable… I’d probably look at bringing up someone from OKC – maybe Giroux or Omark to slide onto your third line… Red Ox might also fit here too… Still lacking size in your top 9 but that’s what the draft and the minors are for…

          • Crash

            I’d be more apt to say Stortini would be expendable….IMO Neil is a much better hockey player than Storts but isn’t the nuclear deterrent of SMac when someone like an Ivanans needs tuning….Neil can and has played the PP at times too. Foligno would also add size and some grit with a decent pair of hands to the lineup and he can also play PP.

            With Neil and Foligno we’d have in your face guys who we wouldn’t be afraid to use on a regular basis in a third line with more sandpaper to their game. You could still also move Foligno and Neil around to any of the other lines if need be.

            If I’m calling someone up, for me it’s got to be whoever is hot down on the farm in the faceoff circle…so possibly a MacDonald, Van Velde or O’Marra.

            So the top nine wouldn’t be lacking in size. Having Hall, Hemsky, Paajarvi, Horcoff, Foligno and Neil that would give us 7 in the top nine with decent size (6′ or over) with only Eberle and Brule being under 6′.

            And it would also give us 2 guys in the top nine that also play a physical style (Neil and Foligno) as opposed to now where we don’t have anyone in the top 9 that plays a physical style.

            My deal also included d-man Kuba for more d-man depth as Ottawa would have to give up some salary in the deal.

  • Itsbitsman

    ” Can you name 6 jackets? I can name five (nice, bad, dinner, Nehru, plaid) but don’t know what position they play.”

    Props to you sir, props to you…

  • JorgeR

    Hemsky with the trick tonight? Remember last season when he had that great game against CBJ and everyone said he was finally going to be the player we were waiting for…

    P.S. Why wont that girl stop staring at me?