Well, that 7-1 backside buffing from the Carolina Hurricanes tonight was about as many laughs as having Joni Pitkanen sneer, fart in your general direction and then stub out a cigar in your eye, now wasn’t it?

By the time Andrew Cogliano finished getting his busted lip, courtesy of a high-stick by Pitkanen stitched, the Edmonton Oilers were down 4-0 in another decidedly forgettable return to Raleigh, where they watched the Hurricanes hoist the Stanley Cup in June 2006.

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You knew it was going to be a tough night when both referees missed Pitkanen combing Cogliano in the yap. Instead of a four-minute power play, the Oilers get fingered for a minor in the same sequence and the Hurricanes scored with the man advantage.

Of course, it didn’t help that Nikolai Khabibulin couldn’t stop a beach ball as he gave up four goals on eight shots in less than eight minutes before Tom Renney gave him the hook in favour of Devan Dubnyk.

Things can only get better Thursday in Detroit, no?


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  • Lament Cogliano’s lack of finish, but give him credit for getting sewn up and playing his bag off the rest of the night. The sequence where Cogliano broke in, fed Ryan Whitney in the slot for a chance that didn’t result in a shot and then had a couple of cracks at Cam Ward was pretty much the epitome of the way it’s going for him. I’ll take Cogliano’s kind of try any time, and people who mock efforts like this one because the results aren’t coming for the kid right now couldn’t find a clue with a map and a flashlight.
  • Ryan Jones suckered the referees into calling a high-sticking penalty on Jay Harrison in the second period and it’s the kind of fake-job that’ll come back to bite him when the zebras see the replay. Harrison didn’t even make contact with Jones, but he flinched and milked it like he’d taken shaft in the mush. That’s showing up the refs and they don’t forget that kind of thing — and, no, it’s not OK because of the missed call on Pitkanen.
  • Taylor Hall or Jordan Eberle are favourites for the Calder Trophy? Weren’t they stapled to the pine for most of the third period as Carolina’s Jeff Skinner, the youngest player in the NHL, wheeled and dealed on the way to a three-point night? 
  • Does pushing the puck the last six inches across the goal line for the Oilers only goal make you believe Dustin Penner had a good night?


  • With his goal and two assists, Skinner, drafted seventh overall by Carolina, has scored 6-9-15 this season.
  • Eric Staal had eight shots on Khabibulin and Dubnyk, but no goals to go with four assists.
  • Carolina had 42 shots. They came in averaging 31.9 a game.
  • Sam Gagner was minus-4. Tom Gilbert was minus-3.
  • Hall played just 8:47. Eberle played 11:04.

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  • Bucknuck

    “Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that’s even remotely true.”


    We have a lot in common, to be honest. I find myself agreeing with you more often than most of the “experts” in the sports media regarding all things Oilers. I also notice you don’t have much of a tolerance for dissenting opinions.

    Since this is your corner of the blogosphere, it’s your perogative to moderate, judge, delete, ban or bounce whatever you see fit. I would just like to respectfully point out that an internet forum where everybody echoes the same opinion gets boring quickly.

    My 2 cents:

    1) I like Penner, but he doesn’t look as driven as he did a year ago. Is he satisfied with proving MacT wrong and coasting a little?

    2) I think Cogliano has shown some decent effort, especially lately. I don’t think he wants to be upstaged by the rookies and that has added some nitrous to his fuel.


    -I don’t use my real name when I post.

    -I believe statistics can have a place in analyzing performance.

    -I don’t agree with Dawgbone all the time, but have never thought of him as being a troll. Just a blunt guy, kind of like RB.

    -Woodguy is a intelligent and often quite funny poster in the world of Oiler blogs.

    ***Why can’t we all just get along?***

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Dissenting opinions are fine. Being told I have my head up my ass by the same people who come at me with that approach time after time isn’t. If I was so inclined, I could keep and then post every comment I’ve ever deleted and you could see what’s getting cut and from whom. “I disagree because . . .” gets in every time. “You’re a blah, blah, blah” gets answered in the same tone or cut altogether. I won’t take it in person and I won’t take it here. That’s my call.

      A lot of people see things differently than I do and they often make arguments that not only make me re-think my stance on something but prompt me to change my mind altogether.

      All get along? Wouldn’t that be as boring as everybody agreeing?

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Fair enough, Robin, I didn’t see Dawgbone’s post and if it did say that, it was certainly fair game for deletion.

    The “get along/Rodney King” bit was not meant to be taken literally, as you may have guessed.

    …and I will use my real name whenever someone pays me to talk on the radio or post a blog, but until then, I can live with being anonymous.

  • Cowbell_Feva

    Of course the Oil got lambasted. “Mr.Everything” wasn’t playing. Ask Jedi master OB1-Team Hall. Surely if he was playing it would have been 7-1 for the Oilers.

    There is cheering for your team and having a soft spot for players on that team, and there is flat out delusion. I still cannot figure out how or where the delusion on Horc’s ever came to be?

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      Stanley Cup and Olympic Gold medal winning coach Mike Babcock said:

      “but one thing not a lot of people are talking about is Horcoff is back healthy. He is a real good two-way centre and he’s looked good.”

      But I suppose your keen eye and superior hockey knowledge has allowed you to outsmart Babcock.

      • Cowbell_Feva

        Are you kidding me? Seriously, do you think Mike Babcock is going to come out in the media and say that he is an overpaid plug?

        This is probably part of your problem, you listen to what you hear in the Edmonton media as gospel, and don’t have enough hockey sense to watch with your own eyes to see what is actually happening.

  • Cowbell_Feva

    For some reason Stephen Colbert comes to mind:

    “I’m not a fan of facts. You see, the facts can change, but my opinion will never change, no matter what are the facts.”

    Can’t argue with that kind of thinking…