Seriously. What the hell was that supposed to be? An Ice Hockey Match? You shut your dirty mouth.


Glad to see that the Mighty Oil decided to show up in Carolina with the compete level of a last place Atom Tier 15 hockey team that is playing in the consolation game of Minor Hockey Week.

Think about that assessment for a minute – it is exactly bang on.


If there is anything more porous than the Oilers defense against the Carolina Hurricanes during the game on November 9, 2010 – we can’t think of what it is. A big well done to everyone involved.

Have your Movembers grown into your brain stems and affected your ability to react to visual stimuli?


With all your ex Oilers that are so smug beating up on the E-Town squad.

We see you there Samsonov you washed up clown. You too Erik Cole you traitorious nerd. How many people were at the game exactly? Twelve? Nice hockey market.

Good luck with a fulfilling career down there.

*pants heavily*

There.  We feel much better. Good luck in the next game fellas.

It’s only one blowout in a season that’s designed to be last place.

  • Ender

    Look at it this way; at the end of next summer, when we’re taking turns sipping champagne from Stanley with Jordon and Taylor, we’re all going to look back on today and laugh. Really really laugh. For real.

        • D-Man

          Pretty easy to criticize management after a brutal loss, don’t you think? I always find it amusing when we lose and the axes come out for Tambo’s head. Don’t get me wrong – Klowe is very responsible for tying up Tambo’s hands with the Horcoff contract, but what has Tambo not done this year to screw the team over??

          He tried to sign the 3rd line center we need in Malholtra, but who wants to play for a 30th place team??.. He’s shed a huge amount of cap space with the departures of Vishnovsky, Moreau and POS… In my mind, he does get an ‘F’ for the Khabby signing (the contract time frame is too long), but he was given two unproven goalies to deal with…

          I think the jury should be out on Tambo by the end of next year… He’ll have had two years to oversee this rebuild. Under his watch, we’ve improved our drafting with Pitlick and Marincin in the wings… Omark and Petry are developing in the AHL and should be on the squad next year. Signing Belle and Petiot strengthens the farm team on the back end too…

          Now let’s sit back and enjoy some more Last Place Exciting Hockey, shall we??

  • Ender

    Wow, that was painful to watch !!! I know its a bad game when all I can come up with is that the fourth line looked good.

    ps- Saw horcoff during the intermission and you think with all that money he makes he could at least buy a nice suit. It looked like he skinned the velveteen rabbit and hand made a suit. Once again you can tell I was focused on the game LOL

  • bigrroberto

    That is one you just have to say didn’t happen. Get a memory eraser and destroy the next team because there is nothing to take away from this one. (Other than the Ex-Oiler curse)

  • DoubleJ

    Be careful Wayne if you show emotion Renney will bench you.

    But if you take a crappy penalty early so there’s no chance of a comeback (Stortini). Renney will play you extra minutes and on the PP. How about sitting Gilbert for a game he has not won one battle this year.

    If Belle doesn’t get called up after this BS I will start hating Renney.

  • BulletAC

    Just because a team is rebuilding does not make it acceptable for mgmt to build a team that does not have the basic skill set to kill a penalty with veteran defensive centers and defensive dmen to show the rookies how to play defence.

    Just because a team is rebuilding does not excuse veterans in the team like gilbert and strudwick to skate at half speed in the opening five minutes.

    Just because a team is rebuilding does not make it ok for the whole team to put ina piss poor effort.

    Just because a team is rebuilding does not mean it is ok for a former all star goalie to kick out rebounds into the slot on bad shots and to let in two goals a blind man would have saved.

    MP needs time in the ahl. Just because you are rebuilding does not mean you don’t allow your young players to develop properly at a pace they can grow into without being eaten by sharks.

    So when does the debate about the oilers should have drafted skinner ahead of hall begin??

  • Evilstu

    SCREW $^#%R# LOWE!!!
    SCREW $*&$^#$ TAMBELLINI!!

    The stuff around here just writes itself . . .

    • Wanyes bastard child

      You neglected to mention Horcoff’s salary, Hall’s entry level contract plus our weak defence and poor penalty kill but otherwise spot on 😉

  • Lowe: “So I guess this means that if just one of our core guys goes down with injury, JUST ONE, we’ll be right back to where we were last year. Bottom of the barrel. 30th place in a 30 team league. Dragging our sorry asses up to the podium to pick #1 again. Have I assessed the situation perfectly clear Steve? HAVE I?”

    Tambellini: “Yep. That’s pretty much it Kevin.”

    (Both glare at each other across the boardroom table)

    Lowe: “Well Steve, you’ve left me no choice.”

    Tambellini: “I understand completely.”


    Lowe: “Dammit…I guess beers are on me tonight.”

    (Smiles and Dr Evil laughs break out)

    Lowe: “Mua-haha”

    Tambellini: “Mua-hahahaha!

    (Both walk off, slapping each other’s backs in mutual approval)

    Lowe: “You know Steve, I like the cut of your jib son.”

  • Ender

    Went to the game last night. I was in the parking lot when I heard a horn from inside, and thought the game was starting. Went through security and the woman saw my Oilers jersey and asked, “sure you want to go in tonight? It’s 3-0”. I thought she was screwing with me.

    Went in, saw the scoreboard…3-0. Guess that noise in the parking lot was the goal horn. It played often, and reminded me of the scene in Slap Shot when Reggie went in to see the owner on the phone.

    Horrible compete level by the Oilers tonight, seriously. Couldn’t complete a pass, never looked like they were in it at all.

    • Jamie B.

      See, you I feel sorry for. You only get the Oilers once every two years. Or the people who can only afford to go to one game a year, and you get the game where they lay an egg. You’re allowed to be frustrated.

      Everyone else needs to shrug, say “oh, well” and tune in next game.

  • If you’re truly angry at the team after last night, you’re just caught up in silly old “we’re a competitive NHL team” thinking.

    Simmer down and settle into the rebuild, fool.