Magnus Paajarvi is basking in the warmth of Arizona with the rest of the Edmonton Oilers, but the big Swede’s hands might as well be back here, where the deep freeze has busloads of brass monkeys heading south as fast as they can get out of town.

Without a goal in 11 games and pointless in his last nine, Paajarvi has gone colder than an ex-wife with a good lawyer. In Sunday’s 4-2 win over the Anaheim Ducks, he played on the fourth line, logging a season-low 5:33 of ice time.

Given the funk Paajarvi is in, and that lining him up on the fourth line makes zero sense in terms of developing him as a player, I’m thinking it would help Paajarvi to stay south a little bit longer — as in a stint with the Oklahoma City Barons.

If Paajarvi, 19, is going to become the kind of player people think he can be, playing him on the fourth line isn’t the answer. He’s a top-nine forward, and that’s where he needs to play, whether it’s here or in OKC.

I’d rather see Paajarvi do a 10-game stint with the Barons, where he can find his game and his confidence again, than have him lug along with the plugs and grinders on the fourth line here. 


I didn’t see this kind of slump for Paajarvi coming, but he’s got absolutely nothing done in the month of November and he isn’t showing any signs of snapping out of it. "Storts! Storts! I’m open . . ."

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Call-ups and demotions shouldn’t be strictly about rewarding good play and punishing sub-standard play. They have to be about player development and putting prospects in a position where they have the best opportunity to succeed.

I felt that way when I said Linus Omark shouldn’t get a courtesy call-up after a hot streak in OKC if it meant he was going to be stuck on the fourth line here, and I feel that way with Paajarvi now.

What Paajarvi, like any young player in his position, needs now is to see pucks go in the net, even if its against AHL goaltending and opposition. That gives him a better chance to get his game together than playing behind Ryan Jones does, no?

Forget the "optics." A stint in OKC isn’t punishment for Paajarvi, and can’t be framed as such. It’s a chance to put an end to this confidence-busting slump he’s in and get him going again.

If I’m Steve Tambellini, I’m making that call in the next 24 hours and Paajarvi doesn’t fly back to Edmonton when the Oilers do. The other calls I make result in Jones being put back on the fourth line where he belongs and Omark summoned and plugged into the third line for a look-see while Paajarvi gets his act together.

Maybe that’s just me. 


How did all four officials on the ice in Anaheim manage to get it wrong and screw Theo Peckham with that bogus delay of game penalty referee Stephen Walkom called?

Making a bad call worse — Peckham shot the puck through a hole in the glass that’s used by photographers, not over the glass — was the lame explanation offered by Bob Hall, who oversees officials for the NHL.

"They (officials) put the pieces of the puzzle together and they came out with it was shot out, which we all now know in seeing it on the replay that it was not the correct call," he said. "It is not a reviewable play. Our video process does not allow us to do stuff like that."

Here’s a concept: if nobody on the ice saw what happened, and the play isn’t reviewable by off-ice officials, then you CAN’T call it. Isn’t that about as fundamental as it gets? Put the pieces of the puzzle together? Yes, that’s how calls should be made. 


— Is there anybody out there who doesn’t want to see more of Devan Dubnyk, even after Nikolai Khabibulin returns from his strained groin? If Tambellini and Tom Renney are the least bit interested in finding out if Dubnyk can be the No. 1 here, he should get half the remaining games. It won’t happen, of course, but it should.

— Would Walkom and his crack crew have put the pieces of the puzzle together the way they did if the play in question with Peckham involved Chris Pronger, Lubomir Visnovsky or another veteran player? Not a chance. What’s this seniority bit that clouds so many calls?

— My over and under for assists Ryan Whitney compiles before he scores his first goal of the season is 22. Whitney, who whiffed on an open net against Anaheim, has 0-17-17 through 19 games, leaving him tied for fourth in the NHL for assists.

—  Courtesy of Oilersnation poster dohfOs, a link to pictures of the Oilers cheerleading team are here. These pix have since been taken down on the Oilers website, but once they’re out there, well, they’re out there. Nice work, Bub.

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  • Bucknuck

    I think 18 minutes a night on the top two lines in the AHL is much better than 8 minutes a night on the fourth line in the NHL. That is… I think so for a guy like Paajarvi. Send him down and let him get some confidence back and bring O’Marra, Reddox or Omark to the NHL. It would be good for some of the kids to get a fresh outlook.

    Besides, Paajarvi has enough money to last him until after next training camp anyways.

  • Tambi has dooped media & fans in consecutive off seasons.

    Tickets, jersey’s, and hope all sold out for 2010-11.

    P>How do you develop/rebuild when there wasn’t room for 3LW in top 6/pp position?

    When the Oilers added a 3rd LW in June the clock started ticking for Dustin Penner & Paajarvi.

    Can you get more from Paajarvi if he goes to OKC in the mood Omark left with?

    I have doubts in Tambellini’s ability to lead the rebuild.

    Yeah I said it.

  • 1manwolfpack

    hmmm…anyone remember that movie “The Replacements”? They should have used the same hiring practices as those ‘cheerleaders’.They’re not bad but I was expecting more based on some of the beauties Gregor has posted from other teams.

  • Dan the Man

    “They (officials) put the pieces of the puzzle together…”

    If it is acceptable for officials to do this, why couldn’t it have been applied when Cogliano got his teeth knocked out?

  • Sexy Randal

    So I’m going to have to be the dumb guy who asks the waivers question…

    Does sending Paajarvi down not expose him to waivers? I have to assume it doesn’t otherwise it probably wouldn’t be an option. At what point does the waivers thing kick in? Is it age?

    • book¡e

      Google CBA NHL and then look at the table of contents. In about 3 minutes you can be a CBA expert yourself.

      It’s a combination of age when first NHL contract was signed, time that has passed since, number of games played in total, and a few other ‘voodoo switches’ that kick in under special circumstances.

      He is currently waiver exempt.

      Edit: I clearly didn’t see JW’s link, but in any case, the response is the same – take 3 minutes and look it up if you actually are interested. Its a very straightforward document.

  • SiD

    My thought would be send Paajarvi down to OKC and maybe find the chemistry he had with Omark at the Nationals (I am pretty sure they played on the same line). And in the mean time call up Reddox to play that fourth line spot and kill penalties.

    When and if Omark and Paajarvi gel then bring em both up send down either Reddox or Jacques (even though it exposes him to waivers) I don’t think Jacques is really in the long term plan is he.

    Just a thought.

  • Ender

    @ DSF
    @ Wanye

    The only reason Linus or Magnus bolt for Sweden is if the text reads:

    Jag vill en svensk kvinna. Kanadensiska hejaklacksledare är hemska.

    Book it.

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    id rather see MPS not play on the fourth line or on a third line of butt-tards named Brule and Cogliano. talk about a weak line. MPS needs some constant coddling just like the Sexy Canadian boys get (hello, Mr. Facetious). Stint? what for? he’s already playing with AHL level players.

    why isnt he given a chance to share the point on the second unit PP also? Thankfully the genius Renney was playing Smid and other bone heads who have the confidence of a 12-year old at a junior high dance back there until lately… Paajarvi has 17:09 on the PP while every other forward worth a crap has way over DOUBLE that. how about get Sam Gagner off the PP for a while. dudes getting over 3 minutes a night constantly and has one F-ing point on it. id rather have a bigger guy who can finish out there than a Teeny Turd out there who just roams the perimeter hoping for vulture points and nepotism to carry his career along. HEEEYOOO

    • Dipstick

      I think what he was trying to say was:

      Buttards= Cogs, Brule

      Teeny Turd= Gags

      Not sure how to translate that into Swedish but their may also be a text along these lines come the off season (doesn’t necessarily agree but just summerizing others thoughts)

      *watches out the front window of his apartment and waits for Cogs, Brule, and Gag’s boyfriends to show up and kick the crap out of him*

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Bring up Reddox and Omark for a couple of games and play them with Paajarvi . Then we’ll see who’s fairing better the NHL or AHL callups with more playing time . Still would like to see Horc center Paajarvi and Omark . While they are at it , would like to see Plante up for assessment as well .

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Taking Paajarvi a little longer for the adjustments he has to make . He’s still adjusting to N.American life and NHL at same time – cut him a little extra slack here for starters .

  • Dipstick

    paajarvi and omark will be gone and one wishes them well…just no fits here on team gulag…

    which lets be fair is not their fault, but the fault of the commisars that run the camp…

    why waste all that skill here when it is in high demand elsewhere?

    imagine what would have happened to the sedins if they had had the misfortune of being drafted by the oilers??

    and dont kid yourself to think that penner or hemsky will be here either by the end of next year… greener grass beckons

    not to mention all the players who wont agree to come here in the trades so many of you are anticipating

    the gulag is the gulag…until you blow it up and really start over

  • it isn’t just that 91 isn’t scoring it’s not that he’s not even creating opps so he’s absolutely drowning out there in terms of not being effective.

    Omark’s A totals are severely pumped by that monster game – though we’d have a better idea of just how good he is by looking at the top scorers and what it means for him to be doing it in his 24th year – and while i’m not totally convinced he could make things work with the calibre of linemates that 91’s played with i still think it’s worth a shot to swap those guys and give it a shot.

  • Mr. B

    Well, the Oilers got shutout again, what else is new. They might as well just forfeit the rest of the season because it’s obvious they’re just going for the pick. It was nice to see Reney finally get angry for once.

  • Mr. B

    What a disgraceful bunch of core veteran players…..!!! They can’t even bring their lunchbuckets to work on a consistent basis !! I hope Tambellinin isn’t fooled into thinking that the re-build is now set with what he has !!! I’ve stopped watching altogether……why waste my time when there are better things in life than watching Losers !!! When they get their act together with this re-build…then I’ll see about supporting them or giving them any attention !!! Rather watch U of A Golden Bears hockey !!! At least they win and go to championship games rather frequently.!!! Even the Oil Kings are more worth watching !!!