Sweet sassy mo-lassy. That right there is what you call a win.


  1. Two goal leads mean nothing to the Oilers. Is that seriously the second game in a row they have gassed a multi goal lead? No matter. That right there is what you call a win.
  2. Taylor Hall haters are getting quieter by the minute. The kid is starting to look good. Very good. That right there is what you call a win.
  3. We wouldn’t be too hard on the refs on Peckhams delay of game call. You just don’t see someone putting it in the hole all to often.*
  4. Hemsky’s goal? Seriously, just sick. To take a pass like that from Penner in full stride and have the hands to go top shelf? Impressive. That right there is what you call a win.

*That’s what she said. That right there is what you call a win.

    • encore

      I agree, but lets give him more than 19 games. Besides when someone plays good,then someone else on the team suffers.

      It would be too good of a dream for all three of the rooks to be tearing it up

    • Wax Man Riley

      That right there is …wait, nope, nope it isn’t because I agree with you and so does she. He has been hit pretty hard a few times and doesn’t look as confident with the puck as I have seen.

      But he is very young and is talented as ****, as he grows int his body he will be a force. As a friend of mine put it “Wait until he realizes he is big”

  • too often embarrassing last place hockey… this was not one of those, twas just fine.
    It was a day full of weird Kharma… the riders won and arrogant calgary ate crow, the oil won in relatively solid fashion…. the flamers choked in most un flamer fashion, kipper sieved out, jbo was passionate about something… iggy sniped.. again….. the lou call is now used when lou behaves like Vince Carter.

    Twas weird.

    And a full moon.


    oh yah… Brett Favres team got destroyed by the team that made him.

    justice lurks in many places.

  • Mr. B

    Good win tonight! Hall looked impressive and Hemsky’s fast goal was very cool, I’d like to see him do that a little more regular though. Of course Dubnyk was outstanding again. All in all a good night for a change.

  • Dwight K. Shrute

    Good game for the Oil.

    Hall is sick. Going to be real good.

    I wish that Perry’s shot/pass that went into the empty net would’ve went off Dubnyk’s stick. Then people would’ve beaked me and said Oilers suck they’re in last, blah blah blah (insert other lame beaks), and I would’ve come back with “Oh yeah, well our back-up goalie has more goals than your starter, so suck it!” How do you respond to that one?

  • It was nice to watch a couple games with an NHL goaltender in the lineup. I can only imagine what the 19 shot 1st period would have looked like with the Russian Sieve between the pipes.

    That Hall goal was nice, the Hemsky goal was better.

    • Dyckster

      It’s quite refreshing to hear people for the first time ever refer to DD as an NHL starter because all I’ve heard from people on here since day one is how much he isn’t even a capable back up nevermind an NHL goaltender and he belongs in the AHL, blah, blah, blah.

      One after one people had been taking shots at Dubnyk. Now I know it’s still early but as I was saying at the beginning of the season. His last 10 games of last year made me a believer that he could very possibly be the real thing.

      I hope he keeps it going and shuts everyone up once and for all.

      • Well he’s only started 4 games, but his save % is 9th in the NHL. That will likely go down, but there’s no doubting that so far he’s been by far the best option we have.

        If this club wants those kids to develop some confidence then I know who should be there to keep their mistakes from reaching the back of the net.

  • The funniest thing about the win last night was listening to Brian Hall’s commentary on it coming to work just before 7. It went something like…“Everyone has been all over Tom Gilbert the last little while & he ends up potting the empty netter to seal the deal”.

    I know it is a little late in his career to maybe start watching hilites on SNET or TSN, but the box score doesn’t explain everything lol.

    • Clyde Frog

      Lol, that must have the been the most the longest sentence he has put together in the last 3 years without his “Tony Roma’s” Terrets kicking in…

      But I think I see your problem there, you were listening to a man who’s combover puts the Trump’s to shame!

    • Lofty

      IMO Gilbert was just as bad last night as he has been in last 6 games. I read the player grades in the Journals cult of hockey and I hope that the other teams in the NHL have the same opinion as McCurdy.

      The guy looses every battle in the corners!

      • @Clyde Frog

        The thing I found especially humorous about his commentary today is that it’s not like Gilbert had to do anything to with the goal, Debrusk thought Dubbie was last to touch it. Corey Perry’s seeing eye 200′ pass sealed the deal for the oilers…

        I can’t comment on the rest of Gilbert’s game, I only watched the 3rd period. But if getting credit for an own goal gets him out of the funk he has been in since the season started we are going to be better off.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    Holy crap we won!!!!!
    Hall already looks like he is in charge of the play out there.I hope him and eberle really start to gel out there and combine for a 1000 point this season and tie for the calder.Also as someone else pointed out we aren’t in last anymore.haven’t decided if thats a good thing or not.that is all

  • Clyde Frog

    Walkom and officiating crew admit to making a wrong call that almost cost us the game , and not a one of them even seen it . What kind of officiating is that ? Time to do away with pansy ass penalties that are phantom calls in far to many instances as well ! No wonder players keep faking things and diving . This is how parity works ? Hockey going the way of wrestling officiating ? Time for video to overturn such gross incompetence of officials, bring more integrity back to the sport , and let the players dictate the game instead of officials.

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Hall’s goal yesterday was a beauty. It was a textbook Jarome Iginla play.

    Drag to the inside to change up the angle, fires it through the defender’s legs.

    I stood up.

  • Milli

    Hemsky has looked great the last few games, Penner has even seemed to show up again. DD, wow, he is playing great, and I was really happy to see him get rewarded with an actual WIN!!!

    • Dyckster

      As far as Penner is concerned (and I’m a faithful fan of his). By my eye anyway, I can tell he’s into the game based on the exuberance of his goal celebrations (whether he scores or his linemates). And is silly as it seems, he has appeared more into the games of late.

      • D-Man

        As Penner being my goat for the year, I must admit he’s shown some glimpses of what we saw last year… I keep my fingers crossed that he keeps the effort up… When he’s engaged, he can be quite a force on the ice.

  • book¡e

    It seems a bit like Paajarvi is just lost in terms of his role.

    He isn’t on a scoring line, and he doens’t play the PP or PK. Not sure what his expectations are – but if we aren’t utilizing him we should consider giving him time in OKC and call up Ondrus or Reddox.

    • D-Man

      I don’t know if we need to give him time in OKC, but he definitely should be getting some time on the PP. Granted, with Gagner, Penner, Hemsky, Hall, Eberle and Horcoff ahead of him, there isn’t that much room, unless we start putting a forward on the point. I don’t mind that idea, as we lack puck moving defensemen anyway..

      Either way, MPS has no business skating on a 4th line… I’d rather see Brule or Cogs down there, assuming Renney is content with putting Jones on the 3rd line wing…

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Though Paaravi,Eberle and Hall are an excellent start, the next draft will be equally as important. With what we have here we’re still closer to the Thrasher,Islander or Panther model than we are to the Penguin/Blackhawks model. Another top six pick to go with our own in the 2011 entry draft, will make or break this club in 3-5 years.

  • Ender

    D-Man wrote:

    I don’t know if we need to give him time in OKC, but he definitely should be getting some time on the PP. Granted, with Gagner, Penner, Hemsky, Hall, Eberle and Horcoff ahead of him, there isn’t that much room, unless we start putting a forward on the point. I don’t mind that idea, as we lack puck moving defensemen anyway.

    I wouldn’t mind putting 4 forwards on the PP in an effort to get Magnus PI some additional ice-time . . . providing at least one of those four forwards (and the one playing the point) is Horcoff. In another couple months if he continues to be sound defensively, I might also be ok with the point guy being Eberle.

    • D-Man

      I myself like Hemsky on the point… With the umbrella PP formation, he can still drop down to the half boards if need be… But Horcoff on the back end isn’t a bad idea either; as long as he’s the one taking the initial face-off… Gagner has gotten better, but is still too far away to be a legitimate face off threat…