Hemsky Hurt, And Other Quick Hits

Ales Hemsky suffered a leg injury in practice, according to both 630 CHED’s Dan Tencer and the Oilers website. Head coach Tom Renney didn’t know what the injury was, but offered the comforting opinion that he didn’t think it was anything major.

There are a lot of other minor stories I wanted to touch on, so consider this post a bit of a catch-all:

Khabibulin skating again. This is another note passed along by Tencer: Nikolai Khabibulin was skating with the team this morning. I don’t know how close he is to game action, but it seems safe to say that his trip to the injured list this November isn’t going to envelope his entire season. I both hope and expect to see improved play from him down the line, as while as a more even distribution of games between him and Devan Dubnyk.

Belle demoted. It’s not terribly surprising to see Shawn Belle get sent down, but even so I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed. I don’t think Belle’s the be-all and end-all but I did think he outperformed some of his competition during his brief stint in Edmonton, and I would have liked to see him get a few more games. It’s been suggested that the Oilers don’t want to see Belle in the press-box, but we’re past the point in his career where teams are worrying about his long-term development. Still, this isn’t a big deal either way.

O’Marra injured. Guy Flaming passes along the news that Oklahoma’s Ryan O’Marra will be out one to three weeks after sustaining a shoulder injury in a win on Sunday. O’Marra was on the radar as a potential call-up, and had been having a breakthrough season of sorts, which will now be interrupted. I’ll be interested to see if O’Marra’s absence is a help or hindrance to Liam Reddox and Linus Omark, the two players he had been centering.

Deslauriers improving rapidly. Remember Jeff Deslauriers? After a couple of ugly games to start his AHL season, he has played very well over Oklahoma’s last three games, allowing just four goals and posting a 0.955 SV% over that span. It’s way too soon to form any conclusions, but if he can continue to excel in the minors he’ll get another NHL chance. I completely agreed with the Oilers’ decision to keep Devan Dubnyk over Deslauriers, but I’ve always felt a lot of sympathy for Deslauriers, who had an incredibly rough development path. Additionally, it’s a nice change to see an Oilers’ farm team that is getting quality goaltending.

  • Ender

    Are you kidding me? Can this get any worse?

    (I mean, about Khabby skating again. Injuries, I can understand. We can overcome those. The return of the MVP is something else again.)

  • a lg dubl dubl

    To bad about Belle getting sent down, i was hoping when Smid got back they’d send down Strudwick or Vandermeer NOBODY would take them off waivers anyway!

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    Just thinking out loud here, but can they try Belle at a forward position. He is big, can skate and does not mind being physical. Has it been tried before with the other teams he was on.

  • Jason Gregor

    JW, I posted this yesterday at 12:57 before anyone on Hemsky…Right here at the NATION…

    No bag skate today. But lots of battles and some ACTUAL INTENSITY….

    MacIntyre playing D nails Brule on two-on-two rush, then works over Jones in front of net.

    Later in five on five drills, lots of..I’m not sure what these are called, since I haven’t seen many this year, but I think it is a body check.

    They actually are forechecking…in practice… For one day it seems the message is hitting home. We’ll see if it lasts…

    Bad news…Hemsky left ice…not sure what happened, injury or equipment, but he was annoyed when he left. Slammed his helmet on bench in disgust. Looked like leg injury, but nothing too serious.

    Just saying….

      • Gregor > Tencer


        But seriously. Tencer wrote this on his Twitter some hours ago;
        “No shock that it’s going all wrong with the Islanders. Can you name their highest paid player this year? Alexei Yashin. For real.”

        I mean, anyone could see that.. And to see that coming from an Oilers-fan is just even more dumb. We could just as easy apply it on Oilers.

        No shock that it’s going all wrong with the Oilers. Can you name our highest paid defender this year? Sheldon Souray. For real.

        ..and again;

        No shock that it’s going all wrong with the Oilers. Can you name our 2nd highest paid defender this year? Tom Gilbert. For real.

        Edit: and my reply was obviously meant to be @Gregor and not Kip Drodry..

  • I'm a Scientist!

    MADJAM’S THEORY OF RELATIVITY . IF Oilers reverse their record over next 20 games in wins and losses , they would be tied for 8-9th spot in standings and have 2 ol’s and 6sl’s . Thats if top 9 perform as they are today in standings . That equates to 11 wins and only 5 regulation losses .

    Might be a good time for OILERS to gel and get on a role here ! Time to open up the cap space and spend to make it happen . Katz, where’s your committment to the fans gone ? I hope the money your saving makes up for few millions you claim your losing each season – not that i can blame you . I thought Katz was trying to build a winner here – we have not much of that for quite awhile now ? Katz and upper management are the few constants still left and things have yet to take a step toward the positive side of things . What’s amiss here from your initial committment to OILER fans ?

    • Still dont get the whole rebuild thing huh?

      Katz is committed to giving the city of Edmonton the best players it possibly can have. At first he thought throwing money at the problem was the best route. He threw mad money at Horcoff and Hossa, but eventually discovered that the free agent path to success was flawed.

      He is so committed to giving the Oil a real chance at greatness that he gave the team the opportunity to rebuild in a way that the EIG never could. He’s willing to lose millions of dollars in Playoff revenue now so that the future team will be icing the best young players in hockey.

      His committment to the fans, from where I sit, is just fine. No more PayPerView games, a commitment to drafting and developing talent with scouting and a farm team, patience with the current core, a cheer team, and a TV series with unprecedented access to the inner workings of the Oil.

      Outside of lowering ticket prices (like that’s gonna ever happen) I think he’s leading the way in committment for the rebuild era.

      I wont always agree with his decisions, but I’m not going to question his passion for the team.

      • D-Man

        I agree with you 100%… Not sure Madjam will ever live with this rebuild; but I am a fan of Katz.. He has shown a great deal of patience, as he understands that this ‘fix’ we need is a three year process… If we thought the roster changed last year with the kids, just imagine how we’ll look like next year… Strudwick and Vandermeer will be gone, I’m guessing we’ll have had another trade or two – getting rid of at least one more small forward, and hopefully (keeping my fingers crossed) we’ll see someone take Souray’s last year of his contract off of our hands… This season will continue to suck but considering the depth we’ve added in the AHL and through last year’s draft; I’m really excited on how we look for years to come.

    • John Chambers

      Didn’t I ask you about a week ago to provide your plan on how you would suggest building the Oilers?

      There you go again bitching. Try to offer up something constructive, will ya?