So let’s get this straight. The Boston Bruins are considering sending Tyler Seguin to the World Juniors in an attempt to get him more playing time and further his development.

The Oilers on the other hand are refusing to send Magnus Paajarvi Svensson to the same tournament, to rack up minutes against players his own age and restore his confidence because …. why exactly?

We found this to be such a confusing concept that we did actual research this afternoon, reading articles, taking notes, using Microsoft Excel. It has been exhausting.


In this corner we have Tyler Seguin, number two in the 2010 Entry Draft. Young Tyler has had some dandy goals so far in his inaugural campaign and is putting up reasonably good numbers overall.

In the Blue and Copper trunks, we have Magnus – the 10th overall pick back in 2009. Young MPS netted a sick hat trick in preseason play and has shown flashes of brilliance early on in the season. He has also had stretches of being "visibility challenged" and some pundits have called for him to go to the AHL for a spell to gain back his confidence.

The stats above show that Paajarvi and Seguin are having reasonably similar seasons. Similar shot totals, similar point totals and Seguin leads the goal scoring race between the two by a count of 4-2.

Both players have shown flashes of brilliance and have also shown that they are teenagers playing against men. Says ESPN:

"The hope was that Seguin would be a key cog for the Bruins by Dec. 15, when camp starts. While the No. 2 pick in the 2010 draft has shown moments of offensive brilliance, he has struggled with coach Claude Julien’s defensive system and his playing time has been inconsistent as a result. Julien has openly said that at times he isn’t comfortable matching Seguin up with opponents’ top lines."

And then there is Tom Renney describing MPS this season:

“(He is) in the front-end of a very young career. He’s a good player. I think everybody in the game realizes he’s going to be a great player in our league. As a coach, you have to understand the mechanics of when, where and how with young players. We’re going to be prudent with Maggie. When he gets the handle on things, he’ll get more (ice time). When he doesn’t, we’re going to pull back. Penalty-killing? He’s got the quickness and a good stick and understands what’s in front of him, but we haven’t exposed him to that yet, to where it’s instinctive for him.”


When you look at the ice time being doled out to these two players, they are also being given remarkably similar amounts of ice time. Sure Seguin is on an infinitely better team in Boston than MPS here in E-Town but overall these two are having very similar seasons.

So why wouldn’t the Oilers send Paajarvi-Svensson to the tournament you ask? If there is talk about sending the kid down to the AHL for confidence building, certainly the World Juniors could have the same effect while allowing him to save some face at the same time.

Let’s see what our esteemed GM had do say on the matter. After all, he would want to clarify the Oilers position on something this important and communicate to the fans in a transparent manner right?

“I keep getting calls from them, asking about Paajarvi, but he’s not going,” said Edmonton Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini. 

Thanks for clearing that up.


The big difference between the Oilers and the Bruins is – of course – their overall play and positioning in their respective conferences. The Bruins are in the thick of what will become a tight race in the East, currently sitting in 8th place – 3 points ahead of the Hurricanes. Even with a playoff battle looming large, "the Bruins are still open to considering sending their new stud to the World Juniors and achieve a lifelong dream after being skipped over for last year’s World Juniors."

The Oilers on the other hand, are currently tied for 29th in the league – 3 points ahead of the lowly New York Islanders. The best thing they could do this season is finish dead last while allowing all of their newly acquired talent to develop. Letting MPS go dominate the World Juniors fits both of these objectives to a tee – and yet the Oilers refuse to send him over and helpfully keep quiet as to their motivations. 

What exactly are the Oilers doing that is so important they can’t spare MPS at the moment? Trying to finish last and see all players develop to their maximum potential? Uh – what?


There are a variety of reasons why this is happening. In rapid fire – conspiracy theory form here they are:

  • Bruins need cap room. The Bruins are nearing the ceiling and could use some breathing room salary wise. While Seguin is at the tournament, the Bruins aren’t responsible for his salary.
  • Oilers don’t want to help Sweden. Maybe the Oil are playing patriot and want to see Olivier Roy and the Canadian team win at all costs. Having an MPS in the lineup would be of certain help to Team Sweden and the Oilers are attempting the block for the win.
  • Oilers are mean. Maybe the Oilers are just plain mean and don’t care about Paajarvi. One time at an Oilers game we were denied entrance because we "didn’t have any pants on Sir." See what we mean? Mean.
  • Bruins are nice. The Bruins are considering letting Seguin go to the tournament and "achieve a life long dream." They also have a cuddly bear on their third Jersey. Perhaps the Bean Town Squad is just a kinder beast.
  • MPS doesn’t need more confidence. The kid is currently on pace for 7-14-21. Perhaps that is what the Oilers consider to be optimal output from a 10th pick overall. Maybe this is all they think they can get out of him.


Props to Rod Phillips, calling one of the games in his farewell tour in Montreal. The Oilers will not be the same without you in the middle of the action Sir.


Classic video from the Bachman Turner sound check. If you don’t like watching a guy dance, fast forward to about 1:15 when he takes a massive spill.

Magnus’ Top Photo Credit: Ender once again. The guy is like Souljaboy – he only makes hit records.

    • Softs Hands, you’re my favorite avatar and your comments seem to go with it as well.

      I am all about FISTing but I have to go against our leader tonight.

      Wanye, the Oilers don’t want to send MPS to the Worlds because they don’t want to send MPS to the Worlds. That is it, end of story.

      They are trying to get him use to the N.A ice, so why send him back to the International? Plus it is against Juniors, he needs to get use to the NHL.

      Comparing him to Sequin was unnecessary. Like you have stated, Tyler team is way is better. Tyler gets PP time and his linemates have been better than MPSs.

      The talk about sending MPS to be sent to AHL has been done by the media and the fans, I don’t recall anyone from the Oilganization saying they were considering anything as such.

      Oilers and the Bruins are two diffrent organizations in different positions with their own agendas on their teams and players.

      I don’t know why you are so hung on MPS going to the Juniors and/or the AHL. Or why you feel there is some conspiracy on this just because the Oilganization doesn’t want to make a story out of it.

      I’m giving you article 2 FISTS out of 5

  • Aitch

    Hmmm. It appears you wrote this yesterday. Since then two things have happend…

    1) Paajarvi has an assist, making your projections seem ridiculous now. Doesn’t 7-17-24 sound so much better.

    2) The Bruins have traded Sturm to LA, reducing the need to shed salary in the short term. (or maybe at all.)

    I’m guessing they feel he’s not really gonna gain much confidence playing the juniors when he’s already been an All-Star at the senior level. They may feel, he’s just in a funk and not really suffering. He seems to be playing fine the last few games, just not getting results on a consistent basis. (Of course, winning does mask real problems.)

  • Bedlam

    They’ve been using Maggie as a nick name for a while now. If you find the “bowling video” on the official Oilers site, you’ll notice that some of the players were calling him Maggie. The video was shot during the pre-season if I’m not mistaken.

  • Ender

    Yeah, I don’t get keeping him in town. It doesn’t seem to serve the Oilers at all.

    It’s been disappointing watching Magnus so far this season. When I picked the guy for my Star, I was really expecting him to be able to stay in the top 6 all season. The fact that he hasn’t seemed to realize that he’s as good as everyone else on the ice is hurting him, and the boat anchors he’s been teamed with in the bottom six haven’t done him any favors either.

    On the one hand, I’d love to see him find some success at the World Juniors and bring that back to Edmonton with him. On the other hand, part of me figures that maybe this kid needs every second of ice-time here he can get to try and find his game before he risks becoming the next Nilsson. If he can find a way into the top six and stay there for the next month or so, well, that might be way better for him in the long run than the Tourney.

    This is my last post for a week or two, barring my discovery of advanced technology in the tropics. I’ll miss you all, even McSteely (damn your fisting hide). Be excellent to each other. Party on, dudes!

  • Aendayana

    I believe Paajarvi has played in three World Juniors already. He isn’t going to learn anything about playing in the NHL playing in a 4th.

    Sending him away, would only set him back from the task at hand.

    And doesn’t seem overwhelmed by the task at hand. No need to send him anywhere yet. He is making slow progress.

  • Jamie B.

    Send him to the AHL? Sure.

    Send him to a tournament he’s already attended/played very well at three times? No. I don’t see how Paajarvi can win in that situation. If he scores 20 goals it’s “well, he should, he’s playing against kids.” If, god forbid, he was only mediocre for some reason? Then what?

    I personally doubt the Bruins send Seguin either although, as a Canadian, I hope they do.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    Wayne says:
    “In this corner we have Tyler Seguin, number two in the 2010 Entry Draft. Young Tyler has had some dandy goals so far in his inaugural campaign and is putting up reasonably good numbers overall.”

    Hmmm yeah not impressed with Seguin, because we’ve got Taylor Muthaf%$in Hall!!! Woooooo!

  • @wanye

    Your missing the point.

    The issue isn’t regaining confidence with Magnus.

    He needs to learn:

    1) North American game

    2) Grasping Oilers offence

    3) Playing against NHL dmens

    He is not gonna learn that by playing against boys at the WJC.

    • Aendayana

      Sums it up. Although as most fan I thought he would have done better already I do understand why it did not happened. As I see flashes of great plays and lately he is having opportunities to play with more skilled players (Hemsky,Ggagner) I feel he is doing better already. The points will come. No need to go to the juniors.

  • Grant Fuhrer

    Paajarvi’s had his chance to shine on the World Jr stage as well as the men’s championships.

    I’m not sure why people think he’s failing this year. He’s making plays he just hasn’t quite figured out the finish yet.

    Team Canada being my favorite team of all (even more than my beloved Oilers), I’m all for Seguin in and Paajarvi out as it definitely won’t hurt our chances to get back the gold.

  • Rob...

    The Oilers are trying to build a winning ‘team’. This isn’t done by sending one of the young players, who is still considered a key part of their future, away.

    Sending him to the juniors would also take him away from a coach who is hellbent on turning him into a player who can play against men. Sending him to a tournament where he’s going to dominate against younger competitors is just going to help reinforce bad habits Renney is trying to eliminate and erase any progress that has already been made.

  • Epicus

    Wyane, Good article. But I have to disagree, I think MPS gains nothing from going back to the WJHC’s He seems to be doing ok here just not racking up the points so far. I think most would be happy if he ends with 30-40 pts this year, and with a nice little run between now and april that is well within the realm of possibility. I also think he may just settle in and make a solid contribution playing with Hemmer and Gagner West. That line could have some real fire behind them.

  • book¡e

    The Bruins want to ‘win now’ and getting rid of a struggling rookie for a few weeks can help with that.

    The Oilers want to develop players. Magnus to the AHL might be fine, but Magnus to World Juniors – seems silly.

    I would send Magnus to the minors for 10-15 games and bring up Omark to give him a chance to get his feet wet.

  • book¡e

    I have to disagree with many of the commentators here regarding Magnus. He should not be sent either to the AHL or to the Tournament. MPS was brought to the big club this year as one of three (the other two of course being Eberle and Hall). Sending MPS away for even a short while changes the chemistry among these three. MPS would no longer be mentioned in the same way as part of this trio, but instead will be known as the one who was “sent away”. I believe that would deleteriously impact his confidence.

    Additionally, it would take some of the magic out of the season for Hall and Eberle, who each know entered the NHL as part of this select group. Better to let Magnus ride out his slump in the NHL (which I believe he will eventually do) and preserve the continuity between these three. The decision that is made today by the Oilers may impact the decision that is made by Hall, et al. when it comes to free agency years later.

  • Bender 2.0

    I have to take a deep breath as I’m slightly under the weather with salmonella poisoning…….I would agree with most posters that MPS has been in a little bit of a slump, but while in that slump he hasn’t been hurting the team as much as he hasn’t been contributing to the point totals (sounds like an oxymoron i know). He is a smart young player that is doing as well as can be expected for learning a new game in a new country.

    My point is how many times have you yelled PAJAARVI at the TV this season for making a brutal giveaway or by making an outright stupid play. I know I can say for myself that I have cursed the names of far more vets this season than MPS.

    I understand the reasoning behind comparing MPS to Seguin as their numbers are fairy comparable with the ice time they have been logging; however, Seguin has been playing for a better team that probably has more time to spend on his development then the Oilers do with the big three.

    At the end of the day MPS appears to be coming around as he has been contributing over the last three games and let’s think more about our win then what to do with MPS who hasn’t had the best point totals. We were willing to cut Hall some slack and we went as far as to use Joe Thorton’s rookie numbers to defend him, so why not the same for MPS.

  • Grant Fuhrer

    If the Oil are gonna send away 91 then send him to the A and that would make more sense than to the juniors.

    But, I think you buried the lede here because that guy dancing was absolute ******* money! He was getting down and I was hoping it was gonna be an act and that when BTO ripped into TCB he was gonna start fist-pumping and rise to his feet:)

    In any case that guy was having a good time and I must salute him!:)

  • Grant Fuhrer

    Wait for Hemmer to be back healthy and playing with Mags and Gags before sending him down. While Jones got a goal last night (nice deke), that line seemed out of sync playing pond hockey at the ACC. My guess is that a healthy Hemsky would have meant a higher goal total in the end, and maybe even a tap in for Mags.

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    Wanye, as much as I blindly follow and do everything you say, I must disagree with you. He doesn’t need a 3rd WJC. He needs to play against men. This argument is poppycock.