Omark Opus

Jordan Eberle scored a sick shootout goal, just wicked. And you know what? Few will remember it. Why? Linus Omark brought out his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and the crowd went wild. 

It’s making headlines in Finland and it is the talk of the town here. Not just the shootout beauty, but the entire team. Lordy the Edmonton Oilers have some bullets, and this just a few short months after the entire organization seemed to be hanging by a thread.

Stink for a few years, draft well and then hang on for the ride. If I didn’t hate the Flames so much, I’d suggest it to their general manager Crazy McNutty.  

The best part of the evening may have been the reaction to the shootout goal by the Lightning team.


Village elder Steven Stamkos painted a grim picture for the future of our game when he spoke of the Omark tally. "I didn’t think it showed a lot of respect in this game.I mean, you don’t see Crosby or Ovechkin doing that and they’re the two best players in the game.(Omark’s) a creative player, he’s got good skill. I’m not taking that away from him, but it didn’t really have any implication on his moves, so I don’t know why he did that." The entire article is here.

I’ll have a lash as to why he did that: it entertained the crowd and he scored a goal doing it!!! My word, the NHL needs about 30 of these guys to beat some of the stuffing out of a league that can turn a kid like Stamkos into Mr. Furry Brow overnight.

The fellow trying to choke poor Gerry Ehman of the Oakland Seals is none other than Eddie Shack. Back in the olden days, Shack would do damn near anything to entertain a crowd and he became known as a true character.

Make no mistake, Shack could play the game (he won wherever he went, strange coincidence I’m sure) and brought a physical element that bordered on crazy. Anyway, before we tell Mr. Omark to stop scoring goals that delight the crowd because we’re fretting over the game’s rich history, let’s remember that this is hockey and we could use a little more character and a lot less structure in today’s game.


What we have in Omark is a very important character in the story that is the new Oilers. He can play the Jerry Lewis part (to Pääjärvi’s smooth Dean Martin) and when they make the Rat Pack films he can be the one who draws all the attention away from the robbery. Omark is a fully formed player and character: just add linemates and get rid of the extras, and we’re on our way.

Question: after last night, how do you send Omark down when Hemsky is healthy? Riddle me that one, Batman. Linus rhymes with minus now, but this guy is the cock of the walk.

  • Horcsky

    I was at the second coming of Jesus last night, and I have a few observations to share.

    1. Omark took 1 NHL game to become a better Oiler than Rob Schremp.

    2. Dustin Penner had a another solid game last night. He started slow and emotionless though. On the first shift he was forechecking and the d-man was coming around the net and Penner had no choice but to hit him. Instead, he spun away from the check. That was a frustrating play to watch as he could have got the crowd into it by ending the d-man’s game. The fight was good and did show some passion; however, slamming your stick on the crossbar after the game is over doesn’t show me that he’s playing with emotion. A certain first overall pick did that awhile back and was benched.

    3. Badly outplayed? Ya we were. The good part was, that we kept Tampa on the perimeter for most of those 40 shots.

    4. The reason we were outplayed seemed to be a combo of two things. Fist, the forwards taking off to the other blueline immediately after our D got the puck, thus giving them no targets to pass to. Second, the D could’ve stretched the pass to the other blueline with a wide open forward there several times, but were hanging onto the puck far too long.

    5. I was also at the Ducks game on Tuesday, and those were two of the most entertaining regular season games I’ve been to, ever.

  • I lived Omark’s spinerama move especially after the Ref tried to embarrass at his first attempt.

    Having said that, I think I was more impressed with how, during the game, he cut to the net where there was a lot of traffic and defenders and he got one extra move in and got a decent shot off that rebounded straight over to Gibby for the backhander.

    The guy could have shied around the outside perimeter but he took it hard to the net. I loved that.

    The shooter finisher was the icing on the cake. This kid has ice going through his veins!

    The interview with Maggie and him at the end was classic as well as you can see a real synergy and friendship between those two guys and that bodes well for them have an inner competition and trying that extra bit hard to make each other successful.

    Man talk about upward pointing arrows! Sha-winnnng!

  • Good one-“fist lemmings into the sea of the irrelevant”.
    2010-11 Oilers = speed, pride, passion, and entertainment (at least some of the time). Who knew?
    The downside is perhaps no lottery pick. Will Stu M still be able to pull out an elite center and a tower of power d-man?

  • so many people falling all over themselves about this circus act that at one time said “no comment” when asked if the Oiler organization was where he thought he should be…stauffer told him yesterday he had “mythic proportions” or some such gob…we treat this new smerf like beachfront property… i’m just waiting for him to start talking about himself in the third person…when he decides to leave when his contract is up he’ll go all LeBron on us and say he’s “taking his talents” elsewhere…Linus the Penis may someday be Linus tacked to the pine-us [what is up with this back and forth pronunciation business anyway…make up our minds for us please]…so much frothing and fawning…what is the big deal here, he’s talented yes but he’s not the second coming of you-know-who!

    my jury is still out

    • Ryan14

      “Omark was then asked if he felt that he was given a fair opportunity. “I don’t want to discuss that, but I want to play a lot, so that’s all I can say,” he said.

      Dave Mitchell of CTV followed up by tossing Omark a grenade, asking him if the Oilers are the best organization for him at this point in his career. To that, Omark offered: “No comment.”  Matheson followed up by offering Omark didn’t sound like he agreed with the decision to send him to Oklahoma City.”

      It sounds more like he didn’t feel like he was given a fair shot. Nothing about wanting to be here.

  • We’re in a pretty good spot right now. Not only because the bets we placed on our kids are paying, but because we’ve run the gamut already on highs and lows, and we still show a lot of promise.

    When we eventually hit some more rough patches, we now know that success is just as easy to come by.

  • It is unbelievable the sense of entitlement that seems to exist in the Lightning room.

    You either score more than the other team or you don’t. Unless you had fair goals called back, you can’t say that you didn’t deserve to lose. It’s all well and good to throw everything you’ve got at a team for one period, when you’re behind, but how about accepting some responsibility for ending up in that position in the first place.

    I understand that was a frustrating game for TB to lose, but from where I’m sitting, our team of rookies, YouTube sensations and cast-offs could teach Stamkos and company a thing or two about what it means to be a professional.

    Part of the entertaining business is giving people what they want, and exceeding their expectations whenever you can. As was mentioned above, everyone wanted and expected what Omark delivered. I, for one, applaud him for rising to the occasion.

  • I can see why Stamkos might have thought what Omark did was a little dis respectful but to hear Martin St.Louis after the game bitch about it was a little offensive I thought. This coming from a guy who likes to skate in back wards most of the time on his shoot out attemps with his ass sticking out towards the goalie who also likes to throw in the snow job(spraying the goalie with snow) or spin o rama himself. Typical french hockey player to bitch about something. I don’t get why Omark shouldn’t be able to throw in his spin o rama at the start of the shoot out and yet St. Louis is allowed to do his at the end. f*#k, he sounded like a girl when he complained about it too, what a tool!

  • Should be interesting to hear what Grapes thought about Omark tonight on HNIC. I can see MacT giving it a thumbs down on TSN. But I can’t wait for all the reaction over the next few televises.

    And go GSP go. Knock that ass clown Koschek OUT!!! Spin O Rama drop kick to the head. Boo yah Omark stylze!!!

  • Horcsky

    Is there no etiquette or political correctness in these brash and bold new entertainers like OMARK ? Cherry will probabln blast him as well , and who is Cherry to blast anyone to begin with ? I suppose league will fine him or suspend him for 20 games for conduct unbecoming to the other automatons that don’t think creativity is anything more than intimidation and rubbing it in ?

    Cudos for the kid for sprucing up the game and the shootout ! Maybe more will try the same now . Trust another Swede Cherry will probably say – just like Forsberg had done years earlier as i recall . Loved it and hope to see more creativity tried around the league . I wonder if Subban has any moves to go with his mouth on a shootout ?

    The league more characters for it’s entertainment package – nice to see some !!

  • ubermiguel

    Pre-game had an interview clip with Hrudey who related a story about Al Arbour. In this story no less a coach than Al Arbour called hockey players “entertainers” on par with Broadway actors.

    So St. Lois and Shamkos can shut it, Al Arbour said it’s ok to be entertaining.

  • Lowetide

    I think Omark’s reaction was real and no one has gotten to him (yet) to deliver the “Bull Durham” list of responses to the media.

    Until he learns the book, we’re going to get wonderful gifts from Omark. He’s real.

    • Jerk Store

      LT you mean, “I am just happy to be here and I am taking it one shift at a time. The good Lord ….er … whichever supreme being you believe in … willing, the team will just keep on winning” ….would not be as honest as (or fun as),

      “I do stuff like this. Why should I stop at this level?”

      Gotta love it. Not sure if he is just young or a supremely talented flake, but I will say he is a hoot.

  • O.C.

    WOW! Hall, Eberle, MPS, Omark, Penner, Khabibulin, Cogliano all producing great performances and the defence keeping the Oil in the game last night.

    When Hemsky and Horcoff return, time to reassess the makeup of the team. Should Fraser, Foster, MacIntyre, Stortini, Jacques, Vandermere, Strudwick fill positions that could go to developing more of the talent on the farm? Omark and O’Marra may be good enough to stick and there are others that may have earned the opportunity for more than a cup of coffee in the NHL.

  • Bi-Curious Gord

    “Mr. Furry Brow”??? Classic!
    It’s amusing to me how Martin St. Loius can bump his gums about the spin move. Hey Martin, before you lecture us about maturity and respecting the history of the game, take a gander at this clip of a certain undersized, skilled player show-boating in a shootout:

    • Wax Man Riley

      Thank you, and props to you, sir. Take that showboat!! That was so disrespectful.

      I can completely understand not being happy with the move Omark pulled. In T-Bay, it was a bit of a slap in the face as they dominated the Oil in the 3rd and couldn’t put it away, only to be beat by a crazy deke in the shootout (and Eberle’s SSSIIIICCKK move, wow!).

      Any fans that are complaining are jealous. I heard a lot of Canucklehead fans complaining, but I’m sure if it was one of their dear Sisters, they would be planning the annual parade route that will never happen.

      ….er …oops .. they are already doing that

  • I could care less about what the players on the 29 other teams think. Hell, I think Omark should shoot first just so he can embarass and fluster the goalie right out of the gate.

    If the other team’s best players are off their game thinking about what Omark does while he’s scoring shootout goals then it’s even more reason to have him shooting.

    The league wanted a dunk competition to end tie games and they were hoping that games would be ended on spectacular plays. Well here it was.

    His story should be a commercial for the NHL. It should begin with being drafted in the zillionth round as an undersized long shot, becoming a youtube sensation, paying his dues in the AHL, and finally the commercial should end with the shootout goal.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Swedish hockey, the birthplace of the spin-o-rama in the shootout. From Forsberg’s shootout goal in the world championship to Omark’s goal last night. If the league doesn’t like spin-o-ramas, they’ve had ample opportunity to stop it.

  • Wax Man Riley

    All eyes are on Omark in the shootout last night. Expectations were very high and Omark delivered. I think that says something about Omark’s character. One of those guys you want around when everything is on the line.

  • bigrroberto

    I love Omarks swagger.

    If you look at it though, he had something to prove. The way he went out of training camp if he didn’t come up here and at least give it 110% and try something spectacular then he really looks like an idiot.

    I say good on him for speaking his mind, talking the talk, and walking the walk. For the sake of the team and the fans I really hope he can continue to improve and keep his spot on the club.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Linus( King of Beasts, or is he the Peanuts comic character ) does his little twirl at the bus stop , at the bus stop , yeah he does his little twirl at the bus stop . Sorry Malone , Stamkos , and St.Louie have the Blues because they forgot to wear their tootoo’s to the shootout at the Rexall Corall last night! Bleeding hearts they are . Wonder if clown suit Cherry liked it ?

  • Oilers4ever

    I posted this over at LT’s site the day I heard 23’s audio clip over on the official site but the kid’s gonna be fun just because he’s a bit of a dick and he’s gonna be unfiltered in his interviews.

    and it looks like he’s gonna be able to play a bit too – not based on last night because I just posted the scoring chance numbers and he was awful at EV- but based on what he did in Russia and what he was doing down in the A.

    • Lowetide

      Dennis: Yeah, I think he was full measure for the scoring chances against that you noted at MC’s. I did think that he did some good things (battled well for the puck a couple of times and did some nice things on the PP) and you can see there’s a brain there too.

      Those SEL and KHL seasons must have taught him a few things he can use.

  • Oilers4ever

    Wah wah Stamkos… go cry to your mommy ya big baby… Gimme a break… Is this what the league has come to? Big bunch of cry baby whiners when people try to entertain.. hate to tell ya baby Stammy.. but I’d rather his move than you skate up and too a wimpy ole slapshot.. BORRRINGGGG…. Go back to Tbay where people care more about the beach and sand than they do hockey.. apparently you don’t know what’s entertaining anymore.

  • Oilers4ever

    If Omark played for Tampa Bay and scored on the Oilers last night, Stamkos and the rest would have been hooting, hollering, laughing, cheering and calling it a sick goal. They know it, everyone else knows it. They need to quit being sore losers.

  • Jerk Store


    i’m thinking that’s splitting hairs…

    he still actually said “No Comment”…

    i can’t remember a time i heard any player say that to any question…maybe Bertuzzi re:Steve Moore but i think Matty got him off the hook by offering up his answer or version of how the kid needed to play it…

    bottom line for me is this kid is scarier than he needs to be … talent out the wazoo yes but he’s almost like a trainwreck waiting to happen. and here i thought we’d seen the best Oiler trainwreck ever with Robbie Schremp.

    jus sayin’

  • Jerk Store

    ” . . . turned the puck as soon as napattuaan a full circle around, did hämäyslaukauksen and finally put the game means Lightning guard Dan Ellis in between your legs.”

    . . . now that is funny! I love Google Translate – gets just enough to be comical . . .