Omark Opus

Jordan Eberle scored a sick shootout goal, just wicked. And you know what? Few will remember it. Why? Linus Omark brought out his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and the crowd went wild. 

It’s making headlines in Finland and it is the talk of the town here. Not just the shootout beauty, but the entire team. Lordy the Edmonton Oilers have some bullets, and this just a few short months after the entire organization seemed to be hanging by a thread.

Stink for a few years, draft well and then hang on for the ride. If I didn’t hate the Flames so much, I’d suggest it to their general manager Crazy McNutty.  

The best part of the evening may have been the reaction to the shootout goal by the Lightning team.


Village elder Steven Stamkos painted a grim picture for the future of our game when he spoke of the Omark tally. "I didn’t think it showed a lot of respect in this game.I mean, you don’t see Crosby or Ovechkin doing that and they’re the two best players in the game.(Omark’s) a creative player, he’s got good skill. I’m not taking that away from him, but it didn’t really have any implication on his moves, so I don’t know why he did that." The entire article is here.

I’ll have a lash as to why he did that: it entertained the crowd and he scored a goal doing it!!! My word, the NHL needs about 30 of these guys to beat some of the stuffing out of a league that can turn a kid like Stamkos into Mr. Furry Brow overnight.

The fellow trying to choke poor Gerry Ehman of the Oakland Seals is none other than Eddie Shack. Back in the olden days, Shack would do damn near anything to entertain a crowd and he became known as a true character.

Make no mistake, Shack could play the game (he won wherever he went, strange coincidence I’m sure) and brought a physical element that bordered on crazy. Anyway, before we tell Mr. Omark to stop scoring goals that delight the crowd because we’re fretting over the game’s rich history, let’s remember that this is hockey and we could use a little more character and a lot less structure in today’s game.


What we have in Omark is a very important character in the story that is the new Oilers. He can play the Jerry Lewis part (to Pääjärvi’s smooth Dean Martin) and when they make the Rat Pack films he can be the one who draws all the attention away from the robbery. Omark is a fully formed player and character: just add linemates and get rid of the extras, and we’re on our way.

Question: after last night, how do you send Omark down when Hemsky is healthy? Riddle me that one, Batman. Linus rhymes with minus now, but this guy is the cock of the walk.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Linus( King of Beasts, or is he the Peanuts comic character ) does his little twirl at the bus stop , at the bus stop , yeah he does his little twirl at the bus stop . Sorry Malone , Stamkos , and St.Louie have the Blues because they forgot to wear their tootoo’s to the shootout at the Rexall Corall last night! Bleeding hearts they are . Wonder if clown suit Cherry liked it ?

  • Oilers4ever

    I posted this over at LT’s site the day I heard 23’s audio clip over on the official site but the kid’s gonna be fun just because he’s a bit of a dick and he’s gonna be unfiltered in his interviews.

    and it looks like he’s gonna be able to play a bit too – not based on last night because I just posted the scoring chance numbers and he was awful at EV- but based on what he did in Russia and what he was doing down in the A.

    • Lowetide

      Dennis: Yeah, I think he was full measure for the scoring chances against that you noted at MC’s. I did think that he did some good things (battled well for the puck a couple of times and did some nice things on the PP) and you can see there’s a brain there too.

      Those SEL and KHL seasons must have taught him a few things he can use.

  • Oilers4ever

    Wah wah Stamkos… go cry to your mommy ya big baby… Gimme a break… Is this what the league has come to? Big bunch of cry baby whiners when people try to entertain.. hate to tell ya baby Stammy.. but I’d rather his move than you skate up and too a wimpy ole slapshot.. BORRRINGGGG…. Go back to Tbay where people care more about the beach and sand than they do hockey.. apparently you don’t know what’s entertaining anymore.

  • Oilers4ever

    If Omark played for Tampa Bay and scored on the Oilers last night, Stamkos and the rest would have been hooting, hollering, laughing, cheering and calling it a sick goal. They know it, everyone else knows it. They need to quit being sore losers.

  • Jerk Store


    i’m thinking that’s splitting hairs…

    he still actually said “No Comment”…

    i can’t remember a time i heard any player say that to any question…maybe Bertuzzi re:Steve Moore but i think Matty got him off the hook by offering up his answer or version of how the kid needed to play it…

    bottom line for me is this kid is scarier than he needs to be … talent out the wazoo yes but he’s almost like a trainwreck waiting to happen. and here i thought we’d seen the best Oiler trainwreck ever with Robbie Schremp.

    jus sayin’

  • Jerk Store

    ” . . . turned the puck as soon as napattuaan a full circle around, did hämäyslaukauksen and finally put the game means Lightning guard Dan Ellis in between your legs.”

    . . . now that is funny! I love Google Translate – gets just enough to be comical . . .