Postgame: Kings 3, Oilers 2 (Shootout)

Some quick post-game thoughts on tonight’s tilt between the Oilers and Kings.

And I do mean quick. I got tied up with a personal matter and missed the majority of the game, so I basically have the highlights, the scoring chances, the last shift of overtime and the shootout to work off of.

Speaking of that last shift, it was interesting to compare the Penner faceoff loss and the Ganger faceoff win. While neither really ended up resulting in anything, the only reason Gagner got credited with the win was because Penner jumped in and took control of the puck. It’s been suggested by others that one of the Oilers’ big problems may be lack of wing support on those messier draws, and it obviously makes a big difference. It was also interesting to see Gagner/Penner without one of Hall or Eberle; I assume Renney wanted two faceoff options out there.

I wonder if the coaching staff has been working with Dubnyk on the shootout; he was good in the skills contest last season but prior to tonight’s game against Los Angeles he’d been quite bad, allowing five goals on just seven shots. He was both aggressive and efficient, and his save on Justin Williams in particular impressed me, as Williams made a near-perfect shot that could easily have handcuffed Dubnyk.

I have no idea how I missed John Stevens getting hired by Los Angeles.

I was delighted to see Tom Renney send out Eberle/Hall/Omark as his first three shooters. The first two have been quite good so far in the shootout, and Omark’s a delight to watch. Unfortunately, because Omark is so impressive on occasion, it’s a big letdown when he just skates in and shoots it like he’s not a big showoff. Especially after I was secretly hoping Brown would score just so I could watch Omark shoot.

And as happy as I was to see Renney’s first three shooters, following them up with Gagner/Penner made me groan. Then I remembered what Renney’s options were and groaned for an entirely different reason.

Just watching Ryan Smyth chat with Anze Kopitar prior to the latter’s shot made me nostalgic. There’s been a lot of water under the bridge but I still miss that crooked-nosed, scraggly-haired winger.

By the scoring chances, this was a fairly impressive contest. Toss in Dubnyk’s save percentage and shootout performance and the stats don’t show a goat tonight. Is that accurate?

  • Romanus

    The league needs to instruct refs to not make calls unless they are absolutely sure of what they saw. Omark’s BS penalty this game and the one in Anaheim against Peckham when it went through the glass. I swear the refs want to be heroes some games.


  • Cervantes

    I still can’t believe he sent out 0-for-the-year Gagner and I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter Penner before Magnus and his laser shot, or even HockeyHair Jones, who’s looked pretty good on his breakaways. Heck, I’d almost rather see Stortini or Gilbert before those two…

    • Jodes

      Have to agree with you there Cervantes.. Gagner? Cogliano? Obviously they didn’t want that extra point in the shootout..

      But then again maybe Renney was secretly giving us the “nudge” or the “wink wink” when he said “This team will make the playoffs”..

      Exciting hockey game, but why in the hell was the 4th line still on the ice after JFJ scored?

  • J-Dogg

    “Especially after I was secretly hoping Brown would score just so I could watch Omark shoot.”

    Haha, yeah I was secretly hoping that myself.

    I assume it was either an attempt to confuse Quick with austere simplicity when glitzed up show-boating was likely expected, or maybe he was just letting us all know that 360/fake slappers and the like are treats to be enjoyed but not expected 😛

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    Am I the only person who hopes the Oilers don’t make the playoffs and finish last? Even if we make the playoffs this year we aren’t going to contend for the cup. First or last, second sucks.

  • kgo

    I agree with every comment here!

    About the fisters and the fact that renney gave us the nudge, and threw the shootout, and omark gently bringing down our expectations, and coming last, if not first. I love the oilersnation!!

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    I would hold the coaching staff responsible for the last two loses, more specifically who ever is in charge of offensive line pairings and changes.

    I don’t understand why Jones and Paajarvi were separated. Why are Paajarvi Omark and O’marra playing together? Why not put Omark and Penner together? What is the purpose of having Omark and Paajarvi on one line and Jones and Penner on the other? It doesn’t make sense. Tonight I seen Penner and Paajarvi for a bit, but even that doesn’t add up. WTF?.!..

  • a lg dubl dubl

    You groan at the Oilers’ shootout options, but it could be worse: the Penguins have Crosby, Letang, Malkin (who absolutely sucks at penalty shots and shootouts), and then who…?

  • Milli

    I wanted to see Omark shoot, then regreted it! I think Penner got to shoot because he had a monster game, I figured he would score for sure. The penalty call on Omark, and a few of the non calls, wow, that was a terribly reffed game.

  • “Just watching Ryan Smyth chat with Anze Kopitar prior to the latter’s shot made me nostalgic. There’s been a lot of water under the bridge but I still miss that crooked-nosed, scraggly-haired winger.”

    I was watching Smytty digging for the puck behind the net in the second and I got tears in my eyes, shoulda been the captain, not that Ethan guy.

  • JW, I always liked reading your post-game write ups…Hopefully we’ll see some more in 2011?

    Why would Renney leave the 4th line on the ice after they just scored??? It makes no sense to me. Your 4th line just scored, by leaving them on the ice he’s playing with fire.

    What ever happenend to Gagner’s sic moves in the shootout? They 30 quick back and forths before he deked the goalie out his jockstrap and scores??? I miss that Gagner.

    Eberle is just sic in the shootout. He makes moves at exteremly high speeds…Quick had no chance…

  • @ DDP:

    Generally, I don’t feel comfortable doing up a post-game writeup unless I’ve been taking relatively meticulous notes throughout the game.

    Unfortunately, my preferred method of watching the game is sitting on the couch with a beer and doesn’t involve meticulous note-taking.

    • It gets tiring hearing, why this, why that, why this guy, why that guy…someone even suggested Renney was throwing the shootout…man on man, get a freakin life. Was using Eberle, Hall and Omark throwing the shootout?

      Given yesterdays result in the shootout…why Hall? Why Omark? Why anyone not named Eberle?

      Both Gagner and Penner had decent shots on their shootout attempts….you know sometimes the other goaltender is going to stop it, especially one who is as good as Quick.

  • Jonathan,

    I appreciate your Smytty sentiment. I feel the same. I still have his framed lithogram displayed prominently over my living room couch at my home in Toronto. When friends come over, they invevitably comment on how he doesn’t play in Edmonton anymore and ask why I still have it up. Typical Toronto ignorance, really. All I have to do is ask them what they think of Wendell Clark and that usually shuts them up.

    Mark my words, crooked nose will sign a contract with the Oil once he becomes a FA again. He’d be a pretty nice third line W on a cup winning team if you ask me!