Oilers vs. Ducks Highlights: The Ducks Just Saw Moreau Real Good

Anaheim Ducks: 3

Edmonton Oilers: 2

Due to some personal obligations I missed tonight’s game, but the box score was all kinds of interesting.  Apparently Ladislav Smid holding penalties are the secret formula to unlock Oilers’ shorthanded goals, and apparently Ethan Moreau really, really, really wants to play in Anaheim.

It also appears that Bobby Ryan has yet to forgive Kevin Lowe for those comments he made about him.

  • Chris.

    Why are these guys negotiating through the press? Why is Katz renigging on his $100M investment? (I know he's still putting money into the district… I, along with most people always assumed he would invest additional money in the revitalized district after kickstarting arena construction with the promised down payment!) Most disconcerting: Why did Katz "blindside" a friendly Mayor? Can these idiots who own and run my favorite franchise do anything right?

    Bad Organization + Bad Team + Bad Ownership = Poor Season Ticket Investment. It's getting harder and harder to justify a renewal.

    Note to Daryl… This isn't my idea of fun…

  • Twiggs

    If anyone listened to the game on the radio last night, what did you think of Stauffer's play by play? I thought he did a pretty bang up job. I especially enjoyed his comment which went something like "and here comes Marchant, who has been in the league for 263 seasons"

  • VMR

    I just wish there'd finally be a sign they are moving forward with the idea rather than puttering around with ideas and maps and diagrams. Put in a proposal, get the gears moving, if they were working on this now they'd have saved themselves millions of dollars rather than getting it started when the economy starts picking up and they'll have a hard time finding anyone to do construction work again.

    • DougWeightProblem

      Actually, part of the agreement was that the city of Oklahoma invest 4.5 million in the old arena/convention centre that was built in the 70's, mainly to upgrade the ice making plant.

    • I dont know about you, but I had the distinct impression that Paula Simons' had made herself a spiffy tinfoil hat to keep the Katz group from reading her thoughts by the end of that editorial.

      Wait, is Paula Simons actually Deepoil's alter ego?

  • Elaine

    It saddens me to see such harsh comments about many of the Oilers players. It is obvious that Father Time has caught up to a number of them and for those that it has, they have been solid citizens of the city and Oilers organization. They were truly warriors for the Oilers in the past and now they just don't have it. Rather than degrade them they way many are doing, why not just say, "they are no longer able to deliver the goods and it is time to revanp the roster" I think there are some players that have some value but as a collective group they are just not good enough to get the job done. Management has to make a lot of changes. I too get very frustrated watching them but I do feel they try most of the time. Some of the players lack ingredients that are necessary to developing a overall strong team. I feel there are too many 3rd and 4th line players on the team and asking them to perform as 1st line players, well they aren't able to do so on any consistent basis. I don't think that Gagner at this time is a first line centre. He could develop into one but at this time, no. We need players than can win face-offs and that are more gritty with a high-end skill level.
    That's it for now.

    • Dan the Man

      I just can't take Paula Simons seriously when she says things like "Katz and co… need to stop acting like spoiled, entitled brats and start negotiating like grownups."

      Let me know when your next seminar on business negotiation is Professor Simons, I'd love to come learn how to become a billionaire from you.

    • Chris.

      You have to wonder who is running this show? The product on the ice is horrible and now the management side is flip flopping on their commitment to a new arena.

      When you add it all up , it almost looks like the Oilers brass are preparing to hold the city hostage, build us an arena or we are gone?

      Whatever happens here, right now the fans are being screwed over royally. Shelling out good money to watch a bad team in a crowded and aging venue, it's no Nassua Coliseum but it is also not alot of fun to go to a game and try to pack three 200+ pound guys into the seats and pretend your comfortable.

      This team is becoming more like the bungling mess Peter Puck nearly drove out of town in the 90's.

      • Librarian Mike

        This team is becoming more like the bungling mess Peter Puck nearly drove out of town in the 90's.

        As bad as those teams were, at no point were they the consensus pick as 'worst team in the league'.

        Katz is playing a dangerous game here, and I really hope the city calls his bluff. I'm at the point now where even if it means he threatens to move the team, so be it.

          • Librarian Mike

            Katz's tactics are bush league regardless of how the team is doing.

            Don't get me wrong, I love the Oilers whether they are the best or worst team in the league. I don't love them so much that I'm willing to pay their owner' debts, especially when said owner has enough money to pay for the entire thing in cash, but is trying to milk it out of people who will not benefit from it in any way.

          • DougWeightProblem

            A new arena/entertainment complex is just as vital to "Canadian Culture" and "Municipal Pride" as a 90 million dollar Art Museum, and I'm sure many people feel it is more relevant. Such a complex would generate tourism dollars, tax revenue for the city (over the long term, since they would own the building's rights), and would galvanize international impressions of our city in a more positive light.

            Never mind that players might appreciate playing in a state-of-the-art arena, thus adding another positive to signing in Edmonton. Multi-million dollar athletes shouldn't need such incentives. But paired with Commonwealth Stadium (probably the nicest stadium in the CFL), West Edmonton Mall, the River Valley, the Royal Alberta and Art Museums, the Muttart, and the various world-class festivals, perhaps a new rink would show the rest of Canada, and the US, that we value culture. Whether it be a sports culture, a learning culture, a pop culture, or something more intangible, we have a unique identity.

            Rexall has become a stain on that identity, something archaeic, to be remembered and cherished, but outdated and in need of replacement.

            But enough of my culture rant …

            How about 2,000 to 3,000 more seats and all the money for Katz, the Oilers, and the City that would mean in the long haul?

    • Slapshot

      The katz group is taking lessons from the Peter Pocklington school of negotiation,Since Katz has taken over the Oilers organization there is no accountability to the fans and the team has not improved,also Katz and the rest of his boys, go about on there own agenda without telling anyone whats happening,yet they have no problem asking for 400 million.For someone who built a billion dollar drug empire, he does not seem to have much business sense.

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        I'd say he has a pile of business sense, he's trying to drastically increase his networth with little to no risk to himself (relatively speaking)

        • Slapshot

          If he continues negotiating behind closed doors and not letting council know what is happening, he will lose the battle of public opinion and at this point, he will need all the help he can get in getting this arena passed through council and the tax payers.

  • I dont really care what the hockey peeps say the oil will bounce back in the future and theyll prove them wrong.the oil have been my team since day one an sometimes skids like the one there on are not all bad theres alot of positives for the future.Go oil GO.

  • Regarding the power play coaching, the power play is pretty much the one thing that hasn't sucked all year.

    So while I don't understand things like five left-handed shots on the power play, I just assume that Wayne Fleming has a direct connection to the Hockey God in Charge of Power Play Performance, a lesser known but still powerful member of the hockey gods.

  • smiliegirl15

    It was a decent game overall. The Oilers had a solid first 10 minutes but retained their ability to not finish….. at all. Corey Perry is a gutless weiner….. but apparently that is part of his skill set and role.
    Decent tilt between Jacques and porn homo george. As usual the Oilers butchered a multitude of odd man rushes.
    Hiller has one major ugly lid. Scott Neidermeir was brutes all night. Jdd was brilliant and leaky.
    The 5 on 3 is the same as last year….. except studlys not on the ice wailing it off the glass.
    Pouliot did a toe drag dance through the D and then got stoned in tight, he did draw a penalty, it should have been declined.
    Moreau was good, he has had a handful of games this year where his legs actually had some explosiveness, most nights they are dead and his game follows. Im sure all teams are aware of it. Im not sure whats worse, seeing that its still there or never seeing it at all.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Wow on Ethan Moreau's goal. He left Nidermayer in the dust, I thought Moreau couldn't skate and Nidermayer was good at skating, then he used his shoulder to block the other guy. Beauty.

    Did I hear the annoucers correctly 3 for 16 on 5 on 3?

    Unrealted but related. Glatt signs with the Eskimos, BC wasn't an option as they released him but 4 other CFL teams were after him and he came to Edmonton. Why can't the Oilers do this? It's amazing that players will come to a team that isn't doing all that well simply because of how the team is ran.

      • JeffG

        I guess you didn't hear his interview where he said he was so happy to be back in coaching.

        His situation right now is probably the best for any coach. You get to build from scratch. You are not liable for the short term suckability.

        He has enough experience to understand that it is just short term pain for long term gain.

        Maybe not next yr.

        But the yr after that…there is a lot of upside to where the oilers will be.

    • Woogie

      I betcha after last night Boston is thinking they would love to have a player like that and would give up Torontos 1st round pick.

      *Pinches himself. Crap. This is not a dream :(*

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Today's topics:

    Horcoff – 7 million and over-paid?

    Moreau – Bad captain, should he be publicly tarred and feathered?

    Kevin Lowe – Is he keeping Tambellini from turning this team competitive? Will rabid Oiler fans get their pound of flesh?

    Pat Quinn – Can't blame coaching?

    Theirs four new and refreshing theories that we can hopefully hash over today.

    • Nix those. Oilers-approved topics only today. I'll start us off.

      Nikolai Khabibulin has a Stanley Cup ring, and it's hard for a team to play well after they've lost their MVP.

      Taylor Chorney: Is he a young Niklas Lidstrom, or just a young Brian Leetch? You decide.

      The move to Oklahoma City – are you excited, or very excited?

      The virtues of patience.

      Did anyone see the World Juniors? Did you know that awesome players Eberle and Paajravi-Svensson are Oiler prospects?

      Of all the chick flicks Tom Gilbert could watch, which would you like to watch with him the most?

      • Deslauriers has played pretty well of late, Bulin would have certainly made a difference during that losing streak. The biggest victim of the Khabibulin injury aside from the fans is Devan Dubnyk, he really needs to be playing every night in Springfield.

        As long as Taylor Chorney isn't a young Tom Gilbert circa. 2010 it doesn't matter to me.

        Did the Oilers consider moving their AHL team closer to home, you know Regina. It would seem to make more sense than the middle of nowhere in the mid west.

        Patience is not a virtue for Oiler fans, it is a curse, we've been patient for the better part of 20 years.

        Considering the recent success of other players making the jump straight from junior. Gagner's inconsistent, Cogliano lost his touch and Brule's struggles prior to this year are well documented. Welcome to Oklahoma gentlemen.

        Tom Gilbert doesn't have time to watch chick flicks he needs to be watching game film of defencemen who know how to play the puck and make a hit.

        • "Deslauriers has played pretty well of late…"

          With the exception of letting in two or three AHL-level softies every game, I would agree with you on that. I mean, the saves he DOES make are pretty good.

          To my mind NHL goalies make ALL the saves they should make and the good ones make some of the saves they shouldn't. Our current tandem has been proven to be lacking in this philosophy time after time.

          I'm sorry, but both JDD and DD are only middling/potential backup goalies when your #1 can't play due to injury or fatigue. Even then, they have proven they can't bring it to the point anybody on the team really thinks they still have a chance when they're in net.

          We need to acquire a vet backup and toss both of these sieves back to Oklahoma.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            The frustrating part is how many people don't see a need to bring in another tender.

            The solution is sitting in Montreal, waiting to be purchased for pennies on the dollar.

          • Ender

            Until we know the full extent of Khabi's injury and whether he intends to play next season or retire, it might be a bit premature to be spending a bunch of cap dollars. This season is shot; it's not like our playoff chances hinge on buying now. There will be free agent goalies available for the same pennies on the dollar this summer.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            I don't think people realize how good Halak is, sure he's not 100% proven… but he's getting very close. This is a guy with franchise potential, not just some guy we could grab in the summer to be a back-up.

            Also, as an RFA in this market we'd probably be able to lock him up for under 3 million, 7 million for your tending (if it's above average) isn't too bad.

          • VMR

            I'm afraid next season pretty much comes down to how well Khabi recuperates from surgery. We cant pick up a veteran goalie if he's back and we wont know until he gets some games under his belt. I cant see any move to get help in net happen unless they think Khabibulin is done.

            If they get a vet he has to be really cheap and therefore likely not any better than what we have. Think Turco will take league minimum next season? Maybe Biron on a 1 year deal. If we do sign a vet we lose Deslaurier for sure and again I dont think we'll see a huge upturn in results with our defence.

          • I think there's a large faction on this site that LOVES to speculate endlessly about junior prospects and call-ups. I mean, you'd swear Seguin/Hall is going to walk in here next year and put up 80 (at least!).

            I haven't seen one game this year where the other team's next young guy wasn't already a stud, or at least extremely competent. Its clear for these teams that the NHL ISN'T a development league. Their young guys have to earn their spots and only then do they make the show. Here, we have no problem with throwing in young guys who are far from being able to make an impact. That's a loser strategy in my opinion – unless the goal is to lose and I've made my opinion on that subject enough. Make your own call.

            I go to the games to watch the best athletes in the best league in the world. If I was interested in junior "maybe's", I'd go to Oil Kings games and comment on HF Boards.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Ya, I agree. Their seems to be a strange obssesion with unproven youth. Not so much at this site, but I still see lots of "give JDD/DD a chance" posts.

          • Dyckster

            Pistol, meet temple. Finger, meet trigger.

            I'm not even going to play Russion Roulette for fear of the cylinder stopping on an emtpy chamber. FML!

            Frickin Horc couldn't even play centre on the Oilernations first line. I'd give that spot to Wanye no doubt.

            I play D if you need a guy from the minors of the minors of the minors 16 times over. In other words I suck.

          • Dyckster

            Horcoff –

            G – 9, A – 11, -31

            Schremp –

            G – 6, A – 14, -5

            Schremp (by the numbers anyway) better in his own zone? Obviously he didn't teach Horc EVERYTHING he knows.

            Never mind the pistol, hand me the 12 gauge please.

          • Yup. If some hotshot smart-mouthed prospect came up and put up those numbers and was as inept in his own zone then the team would have no reservations sending him back to the minors. It must be nice for the veterans in the league to know that here in Oilerville they can do pretty much anything and get away with it.

            *end mini-rant*

            Good for Rob Schremp to find a place in the NHL. Maybe now we as fans can see past the crazy idea that every player needs to be as fast as Cogliano to play in the NHL. We've been supporting that theory for as long as I can remember and it hasnt gotten the Oilers very far.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            I'm sure a deal could be done in the summer. Though I think he's "that good" and if it needed to be done at the deadline then so be it. We'll likly have a deep enough hole dug that we would still be 30th even with running the table, and it's not like he'd have to play every game after he was traded here.

            Why would he need to back up Bulin? I'd say he's at worst equal to a full healthy Bulin. Worst case he'd be a platoon for a year or two, and if Bulin isn't 100% when he comes back, he can back up.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            That certainly complicates things, but I hope managment doesn't let it cloud a long term view. Even 100% healthy Bulin is likely only a solid option for another year or two. Halak (or even Price) gives us a chance to have stability for 10 years at the most crucial position.

            This is like getting a shot at a 24 year old Curtis Joseph, you can't let a bunch of maybes (Bulin's health/JDD or DD's development) get in the way.

          • True enough. If the team can manage to shed enough salary with other moves then getting Halak would be a great idea, so long as the Price is right (pun almost intended). What do you think they might be looking for in return?

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Goalies seem to go for peanuts, but I would be willing to trade one of Brule/Cogs + maybe a B grade prospect (ie anyone not named MSP/Eberle).

            I don't know what they would want, but that seems like something they should be interested in.

      • Tom Gilbert's game videos have less violence in them than a chick flick… can we watch those with him? 😛

        Btw, didn't catch much of the game, but from what I did catch, yah, it looked like Moreau was oddly spirited to play a better game. Funny how that worked. Couldn't have been that it was against a team that showed interest in him…. could it have? 😛

      • Librarian Mike

        More Oilers-Approved topics:

        What's your favorite Ethan Moreau intangible?

        Kevin Lowe is asked about why they have 5 lefties out on a powerplay, and he talks about one time when Gretz and Mess were practicing together in '88…

        Tambellini is totally working his butt off behind the scenes.

        Do you want a new taxpayer-funded arena downtown, or are you a gay communist?