Do trades at the deadline actually help?

How many of the trades leading up to the deadline actually help a team? Here’s a recap of what happened last year leading up to the trade deadline.

Montreal acquired Mathieu Schneider and a 3rd rounder and sent a 2009 2nd rounder and a 2010 3rd rounder to Atlanta. Habs made playoffs but lost in 1st round.

Islanders acquired Dean McCammond and 1st rounder (was Sharks 26th pick that they turned into #12 Calvin deHaan) in exchange for Mike Comrie and Chris Campoli. Senators missed the playoffs, lost Comrie while Campoli is still in Ottawa.

Pittsburgh acquired Chris Kunitz and Eric Tangradi and send Ryan Whitney to the Ducks. Penguins win the Cup and Kunitz was a solid contributor. Ducks get Whitney which allows them to trade the Human Rake to Philly. Good deal for both teams.

Stars send Doug Janik to Montreal for Steve Begin. Insignificant deal.

New Jersey acquired Niclas Havelid and Myles Stoesz from Atlanta for Anssi Salmela. Devils lose in first round and Havelid doesn’t re-sign.

Columbus acquired Antoine Vermette from Ottawa for Pascal Leclaire and a 2nd rounder (Robin Lehner, another goalie). Columbus made the playoffs for the first time, but lost in first round. Leclaire has been hurt and lost his starting job. Neither player has made an positive impact this season.

Calgary acquired Jordon Leopold from Colorado for Lawrence Nycholat, Ryan Wilson and Montreal’s 2nd rounder (Stefan Elliot). Flames made playoffs, but lost in first round again. Wilson has been solid in Colorado this year, and is very physical. The Flames sent Leopold to Florida for the rights to Jay Bouwmeester. Both teams benefitted.

Buffalo acquired Mikael Tellqvist from Phoenix for a 4th rounder this summer. Phoenix wins because Tellqvist is useless.

Boston got Steve Montador from Anaheim for Petteri Nokelainen. Neither made impact last year, but both are serviceable. Helped both teams.

Flames grabbed Olli Jokinen a 3rd rounder (which they traded to Florida in Bouwmeester deal) from Phoenix for Matt Lombardi, Brandon Prust and Calgary’s first rounder this year. Coyotes win this deal hands down. Lombardi is contributing and it looks like they will get a top-20 or maybe top-15 pick this year. Flames turned Jokinen into Ales Kotalik and Chris Higgins. Ask Flames fans if they’d like Lombardi and their first instead of those two now!

Boston received Mark Recchi and a 2nd in 2010 from Tampa Bay for Matt Lashoff and Martins Karsums. Good deal for Boston, and Lashoff hasn’t progressed in Tampa.

Penguins grabbed Bill Guerin from the Islanders for a conditional pick that turned out to be a 3rd rounder. Guerin was a good soldier for Penguins in Cup win. Easy win for Pittsburgh.

Phoenix nabbed Scottie Upshall and a 2nd rounder in 2011 from the Flyers for Daniel Carcillo. Flyers lost in first round, while Upshall scored 8 goals after trade in Phoenix, and was their leading goal scorer this year before blowing his ACL. Phoenix wins easily.

Rangers acquired Nik Antropov from the Leafs for a 2nd rounder (Kenny Ryan) and a conditional pick in 2010. Leafs got something for a guy they didn’t want and Rangers lost in first round. Antropov is gone too. Nobody wins this one.

Rangers grabbed Derek Morris from Phoenix for Dmitri Kalinin, Petr Prucha and Nigel Dawes. Prucha is only one still with the team, so Phoenix gets the nod. Deal didn’t do much for either team.

Sabres took Dominic Moore from the Leafs for a 2nd rounder (Jesse Blacker). Sabres missed the playoffs, and didn’t re-sign Moore. Leafs win cause they got something. Still can’t believe Moore is worth a 2nd rounder two years in a row.

Ducks grab Erik Christensen from Atlanta for Eric O’Dell. No winner.

Florida picks up Steve Eminger from Tampa for Noah Welch and a 3rd rounder (they traded pick to Detroit). Florida missed the playoffs and didn’t re-sign Eminger and Welch is in the minors. No winner.

Columbus grabbed Kevin Lalande from Calgary for a 4th rounder (traded pick). Nothing trade right now.

Chicago took Sammy Pahlsson, Logan Stephenson and conditional 2009 pick from Anaheim for James Wisnewski and Petri Kontiola. Pahlsson and Wisnewski have both helped their teams. Pretty even deal.

Ducks sent Travis Moen and Kent Huskins to San Jose for Nick Bonino, Timo Pielmeier and conditional pick in 2010. Sharks lost in first round and Moen signed in Montreal. Deal didn’t help either team.

Oilers acquired Patrick O’Sullivan and a 2nd rounder (Brian Dumoulin) from Carolina for Erik Cole and a 5th rounder (Matt Kennedy). Cole didn’t do much in Carolina, but they went to conference final. O’Sullivan has been inconsistent in Edmonton. Edmonton got something for a guy they would lose, so I guess they get the edge.

Oilers acquire Ales Kotalik from Buffalo for 2nd rounder (Brian Dumoulin). Oilers didn’t make the playoffs, so I’d say they lost the deal.

Leafs acquired Olaf Kolzig, Jamie Howard, Andy Rogers and a 4th rounder. (I have no idea what happened to this pick. It was #118 and no one was chosen. Seriously I can’t find it anywhere. Weird) from Tampa for Richard Petiot. This was a nothing trade that was about money. League should be fined for allowing it to happen.

So when you look back at last year, Pittsburgh was the obvious winner, with Kunitz and Guerin, but the Phoenix Coyotes did very well as well acquiring Upshall, Lombardi and they still have a first rounder coming this year.

I wonder if any teams will truly benefit from this year’s trades. What do you think?

  • JorgeR

    Matt Marquardt eh? At first I thought they were telling me Nate Marquardt was putting on some skates. We are going to see some more super man punches in the NHL!

  • Reagan

    @Plasmanut @Chaz

    Go away then, ignore hockey and media for the next two days instead of griping about it. Go enjoy the sunshine and forget about. Some of us enjoy this entertainment, and don't want to be bothered with whiners…

    Get your clones and go on Romie…

    • Plasmanut

      Expressing an opinion about something being so blown out of proportions isn't whining.

      And good for you if you have the time to watch every second of it. Kinda like watching paint dry over the past 2 years, but suit yourself…

      And it doesn't mean I'm not interested in what's going on. I will be logging on to the big news sites on occasion throughout the day and listen to the radio while driving.

      • Reagan

        Sounds like whining to me.

        Not sitting around all day to see what happens. There are things to do in a day. Text updates are good enough.

        But I must ask why log in to the big news sites and listen to the radio to the team all day when this material is distasteful? Why bother if you do not like it? that would be considered a waste of your time? Just curious, to find out why you two whine about it so?

  • Jason Gregor

    Oilers just sent this out….

    General Manager Steve Tambellini announced today the Edmonton Oilers have acquired forward Matt Marquardt from the Boston Bruins in exchange for defenceman Cody Wild.

    Marquardt, 22, has appeared in 42 games with the Providence Bruins of the American Hockey League this season recording one goal and nine assists.

    Last season the 6’3”, 229lb left winger played in 71 games with the Providence Bruins and had 22 points (9G, 13A). He played junior hockey with the Moncton Wildcats and Baie-Comeau Drakkar of the QMJHL collecting 164 points in 203 games. Marquardt was originally drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 7th round, 194th overall in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.

    • Tracie

      Is this a good, bad or nothing kinda trade? Hopefully this one turns out like the Danny Svret for Ryan Potulny trade…i think at the time they called Potulny a lifetime AHLer and he's doing pretty good for us now! I know nothing about this Matt guy though…

      • Jason Gregor

        He is physical, but not a fighter. He is a project to make it to the bigs. He skates okay right now, but needs to improve his footspeed.

        He will be a longshot to make this team, but fills the lack of size that exists in this organization.

  • Twiggs

    I also agree that TDD is overhyped but if I wasn't checking for updates every two minutes I would be getting work done instead. Bring on the TDD coverage I say!

      • Twiggs

        Definitely hilarious but I thought it was sportsnet, could be wrong about that one. One good thing about following Eklund on TDD is that it would keep you on the edge of your seat… Probably for no good reason though.

        Edit* Didn't see Banger's earlier comment about sportsnet, he beat me to it

        • Tracie

          I remember that day…I was stuck to the computer and at 2pm local time, I refreshed and saw that he was still an Oiler so I was breathing easy…then the VP of the company comes up to me and says, "I'm sorry Tracie, Smytty's gone!"

          It was a sad day! I even bet my father in law that Smytty would never leave the Oilers and Lowe would never trade Smytty…I was sad and I owed my FATHER IN LAW a lobster dinner…

          a very sad day!

          • Heavyd

            I went to the game that night. (It was the Messier retirement). And Lowe was supposed to make a speech, but since he made the trade earlier in the day, they sent Mact out to do the sppech. And everyone was chanting something about Lowe, and also chanting we want Smytty back. And they lost bad that game, and lot's of people left after the 1 and 2 periods, just a bad day in Edmonton.

          • Reagan

            I was at that game , don't recall people leaving early. Ryan smyth was very over rated and still is. Thank god K Lowe had the balls to make that trade. As much as Nilson and o'mara have not made a good fit. Smyth would have left anyway

  • Reagan

    If CBC is jumping on this 10 hours of coverage tomorrow, I hardly doubt anything is going to die. I also bet that the NHL is loving this coverage, so no offence to you but this deadline day stuff is going to go on for a while.

  • Ender

    I think Trade Deadline Day has been grossly overhyped over the past few years, to the point where the media has "made it" into a much bigger event than it is. Do we really need to see ads about TDD coverage a month in advance?

    We do have short memories, which is why it's good of Gregor to point out which trades were made last year. But for the most part, it's turned into a bunch of radio and TV guys texting and interviewing one another on the air all day.

    It almost makes me laugh when I watch and listen to panels comprising of 4 or 5 journalists talking about a handful of third liners changing Zip codes. And this year is shaping up to be more of the same.

    • Chaz

      I couldn't agree more. No offense to Jason, Robin and the other media members who write here, but the Trade Deadline to me is totally overhyped and not worth the amount of time spent covering it. Would rather have Rome on the Team tomorrow than all day trade coverage. The masses obviously disagree with me though as all the Canadian sports outlet cover it to death.

      • Bucknuck

        Let me get this straight:

        You just said you would rather listen to rome than Gregor? I don't care what the topic is, but I would listen to Gregor than listen to Rome.

        EDIT – I would rather listen to Gregor discuss the Philosophies of used sweatsocks!

    • Ender

      One of these years, Deadline Day is going to turn into a total dud (10 deals or less) and it'll be funny watching those guys on the panels try to fill 10 hours of coverage.

      Then again, that'll be what they'll talk about – and they'll simply go out and ask teams why they didn't make any deals.

      And I'll watch all of it.

  • Ender

    I'd say the trade deadline has become a different kind of "important" now. Before, it was about picking up the guy to put you over the top (Butch Goring). Now it's about dumping salaries and picking draft picks, if you're a weak team like the Oil.

    It's a great day to catch a team that's desperate off-guard and fleece it for a good player or pick.

  • Ender

    The 118th pick was forfeited by Toronto for violating the CBA in regards to Jonas Frogren's contract.

    The didn't feel he was an entry level player and paid him more than entry level maximum.

  • Ender

    A good trade-deadline deal is almost impossible to analyze immediately because it should make a strong team stronger short-term and a weak team stronger long-term. It's the second half of that equation that often makes the win-lose picture reletively fuzzy. I'd like to see the Oilers move some baggage, but we won't truly know if we won/lost any deal until we ensure that what we got from the deal isn't just new replacement baggage a couple of years down the road.

    • Bucknuck

      They sure were (thank you Kevin Lowe)!

      Most teams that have gone to the final can look back to a deadline deal and say: "this made a difference".

      It is very interesting to see the deals from last year. Thanks for that, Mr Gregor. I wonder which of the deals we see in the next few days will prove to be difference makers.