"Its just one of those days when you don’t wanna wake up, everything is f***ed, everybody sucks. You don’t really know why but you wanna justify, rippin’ someone’s head off. Your best bet is to stay away mother f****r – its just one of those days."

– Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit fame rapping directly to Oilers fans around the world.

So this is it is it Nation? After a season of waiting for someone – anyone among the 4,026 people collecting a Kay-Z paycheque to run this team – to step up and fix the squadron and provide us with a micron of hope. This is the best we could do is it?

It is clear that we have now crossed the threshold of a team looking to make upgrades to the current roster and have now become a team looking to blow it all up and let it all die. 17 points out of 14th place in the Western Conference, it’s hard to imagine how things could get worse for the Oilers.

But that is exactly what the monkeys running the zoo have been able to pull off.

So, lets take a quick gander at the trades the Oilers managed to pull off today shall we?


Lubomir Visnovsky to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Ryan Whitney and a sixth-round draft pick.

Wow, where do we start with this humdinger of a crappy deal? Perhaps by pointing out that dealing away the only only offensive defenseman that isn’t currently staring down hand amputation surgery – helpfully announced with about an hour to the deadline we might add – the Oilers are basically saying "there is no sense keeping good players around here. Not with what we are in the midst of destroying."

RYAN WHITNEY – 4 Million per season, signed through 2012-13.

2009-10 ANA 62 GP 4G 24A  28 Pts  -6 48 PIM

2008-09 ANA 20 GP 0G 10A 10 Pts +1 12 PIM

2008-09 PIT 28 GP 2G 11A 13 Pts -15 16 PIM

2007-08 PIT 76 GP 12G 28A 40 Pts -2 45 PIM

2006-07 PIT 81 GP 14G 45 A 59 Pts +9 77 PIM

2005-06 PIT 68 GP 6G 32A 38 Pts -7 85 PIM

Here is the boiled down deal with Whitney. When he broke into the league with Pittsburgh, he collected mad second assists, scored at an above average pace for a defenseman and used to hit. This all went down on a young gun team of Penguins and he was able to coast along with an offensively gifted team.

Then he stopped hitting, scoring and collecting points and got dealt to Anaheim late last year.

Then the Ducks took a look at him doing less and less and dealt him to the Oilers for one of the better offensive defensemen in the game in Visnovsky. Even on the worst team in the NHL (and possibly the AHL) Visnovsky has been able to contribute regularly this season and was arguably one of the only positives on the team.

This trade is a salary dump – plain and simple – and for 1.6 million less per season it wasn’t even a good one in that regard. The Oilers are still paying 4 million for a substantially worse defenseman that they have up for another 3 seasons to come.

Welcome to the Oilers Tom Gilbert II.


Steve Staios to the Calgary Flames for defenceman Aaron Johnson and a third round draft pick.

Steve Staios, Assistant Captain and former folk hero with 99% of Edmontonians, has exactly one year left on his contract but was moved to the Calgary Flames of all teams to save $2.7 million dollars on a team that will still be incapable of even hoping to be .500 next year. Remember when trading within your Conference or Division was considered unwise? Remember when deals with the Flames were rarer than a 2010 Oilers victory? All these rules seem to have gone out the window now.

It’s as though the Oilers head office have a secret list of "the hell we can put our fan base though in a 6 year period" and they are just checking off each item as fast as they can.

Really Tambellini? Staios to the Flames huh? Are there any insults left you can hurl in our collective direction?

We aren’t going to even bother looking at Aaron Johnson’s career stats. Know why? Cause he sucks and we don’t care. And as he is a UFA at the end of the season hopefully he hits the dusty trail as quickly as he arrived.


As crappy as the Oilers have been, they have at least been able to lay claim to a decent – albeit expensive – defensive corps. It has been one of the few bright spots on this team that justice and time have forgotten. But now with the departures of Lubo, Staios and Grebs, coupled with the wonderfully timed season ending hand infection suffered by Sheldon Souray, this leaves the Oilers with the following defenseman:

Whitney – Gilbert

Smid – Studwick



This could be somehow overlooked if by some miracle the holes on the team had actually been plugged as a result of the decimation of our defensive corps. Defensive forward anyone? Nope. Physical forward or d-man capable of hardening up this butter soft lineup? Nope. The ever elusive player capable of winning faceoffs on a regular basis? Crickets. A mercy trade for our shell shocked Captain? Nein. A goalie to plug in behind Glug Glug Ripoffibulin and the backup AHL goaltending duo? No.

How can we have even less hope after the trade deadline? It boggles the mind.

We are really rollin’ now.

  • JorgeR

    I just realized that in the future people will be using this saying to signify that something is a sure thing?

    "Are you sure about this Doug?"

    "Of course I am sure. I'm as sure as the 09-10 Oilers were sure that their d core would lead to a first overall pick. I am that sure!"

  • Chris.

    To read how Anaheim fans (and Pittsburgh fans for that matter) decribe Whitney, he sounds alot like that guy….what was his name again?

    Oh yeah Grebeshkov, remember the one that cost a million less and was traded for Nashville's best player…or wait second round pick.

    Well atleast Tambellini has a plan…right?

  • Bucknuck


    we have three more draft picks and seven million more cap space. I guess that was what Tambellini was going for.

    I had thought that a rebuild consisted of keeping some core building blocks and blowing up the rest. The thing that gets me is that I didn't see Gilbert, Moreau and 17 zillion itty bitty forwards as our building blocks.

    I wouldn't mind the trades so much if there was ALSO a trade for Moreau and one of the itty bitty guys as well. I would have thougth there would be more interest in Moreau now than there would be in the offseason, but perhaps that is wrong.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Wierd day for sure, however:

    "they have at least been able to lay claim to a decent – albeit expensive – defensive corps"

    Alot of people seemed to be fooled by some nice offensive numbers last year, but this defense wasn't good…and it hasn't been for a couple of years. I'd say it was down right awful.

    I wish we would have gotten more for Lubo, I also wish it was Souray traded instead of Lubo (even for Whitney) but after getting over the innitial shock of yet another downgrade, this trade is benificial for the team.

    Now, they need to trade Souray for whatever the can get this summer (if even possible now that he's had another injury set back) and bring in a couple of hardnosed guys.

  • VMR

    Our defence hasnt been adequate let alone decent. They may move the puck ok but if they dont have the puck they dont know what to do and constantly fail to cover open players/defend the front of the net or fight for the puck. This had to be done. I'm not sure Whitney is the answer but it's a start.

    The one thing for certain now is we are in a rebuild and it's not going to be turning around next season. Dump the blame on Tambellini if you want but the problems on this team didnt show up in one season.

  • Ender

    I suppose now is the best time as any to ask if anyone wants to sell 4 tickets to the Detroit game on the 19th? I got friends coming in from the US and they really want to go to the game.

    I am also guessing that I will be moving up in the waiting list for season tickets…

    Anyone? Anyone? Is this thing on…

  • OilFan

    Today was the last thing I was actually looking forward to this season: send Moreau and Staios out for some decent young prospects/draft picks, maybe pick up one or two bad UFA salarys in exchange, at least have something for next year. Even with those low expectations, today was like three hard kicks in the groin. Randy Jones and Ray Whitney? I'm speechless.

    I've been a diehard for my entire life, but it looks like the bandwagon is about to fall apart for this team. I'm sorry to say it, but we are now the Atlanta Thrashers of Canada, and its is utterly depressing.

      • JorgeR

        I'd say "faith" by Limp Bizkit would be a good reply but who are we kidding?

        Honestly I'm seriously excited. Now atleast we suck because we meant to. Remember how we weren't going to have much room to resign important guys like Gagner?

        It could be worse we could have ended up losing people who will actually help us win in four years.

          • Stauffer was explaining it as cap savings, younger guy and bigger (and theoretically tougher). Although he could just as easily be, and probably was reading the Oilers press release.

            Just think. Every team we meet until the end of the year is going to look like the Harlem Globetrotters. We'll see more goals in 20 games than we will have seen for the balance of the season. If we ignore which team scores them, it should make for some exciting hockey.

            Winning of course will be something our dads will have to tell us about, you know, in the "olden days".

    • Rebuilding infers that we are building something. This is just shedding salaries with no concern of what remains.

      How could they not have addressed any of the 1,506,398 holes on the team?

      *facepalm so hard it takes Wanye's head clean off his shoulders*

        • I wasn't suggesting filling holes for 20 games only.

          I was hoping that they could move some of the higher priced assets for some of the cheap role players we need so badly.

          These problems are only going to be worse after a summer of being turned down by free agents from near and far.

          • Trying to be a little positive here, but PHX signed a bunch of cheap, no name free agents last summer & look where they are at now. Teams weren't knocking down Vern Fiddler's doors I don't think. We won't be getting many sexy big name free agents, but we might get some more grit.

          • Pro hockey players like to golf. Their wives and girlfriends like the sun. I'd be willing to bet that it would have taken more money to get them to come to Edmonton than Phoenix seeing as it loooked like neither team was really going anywhere last summer.

          • Wanye, the goals for this year have been to tank the season to get the #1 pick and shed salary. As soon as Khabby went down and we didn't dial up a replacement, that strategy became obvious.

            So as you see, everything is indeed going to plan.*

            *Play Dr Evil laugh


            *Katz gasses up the bat-jet he was taking to the Czech republic to woo Jagr and decides to swing by Slovakia to try and swing a Ziggy Palffy/Bondra two-fer as well

            Problem solved.

        • Bucknuck

          I think the underlying fear is that the holes as we see them aren't the holes as Tambellini sees them. The Oil had three major problems this offseason:

          Problems: faceoffs, need shutdown defenseman, too many small forwards

          So what does he do?

          Faceoffs – unloads Brodziak for a fifth rounder. Shutdown Defensemen – signs grebs to another year and stands pat. Too many small forwards – signs Comrie.

          I liked the Comrie signing but only if you are trading one of the other shrimps. Now we have a trade deadline and AGAIN all those weaknesses are ignored. It makes me nervous. I have no confidence that Tambi even sees these things as weaknesses and so I am worried.

          • Tracie

            Props Bucknuck! That's exactly correct! I mean, why the hell should we put our faith in this guy when he hasn't even been able to see the glaring holes??

            I guess we will wait until the off season now but I'm not holding my breath that we will be happy after trades made in the off season either…

            And it gives me less hope about the team we have in September…