We had to laugh yesterday when bingofuel accidentally declared Game 81 to be Game 82 in the GDB. Commenters were quick to point out the error and The Fuellian One was quick to text us "is there REALLY another game this weekend? Next year we are SO NOT writing the GDB titles in Roman Numerals. I don’t care what else changes with the team next year Wanye, but no more Roman numerals will mark the start of the Hall/Sequin Era as far as I am concerned."

But here it really is Nation. Game 82 of what we consider to be the worst season the Oilers have had since they joined the NHL from the new defunct WHA waaaaaay back in 1979.


Not even the dulcet sounds of Jim Morrison can soothe our tattered nerves this year. For those of you keeping score, this marks the third season that the OilersNation has existed. By our rough estimates we have collectively hammered out about 246 regular season GDBs – or just a shade under three seasons – of this brutal playoff free hockey.

We would give anything for a playoff game Nation.


Does someone need to be traded? We will personally run them out of town by camping naked on their lawn for weeks on end and having multiple paparazzi follow him about town documenting each and every facet of his life until he tells Oilers brass he needs to be moved.

Is it a player that needs to come to town in order to fix things? We will personally kidnap their favourite Uncle with the sole demand that player XYZ be immediately traded to Edmonton. The Uncle won’t be harmed (at first) but unless trade talks are opened within 48 hours between the as yet unnamed player and Oilers Brass things could get really real, really fast.

Whatever it takes Nation. Crimes of passion are always given more lenient sentences by the Canadian Courts.

We can’t have another season of this non-playoffian hockey. Brownlee is already making noises that the team won’t contend for a playoff spot next year. What then Nation?

What then?!

What have we done to deserve this oh Wise Gods of Hockey? How have we offended you? We buy NHL brand merchandise every year to placate your bloodlust for revenue. We purchase the PPVs, we feverishly read every printed word written about the team AND we find ourselves listening to sports radio an inordinate amount of time.

What else can we do?


On Tuesday the NHL will draw out the balls for the 2010 Entry Draft. We just know that if the Oilers don’t get the first pick overall the commentary on here will positively ESPLODE with statements like:

"This is just another example of the Oilers inability to win."

"The number one pick draft ball must have had a wife that refused to report to Edmonton."

"This is somehow Kevin Lowe’s fault."

With Hall and Sequin recently flip flopping the number one and number two spots in the Central Scouting Rankings, it is really a coin toss between the two players Nation. And with first or second pick on lock, the Oilers can’t possibly lose come draft day in June. 

Let’s all try and keep this in mind this week shall we? 


Are we wrong? Really?


See you at 6 Oilers.


  • So I went for a shower, and I missed that last Anaheim goal, but I see JDD was once again beaten short side. Awesome.
    Thank god Dubnyk wasn't rewarded with a start after that spectacular performance against LA yesterday.

  • @esa tikkanen

    "in the thirty years I have followed the Oilers I have never seen a pairing as bad as Strudwick and Chorney."

    I love that this is probably 100% true. Chorney has to be one of the worst players ever on the Oilers. Charles Lindbergh or whatever the hell his name is too for that matter.

    • Jodes

      I agree.. been keeping an eye on Chorney these last few weeks and he's progressively gotten worse. He has no business being on the Oilers and hopefully he won't be playing regular minutes next year.

      Also, anyone NOT miss Nilsson in the lineup these last few games? I certainly haven't. Hopefully he gets the message and tells his agent he wants out..

      Sigh.. 20 minutes left of Rod Phillips.. I guess all good things do come to an end.

  • Zamboni Driver

    it has gotten to the point that whichever poor forward ends up on the ice at the same time as Chorney/Strudwick has to worry about getting a few more minuses on their plus/minus line.

    in the thirty years I have followed the Oilers I have never seen a pairing as bad as Strudwick and Chorney.

    I hope they decide to let Strudwich walk this year, toughness and leadership and all, and they had better decide Chorney needs 2 more years in the minors unless they want to finish DFL again next year. This guy just bleeds goals, I think in the bottom 5 all time Oilersdmen , if not bottom 3.

    • The best part is it's not even a guaranteed million if an Oiler defies all the laws of common sense. It's a "chance" to win a million dollars.

      Also I shop at Safeway at least once a week, if not two, and nary a Hoover vacuum or a cheap watch has been won. Stop mocking me Oilers and their sponsorship partners! What have I ever done to you?????

      • I was always more of a fan of Dubnyk, but I wasn't giving up on JDD cause he did show those flashes. But in my mind I think Dubnyk has made more than a good enough case for himself to be the number 2 here next year. He's got ice water in his veins. His positioning is far better, as is his rebound control.
        JDD does make those huge saves from time to time, but there's no consistency, he seems to let in A LOT of weak goals early in the game, and he just makes me nervous. Maybe full time duty on the farm is what he needs to turn his game around, but right now he does not look ready for regular NHL minutes.

        • I think they are both victim of not having had a farm team for ages and not getting a chance to develop. Both are servicable backups but neither are starters.

          We have Comrie back fellas and he just scored.

  • Skidplate

    You are right Wanye, either Hall or Seguin will work out fine in Edmonton. It is the other picks and moves that the team makes that will tell the tale.

    I hope Brownlee is wrong with his prediction of missing the playoffs again next year. I think that with a healthy Rehabibulin, Hemsky, Souray and our youngsters 1 year wiser and more experienced, Stanley Cup, here we come….. or at least playoffs here we come.

  • Heading over to a friend's place who hosts me throughout the year for games (not nearly as often this year) as he has the sports package. We will do our own year end analysis and draft discussions I am sure. Looking forward to the draft, not for the draft pick but more for what other changes may take place at that time (Souray, Moreau for example, what is their futures?). Go Oil. Confused, how come I just saw Phil accept the green jacket? Doesn't that belong to um..ahh..what's his name again…um….

  • Chris.

    There's one statement you missed if the Oilers lose the lottery and end up picking 2nd..

    The statement goes something like this:

    "Damn Gary Bettman…theres no way he would allow a Canadian based team to win that lottery"

  • Petr's Jofa

    I think the Oilers have drafted very well lately and have confidence that they will chose the right player for this team if they win the lottery draw. Having said that, a part of me wants them to lose and drop down to the second pick so that the choice is taken away from this team's management so that the Oilioshpere doesn't explode. If they win the lottery, no matter who is announced with the #1 pick, half of the fans will be pissed and Tambo & Lowe will be idiots and I will have to endure season of reading how we picked the wrong player.

  • Bombstradamus

    The Oilers should try a 2-2-2. Pull a forward and throw DD out there with JDD, then they could morph into JDDDD and be the 13', two headed, goalie monster.

  • Agreed. But I think Dubnyk looks more like a guy who has overcome the horrible development woes of the Oilers where as JDD looks more like a victim of crappy management, and is still trying to battle through it.