• Dyckster


    Now that the request has gone public, in your expert opinion, what do you think the Oilers can expect to receive in return (if anything) for #44?

    Bottom 2 D, bottom 3 F, less than that? Salary is obviously going to be a fairly big consideration.


  • Reagan

    I don't know who is more stupid.

    Spector for printing it?

    Souray for saying it?

    Let's make that todays poll!

    Geeze, one thing for sure is we already knew it, but knowone was saying anything! Well the writing has always been on the wall, but to be that dumb and go public, then report on it…

    Dumb, Dumb, Dumb…

    • That is asinine! Why is Spector stupid for printing it? He is not employed by the Oilers. His job is to break news. If he didn't, somebody else would have. To try and say that reporters should have the teams best interests at heart is pure idiocy!

      • Reagan


        Obviously you and I may not agree, but why wasn't it done three months ago? No, he doesn't owe the Oilers anything, neither do we? But printing that, what does that say about the City and the Fans of the Oilers. Other than Souray thinks the world of the Fan because he saw Jerseys in the stands. Bleak…

        Now this puts the writing on the wall that the Oilers will have to draft. I guess it's not safe to be a fan anywhere with stuff like this coming out.

        • Why didnt he print a conversation he didnt yet have with Souray 3 months ago? He probably didnt print the article because making up quotes that havent been spoken is ethicly wrong.

          "I guess it's not safe to be a fan anywhere with stuff like this coming out." Why? I dont understand what you're saying.

          The article was favourable to Oilers fans, it was the management that got lambasted.

          • The article was favourable to Oilers fans, it was the management that got lambasted.

            Yeah… like the same management that everyone here bashes. So what? It's okay for the fans to bad mouth the management, but then when a player bad mouths the management we get offended?! Seeing some of these reactions is pure entertainment.

          • I agree. How many times have we trashed Tambellini and Lowe? Turns out most of us who arent sheep were right about this management group. If Souray is telling the truth then it's even worse than we thought. Not only cant this group evaluate talent and put together winning teams, but they alienate and endanger the players that are actually here. This team doesnt have a bad reputation because spoiled players want to live by the beach, it has a bad rep because the people running the show are incompetent.

          • Reagan

            Well Robin had hinted that these sentiments from Souray happend quite some time ago but couldn't be said. Why? Obviously this jsut didn't happen over the weekend sort of thing.

            Yes some positive remarks were made about the fans.

            Let me get that quote out…

            "The fans are great, they’ve accepted me here, I see the jerseys in the stands. I couldn’t have pictured a more opposite vision of what my experience here would be like. What the organization here would be like, overall."

            I'm assuming that the opposite affect was geared at the Management, and not the fans.

            As a fan though this isn't helping the cause…

    • Dumb to report on it? Isn't that what reporters are supposed to do?

      We've had to dance all around the issue since the end of last season. Souray has been sending out signals that he'd rather leave — on and off the record — for a long time but he wouldn't come right out and say it. You might remember what I wrote last April.

      Now he's finally said it. Spector did his job by getting Souray to spell it out. How is it "dumb" to report that?

      • Tracie

        Is it true then? Sportsnet is the only one reporting it and it seems like they are harsh, "telling" comments for a guy who said he loved playing here before…it sure does expalin the injuries though…Wow! This is crazy!

        Is this rock bottom for the Oilers Organization yet?

  • Reagan

    SPECTOR'S NOTE: "Even without the restriction of a movement clause it won't be easy for the Oilers to find a trade partner interested in an aging, over-paid, one-dimensional defenseman with declining skills and a lengthy injury history."

    I agree. He shoulda kept his trap shut. He just bit the hand the feeds him. May have to change his name from 'Big Sexy' to 'Big Baby'.

  • Pajamah

    Other than the public request, I don't see this being a bad thing

    we've all discussed here ad nauseum how Souray was going to be moved anyways

    Now he's just taking a shot at the management, who seemingly, most of us want gone as well. If Sourays discontent somehow gets the ball rolling for finding his, and Tamblowe's replacement, then I see this as a beautiful day

    July 1st – Associate Press

    Oilers Interim GM Pay Quinn signs UFA Dan Hamhuis

    sounds good to me

  • There must be something wrong in Oiler land. Soury probably is the only one that wants out.
    I think there is something wrong in Edmonton with Management. They have obviously hit rock bottom and have no where but up to go so hopefully they do a good job at the draft table and can also unload some of their excess baggage. Top to bottom needs evaluation. both of our young goalies are at this time of their career, back-ups and no more than back-ups at the best. No consistency at all for JD. Makes spectacular stops and then lets in garbage goals. I think they need a complete housekeeping job.