I go to Vegas for the weekend and return home with a dislocated finger, a lighter wallet, a heavier suitcase and much to my chagrin the Oilers haven’t announced who they are drafting.

I’m stunned.

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep that had me thinking four days away from the Tyler or Taylor debate that something might have changed. As the fog from a fun-filled, sleep-deprived weekend in Vegas slowly evaporates reality kicks in and I realize of course nothing has changed in the TVT debate.

And why would it.

The countdown is on, even though Wanye and Bingofuel haven’t fixed the Nation countdown counter, and by Friday most fans will be thankful it is over. But will the moment match the hype for Oiler fans?

Months of waiting will culminate with a short “The Oilers would like to thank the city of LA and the Kings organization for putting on a great event. With the first choice in the 2010 entry draft, the Oilers are proud to select from the ??”

At about 5:04 MST on Friday you will either be boasting to your friends that you called it, or screaming that Steve Tambellini just ruined the future of the team. For many of you there is no middle ground, it’s either Taylor or Tyler.

Hall really impressed the Oilers during his interview last week. He knew Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson and Jordan Eberle’s stats, was knowledgeable to the history of the franchise and displayed lots of leadership qualities.

Seguin was also impressive, but I get the sense Hall might have graded out slightly higher. As Friday approaches, it seems that Hall is the name Tambellini will announce, but that’s only a hunch. I’m on the record as stating I’d take Seguin , and I won’t change that, but some of the whispers I’m hearing make me think Hall will be the call for the Oilers.


Being a Predators fan must really suck. You consistently lose players as UFAs, trade away high-priced veterans, yet your team is never bad enough to get a top-five pick. David Poile is a great GM. Rather than lose guys for nothing, he at least gets something. Dan Hamhuis wasn’t going to re-sign with the Preds, so Poile gets a conditional pick and Ryan Parent.

Parent didn’t look good for Flyers in the playoffs, but the Preds develop D-men better than anyone right now. Parent was originally drafted 18th overall in 2005 by Poile, so if anyone can get Parent to live up to his potential it will be Predators.

Paul Holmgren must have another trade brewing, and it has to be one of his big-ticket forwards heading out of town. Rumours are swirling that Jeff Carter is the most likely candidate, because he is better at centre and the Flyers have Mike Richards, Daniel Briere and Claude Giroux in the middle.

Tambellini should be on the horn to Holmgren and kick some tires. A 40-goal scoring centreman with size is exactly what the Oilers need. The Flyers can’t take on a lot of salary in any deal and they don’t have a first round pick this year.

The problem for the Oilers is they don’t have a lot to offer up. Sam Gagner and Andrew Cogliano wouldn’t make sense, because the Flyers don’t need a centre. I don’t see them giving up MPS, but I wonder if they would deal Jordan Eberle, Ladislav Smid and the 31st pick?

Trading Smid would hurt because the Oilers don’t have much depth on their blueline, but he is cheap and the Flyers need one more D-man. Eberle could fit in on the wing in their top nine and they get a future pick. The only concern with dealing for Carter is that he is an RFA after this season. It could be a risk, but every move and every draft pick involves some risk. I’d take the chance.


The Oilers released their pre-season schedule today, and you can guarantee that Taylor or Tyler will be playing their first game in an Oiler uniform on September 23rd. There is no way they would debut either one on the road in Vancouver and it’s very doubtful they would play him back-to-back nights. I suspect the Tampa Bay game will be sold out with fans actually in their seats for a pre-season game.


Game 1: Wednesday, September 22

Opponent::Vancouver Canucks

Location: General Motors Place

Game Time:  TBA

Game 2: Thursday, September 23

Opponent: vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Location: Rexall Place

Game Time: 7:00 PM

Game 3: Sunday, Sepember 26

Opponent: Vancouver Canucks

Location: Rexall Place

Game Time: 6:00 PM

Game 4:  Wednesday, September 29

Opponent: Phoenix Coyotes

Location Rexall Place

Game Time: 7:00 PM
Game 5:  Friday, October 1

Opponent: Calgary Flames

Location: Rexall Place

Game Time: 7:00 PM

Game 6:  Sunday, October 3

Opponent: Calgary Flames

Location: Pengrowth Saddledome

Game Time: TBA

  • Ducey

    David Poile is a great GM. Rather than lose guys for nothing, he at least gets something

    Well he is not going to tender an offer to Grebs, and he will go UFA. So he traded a 2nd to Edmonton for a few weeks of Grebs.

    Tambo 1, Poile 0

    • Ducey

      Grebeshkov is an RFA not UFA so unless he goes to the KHL David Poile will retain him for 3million if they choose.

      If the Preds are dumping money they don’t have to re-sign him…

      • Oh… c’mon Nate! You can’t just throw your credibility on the line for something so silly. You know better than that. Arch & Crash already covered it, but you’re wrong. I expect a higher quality standard from you based on your radio calls. We’ll give ya a mulligan. Be better…


      • Crash

        If Poile doesn’t qualify Grebeshkov then Grebeshkov is free to sign anywhere thus making him an UFA…if he doesn’t want Grebeshkov and qualifies him in order to keep his rights he would risk Grebeshkov accepting a qualifying offer and he would have to pay him…

        If he doesn’t want to qualify him he has two options…let him walk into UFA status or trade his rights before he becomes a free agent and his new team when then have to qualify his rights.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    thats a good thought about carter but throwing eberle in the mix is a pretty good joke thanx jg, but say if we could somehow get rid of nilsson and pos along with the 31st for carter i wouldnt say boo

    penner/carter/hemsky; eberle/gagner/HALL; mps/comrie/cogs; stortini/brule/pisani

    yes im hoping pisser gets resigned and id also like to see jeff beukebooms son brock get drafted by the oil not bad dman indeed!

  • Crash

    Here’s an idea. Stop trying to make the big splash and pick up a big name guy.
    We’ve all seen how that’s worked the last few offseasons. This is a rebuild guys. The key to success will be stockpiling draft picks and growing from within the organization.

    And rather than looking for a big scorer, how about we focus on some veteran role players to fill some of the Oilers other holes. I mean, I really don’t see the Oil struggling to score the next couple of years. An area that could present real
    difficulty is team toughness and defensive depth. Work to strengthen those areas and I will be satisfied. Just my two cents.

    And as for Hall vs. Seguin, I’ve been back and forth on this one so much that I’ve just decided to believe that whoever the Oil pick will be the right choice. They know each player way better than any one of us.

  • Not sure if everyone caught this in yesterday’s Journal or not, so here goes…

    The Buffalo Sabres might be in the Sheldon Souray hunt because they only got 30 goals from all of their defencemen last season, including 11 from rookie Tyler Myers.
    The Sabres also got only three goals on the power play from the back-end.
    Souray and Sabres captain Craig Rivet played together in Montreal, which might be a hook.
    For the right deal, Buffalo’s looking to move either centre Tim Connolly or Derek Roy, and winger Drew Stafford, who has stumbled as a first-round draft, is also in play.
    They aren’t keen on re-signing veteran blue-liners Toni Lydman and Henrik Tallinder, which takes $6.4 million off the books.
    What makes Souray attractive is his salary is only $4.5 million while his salary cap hit is $5.4 million. The Sabres have no real cap issues.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    As reported by Bob MacKenzie today on his rankings for the draft. Hall has been ranked as number one by a vast majority of nhl scouts all season long…

    My dream scenario is the Oilers step up to the microphone in LA and announce what most scouts believe they should announce…

    The Oilers are proud to select from the Windsor Spitfires of the OHL….


    No trade, no swap, no nothing…just pick, that’s it.

  • Crash

    Good interview with Peter Chiarelli from this morning.

    My interpretation is that the Bruins have Hall over Seguin and they’re willing to use the #15 pick in a trade.

    My dream scenario is for Edmonton to draft Seguin #1 & get #15.

    Boston gets Hall & #31

    use #15 + Penner & Gagner for #3 & Horton

    Jack Campbell at #15 would be a steal…

  • Crash

    Carter would be a GREAT addition…however, we all know that PHI would want something significanct…Not sure of the economics at first glance, but any chance Tambo/Phi would
    consider Penner & 31st for Carter ???

    Hall Carter Hemsky
    MPS Gagner Eberle

    Looks impressive…But then again, rebuilds don’t happen in 1-2 years…Both Hemmer/Carter would likely be gone when contracts are up.

    • Anyone looking to trade Penner needs to give their head a shake…..He’s got the size we need, his contract is for 2 more years and he scored the same amount of points as Jeff Carter including goals without having the benefit of the quality of linemates that Carter had….plus his contract is for $750000 less than Carter’s……We’ve got ALOT of young talent yet to have a chance in the NHL. We know we’re not going to be competing for a Stanley Cup this year. Move the guys we need to move…..Nilsson, Moreau, Souray, O’sullivan. There IS a market for most of these guys despite the Salary Cap. There are teams that might be willing to take a chance on O’sulli that have cap space and need depth. Moreau is gritty and could use a fresh start somewhere. Teams like grit. Nilsson scored the goal of the year, is a little inconsistant but extremely talented and at only 2 mill a year he can still give you 40 points or better….someone might like to give him a shot, and Souray has a hefty contract but someone has the cap space for him and could use a powerplay d-man. And there is definitely interest in Cogliano…hate to see him go but he doesn’t really fit in. We don’t need incredible return for these guys. We need something for the FUTURE! Draft picks, up and coming minor leaguers…..youth. Let’s build a team, shall we?


      Spares….J.F.Jaques, Ryan Jones, ???


      spares…..Chorney, Petry, ???

      TONS of talent here although still lacking a little size and grit, but it’s a team we can ice and work with and build a future Stanley Cup team around, not to mention, affordable enough to still try and find a VERY GOOD U.F.A. or offer sheet an R.F.A. I do realise that alot of this depends on dumping salary , moving players and that is not going to be easy by any means, but it’s doable.

      • Jason Gregor

        So Mike you compare me to Eklund and then you say there is a market for 19,18,12 and 44. Excellent analysis.

        Nilsson has scored more than 30 points once, but now you say he can give a team better than 40. Right.

        IF, and that’s a big IF, Tambellini could convince a team to take 19 in a trade he’d be GM of the year.

        There is a limited market for Souray. Very limited if any. Moreau would have value, but at $2million the Oilers will have to take back a player who isn’t contributing on their current team.

        And who cares if Penner has two years left on his contract if the Oilers won’t be good for at least two years like you say. Then he is an UFA and can walk away for nothing. Why is he so untouchable.

        Suggesting Penner is on par or better than Carter is based on wearing Oiler glasses. You might not like Carter, but Penner isn’t close on par with Carter at this point and the odds are he’ll never be. Does Penner play any bigger than Carter even though he’s a bigger man. No. So how does his size make him that more valuable??

      • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

        Agree with you that I’d prefer to keep Penner..But as mentioned, Philly isnt gonna give up a player like Carter for “spare-parts”. There are plenty of teams that will step up and take a shot at Carter IF he’s available.

        Your comment about size is fair –
        Penner weighs more but his heart isnt in the game every night. Keep in mind, carter is 6’3, shots about 100 shots more than penner, scored one more goal last year with 8 less games…Yes he had better line-mates, but doesnt that mean he shares more key minutes with other philly players on the pp – while Penner was the “go-to guy” for the oil

        Carter is 25, Penner is 27..I’d pay the extra 750K anyday.

      • There is no way that either Hall or Seguin starts or finishes the year as the 1st line centre.

        The Oilers arent going to put that kind of pressure on the kid, even if he plays better than Gagner, which I doubt he will*.

        Year 2, now that’s a whole different situation.

        *as a Rookie, obviously these kids project as better players than Gagner, but I doubt that as rookies they will outplay Gagner at the centre position, especially defensively.

    • Crash

      That does resemble a top line…
      or the closest the Oilers have had to one in years.

      Carter & Gagner are legitimate #2 centers.

      Carter to Vancouver for Schneider & Raymond?

      Is anyone in the market for an aging goalie with a criminal record pending?

  • I don’t like the prospect of trading away Eberle at this point, although adding a scoring center with the ability of Carter might be too good to pass up, especially with the prospect of a Penner-Carter-Hemsky top line. Carter can’t pass worth a damn, but he snipes with the the best of them. The only thing I don’t like about him is he’s an RFA at the end of next season.

  • Crash

    Steve Tambellini just ruined the future of the team. For many of you there is no middle ground, it’s either Taylor or Tyler..

    Losing a trade to land both prospects is the only alternative…and it’s worth it!

    A trade that make Boston a 50/50 chance of winning the cup and one that gives Edmonton a 50/50 chance at finishing 29th or 30th next year.

    Seguin or bust!

  • Gerald R. Ford

    Trading Eberle should not even be considered an option! For anyone let alone another overpriced underachiever like Jeff Carter. I am very disappointed that possibility was even brought up on this thread. Eberle is the Oilers most valuable asset that hasn’t played in the NHL. I fully believe he is ready to make an immediate impact on this team. A pretty important piece if you are rebuilding your team. Maybe we should trade Jason Gregor as the an Oiler writer for Eklund…..

    • Jason Gregor

      Yes Mike a player who in his 3rd NHL season scored 29 goals then went to 44 and last years scored 33 while being injured is an underachiever. Great insight.

      And not sure how you think Eberle is more valuable than MPS. Based on what, the fact you have never seen MPS play so you have no clue if he is any good.

      Eberle has yet to play a game in the NHL, and he might turn into a decent player, but please enlighten me on what shows you he will become a 40-goal man???

      Carter is a proven player, and not sure if you noticed but he made the Olympic team, so some pretty good hockey minds thought he wasn’t an underachiever.

      And regarding the Eklund crack. Show we were I said the two teams were talking or that there was any offer put forth. I said Tambellini SHOULD call him. Know the difference between a rumour and suggestion before you spout off next time.

      • 1) Jeff Carter is very good

        2) I also would NOT make that trade. Throw hockey trades out the window. My reasoning is purely based on the Cap and contract length.

        Jordan Eberle is all but guaranteed to be an Oiler for 7 more years. Carter is UFA in 2 years. Eberle will be making ~rookie max, Carter should be in the 4-5 million range at least.

        If this were only about skill, I dont think there’s any question that Carter offers more today than Eberle.

        I think trading Eberle for Carter would set back the rebuild greatly. Philosophically, I am opposed to moving guys like Gagner, Eberle, MPS, and even Cogliano to a lesser degree. Let them all grow together for the next 5-7 years.